Scenario:Mariah - Thinking of You, Sis

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Thinking of You, Sis

(Captain)'s party arrived at a town, and runs into a woman leaving in a hurry. The woman was searching for her younger sister, who ran away from home after they had an argument. According to the woman, her sister may be in the forest where monsters are known to appear. The party quickly sets off to find her.

(Captain)'s party arrived at a town, and runs into a woman leaving in a hurry.
As the woman tripped, Mariah caught her before she hit the ground.
Woman: Ah!
Mariah: ...Whoa! That was close. Are you okay? You should watch where you're going.
Woman: I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry. Oh, I need to go...!
Mariah: It's okay, calm down. Here, take a deep breath.
Mariah: Now, why don't you tell me what happened?
Woman: Um... I have a younger sister, but I got in an argument with her... she got upset and ran away from home.
Woman: And... she still hasn't come back so I asked around if anyone's seen her, and someone saw her leave the town...
Mariah: What? She left the town!? That doesn't bode well... There are monsters in the forest... we need to do something!
Woman: Yes... that's why I need to find her quickly!
Lyria: W-wait! If you go to the forest, you'll be in danger too! Besides, you might miss each other on the way.
Mariah: Yeah, you should stay here and wait. ...Hey, (Captain). Why don't we go search for her instead?
Woman: Thank you so much... I'm so sorry to ask this of a stranger, but please...
Lyria: Leave it to us! We are skyfarers. We'll bring your sister back safely!
Mariah: We don't have time to be searching for her blindly... do you have any idea where she might be?
Woman: Yes... she's a bit of a tomboy and loves to climb trees... she should be at the tallest tree she can find!
Mariah: Tree climbing, huh. I used to do it a lot too... a-anyways! She might be able to avoid monsters if she's high up in a tree.
Mariah: But she's still not safe. We need to find her quickly! Let's go, (Captain)!

Thinking of You, Sis: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party arrives at the forest and finds the young girl they were searching for. The girl was searching for berries as a token of apology for her sister. Mariah couldn't help but be reminded of herself when she was younger, and decided to help her in her search.

Mariah: This must be the tree the woman was talking about. Hey! Is anyone up there!? We're here to get you!
(Captain) and company called out for the girl and heard someone crying up in the tree.
Little Girl: Waah... sob...
Mariah: Ouch! That must be her. I'll climb up and get her. Wait here!
Lyria: Okay! I'll stay here and look out for monsters.
Mariah: Whew! It's been a while since I climbed trees. Good, looks like you're not hurt.
Little Girl: Um... thank you. I was scared of the monsters...
Mariah: I know you got in an argument with your sister, but that was really reckless of you. Come on, let's go back!
Little Girl: ...
Vyrn: Hm, what's wrong? You don't need to worry about monsters when we're with you!
Little Girl: But... um...
Mariah: ...! Oh I get it, you don't want to go home because your sister might be mad at you!
Little Girl: But... but...
Mariah: Look, I get that it's hard to go back after an argument. I was the same way.
Little Girl: What? You too...?
Mariah: Yeah. My older sister was smart, strong, and just an amazing person.
Mariah: So I'd get jealous and argue with her sometimes...then it would get really hard to talk to her afterwards.
Mariah: ...But I found out that if I didn't try to make peace with her, I'm the one who really suffered. Don't you think so too?
Little Girl: Yeah...
Mariah: Let's make up with your sister. Don't worry, I'll go with you!
Little Girl: But... my sister was so mad... I don't know what to say to her...
Mariah: Hmm... I see... What should we do...
Mariah: I know! You just need a little something to help you with your apology.
Mariah: Hmm... ah! What about a present? Everyone likes presents, right?
Little Girl: A present... I know! I'll bring her back some of the berries she likes!
Mariah: Oh? Can you get those berries here?
Little Girl: Yeah, I came here with dad and picked some before! They're over here!
Mariah: Hey! Wait, don't run off alone! It's dangerous!
Mariah: Sorry but... do you mind if we help her, (Captain)?
Mariah: She...she reminds me of myself when I was young. I can't just leave her.
Vyrn: Alright then! Let's go with her, (Captain)!

Thinking of You, Sis: Scene 3

After collecting the berries, (Captain)'s party takes the little girl back to town. The girl's older sister scolded her for running off into danger, then embraced her. Seeing the two reminded Mariah of her own deceased sister. She realized the bitter memories locked up deep in her mind had become something precious to her.

Little Girl:
Little Girl: Yay! I got the berries!
Mariah: Alright! Let's start heading back. Your sister is worried about you.
Mariah: Whew, we're here. ...Oh, she's waiting for you at the village entrance.
Woman: Skyfarers...! You found her... thank you so much. I'm so relieved...
Mariah: Don't worry, she's safe! ...Here, don't you have something to tell her?
Little Girl: Um... I'm back...
Little Girl: Um. . H-here! These berries are your favorite, right? They're for you, so... um...
Woman: ...You...! That was so stupid of you!!
The woman scolded her sister, then hugged her tightly.
Woman: Oh... do you have any idea how worried I was...? That was so, so stupid...!
Woman: Don't you get it? I don't care if I can never eat berries again as long as you're safe!
Little Girl: I'm so sorry... don't cry, I'm sorry... *sob*... waaaah!
The sisters thanked (Captain)'s party profusely, and returned home, hand in hand.
Mariah: Whew... I'm glad the girl was safe and they made up!
Mariah: They'll probably fight again some day, but I'm sure they'll be okay.
Mariah: ...It's been a while, but it brought back memories of me and my sister when I was younger.
Mariah: Maybe I was unconsciously trying not to think about my sister...
Mariah: Ahh! I have a feeling I'll have some pleasant dreams tonight! Come on, (Captain)! Let's get back to the airship!
Mariah kept the memories of her sister deep in the back of her mind.
However, as she spent time with her friends, she began to think back on those memories and face them with renewed heart.
For Mariah, the bitter memories and the sweet ones alike were sure to become something precious to her.