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Unbridled Fantasies

Lunalu grows frustrated when she fails to perfectly capture Siegfried's sublime form in a piece of art. But with his words of encouragement, Lunalu quickly regains confidence and completes what she considers to be her magnum opus.

One day Lunalu sets her heart on capturing the form of a certain man.
Siegfried: I hope to make myself useful on the crew, (Captain).
Lyria: Yay! It's a pleasure to have you, Siegfried! I feel like things will go by so much more smoothly with you around!
(Captain) and company welcome Siegfried into the crew.
Unbeknownst to all a shadowy figure watches from a distance.
Lunalu: (Eep! I, I can't believe my eyes! My knight in shining armor is standing right there!)
Lunalu: (A dignified knight keeping an enigmatical air of mystery by veiling his face underneath that decadent armor!)
Lunalu: (Teehee... What mysteries that helmet could be concealing!)
Lunalu: (Pant... Wheeze... I... Aagh, this is too much! I can't stop fantasizing about the possibilities! Hey, get back to your senses, Lunalu!)
Siegfried: You there. In the shadows.
Lunalu: Eek! I've been spotted!
Vyrn: Hm, you see something there? Wait, Lunalu? Whatcha doing out here?
Lunalu: I... I was just looking for my chance to enter the conversation.
Lyria: I guess I should introduce you! This here is Lunalu and she does fantastic artwork!
Vyrn: Yeah, she totally knocks it out of the park when it comes to monster drawings! But I heard she actually prefers romance nov—
Lunalu: Ack! Aiiee! Eeep!
No! Stop right there!
Vyrn: Whoa! No need to scream, is there?
Lunalu: No means no! Say another word and I'll never forgive you!
Siegfried: Sigh... Your crew's as lively as ever, (Captain).
  1. Does that bother you?
  2. That's what makes it so fun!

Choose: Does that bother you?

Siegfried: Not at all. On the contrary seeing how much fun everyone's having only shows what a great captain you are.
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Choose: That's what makes it so fun!

Siegfried: Haha, I figured you'd say that. Everyone I've met on the crew before joining up shares that same look of contentment on their faces.

