Scenario:Magisa - The Witch's Confession

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The Witch's Confession

(Captain) and the crew accompany Magisa on a job request to investigate some ruins. However, Magisa keeps looking at (Captain) and letting out a worried sigh. Noticing this, Lyria asks her the reason, and is told by Magisa that (Captain) is the person of her dreams. Surprised, Lyria attempts to ask her more, but before she has the chance, a monster appears and attacks the crew.

Magisa: (Sigh)…
After accepting a job request to investigate some ruins, (Captain) and the crew headed into a deep forest.
Magisa: (sigh)…
On the way to the ruins, Magisa sighed repeatedly with a concerned expression. Her eyes were focused on (Captain) every time.
Lyria: Miss Magisa, you seem kinda down.
Vyrn: You've been sighing to yourself for a while now. Is there something on your mind?
Magisa: Well, I guess this kind of thing can't be helped…
Magisa: I can't quite believe it myself, either. But, I just can't take my eyes off of…
Lyria: Miss Magisa! You can tell us if there's something bothering you.
Magisa: It's just, (Captain) may be the person of my dreams.
Lyria: WHAT!
Magisa: Lyria, did I surprise you? You look so shocked.
Lyria: M-Miss Magisa… just now… you…
Magisa: Eh?
Monster: GRAAARWL!
Magisa: Oh, a monster. I assume that's what you were trying to tell me, Lyria.
Lyria: S-something like that…
Magisa: Hahaha. If you think you can take us by surprise, then you're sorely mistaken, monster!
Magisa: And you're about to learn that the hard way!

The Witch's Confession: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew leave the forest and arrive at the ruins they were sent to investigate. Magisa explains to Lyria how she cannot see anything surrounding (Captain)’s future, and tells her that she sees (Captain) as a special person. Just as Magisa begins to question the nature of her attraction toward (Captain), they are attacked from behind by a group of imperial soldiers.

Leaving the forest, (Captain) and the crew set foot into the ruins they were sent to investigate.
Vyrn: What's with this place? The job description described it as "ruins," but it's not exactly run down.
Vyrn: If anything it's in quite good shape, right (Captain)?
Vyrn: I wonder if anyone arrived here before us…
Lyria: Miss Magisa! About what you were saying before… What did you mean, exactly?
Lyria: You said "person of my dreams." You couldn't possibly mean…
Noticing Lyria's glances toward (Captain), Magisa raised an eyebrow suspiciously.
Magisa: Hahaha. Why, whatever is the matter, Lyria?
Magisa: What I meant was that (Captain) is a special person to me.
Lyria: A "special person"?
Magisa: Indeed. Though I couldn't tell you the exact reason.
Magisa: I wonder why I can't see it, the future surrounding (Captain).
Lyria: Eh? But, I thought you had the power to see the future.
Magisa: Yes I do, but the closer I get to (Captain), the hazier the future becomes.
Magisa: To be perfectly honest, it frightens me. I had always taken my ability to see the future for granted.
Magisa: And so I can't help being drawn in.
Magisa: (Captain) has shown me a future that I couldn't have expected.
Magisa: Hahaha. I want to get closer, even though I'm frightened. It's the first time I've ever felt this way.
Lyria: Miss Magisa…
Magisa: If I had to name these feelings I'm having right now, I've no idea what word I'd go for.
Lyria: Urrrm, well, I may not fully understand either, but if definitely sounds like?
Lyria: (Gasp) Miss Magisa! Behind you!
Magisa: Huh?
As Magisa tried to turn around, (Captain) ran over and pushed her to one side.
Imperial Soldier: Blast! Did I miss? They reacted fast!
Magisa: Th-thank you, (Captain)…
Thanks to (Captain), the imperial soldier's attacked aimed at Magisa missed.
But, having seen the attack skim past her hair, Magisa turned pale and lost her breath.
Magisa: !
Vyrn: Darn it! What are imperial soldiers doing in the ruins?
Lyria: I have no idea, but we need to deal with them in any case!

