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Incredibly Lifelike

After finally selling her first book, Lunalu heads off to browse the book fair and comes upon a table that has no customers. The owner of the booth turns out to be a "monstory" artist who draws storybooks about personifications of monsters. Lunalu draws the artist a picture of a monster and gives her some advice.

Lunalu: Wooow...
Lunalu: Is this heaven? Or some kind of utopia?
Lunalu: No. This is the Sphiria Book Fair.
Lunalu: A festival for illustrated storybooks!
Vyrn: Hey... What are you mumbling about?
Lunalu: W-well, can you blame me for being excited? I've dreamed about this place.
Lyria: Haha... Where would you like to go first?
Lunalu: Good question. Let me look at the pamphlet and figure out the most efficient route...
The book fair has entered its final phase.
After a rocky start, Lunalu has finally sold her first book. She leaves some friends in charge of her table and heads off to browse the book fair.
A dream-like scene lays before her.
Vyrn: Wow... There are people everywhere. This book fair thing is something else.
Lyria: It really is. But everyone's smiling and having fun... And I'm enjoying looking at all the illustrated storybooks!
Lunalu: I hear you. It's really exciting. (I'm so happy... so very happy...)
Vyrn: Yeah, but I'm kinda tired. Is there anywhere we can rest for a sec?
Vyrn: Hey, look over there! Everyone's totally ignoring that booth in the corner.
Lyria: You're right. There's no one there. I wonder what they're selling?
Lunalu: Um... Let me check the pamphlet...
Lunalu: Oh? A monstory?
Vyrn: What's that? I gotta know. Let's go take a look!
Monstory Artist: ...
Lyria: Hello... Excuse me, do you mind if we look around?
Monstory Artist: Hm?
Monstory Artist: Oh, a customer? Sure, go right ahead!
Vyrn: Hey, what kinda storybook are you selling? Where are all your customers?
Lunalu: H-hey, that's rude, Vyrn.
Monstory Artist: Haha. I don't mind. He's only telling the truth.
Monstory Artist: It seems the genre hasn't really caught on yet...
Lyria: Are you talking about the books on this table?
Lyria: But, um... What's this on the cover? What is it exactly that you draw?
Monstory Artist: It makes sense that you wouldn't know. This is called a monstory.
Vyrn: Monstormy?
Lyria: Mom story?
Lunalu: A monstory. I've heard of those before. They're about personifications of monsters, right?
Monstory Artist: Yes. The exact definition differs from fan to fan, but that's the basic idea.
Monstory Artist: After wanting to be a monstory artist for the past several years, I finally have my first booth... and now, my first customers.
Vyrn: P-personifications of monsters? That's some weird taste you got. What got you interested in that?
Monstory Artist: Hehe. Well, you see... I read a certain illustrated monster guide, and it left a big impression on me.
Monstory Artist: The illustrations in that guide book were truly enchanting. It was love at first sight!
Lunalu: The illustrations in a monster guide?
Monstory Artist: Right. I wanted to share my passion, to give it form!
Monstory Artist: So I quit my job, and while developing my method of expression, I came upon monstories!
Lyria: I see! So that's what these pictures are.
Vyrn: Well, you've definitely got passion. I don't really get it, but I hope you sell a bunch.
Monstory Artist: Thank you! But I still have a long way to go. I need to figure out how to give my art as much impact as those illustrations I admired.
Lunalu: It might be the shading...
Monstory Artist: Hm? Did you say something?
Lunalu: The impact all depends on how you show the detail of the muscles. So if you exaggerate the shading just a bit...
Lunalu: Ah... I-I'm sorry. It sounded like I was lecturing you.
Monstory Artist: N-not at all! That makes sense. Contouring... Shading...
Lunalu: Yes. For example...
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like she started drawing something.
Lyria: Wow, a monster drawing! That was really fast!
Lunalu: Hm... This monster would have this range of motion, right?
Lunalu: Using this area as a starting point, if you draw a shadow like this...
Monstory Artist: Ah! This glorious monster art! Could it be?
Vyrn: Whoa! It really packs a punch! Check it out, (Captain).
Lyria: It does! It feels like the monster's going to pop right off the page.
Vyrn: Yeah. The more I look at it, the more it feels like it's going to start moving any second!
The drawing is so realistic that (Captain) gasps.
The longer the captain stares, the more it feels like the monster is going to attack at any moment...

Incredibly Lifelike: Scene 2

When the monstory artist sees Lunalu's drawing, she realizes that Lunalu is the artist of the monster guidebook that had a huge influence on her. The artist asks for Lunalu's autograph, so Lunalu signs the signature that she had been practicing and draws a monster next to it.