Continue 1

Lunalu: (Aah... The sharp contrast his soft-spoken voice makes against the stark edges of his armor! He may hide his face, but I can almost sense the oh-so tender smile lying within!)
Vyrn: Hey, hey, Lunalu! What's with the staring?
Lunalu: Ah! No, it's nothing...
Lunalu: (And revelation strikes! My mind seethes with visions of him in every pose conceivable! I must capture his magnificent form while my imagination is running wild!)
Lunalu clenches her fists in determination.
Lunalu: (My chance is now! I will not let such rare perfection idly slip past me!)
Siegfried: Is everything okay? Something stuck to my face?
Lunalu: Er, umm... If you don't mind, I'd be so happy if you could please pose for my drawing!
Lunalu: I can draw monsters pretty well, but when it comes to people, I tend to stumble a lot...
Lunalu: And when I saw you, that's when it hit! You embody the perfect bodily form that I've always wanted to capture on my canvas!
Siegfried: Hm, I see where you're coming from now. Though I'm sorry to say I don't think I'd be of much help.
Siegfried: I believe there are many aboard the ship who would better serve your artistic needs.
Lunalu: No, it must be you! Please! If you will give me permission to sketch your form from even a distance away, that would be more than enough!
Faced with such a desperate Lunalu, Siegfried pauses for a moment of contemplation.
Siegfried: ...
Very well, it'd be rather boorish of me to turn down such an earnest request, so do what you must.
Lunalu: Ah! Thank you so much!
With Siegfried's approval at last, Lunalu begins observing him from the shadows the day after.
She tightly grips her well-worn sketchbook and brush pen, intent to capture every fine detail of Siegfried.
Lyria: Oh, Siegfried! We're heading out to deal with some monsters soon. Would you like to come along?
Siegfried: Sure, count me in. I'll help you with your training on the way there, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hehe, lucky you, (Captain)! You were always talking about how you'd love to train with Siegfried!
Lyria: Yeah! Seeing (Captain) happy makes me happy too!
Lunalu: (Ah! Could it be that Siegfried knew (Captain) was hesitating and stepped up to make the offer himself?)
Lunalu: (If that's true, it's not fair! But, oh, the gentle compassion he exudes is quite something to behold!)
Lunalu furiously sketches away as she stares at (Captain) and company with wide-open eyes.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria...
Lyria: Shh! No, Vyrn! We shouldn't disrupt Lunalu when she's so focused!
Vyrn: I know, but...
The way Lunalu nods, giggles, and exaggeratedly stretches out her arms toward the skies at Siegfried's every little gesture makes her look alarmingly suspicious.
Other crew members watch Lunalu with apprehension, but she pays no heed to them and continues her fine brush strokes.
Although at first weary of the frequent and curious glances being cast at him, Siegfried quickly becomes accustomed to it.
Ecstatic at Siegfried having let down his guard, Lunalu writhes in glorious excitement.
Lyria: Teehee, Lunalu, you seem to be having so much fun lately. I hope your sketch is coming along all right.
Lunalu: I suppose you could say I've never drawn anything this satisfying.
Lunalu: What's more, I've become much better at drawing things off the top of my head without an actual model in front of me.
Lunalu: I have to say, I've never improved this fast!
Vyrn: Glad to hear it! Still have to admit I'm a bit creeped out by how you follow Siegfried from the shadows his every waking moment though...
Lunalu: Hey, who are you calling creepy? I prefer the term enthusiastic!
Lunalu looks out the window to see heavy drops of water pelting against the glass pane.
Lyria jumps to her feet at the sudden torrential rains.
Lyria: Oh no! (Captain) and Siegfried are training on deck right now!
Lunalu: The two of them deadlocked in battle while drenched in the rain... I must capture this moment for eternity's sake!
Vyrn: Oi! Lunalu! You're gonna be soaking wet if you—
Lunalu: Uwaagh!
Siegfried: Forgive me. Are you okay?
Lunalu: Ngh... It was just a little bump, so I'll be fine—Eek!
Siegfried: Are you hurt anywhere? Do let me know.
Lunalu: Ah, erm, your head... I mean... your face...
Lunalu: (What treachery is this! To hide those stunningly good looks behind that helmet... Oh! Inspiration is striking!)
Siegfried: Hm? Oh, this? (Captain) suggested I take off my helmet when I'm on the Grandcypher.
Siegfried: So I decided to try it out for a day. Does something seem off about me?
Lunalu: Oh no, I'm just... a bit surprised. (Yiiee! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, (Captain)!)
Lyria: Umm, why don't you two get changed? Wouldn't want to catch a cold now.
Lunalu: H-huh? (I can envision majestic, bulging pecs and finely chiseled abs hidden under unassuming armor... Uugh! Agh! Yes!)
Lyria: Eeek! What's wrong, Lunalu?
Lunalu: Am I dreaming? Aha... Ahaha... Of course... I have to be...
Lyria: Yikes! Lunalu, pull yourself together!
Lunalu: Mm... Mmrgh... Hm? Where am I?
Lunalu: Aah, right. I was so excited about Siegfried getting changed and then...
Lunalu looks around the room and finally comes to grips with the situation.
Lunalu: Teehee, I got to see his heavenly face up close! Agh, I can die happy now! I've never seen anything more perfect!
Lunalu: Oh, can't be fantasizing all day long! I'd better sketch out this memory while it's still fresh in my mind!
Lunalu grabs her brush pen and tries to capture the vivid image in her mind, but her hand immediately falls still.
Lunalu: Hm, this doesn't look right.
Lunalu: Manly yet delicate, equal parts gruff and gentleman...
Lunalu: Scribble, scribble... Guah! This isn't working! I can't get it down on paper!
Lunalu: Scribble, scribble... Argh! No! I want to recreate that miraculous form, but this is utterly devoid of the heavenly aura the man in the flesh exudes!
Lunalu frantically moves from one sketch to another, scrapping her work in each iteration. After the umpteenth time, she listlessly drops the brush pen.
Lunalu: Sigh... Artistic compositions and expressions come to me so naturally, so why do I feel like a fish out of water here?
Devoid of any strength, Lunalu crumbles to the ground and scatters her sketches all over the room when a single one catches her eye.
It was an imaginary recreation of Siegfried's face up close that she managed to whip up the other day.
Lunalu: Humph, what's with this? The real thing is so much closer to perfection.
Lunalu: I can't believe I drew this—it's awful.
Lunalu lets out a dreary laugh as she gazes at each of the sketches spread all over the floor.
Lunalu: So many wild fantasies bursting through my mind, yet I'm an epic failure when it comes to getting them down on paper. Sigh...
