Scenario:Mary - Flower of the Night Sky

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Flower of the Night Sky

(Captain) and company find a large crowd as they take a walk through the beach. The tourists are here for the “Brilliance Festival” where special kinds of gunpowder are used. However, trouble caused by monsters has forced the festival to be canceled.

While the party takes a walk through the resort, people begin to gather.
Girl: You’re not going to do the festival? Why?!
Mother: Sigh... We came all the way here for the Brilliance Festival, too... This is unfortunate.
Pyrotechnician: I’m sorry... With so many monsters around, we can’t prepare for the festival in peace. I’m sorry, but there won’t be a Brilliance Festival this year...
Mary: There’s so many people here! Let us through!
Mary: Hey, what are you all gathered here for? What about the Brilliance Festival?
Pyrotechnician: Hm? You gals tourists? The Brilliance Festival is a famous festival in this region. It’s a traditional festival that we pyrotechnicians manage.
Mary: Pyrotechnicians... What?! Wait, you’re a pyrotechnician for the Brilliance Festival? Wow! That’s amazing!
Pyrotechnician: Uh... Yeah, why...? You gals know what pyrotechnicians are?
Mary: Of course! Pyrotechnicians are people who use gunpowder that gives off a special light and they shoot it into the night sky to create flowers of light!
Mary: Every year, skilled pyrotechnicians from all over are selected to go on tour here for the Brilliance Festival.
Pyrotechnician: Oh? You’re young but you seem to know a lot about pyrotechnicians!
Mary: Hehe I used to go to the Brilliance Festival with my family. That’s when I learned a lot about it.
Vyrn: I see! It’s a festival of flowers made of light! Seems like a stylish festival! I want to check it out!
Lyria: Wow...! Me, too!
Pyrotechnician: Well, we want to show it too, but because there are more monsters around here, this year’s Brilliance Festival has to be canceled.
Mother: Ahh! I-It’s a monster!
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Mary: Geez! We were in the middle of a conversation! Let’s take care of it in a jiffy, (Captain)!

Flower of the Night Sky: Scene 2

(Captain) and company are asked by the host of the festival to protect them from the monsters. The party happily accepts the request. They will hunt the monsters so that the festival can occur.

Pyrotechnician: What?! You defeated all the monsters in an instant...
Mary: Of course! That monster is easy for us!
Pyrotechnician: Hahaha! You got a lot of grit! Hm... With you guys around, we might be able to do the Brilliance Festival...
Pyrotechnician: Hey! You people! Can you protect us from the monsters during the Brilliance Festival?
Pyrotechnician: Don’t worry!We won’t ask you to do it for free! Once the Brilliance Festival begins, you can watch it at the best seats on the house!
Mary: Really?! Hooray! You got a deal!
Girl: Wow! Thank you, miss!
Mother: Yes, thank you...
Mary: Haha. Leave it to us!
Pyrotechnician: Good! Now the preparations are complete! We’re going to launch the light flower balls soon...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Mary: Oh, geez! We were just getting start! This monster has such bad timing!
Pyrotechnician: Damnit... We have to protect the launch pad! Please help us! We need your help!
Girl: Sniff... Sniff... Please protect our festival!
Mary: Sure! Leave it to me! Let’s do this! (Captain)!

Flower of the Night Sky: Scene 3

Although the monsters are chased off, the main pyrotechnician is injured. But that pyrotechnician teaches Mary how to handle the gunpowder and Mary is able to light the flowers in the sky.

Pyrotechnician: Gah... Even if the monsters are chased away, it’s all useless if I get hurt...
Vyrn: H-Hey! You okay? Seems like the Brilliance Festival is canceled.
Mary: It’s too bad... Especially if there’s only one pyrotechnician.
Girl: But I was looking forward to it... Sniff... Hic... Waaaaah!
Mother: There, there. Don’t say that and trouble (Captain) and the others. Okay? You understand?
Mary: All right! Mister! I’m used to handling gunpowder...
Mary: Why don’t you teach me how to use the light flower balls? I’m sure I can do it better than some amateur!
Pyrotechnician: Wha...?! I see... Maybe you can do it... All right! Listen carefully on what I’m about to tell you!
And thus, under the guidance of the pyrotechnician, Mary sets up the light flower balls on the launch pad.
While the pyrotechnician and audience counts down, Mary lights up the light flower balls.
Lyria: Wow...! It’s so beautiful... I’ve never seen anything like it! Hey, (Captain)!
Girl: Hooray! Thank you, miss! It’s so pretty!
Mother: Haha... It sure is! Mary, thank you so much for doing this for my daughter!
Pyrotechnician: Wahahaha! I can’t believe that was your first time! You got talent! Why don’t you become my student?
Mary: Huh?! M-Me? A student of a pyrotechnician?
Lyria: That’s amazing! Mary! He says that you have a talent to become a pyrotechnician!
Mary: Mister! Thank you for your offer, but I’ll have to pass. I’m only interested in treasure!
Vyrn: Well... It would be bad for us if Mary left the party! Right, (Captain)?!
With the help of Mary, the Brilliance Festival comes to a close.
Though she did not obtain material treasure, a beautiful memory will forever shine in her heart.