Scenario:Mahira - Chicken Light, Chicken Flight

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Chicken Light, Chicken Flight

After learning about airships from Rackam and the others, Mahira is able to draw up plans for her own miniature ship. She and the crew head to Golonzo to see if it can actually be built but get stopped by monsters on the way.

A short while has passed since Mahira joined the crew on their journey.
Lyria: You really did it, Mahira! Even Rackam says it's great!
Vyrn: Haha! Nice work! I'm lookin' forward to seein' the real thing!
Mahira: Ah. Thank you.
After learning a number of things from Rackam and the others, Mahira is able to draw up plans for her miniature airship.
To see if it can actually be built, she and the crew head to Golonzo, where they plan to have a test model created.
Lyria: Eugen was pretty surprised. He said it was a really elaborate design, and he'd never seen anything like it!
Vyrn: A design fit for a Divine General! Another way to show off your genius!
Mahira: Well now... This design is much simpler than a real airship. We even came up with a number of problems it might have.
Mahira: And then there's the difference between imagination and reality. You've got to make all kinds of adjustments as you go along.
Mahira: Which means I can't relax just yet. There's still lots of work left to do.
Lyria: Wow. I should have guessed you'd say that!
Vyrn: Seconded. But have you already figured out how you're gonna pay for this thing?
Mahira: Oh, right. I forgot about that.
Lyria: Great! So you're all ready to—
Vyrn: Wait a sec! You seriously forgot? After contacting all those shipwrights?
Mahira: Yes. I just sent out some letters. Now I've just got to figure out the money part...
Lyria: Ahahaha... Well, I'm sure you'll be fine! Rackam vouched for you and all.
Vyrn: I dunno. It might not be that much, but this is an airship we're talkin' about! You can't exactly just figure it out.
Vyrn: Oh well! You've made it this far, right? You can probably just take care of the money later.
Lyria: Yeah! She'll figure it out!
Mahira: Sorry to interrupt, but it looks like we have to do something about these monsters in our way first.

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 2

Mahira speaks with shipwrights in Golonzo and learns that her final design will never fly. After hearing a rumor that the elusive mineral vimanacite might solve the problem, she bolts off to go find some.

The crew arrives in Golonzo. There Mahira goes to speak with the shipwrights.
Mahira: The center of mass for the main wing and rear wing here should be...
Shipwright: Ah, I see. So we would have to change their angles here...
Mahira: Yes. But I'm concerned about the wingspan.
Shipwright: Right. Wait, hold on. When it actually gets into motion...
Vyrn: Is Mahira gonna be all right? That conversation sounds pretty rough.
Lyria: I'm nervous too. But I'm sure she'll be fine!
Mahira: That's all the supplementary information I can provide. So, umm... can you take on my order?
Shipwright: Of course! It seemed like a big ol' mess at first, but now I understand your reasoning! Sounds like it'll be a pretty interesting rig!
The shipwright accepts Mahira's blueprints and tells her crew to begin building. The crew cheers in celebration and runs up to Mahira.
Vyrn: You did it, Mahira!
Lyria: How wonderful! It's a dream come true!
Mahira: Ah hah hah... Thank you. I'm sort of relieved, to be honest.
Mahira: Now then, let's head back to the ship. I ought to give Rackam my regards.
Shipwright: Ah, hold on a second. Before you go, can you show me your finished design drawing?
Mahira: My finished design drawing? Umm, it should be on the last page...
Shipwright: Haha. Quit jokin' around! You've got a finalized image of how you want this thing to look, right?
Vyrn: What? Hey, yeah! We haven't seen it yet either!
Lyria: Well... It's right here in the back...
Unlike the elaborate blueprints that came before it, Mahira's final drawing looks like something a child had put together.
And in a way... it vaguely resembles a chicken.
Vyrn: Haha! Why does this thing look like a chicken?
Lyria: It sure is cute! I want to see it fly someday!
Shipwright: Hah hah hah! Now that is not happening. It looks like a child's plaything!
Mahira: ...
Vyrn: Ahaha... Ha?
Lyria: M-Mahira?
Shipwright: I'm sorry! Were you actually being serious? I mean, those blueprints were completely professional, but this...
Mahira: No, uh... This was just a rough sketch...
Shipwright: I see. Well, I'll give it to you straight.
Shipwright: This design is suicide. The air resistance is far too high, and there's no way a small girl could possibly have the physical strength required to steer it.
Mahira: B-but theoretically speaking...
Shipwright: You surely know what I'm talking about. That's why you put the design on the very last page.
Mahira: T-that's just because I...
Vyrn: Forget it, Mahira. You said it yourself. There's a difference between imagination and reality. You oughta just change the design to make it safer.
Mahira: But... But... It has to be a chicken, otherwise...
Lyria: This is a first. I've never seen Mahira get so flustered before...
Shipwright: Hm... You're really set on this design, huh?
Shipwright: Oh, but wait. I remember something from the Sky Race last year...
Vyrn: Huh? Like... something that might make it work?
Shipwright: Yeah. We have trade association meetings sometimes. At the last one, they announced the discovery of this special material called vimanacite.
Lyria: Vimanacite? Would you be able to use that to make the chicken design work?
Shipwright: It is theoretically possible. You could even dig some up here in Golonzo. But it does come with... certain danger.
Mahira: I see. In that case...
Vyrn: Hey, wait! You're gonna go lookin' for that stuff all by yourself?
Mahira: Huh? Well, I couldn't very well get the rest of you caught up in something like that.
Lyria: But, Mahira! (Captain), we—
With a nod from (Captain), the crew runs off to catch up with Mahira.

