Scenario:Mary - Thanks for Letting me Know

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Thanks for Letting me Know

(Captain), Mary, and the others go to visit Galthazar in the hospital, but Mary flees when she sees the old man. (Captain) goes to comfort her, and she is finally able to make peace briefly with Galthazar.

(Captain) and the crew are visiting Galthazar, an old man they'd met in a kidnapping incident.
Since a primal beast no longer possesses him, his harsh personality has melted away, leaving a gentle old man.
Lyria: Hee-hee... Hello, Galthazar! How are you doing today?
Galthazar: Oh? Now who might you be? Have we met before?
Lyria: We sure have! I'm Lyria. We met on Sidheros Island.
Galthazar: Sidheros... Sidheros... Ah, Sidheros! My home. Were you there for the harvest? The golden wheat can be quite beautiful.
Galthazar: Hmm... Now why did I leave Sidheros again? And where am I now?
Vyrn: Well... Let's just focus on getting you fit and healthy again for now. You were possessed by a primal beast for so long after all.
Mary: ...
Any version of Mary is a crew member

Vyrn: Hey, Mary! Since we've come all the way here, why don't you come over here and talk to Gramps?
Galthazar: Who're you talking to? That child, she's—
No version of Mary in crew

Lyria: Huh? Is that Mary over there? Hey! Mary!
Mary: ...!
Any version of Mary is a crew member

Vyrn: Hey! Wait, Mary! Where are you running off to?
No version of Mary in crew

Lyria: What was that about? I thought she came here to see Galthazar...
Lyria: Hmm... She sure left in a hurry. I wonder what happened... She looked awfully pale.
Lyria: You're going to go and talk with her, (Captain)? Okay. We'll wait for you here.
Mary: Phew...
Mary: (Captain)! Did you follow me?
Any version of Mary is a crew member

Mary: I'm fine! There's just something I need to think about, so leave me alone.
No version of Mary in crew

Mary: It's nothing. There's just something I need to think about, so leave me alone.
Mary: Seriously! Why don't you, Lyria, and the lizard go drink tea with the old man!
Mary: Stupid old man...
As she's speaking, Mary slumps her shoulders and hangs her head. (Captain) patiently waits for her to continue.
Mary: Galthazar is horrible. He took in orphans just so he could raise them into a life of crime.
Mary: And then he took the money that his kids pilfered and paid off the mafia to keep them off his back.
Mary: I hate the mafia... and I hate Galthazar... That's why I ran away so long ago.
Mary: I promised myself I'd never go crawling back to him... and that vow enabled me to do everything I put my mind to.
Mary: I followed my heart and made my own decisions, which is how I fulfilled my dream of becoming a treasure hunter.
Mary: I thought I'd feel so relieved when I finally got away from that crusty old man. But...
Mary: But I didn't.
Mary: He always acted so tough, but I think in his own way he really cared for us...
Mary begins to slowly tell the tale of her life to (Captain).
Mary: I don't remember my parents. My earliest memories are of living as a street urchin.
Mary: Life was tough on the streets. Very tough. Then one day old man Galthazar found me and took me in with the other orphans.
Mary: Life was still hard, but we had a lot of fun too.
Mary: Even so, after I ran away, I didn't look back. I never even tried to contact him.
Mary: Since then I've been alone... Living off the skills that he taught me...
Mary: How to avoid shady deals, how to identify bad information, how to disarm traps, and all sorts of other stuff.
Mary: It's kind of funny to look back at how much I hated him. I wished he would've taken a long walk off a short pier...
Mary: And yet I owe everything I've become to that old man.
Mary: I just don't know anymore. Should I really hate him?
Mary: Or should I be thankful for everything he taught me?
Mary: Sob...
  1. There's no need to decide now, is there?
  2. How about giving him a good smack?

Choose: There's no need to decide now, is there?

Mary: I guess you might be right...
Mary: I mean, the primal beast is no longer possessing the old man...
Mary: He seems more absentminded now, but it's not like he's sick or anything.
Mary: Maybe I really don't have to worry about this for a while. Yeah, that seems right.
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Choose: How about giving him a good smack?

Any version of Mary is a crew member

Mary: Wha? Hahaha!
No version of Mary in crew

Mary: Wha? Ha-ha-ha!
Mary: That's a little more extreme than I would've expected from you. Seriously, though, he probably wouldn't even flinch.
Mary: And if I do hit him, I'll probably just feel bad about it later. No thank you.

Continue 1

Mary: I've been holding on to these things long enough to know that the answers won't be easy to find.
Mary: But thanks for listening to me anyway. Somehow I feel safe telling you anything.
Mary: Maybe it's because you're so strange... Just kidding!
Mary: Let's get back. Lyria and the lizard will be waiting for us! And the old man too.
Having returned Mary to her cheerful self for the time being, (Captain) leads her back to Galthazar and the others.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Take care of yourself, Gramps! We'll come see you again soon.
Galthazar: Oh, I'll be waiting. Make sure to come again when the apples have ripened. We can go pick them together!
Mary: ...
Lyria: Um... Mary?
Galthazar: Mary, what's wrong? Have you been fighting with Altos again? You shouldn't be so stubborn all the time.
Mary: ...!
Galthazar: Take good care of her, (Captain). She's a good girl at heart.
Mary: All the best... old man...
Galthazar: You too, my dear Mary. I wish you luck in your future ventures.
Mary: Thanks...
Mary leaves the hospital with (Captain) and the others without looking back.
She has finally been able to tell (Captain) of her long-held worries.
But it will be some time yet before she can completely put it all behind her.