Scenario:Mary - The Beam of Light

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The Beam of Light

One day, an excited looking Mary invites (Captain) and the crew to go treasure hunting. She promises that if they find any treasure, she will split it with the crew. They agree to go along with her plan, and head off toward the cave where the treasure resides.

One day, when things were going slowly on the airship, Mary approached (Captain) and the others.
Mary: Hey! If you're free right now, come with me! I just got my hands on some info about some treasure!
Mary: Apparently, some miserly rich dude didn't want anyone nabbing his fortune, so, before he died, he stashed it all away in a cave.
Mary: Naturally, there's gonna be danger, but if I disarm any traps we find, and leave the monsters to you, then we should be OK, right?
Mary: Don't worry, you'll get your share of the loot. So, what are we waiting for?
Vyrn: Oh really, now?
Mary: Hey, lizard! What's that face about!
Vyrn: Firstly, I am NOT a lizard! And secondly, the idea of you sharing the loot of your own accord…
Vyrn: Gyahaha! Next thing you'll tell me it's gonna snow tomorrow! Right, (Captain)!
Mary: Arrgh! Even (Captain) is laughing at me!
Lyria: Hee hee. Treasure hunting, how exciting! Well, I'm in, (Captain)!
Mary: Oh yeah! C'mon everyone, let's get ready to move out!
And so (Captain) went along with Mary's plan, and they headed off to the island where the cave was.
Mary: Righty oh… From here on out we need to tread carefully!
Mary: I'm gonna walk on ahead so I can scout out traps, so only move when I give the signal! Let's go!

The Beam of Light: Scene 2

Sensing the foreboding presence of somebody else in the cave, Mary proposes that everyone should return to the airship. But suddenly the ground falls apart, and Mary and (Captain) fall into the depths of the cave. They decide to stay put and wait for the others to come to their aid. Soon enough, Vyrn shows up leading the others, but at the same time a strange person appears, who harbors a grudge for Mary.

The crew continued to take down monsters and evade traps as they headed deeper into the cave. Suddenly, Mary stopped walking.
Vyrn: Huh, what is it Mary? Why have you stopped all of a sudden?
Mary: Shh! Quiet! Just now when we were fighting those monsters, I sensed someone's presence nearby…
Lyria: Eh? Really? I didn't sense a thing!
Mary: Something smells fishy about this… The traps here don't seem to be that old… Someone may have set them recently…
Mary: I've got a bad feeling about this. Let's return to the airship. It's time to put the screws on my informant…
Lyria: (Gasp)
Suddenly, the cave floor started rumbling and the ground split open at (Captain)'s feet.
Mary: Drats! The trap is causing the cave to collapse! (Captain)!
The ground crumbled away below (Captain)'s feet, and Mary reached out her hand to grab them.
But, Mary was unable to support (Captain) with just one hand, and the pair fell into the depths of the cave.
Mary: Man, that hurt! I don't seem to be able to catch a break!
Mary: That trap just now… I didn't see a switch for it anywhere. Someone was watching us, and calculated the timing perfectly!
Mary: Grrrr! How dare they! My informant must have been in on this!
Mary: They've got it coming for them! Huh? What's that, (Captain)? Oh, I'm not hurt or anything, thanks for asking.
Mary: I almost forgot! How about you? You didn't hit your head or anything? …OK, so long as you say you're okay…
Mary: Hmmmm… The rock face is too smooth here, I don't think we can scale it.
Mary: It could be dangerous if we don't move carefully. Let's wait here for the rest of the crew, (Captain).
Mary: Here, sit down next to me. We need to save our energy for later.
Following Mary's instruction, (Captain) sat down next to her. Some time passed…
Mary: Pah ha ha! Was that your stomach making that noise just now? You hungry?
Mary: It can't be helped… Oh, wait, I've got some emergency rations. Here, have half. Water is precious though, so just a sip!
Mary: Pfft! Ha ha!
Mary: Huh? No, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at how odd I am.
Mary: I'm not normally the sort of person to share things I consider my lifeline.
Mary: Even now, sat here trusting that the crew will come and save us… I've changed.
Mary: Oh! But don't think you're getting those rations for free! Once we're outta here you're getting some more for me! First thing!
Her bright voice, filled with laughter, was interrupted by the sound of hurried footsteps.
Mary: Those footsteps! You think it's the crew?
Ruffian: Gwahahahahaaaa! If it isn't Mary. Ya miss me?
Mary: Who… are you?
Ruffian: Don't screw around with me! Don't think I've forgotten my grudge! I'm gonna let you have it!
Vyrn: They're here! It's (Captain). They're surrounded by some wackos though!
Mary: Nice timing, lizard! These guys are going down, (Captain)!
Ruffian: Gargh! That's my line! RAAAAH!

The Beam of Light: Scene 3

The crew apprehend the ruffians who were harboring a grudge for Mary, and turn them over to the island guards. Seeing Vyrn and Lyria so angry at the ruffians, Mary shows her appreciation that the two feel that way on her behalf. She may not have got her hands on any treasure this time, but Mary feels she found a different kind of treasure in having a place she could trust.

(Captain) and the crew handed the ruffians over to the island's guards, who imprisoned them.
It turned out that the vagabonds had once been beaten to some treasure by Mary, which is the reason for their grudge.
Vyrn: Those rapscallions! I can't believe that they would deliberately spread rumors of some treasure to lure Mary out!
Lyria: I agree! Holding a grudge over a misunderstanding like that! Unbelievable!
Mary: Why are you all so angry? I guess it's my fault you all got drawn into this…
Mary: I mean, it wasn't that big a deal. Nobody got hurt or anything.
Lyria: Enough! It was a big deal! We were lucky that you and (Captain) didn't get hurt!
Lyria: We need to make sure that people like that regret what they've done so that they never do something like that again!
Mary: Well you're a sweet soul! Treasure hunters always have to think ahead or else someone will get the better of them.
Lyria: But…
Mary: …Thanks though… For getting angry on my behalf…
Vyrn: Eh? What did you say just now?
Mary: Errrr! What? N-nothing! Hey, would ya look at the time! Let's get back to the airship and take it easy.
Mary: We've gotta recuperate our strength ready for the next treasure hunt!
She didn't find the fortune she sought, but Mary's high spirits indicated that she had perhaps discovered a far greater treasure.
The girl who doubted anything and everything had finally discovered a place where she could trust others.