Scenario:Magisa - The Unseeable Future

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The Unseeable Future

Magisa wonders what souvenir for a friend during their visit to a small village. Vyrn gets impatient at the long shopping session, but Magisa says that staying a little while longer is better for the village. When Vyrn asks why, suddenly, monsters attack the village.

Vyrn: Hey! You ready yet?
Magisa: Hmm... Please wait a little more. I can’t decide on a color yet.
The party had stopped by this small village to replenish supplies, but Magisa is now looking through the souvenirs with a serious eye.
Magisa: This ornament... has a distinctive artistic feel to it... But I wonder if he would be afraid of it... What do you think, (Captain)?
Magisa: I have this friend that cannot leave the town.
Magisa: My friend is a very timid person, but I wonder if this ornament looks scary.
Vyrn: What are you thinking so hard about?
Magisa: Oh, sorry. Looks like I made you wait.
Magisa: But please wait a little more. It’s better for the village.
Vyrn: Hm? What’s that supposed to mean...?
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Magisa: I told you so. Now let’s clean them up. It’s only starting to get busy.

The Unseeable Future: Scene 2

After defeating the monsters, the party is given a request to destroy the monsters’ den. On the way there, Magisa is asked about her ability to see the future. She says that she is good at magic, so seeing the future is not a problem.

Magisa: It’s simple. I’m a witch. I can tell someone’s future... no problem!
Lyria: I-Is that how it is?
(Captain) and company defeated the monsters attacking the village.
After showing off their skills, the party is formally requested to destroy the monsters’ den in the forest.
Magisa: Well... It’s not exactly the same for everyone, but...
Magisa: You know how a professor is a major in a specific field? Witches also have magic they’re good and not so good at.
Magisa: For example, there’s someone that’s good at summoning, but not so good at telling the future.
Magisa: For example, there’s someone that’s good at telling the future, but not so good at possession.
Lyria: So telling the future is what you’re good at, Magisa?!
Magisa: Of course not. I’m good at everything. I’m confident to beat anyone at anything that’s considered magic.
Vyrn: You’re a confident one, aren’t you?
Magisa: Haha... Well, it’s a fact. Despite how I look, I’m quite honest.
Magisa: Look. The monsters’ den is close. Let’s clean it up and go back to picking out souvenirs!

The Unseeable Future: Scene 3

Following her telling of the future, Magisa reports to everyone that the monsters have all been defeated. But Lyria states that she feels an ominous aura... Magisa laughs at her, saying that it’s her imagination. But a remaining monster appears, much to Magisa’s surprise.

Magisa: Phew... Looks like that was the last one. Looks like this completes the request. Now let’s go back to the village.
Lyria: W-Wait! I still feel an ominous presence...
Magisa: Oh, geez... What are you saying? Everything went according to my telling of the future. That was the very last monster.
Magisa: Sensing an ominous presence is just your imagination. Now let’s go back to the village and pick out...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Magisa: Huh?
Vyrn: Tch! Lyria was right! There’s a monster left!
Magisa: That’s... impossible... In the future I saw...
Vyrn: Whatever the case, we have to do this! Let’s go! (Captain)!

The Unseeable Future: Scene 4

Magisa is in a daze because her telling of the future is wrong. She begins talking about how her destiny has changed through this journey and that she cannot tell the future anymore. She decides to enjoy at how the future is now unknown.

(Captain) and company completed the request from the village to eliminate the monsters.
The party exits the village and to the Magisa. She’s still dazed.
Magisa: I-I’m sorry... My... My fortune was wrong...
Magisa: That has never happened before...
Magisa: Could it be that being on a journey with (Captain) has changed my fate?
Magisa: In that case, the future can’t...
Lyria: Hey!
Magisa: W-What’s wrong? Lyria.
Lyria: I forgot about the souvenir.
Magisa: Oh!
Vyrn: I totally forgot. Hey, Magisa. Do you want to go back?
Magisa: Ha... Haha... Never mind. Let’s keep going.
Magisa: I’ll have lots of stories to tell my friend.
Magisa: Like the stories of my journey that even I, the extraordinary witch, could not tell the future of.
Magisa says that happily.
That smile is not one from fear of the unknown future. It is full of hope.