Scenario:Maria Theresa - The Many Forms of Justice

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The Many Forms of Justice

Justice tells Theresa how much the servant Charlotte cared for her, which strengthens her resolve to take back her rightful place as empress. When Justice suggests that the death of (Captain) may also be necessary data, Theresa rushes to stop the primal.

Justice's first pactbearer is Charles VI—Theresa's father.
Justice: Let us talk of the past.
Not long after leaving the church, Justice grows nostalgic and reminisces about bygone times.
Charles VI took over as emperor of Loma shortly after his older brother passed away.
The emperor was an honest and hearty man.
He was possessed of a candor fitting for someone at the top...
Although he never formally swore fealty to justice, his dedication to the prosperity of the empire was unwavering.
Unfortunately he was never blessed with a male heir.
His only recourse was to teach you, his eldest daughter, the ways of an emperor.
You distinguished yourself from a young age. Although the emperor was proud of your progress, he came down with an incurable sickness.
In his rush to get the other nations in the empire to acknowledge your succession, your father succumbed to illness.
That was when my pact with him ended.
Former Emperor: I ask that you devote your entirety to my dearest Theresa.
Those were Charles VI's last words to your personal servant, Charlotte, before passing away.
Oddly enough the council's approval of your ascension to the throne came immediately after that.
Charlotte swore the oath and forged a pact with me.
Of course, the pactbearer must hold fealty within their heart for it to work.
In Charlotte's case, ever since being assigned to be your caretaker...
She stuck with you through thick and thin, tending to your every need with the unconditional love of a mother.
My pact with her afforded me the opportunity to watch you grow into the wonderful woman you are today.
That is why I know all too well her intentions in taking her own life.
Justice: She came to terms with never being able to bear her own child and lived a happy life serving you.
Justice: No child could grow to be as purehearted as you without a love so nurturing.
Justice: It speaks to how crucial she was to your upbringing.
Justice: I was there to witness every moment of it. That should be proof enough.
Maria Theresa: Are you telling me this because of how my mother just treated me?
Maria Theresa: No need to worry...
Maria Theresa: I know full well how much Charlotte cared for me, and that she was on my side every step of the way.
Maria Theresa: We may not have been related by blood, but I always thought of her as my mother.
Maria Theresa: Anyhow...
Maria Theresa: The blame doesn't lie with any one person or party really. We're all just living our lives as best as we see fit.
Maria Theresa: I simply lacked resolve. If I have a role in life, then I must carry it through to the end.
Maria Theresa: That is why I must take my rightful place as empress. I won't stray from my calling anymore.
Maria Theresa: Then my life will really open up.
Maria Theresa: (I hope you're watching, Charlotte...)
Maria Theresa: I don't think I could have come this far had you not extended me those words of encouragement.
Maria Theresa: You're like Charlotte in a lot of ways. Being with her for so long, she must have rubbed off on you.
Maria Theresa: You're nothing like my father though.
Maria Theresa: Regardless of how things turned out this way, I'm glad to have you around, Justice.
Maria Theresa: And with (Captain)'s crew coming into our lives, it looks like a favorable wind's begun to blow in our direction.
Justice: Theresa...
Maria Theresa: Yes?
Justice: In the time of my pact with your father, I had already gathered most of the data required on the great divide in history.
Maria Theresa: Oh, really? Does that mean there's no need for (Captain)'s crew to participate in the War?
Maria Theresa: But why are you only telling me this now?
Justice: There's just one last piece of data I need.
Maria Theresa: What's that?
Justice: A case study of what might happen when a powerful force perishes.
Maria Theresa: What's that supposed to mean?
Justice: There is a lack of data on how history might be affected...
Justice: If a force powerful enough to change history were to shuffle off this mortal coil...
Maria Theresa: You mean...
Maria Theresa: You're expecting (Captain) and the others to die?
Justice: ...
Maria Theresa: Absolutely not! I won't let that happen!
Maria Theresa: Take me to them!
Theresa screams out to Justice, her hand touching her earring.
Justice: ...
In the next moment, Justice's scales shift entirely to one side.