Scenario:Mahira and Vajra - A Friendly Competition

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A Friendly Competition

Vajra and Garjana drop in on Mahira as the new year approaches. Mahira challenges the pair to a race in order to test her
newly-completed mini-airship, Clucky.

A cold winter day at the tail end of the year.
Mahira: Brr... It's so cold. Good thing your wings are mechanical, Clucky.
Mahira: Otherwise this weather would freeze your feathers and leave you grounded!
???: Heeeey, Mahi!
Mahira: Hm?
Vajra: Mahi! It's been forever!
Garjana: ...
Mahira: Well, hello there, Vajra, Gar.
Mahira tilts her head quizzically as Vajra rushes up to her.
Mahira: What brings you to the Rooster Temple, Vajra?
Vajra: I'm on year spirit duty next, so I came for the handoff!
Mahira: Excuse me, but... isn't it up to me to come see you for that?
Vajra: What's the difference? We were in the neighborhood, so why not drop in and save you the trip?
Mahira: I see... You never were one to sweat the details, Vajra.
Mahira: Speaking of which, isn't it a little early for the handover?
Vajra: Yeeeahh, but... Well, I missed you!
Mahira: Hahaha, thank you.
Vajra: Mahi, you seem... happier than usual.
Mahira: You think so?
Vajra: Yeah! Did something good happen?
Mahira: Astute as always. How did you know? Something about my scent, I'll bet.
Vajra: I didn't need my nose this time—I could read you like a book!
Vajra: We Divine Generals go back a long way after all!
Mahira: I don't think I'm the type to wear my heart on my wing...
Vajra: Hm? What's that?
Mahira: Never mind.
Mahira: Actually, if the two of you have some time, I have a favor to ask.
Vajra: Wow, that's rare!
Vajra: Whatever you need, I'm ready!
Mahira: Well, if you say so...
Vajra: Lay it on me!
Mahira: Would you be game for a little competition?
Vajra: Competition?
Mahira: Yes, a competition. A footrace, to be precise.
Mahira: Ah, I won't be running though.
Mahira: And I want you to race me on Gar's back.
Vajra: That won't make for much of a race!
Mahira: Hehe... I think you'll be surprised.
Mahira: Ta-da!
Vajra: Ahh! Is that—
Mahira: That's right! I've perfected my mini-airship.
Vajra: It's amazing! You're something else, Mahi! You really pulled it off.
Mahira: Hehehe. But of course!
Vajra: All your hard work finally paid off. Congratulations!
Mahira: Thanks! I call it Clucky.
Vajra: I see! So you wanna race with you riding Clucky and me riding Gar, right?
Mahira: Exactly. So are you in?
Vajra: You bet we are!
Vajra: I'm really happy I can finally do something for you, Mahi!
Mahira: Great. Let's get started, then.
The trio head off in high spirits to find an open space where they can really put their speed to the test.
Vajra: Ahahaha! That was great! Let's go around again, Mahi!
Mahira: Hm...
Vajra: Hello? Mahi?
Mahira: As I suspected, Gar's strength is his sudden bursts of speed. If I want to boost Clucky's performance on tight turns...
Mahira: Should I tweak the propulsion? Or maybe the tail controls need to be...
Muttering to herself, Mahira plunks down on the ground and begins her calculations.
Vajra: Here we go again.
Vajra: She looks like she's having fun though, doesn't she, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Vajra: Let's give her some space to work.
Vajra: I've still got energy to burn, so let's take a quick tour of the island!
Vajra: We can meet up with Mahi for dinner. A nice, hot stew would really hit the spot!
Vajra quietly slips away, leaving Mahira wrapped up in her mechanical meditations.
After so long apart, Vajra still has a lot she wants to talk to Mahira about.
But the two generals are such close friends that respecting each other's quirks has always been second nature.