The Witch's Confession: Scene 3

The job request to investigate the ruins turns out to be a trap, and (Captain) and the crew are surrounded by imperial soldiers. Saved by (Captain) by a hair’s breadth, Magisa is terrified at the thought of a future she is unable to predict. However, at the same time she is also excited at the idea of a future she cannot see. In order to confirm her own existence she takes (Captain)’s hand, and becomes ready to take on the imperial soldiers once more.

Imperial Soldier: Hahaha! You should just give up already!
Soldiers appeared from the shadows of the ruins one by one, and before they could react, (Captain) and the crew had no way out.
Vyrn: Darn it! Looks like the job request to investigate the ruins was a trap.
Imperial Soldier: And you fell for it! You may lead a crew of skyfarers, but you're still just a bunch of kids.
Vyrn: What do we do, (Captain)? We're completely surrounded! Maybe we can break through somewhere and make a run for it.
Magisa: (Gasp)… (Pant)…
Magisa: Hey… (Captain)… Please… hold my hand.
(Captain) did as Magisa said and took her hand, which trembled vigorously.
Magisa: Do you understand why I'm trembling so much? I… must seem like a fool.
Magisa: I took the ability to see the future for granted. Who'd have known I'd be so frightened without it…
Magisa: Just now, when that solider almost struck me, I really could have died.
Magisa: Because I couldn't see the future I wasn't able to dodge it myself.
Magisa: Next time, I may not be so lucky…
Magisa: The thought of it makes me tremble with fear. I really am terrified.
Magisa gripped (Captain)'s hand firmly, as if she was confirming her own existence.
Magisa: But, I'm also excited too. When I'm together with you, (Captain), my heart beats so fast.
Magisa: I think I've been looking for someone who makes me feel like this for a long time.
Magisa: Tell me, (Captain), will you continue to make me feel like this?
Magisa: Can you promise me a future full of this excitement?
  1. Of course!
  2. I don’t think it will be that exciting…

Choose: Of course!

Magisa: I see… Haha, it's a promise then.
Magisa: How many years has it been since someone made a promise like that? A promise with no end.
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Choose: I don’t think it will be that exciting…

Magisa: I see. Well in that case, should I be looking forward to a different sort of future?
Magisa: One far greater than anything I can anticipate, perhaps.

Continue 1

Magisa: Either way, it would be wrong of me to wallow in this sensation any longer.
Magisa: Hahaha, it's OK, I've stopped trembling. After all, you're by my side.

The Witch's Confession: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew successfully fend off the imperial soldiers and escape their predicament. Magisa releases the power of Morax to overwhelm any remaining soldiers. And so, (Captain) and Magisa find themselves closer than they were before as they ready to depart on their journey once more.

Vyrn: Good grief! Looks like we managed to deal with them.
With Magisa's help, (Captain) and the crew dealt with the imperial soldiers and made it out of their sticky situation.
Magisa: Hahaha. (Captain), you aren't hurt are you?
Lyria: (Captain), it seems you're strangely close to Magisa now.
Magisa: There's no mistaking it. (Captain) is the person of my dreams.
Magisa: So, could I please ask you to stop sneaking around like a fool?
Lyria: Me?
Imperial Soldier: Argh! She noticed!
In response to Magisa's words, a remaining solider stepped out from the shadows and showed himself.
Magisa: Trying to catch us off guard? Even then, you couldn't possibly win.
Imperial Soldier: Is that one of your predictions? I guess you can see the future after all…
Magisa: A "prediction"? Oh no, I'd call this confidence.
Imperial Soldier: What the!
Magisa: If you're planning on doing anything to (Captain), I'll reduce you to cinders before you can even draw your blade.
Magisa: Don't worry, it'll only take a moment. It’s a simple enough task.
Imperial Soldier: Yikes! This witch is insane!
Vyrn: Whoa! I've never seen anyone run away so fast!
Vyrn: Then again, who wouldn't run from something so humongous?
Magisa: Hahaha. You don't always need magical powers to see what's in store for you.
Magisa: He knew it would be impossible to win against us, and made the right choice.
Commanding the summoned creature behind her, the precognitive witch smiled to herself quietly.
Her eyes, which had once peered into the future, were now peering longingly at one of her fellow skyfarers.