Scenario:Mary and Syr - A Scene of Family

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A Scene of Family

Altos and Syr visit Galthazar in the hospital, then start talking about Mary. As they do, Mary herself appears in the garden. Galthazar had coincidentally chosen this time to tend to his allotment, and he bumps into her. Taking the vegetables from the allotment to the kitchen, Mary joins Altos and Syr in preparing the food. And so for the first time in a long time, the four sit down and have a family meal together.

Syr, who had gone to the hospital to visit Galthazar, started to help Altos in the kitchen.
Syr: Wow, the hospital staff are really nice, even to the old man.
Altos: Yeah, I think he'll be well looked after. I don't think we need to worry about that.
Altos: Hey, what's Mary doing? I hope she's not causing (Captain) any bother.
Syr: Mary's doing great! I don't think she's being a bother…I think.
Syr: …I suggested to her that we both come together today, but she said no.
Altos: I see. Oh well, too late now. I'd hoped to see her.
Syr: Hehehe!
Altos: What is it, Syr?
Syr: I'm just happy that you're not mad at her, that's all.
Altos: Syr, were you worried that I'd be mad?
Syr: N-no, that's not it! Anyway, let's get cooking, I wanna make something that'll make Mary regret not coming!
At that time, unbeknownst to Syr and Altos, Mary arrived in the hospital's garden.
Mary: Phew, made it…Now what?
Mary: Hmm, I'll just go and see if the old man's all right, then head back home. Yes, that's what I'll do.
Mary: OK!
Mary readied herself, and then made her way toward Galthazar's room.
Galthazar: Oh, look who it is! Mary, I'm so glad that you could come!
Mary: Wha?! What're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in your room?
Galthazar: Mary, come with me. I have to check on the fields.
Mary: G-galthazar, hold up!
Mary: Ugh! Where are Altos and Syr, anyway?
Mary: Wow, so there's a field in the hospital gardens. Now that I think about it, Altos did mention it in his letter.
Galthazar: Oh, stop mumbling and come help an old man.
Mary: Humph, fine! You never change, still the old grump.
Galthazar: Hohoho, now that's a nice color. These'll be sweet, I'm sure.
Galthazar plucked a tomato from the plant and handed it to Mary.
Mary: Um… Ah… Thank you.
Galthazar: Hoho. I forgot, you never liked raw tomato, did you? You used to fight with Altos about it, didn't you?
Mary: Y-you remember that?
Galthazar: Oh yes, I remember. You always used to fight.
Galthazar: But you know, whenever you started crying Altos would stop straight away, and try to cheer you up.
Galthazar: Still, I do wish you wouldn't fight so much. He is your brother after all.
Mary: Hmm…
Galthazar: Anyway, let's take these to the kitchen.
Mary: Altos! Syr! We got the vegetables, where do you want them?
Syr: Mary! You came!
Altos: Humph, one more mouth to feed. You can put them down over there.
Galthazar: Oh, brown rice, my favorite.
Altos: Mary, I'll make the soup if you can sort out the rice balls.
Mary: I think I can handle that. Syr, can you pass the salt?
Syr: Here you are!
Mary: Galthazar, do you remember when you first found us? You'd make us the best rice balls.
Galthazar: Rice balls, you say? That's not how I remember it.
Mary: …Oh.
Syr: Humph, how come my rice balls don't look like yours? Yours are all so pretty…
Mary: Let's see… Ah, you're holding them wrong. Here, if you hold it like this…
Altos: Heheh, I remember you used to make the weirdest looking rice balls when we were young.
Mary: A-Altos! Do you really need to bring that up now?
Mary: Fine, then you won't mind me telling everyone that you once mistook a white blanket for a ghost?
Altos: And…that's about ready. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
Mary: I have to agree. I mean, I would've preferred meatballs, but still…
Syr: Hehehe!
Mary: Syr? What's so funny?
Syr: I was just thinking, it's been so long since we've been together like this.
Syr: I've missed this, that's all.
Altos: Syr…
Syr: Heehee, now if only Helatina could've been here.
Syr: Anyway, thanks for coming, Mary!
Mary: Wh-what? There's no need to thank me.
Mary: …A-anyway, let's dig in, before it gets cold!
Galthazar: Well said. Let's eat.
Galthazar: Hohoho. Being surrounded with such excellent children, it warms this old man's heart.
For the first time in a long time Galthazar, Altos, Mary, and Syr enjoyed a meal together.
The once broken family was reunited at last, showing that time really does heal all wounds.