Scenario:Lunalu - The Crybaby and the Butler

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The Crybaby and the Butler

The party receives a request to aid in the production of an illustrated monster guide, and assist the artist, named Lunalu, with sketching the monster. When the request is completed, they call in on Lunalu's home and, when they discover a large collection of questionable paintings, Lunalu confesses that she wants to be known as an artist of beautiful things. However, Lunalu laments that she hasn't had many opportunities to study beautiful romantic art. Lyria then suggests that she joins their travels so that she can find more things to study.

Monster: Grargh!
Vyrn: Whoa! It went that way, Lyria!
Lyria: I've got it! Umm, just need some more bait…
Vyrn: Hey! Hurry up, or it'll get away!
Lyria: It's getting away? Oh no! We're out of bait!
Monster: Graaaargh!
Vyrn: Aw heck… Lunalu, haven't you finished drawing yet?
Lunalu: …Not yet.
Lyria: Ahh! Please don't run away yet!
A few hours earlier. The crew is called by Sierokarte to listen to a request.
Sierokarte: I have a request for you! A friend of mine runs a company concerned with creating the most up-to-date illustrated monster guides.
Sierokarte: And they would like to ask you to assist the artist responsible for the drawings of the monsters.
Vyrn: No problem! Though, what can we do to help?
Sierokarte: Allow me to explain, your job will be to make observation easier, while she is drawing the monster.
Lyria: I see… you said "she", right? So it's a girl?
Sierokarte: Indeed, a girl by the name Lunalu, she's made quite a name for herself as a monster artist.
Sierokarte: Her pictures are said to be so good, they look as though they could leap from the page!
Sierokarte: Well then, I shall leave it all to you!
Having finished the request, the crew rests awhile in Lunalu's home nearby.
Lyria: Phew...that was harder than I expected. I am glad you managed to get the picture though!
Lunalu: It's not finished yet. Now I need to do the coloring.
Lyria: Huh? Now? Do you not need to rest a little...
Lunalu: I want to finish right away, while the monster is still fresh in my mind.
Lyria: Whoa... such enthusiasm for your art! That's cool!
Lunalu: It's not that. This is a job, so I need to work to the best of my ability. It's nothing to do with inspiration or anything.
Lyria: Oh, umm… OK…
Vyrn: ──AHHH!
Lyria: V-Vyrn? The scream came from that room!
Lunalu: My workroom?He's not supposed to be in there…
Lyria: A-are you all right? What in the skies happened…
Vyrn: I can't believe it… There's so many paintings!
Lyria: Huh? Well, she is an artist, after all…
Lyria: Whaaaa! There's so many naked men!
Vyrn: And look! This is even stranger! I didn't expect this from Lunalu—
Lunalu: …So you saw?
Lyria: Ahh! L-Lunalu?
Lunalu: It's err… it's normal practice for artists to draw basic human bodies.
Lunalu: Now would you please leave, I'd hate for anything to get broken…
Vyrn: Get away from her, Lyria! She's not normal! She has a painting of a guy being killed!
Lunalu: …What! No it's not like that! They're just… hugging.
Lyria: Huh? Hugging?
Lunalu: Yes! Oh, this is embarrasing.
Vyrn: Umm… so you're not dangerous?
Lunalu: Guhh… of course not…
Lunalu: Right now I'm... only known for drawing monsters. But I really want to be recognised for romantic art.
Lyria: Err... romantic art?
Lunalu: ...
Lunalu: Knights from fanciful books... princes from far-off lands... Don't you ever have daydreams about things like that?
Lunalu: Personal daydreams like that... That's what I wanted to capture through words and pictures in an illustrated storybook.
Lunalu: I want to create... I guess you'd call them romantic storybooks.
Vyrn: Romantic storybooks. How, uh... interesting?
Lunalu: Think what you want. I'm not gonna waste my time trying to explain.
Lyria: Hey… I haven't seen anything like this before… is it something sold in shops?
Lunalu: No… I have an idea, make each one personally, then leave them in a bookshop nearby.
Lunalu: …But I haven't sold a single one yet.
Vyrn: Oh, is that because you're kinda scary? Shouldn't romantic stuff be pretty?
Lunalu: It's nothing to do with what I'm like! My art and my self are completely separate things!
Lunalu: But I get it… I know it's hopeless…
Lyria: That's…
Lunalu: Well… maybe I'm better off just drawing monsters for the rest of my life…
Vyrn: Hey… don't get so beat up about it, there must be some way you could improve?
Lunalu: …The best way to start off is to copy something else. Study some other great work.
Lunalu: But around here, works of great romantic beauty are hard to come by, so I've struggled to even get a hold of anything.
Lyria: Hmm… so you need to study something…
Lyria: I know! Why don't you travel with us? I'm sure you could find all sorts of storybooks!
Lunalu: Huh? W-with all of you? Is that really OK?
  1. Sure it's OK!
  2. Let's see if you improve.

Choose: Sure it's OK!
Lunalu: Th-thank you… you people are quite unusual, aren't you…
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's see if you improve.
Lunalu: Really? Well, I'd have to think about that…
Continue 1
Vyrn: Heheh, though maybe don't show the rest of the group. We don't want them getting over-excited.
Lunalu: Amazing... I could gather all kinds of romantic things.
Lunalu: Is this a dream? If it is, I hope I don't wake up.
Lunalu: All right! Ah, my sealed eye just started throbbing!
Lyria: Are you OK? If your eye hurts, should we take you to a doctor?
Lunalu: Ahhh, no, it's fine. I just have a little dry eye is all.
And so, in order to study romantic works of art, Lunalu joins the crew.
During her long journey to mastering her art, the sky itself wouldn't be as vast as her own imagination.