Lunalu's monster drawing is so intense it looks like the real thing.
The monstory artist looks back and forth between Lunalu and the drawing, her face full of disbelief.
Monstory Artist: It's you, isn't it... You're the artist of that monster guide!
Lunalu: Oh, um... Probably? I guess? I used to draw monsters for a living.
Monstory Artist: I knew it! I'm so honored. I never dreamed I'd get the chance to meet you!
Lunalu: R-really? I'm not anything special...
Monstory Artist: What are you talking about? Please let me call you Master!
Lunalu: Master? H-hahaha...
Vyrn: Hehe! Lunalu's got a fan. She's a pretty awesome monster artist, huh?
Lyria: That reminds me... We first met Lunalu on a mission related to an illustrated monster guide, didn't we?
Vyrn: Yeah, the people at the Knicknack Shack raved about it too. It kinda feels like Lunalu's letting her talent go to waste.
Lyria: Haha... But she always looks like she's having so much fun when she's drawing her romantic storybooks.
Monstory Artist: Oh! Um, I happen to have my autograph book. Would you mind giving me your autograph?
Lunalu: My autograph? I've never signed anything before. I guess I was just too focused on my art.
Monstory Artist: I see! I'd expect no less from a true artist!
Lunalu: Of course. I didn't become an artist for the fame.
Vyrn: Haha! Don't try to hide it, Lunalu. Weren't you just practicing your autograph earlier?
Lunalu: What! H-hey, Vyrn!
Lunalu: Um... Is it really all right if I sign?
Monstory Artist: Yes! Please do!
Lunalu: Okay... I'm kind of nervous...
Lunalu: Scribble, scribble...
Lunalu: Okay, it turned out quite well. I'm glad I practiced.
Lunalu: Ah, I'll draw a monster next to it.
Lyria: Wow! Another intense monster drawing!
Vyrn: Awesome! Look, (Captain). This one looks like it's gonna come flying off the page too!

Incredibly Lifelike: Scene 3

It turns out that the monstory artist used to be a famous romantic storybook artist. Fighting off her shock and embarrassment, Lunalu asks the artist for her autograph. The monstory artist obliges and draws a beautiful man next to her signature.

Lunalu's monster drawing is once again so intense it looks like the real thing.
Overcome with emotion, the monstory artist gazes at her autograph book with tear-filled eyes.
Monstory Artist: Thank you, Master! You've given me a burst of inspiration!
Lunalu: I wish you the best of luck. I'm not drawing monsters for a living anymore, but I'd be happy to give you some pointers if I have the chance.
Monstory Artist: Is that so? What are you drawing now?
Lunalu: Er, well... The truth is, I want to be a romantic storybook artist—
Attendant: Ah, there you are! So this is where your table is, Master!
Monstory Artist: Oh, hello. Didn't I ask you to stop calling me Master? I don't draw romantic storybooks anymore.
Lunalu: Huh? Master? Romantic storybooks?
Attendant: Haha. It really is a waste. I can't believe such a talented romantic artist switched to drawing monstories.
Attendant: If you'd kept at it, I bet romantic storybooks would be really popular now! Your "Red Rose of Revolution" is infamous!
Lunalu: R-Red Rose of Revolution?
Monstory Artist: Haha. You think so? Sorry to say, but I'm into monstories now.
Monstory Artist: Oh, let me introduce you. This artist is my master—
Lunalu: Non!
Monstory Artist: Huh?
Lunalu: You're the artist of Red Rose? Why didn't you tell me?
Lunalu: Urgh... I can't believe I was giving you pointers... You're like a god to me!
Lunalu: I'm so stupid! An idiot! An utter fool!
Vyrn: H-hey, calm down.
Lyria: Y-yeah. It didn't bother you, did it?
Monstory Artist: N-not at all. But that's right, you did say you wanted to be a romantic storybook artist...
Lunalu: Autograph!
Monstory Artist: P-pardon?
Lunalu: Could I have your autograph? Otherwise I'm going die to from embarrassment!
Lunalu: Please! Please, I beg of you, Master!
Monstory Artist: H-haha... Of course. I'd be happy to!
Lunalu: Really?
Lunalu: Ah, I feel like I'm dreaming... I can't believe I'm about to get an autograph from the artist of Red Rose!
Monstory Artist: Um, let's see... I'll use a page from my autograph book...
Monstory Artist: Scribble, scribble...
Monstory Artist: Here you are. I drew the main character from Red Rose as well. It's been a while though, so I'm a bit rusty.
Lunalu: Whoa!
Lunalu: A-amazing... I can't believe you drew something so incredible so fast!
Lyria: Wow! He's really beautiful! That caught me off guard.
Vyrn: Whoa, you're right! He looks like he's about to start moving too!

Incredibly Lifelike: Scene 4

A bond forms between Lunalu and the monstory artist out of the admiration they have for each other, and they promise to give each other pointers when they have the chance. Lunalu enjoys the book fair until closing time and ends up being glad that she mustered up the courage to participate.

A bond forms between Lunalu and the monstory artist out of the admiration they have for each other.
They promise to get together and give each other pointers when they have the chance.
Finally, the end of the book fair approaches.
Lunalu: Haha! I found a Popol keychain!
Vyrn: Oh, come on, you're buying something else? Don't you think you have enough already?
Lunalu: Enough? There's no such thing. Could you help me stand in line?
Lyria: Haha... You seem full of energy, Lunalu. You're carrying tons of books like it's nothing...
Lunalu: Ah, now that you mention it, that's true. I've been pulling all-nighters nonstop lately, but suddenly I'm not feeling the least bit tired.
Lunalu: I'm glad I mustered up the courage to participate in this book fair...
Lunalu: If I'd hesitated because I told myself I wasn't good enough, I would have missed out on a wonderful experience.
Lunalu: Staying inside and focusing on drawing is important, but getting out and experiencing the world is important too. Both are indispensable for an artist's growth.
Lunalu: I'm sure of it!
Vyrn: Right on, Lunalu... I couldn't have said it better myself.
Lyria: I agree! I hope you'll set up another table sometime and let us browse the booths with you again!
Lunalu: Yeah!
Lunalu: But now it's time for the homestretch!
Lunalu continues to grow as an artist.
Using the experience she has gained, she spreads her wings of imagination more freely than ever.