Lunalu: I'm sure it's the same with monsters... I mean, I see that as work more than a passion project...
Lunalu: So I never really tried to portray the hidden beauty lying in them.
Lunalu: Aah... I fail hard as a romance artist, and I'd hardly qualify as a monster artist...
Though overtaken by a negative spiral of emotion, Lunalu musters up just enough strength to grab her brush pen.
Vyrn: Oi, Lunalu! Everything okay now?
Siegfried: I'm coming in.
Lunalu: Uwaagh! Oh, yes! Please come in!
Siegfried: Hm, are you all better now? We were all so worried when you suddenly collapsed.
Lunalu: Oh yeah, I feel great now! Couldn't be better in fact! For sure! Definitely!
Lyria: Thank goodness! This might sound surprising, but I've never seen Siegfried more worried.
Lunalu: Huh?
B-but why?
Siegfried: Even the smallest of injuries can be devastating if left untreated.
Lunalu: Oh, I'm so sorry for making you worry!
Vyrn: Hey, what's this?
Whoa! Lyria, come take a look!
Lyria: Vyrn! It's not nice to fish around in Lunalu's belongings!
Oh my...
Vyrn: This is amazing! Hey, hey, Siegfried! You're the star in every one of these drawings!
Lunalu: Eek! S-stop that! No!
Siegfried: Ooh, color me surprised. I can tell you really have a flair for the creative, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Ah... Ugh... I'm... not really that good.
Siegfried: Why do you say that? These look spectacular to me.
Lunalu: But they're far from perfect. It doesn't matter how much time I spend drawing—perfection is always miles ahead of me. I'm just hopeless...
Lunalu: In fact the more I draw and compare my art to reality, I realize that I fail even as a monster artist...
Lunalu: I can't help but wonder: why am I even drawing things in the first place?
Vyrn: You're too hard on yourself, Lunalu! I think everyone would agree that your monster drawings are absolutely breathtaking!
Lyria: Of course! And your drawings of Siegfried are just as good!
Vyrn: No argument there! To be honest I was at first a bit creeped out by how you were following Siegfried everywhere... but now I see that it was all for the sake of good art!
Lyria: So please don't call yourself a failure! The world would be a much sadder place without your wonderful art, Lunalu!
Lunalu: But... But no matter how hard I try, perfection is never within my grasp!
Lunalu: It doesn't matter how much effort I put into polishing my artistic skills! I lack the creative instinct to truly express myself, and that's what matters most!
Siegfried: Hmm... It's never smooth sailing for someone starting out. I learned that the hard way with the sword, and I imagine it's no different with a brush.
Siegfried: But no matter how hard the going gets, no matter how far away you are from utter perfection, and no matter how much you have to endure...
Siegfried: I guarantee you that all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put in so far have not gone to waste. I hope you can at least believe that much.
Lunalu: Oh! (Where have I heard this before...)
Lunalu: (Ah yes, it's all coming back now... Chapter two of Popol Saga! This is one of the most quoted lines!)
Lunalu: (Mikhail is able to keep trying and get past his slump thanks to these words of encouragement from Popol.)
Lunalu: (That's right, Lunalu! You're no different from Mikhail right now! You're the budding flower just waiting to blossom into a genius!)
Lunalu: Erm, thank you! You've just helped me remember something very important!
Lunalu: Perfection has never been within my grasp! What really matters is seeing things through to the end!
Lunalu: I won't give up! I think I can faithfully put onto paper the scenery in my head now!
Siegfried: Seems like you just blew past a bad spell.
Lunalu: That's right! (Captain), I need some time alone in my room; can you keep people from coming in for a while?
Lyria: Wow, what's with the sudden change of heart, Lunalu?
Lunalu: I want the way I feel this very moment, the imagery in my mind, to last forever in a picture-perfect drawing!
Vyrn: We'll do what we can to help! Right, (Captain)?
Surprised at the level of passion and enthusiasm coming from the usually nonchalant Lunalu, (Captain) nods deeply.
Lunalu retreats to her room to complete the drawing.
Lyria later makes a few visits to bring Lunalu food, but the door never opens.
A few days later.
Lyria: Hmm, I hope Lunalu's okay... I don't think she's been eating much.
Siegfried: But she is responding when you knock, right? That's a sure sign she's okay.
Vyrn: Still has me worried though...
Lunalu: Teeheehee... At long last... I've done it!
Lyria: Eeep!
Vyrn: Hyuugh!
Phew, it's just Lunalu! Hey, don't scare us like that!
Lunalu, who spent the past few days cooped up in her room, appears ghastly pale.
Her lack of sleep is evident in the dark shadows that have formed below her eyes, and her fingertips are stained with ink.
Exhausted she may be, but the expression on her face is one of ineffable joy as she gloats of her extraordinary accomplishment.
Lunalu: Mwahaha... Feast your eyes on my masterpiece... I've captured the moment so perfectly...
Vyrn: Ooh, lemme see...
By my apple!
Lyria: W-wow! This is incredible! Take a look at this, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Mhm... The pose is completely different from what I saw a few days ago. I can tell you really poured your heart and soul into it.
The portrait of Siegfried that Lunalu presented to the crew was a huge departure from all her previous sketches of the dashing knight.
Lunalu: This is the first time I've ever drawn anything so close to what I have in mind. This is to me a true work of art.
Vyrn: Yeah, I don't think I've ever been so blown away by a piece of artwork. I'm not so sure the real Siegfried looks that shiny though.
Lyria: You think so? But Siegfried looks sooo cool in it! I'm almost getting butterflies in my stomach just looking at it!
Lunalu: Erm, I want you to have this...
Siegfried: For me?
Lunalu: I was on the brink of giving up my dream. But you made me realize what's really important, so... This is just to say thanks. Sorry if it's a bother...
Siegfried: Haha, you're merely reaping the fruits of your labor, Lunalu. And a gift from you being a bother? Never! I might even hang this on my wall!
Lunalu: Ah... Aah...
Lunalu: Teehee... I, I got to see your precious smile... Aaah! Thank you so—
Lyria: Yikes! Lunalu fainted again!
Vyrn: Oh boy, is she gonna be alright? Hm, looks like she just fell into a nap. Let's leave her be for now.
Siegfried: Right, she definitely needs the rest. I'll carry her to her room.
Vyrn: Sure. I've gotta say though: I don't think I've ever seen anyone sleep with a grin that big on their face.
All it took for Lunalu to turn bright red and suddenly collapse was a brief flash of Siegfried's tender smile.
Lunalu keeps on her gigantic grin throughout the night as her mind drifts to the land of dreams.