Scenario:Mary - Before the Long Night

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Before the Long Night

Mary has a touch of the holiday blues as she observes her fellow crew members hustling and bustling with preparations. A heart-to-heart talk with Ladiva about their feelings and childhoods helps Mary shake off her funk and fully embrace the holiday season.

The most wonderful time of the year is drawing near. (Captain) and company are doing a favor for Santa Claus.
They've been asked to get a tree for the whole town to enjoy.
On top of that, Feena has an ambition of her own.
Feena: I wanna play Santa Claus!
And so that's how the crew came to lend a hand to Santa.
Feena: Da-da-da-daaah! Here comes Feena Claus!
Clarisse: Whoo! Lookin' good! Own that suit!
Feena: Your outfit's really cute too!
Feena: Who'd a thought changing clothes could make you feel like a totally new person?
Feena: I'll show everyone how good a Santa Claus I can be!
Mary: Huh? Everyone's all dressed up...
Feena: Yep, don't we look awesome?
Mary: Yeah, you do, but isn't it a bit early to be wearing that?
Mary: The main event Santa wants us to help with is still a few days away. You're both jumping the gun.
Feena: Aw, c'mon. How often do we get a chance to wear this? Once a year isn't enough!
Clarisse: I couldn't agree more. You get dressed too, Mary.
Clarisse: Chop-chop!
Mary: Huh? Hey, wait!
Mary: Eeek! Okay, okay! I can dress myself!
Feena and Clarisse more or less shove Mary into her outfit.
Feena: Now that is super cute.
Clarisse: Yeah, love the vibes.
Mary: Nnn... I knew it was too early for this...
Mary: It's kinda embarrassing to get all excited as if the big day were already here...
Feena and Clarisse are having none of what the unusually bashful Mary has to say.
Feena: Wrong! You gotta bring the excitement right up to the real thing!
Clarisse: That's right. And not just because Santa Claus is counting on us.
Clarisse: It's for everyone in the crew who are preparing for the main event!
Mary: I mean, I get that, but...
Feena: Let's see some smiles! Cheer with me now!
Feena: No-el! No-el!
Mary: N-no, el... No-el?
Clarisse: Louder!
Clarisse: Noel, Noel!
Mary: Ah, haha...
Mary is overpowered by Feena and Clarisse's festive spirit.
Mary: Geez, those two take this holiday stuff way too seriously.
Mary feels dazed as she watches her fellow crew members scurrying about, prepping the ship for the big night.
Lyria: So I should poke these into the orange like this?
Rosetta: Yes, you stud the orange with cloves, keeping the spacing as close as possible.
Rosetta: It's called a pomander, and it's used as decoration around this time of year. Does a wonderful job of keeping bugs away too.
Lyria: How interesting! It's useful and pretty at the same time!
Mary: ...
Lyria: Hi, Mary! Do you need something?
Mary: Oh, no. I was just passing by...
Lyria: Well, if you have time, why don't you make pomanders with us?
Mary: Um, sorry! Some other time!
Rosetta: ...?
Mary: (Captain)...
Before Mary can call out to her captain, Vyrn beats her to the punch.
Vyrn: Get the lead out, (Captain)! Let's head into town!
Vyrn: It's gonna get even busier soon. If we wait too long, everything'll be sold out!
(Captain) agrees, grabs a shopping bag, and disembarks.
Mary: Ah...
Mary: Sigh...
Mary: Tis the season...
Mary walks dejectedly into the dining area. She sits down at a table, cupping her head in her hands.
Mary: Everyone's having a blast... Well, it is the holidays, after all...
Mary: I...
Mary: Kind of feel like I'm being left out.
Ladiva: Hey, Mary.
Ladiva: You don't look so well. What's wrong?
Ladiva: Burned out from all the holiday preparations?
Mary: Hi, Ladiva.
Mary: It's not that... I guess you could say I'm just not feeling it.
Ladiva: ...?
Mary: It's like I'm in a rut...
Mary: I'm not really doing a good job of explaining myself, am I...
Ladiva looks at Mary who is now slumped against the table.
Ladiva: You know, I was just about to get dinner started. Would be so kind as to help me?
Mary: Huh? S-sure, if you want me to.
Ladiva: Thanks! You're a lifesaver!
They each take a kitchen knife and start to work.
Ladiva: Hum-hum...
Mary: By the way, Ladiva, do you enjoy this time of year?
Ladiva: I sure do. Getting to spend time with family and friends is such a treat.
Mary: Yeah, I think so too.
Mary: ...
Mary: I lived in poverty as a kid. A kid no one wanted until the old man took me in.
Mary: Even though we were poor, we always tried to make the most of the holidays.
Mary: Gramps and the other orphans, we all did our best to decorate everything.
Mary: It was fun.
Ladiva: That's a wonderful memory.
Mary: Yeah, I didn't always see it that way, but now I can.
Mary: Still...
Mary: If I had a mom and dad, I could eat a fancy dinner and open presents.
Mary: It's so normal when you think about it, but I'm jealous of all the kids that get to spend their holidays like that.
Mary: Right now everyone's busy getting things ready too. They all look like they're having the time of their lives.
Mary: This is the holiday scene the me from long ago would've absolutely dreamed of.
Mary: Now I can't help but think if it's right for me to join them.
Mary: I'm not sure why that idea jumped into my head. Everyone even asked me to participate.
Mary: ...
Mary: Sniff...
Mary's words trail off, and Ladiva stops chopping.
Ladiva: I know how you feel.
Mary: Mm.
Ladiva: It was my first holiday after I'd lost both my parents. I envied the other children I saw walking through town.
Ladiva: Of course I had friends and the headmaster at the group home to keep me company.
Ladiva: But I still felt the stab of indescribable loneliness whenever I saw another child hand in hand with their mom and dad.
Mary: Is that so...
Ladiva: Yes, but then again happiness isn't a contest.
Mary: Yeah, that's true.
Mary: ...
Mary: How did you deal with that loneliness, Ladiva?
Ladiva: Hmm... There certainly was a time when I wondered where I could find my true self.
Mary: Oh?
Ladiva: As I grew older, I sometimes wondered what my parents would have said to me if they were still alive.
Ladiva: But the loneliness and envy I feel is still a part of who I am. I should accept it and move forward.
Mary: Just like that.
Ladiva: Yes.
Ladiva gives a small nod and resumes cutting.
Mary: (Loneliness and envy is still a part of who I am.)
Mary: ...
Mary: Okay!
Mary nods and breaks into a huge smile.
Mary: I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna party like I've never partied before!
Mary: No more holding myself back. It's a new me!
Ladiva: Hehe, there you go.
Mary: I'll start by taking care of dinner and then going back to help with decorating!
Mary: I'll make it the most absolutely perfect main event there'll be!
Mary finally realizes that she's already found the place she's always wanted to be.
Casting off the shackles of her doubt, she looks forward to spending time with her dear friends.