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 3

The crew catches up with Mahira at a local mining site, where she explains why she's determined to keep the chicken shape of her airship design. But before she can say any more, the crew is surrounded by angry monsters.

Vyrn: Rrr-rrr-rrr! Isn't that how it goes?
Lyria: Cackey-cooka-coo! That's what it sounds like.
Mahira: Then what about cock-a-doodle-doo? That's how we say it where I come from.
After catching up with Mahira, the crew arrives at a local mining site.
While eyeing the walls of the mine, Mahira goes on to explain why her airship has to be shaped like a chicken.
Mahira: Bird sounds aside, it has to be a chicken.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: I wanted a flightless bird to experience flight. That's why I drew that picture.
Mahira: It sounds ridiculous, I know. But no one else thinks about the chickens.
Mahira: That's why I came up with that seemingly asinine design.
Vyrn: Oh, okay. It was all pretty confusing at first, but I think I get it now.
Lyria: Me too. Now let us help you!
Mahira: Vyrn... Lyria...
Mahira: Can I ask you something this time, (Captain)?
Mahira: That whole chicken thing is usually enough to turn people away. So why did you follow me all the way here?
  1. That's just what friends do.
  2. Because I knew it was important to you.

Choose: That's just what friends do.

Mahira: Friends... Is that so?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Because I knew it was important to you.

Mahira: So you think so too, then...

Continue 1

Mahira: Haha...
Vyrn: Hey, there it is! Some of that whatchamacite!
Lyria: Hurray! All we have to do is bring it back and—
Monster: Groaar!
Mahira: So you're going to try and stop us, huh?
Mahira: Then I'll just have to show you the power of floatification...
Cock-a-doodle-dum! Wing-a-doodle-fly!

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 4

With all the vimanacite they need, Mahira and the crew head back to see the shipwright. The airship is completed in no time, and Mahira climbs aboard for her exciting first flight.

After collecting all the vimanacite they need, Mahira and the crew head back to see the shipwright.
When she sees all the vimanacite, the shipwright is impressed by Mahira's dedication and quickly assembles her crew to make Mahira's dream a reality.
And before long the airship is complete. Mahira's day has finally come as she climbs aboard for her first flight.
Mahira: Ba-bam!
And its name shall be... Clucky!
Lyria: What a cute name!
Vyrn: Seriously? I mean it's a bird, but it's also an airship, for cryin' out loud! You should come up with a cooler name than that!
Mahira: Maybe so. Anyway, if this is the accelerator, that makes this the brake, right?
Vyrn: Still figurin' it out as you go along, I see...
Lyria: Be careful, okay? Just take it nice and easy...
Mahira: Right. Uh-oh...
Vyrn: Whoa! She flew away!
Lyria: Oh no! We'd better go catch her!
Mahira: I'm... flying?
Mahira: I'm flying. I'm really flying!
Mahira: The sky seems so close now...
Wait, I'm actually in the sky now.
Mahira: This flightless bird really can fly!
Mahira: Ah hah hah hah! Mr. Blue Sky, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you!
Her eyes filled with the azure of the never-ending sky, Mahira has overcome the limitations of rationality and made her dream come true.
Her heart flutters now like never before as she spreads her wings and takes flight into the blue.