Scenario:Medusa - Crying Won't Save You!

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Crying Won't Save You!

When (Captain) and company go to Lumacie in search of a rare ore, they ask Medusa for help, but she curtly tells them to find it themselves. When they disembark without her, however, they are puzzled to see her stealthily tailing them.

(Captain) and company are heading for the Lumacie Archipelago one day to take care of a mission.
Lyria: Hey, we first met right around here, didn't we, Medusa?
Medusa: Yeah, but it was actually just a bit further ahead.
Lyria: So were you living somewhere around here?
Medusa: Yeah. I didn't mention it before, but I was actually in Lumacie for a little while before I boarded this ship.
Vyrn: Really? How long exactly?
Medusa: Oh, about twenty-three years.
Vyrn: Hey, that's a bit more than a little while.
Medusa: I think you're forgetting that I'm a primal beast. We live quite a bit longer than you mortals. Twenty-three years goes by in a blink to me.
Lyria: Wow, that's pretty amazing.
Medusa: Naturally. So stop trying to think of me in mortal terms!
Vyrn: Well, setting that aside for the moment, you must know quite a bit about Lumacie, huh?
Medusa: Of course.
Lyria: Oh! Then I bet you know exactly where to find the ore we're looking for.
(Captain) and company are actually on a mission to get a rare ore that can only be found in Lumacie.
Vyrn: Not even the client knows exactly where to find it, which will make hunting it down a chore.
Vyrn: So, Snake Girl, any idea where it is?
Medusa: Who cares?
Vyrn: Hey, what kinda response is that?
Medusa: If you want some dumb ore, find it yourselves. Don't pester me about it.
Vyrn: You've got a lot of nerve!
Medusa: More importantly, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Snake Girl?
(Captain) and the others decide to leave Medusa on the ship and go to Lumacie without her.
That was the plan at least.
Lyria: Um...
Vyrn: Is she seriously trying to hide like that?
Vyrn: Sheesh... What's she thinking?
(Captain) and company can only smile ruefully at Medusa's puzzling behavior.

Crying Won't Save You!: Scene 2

Medusa says she only came to watch the crew struggle, but Rosetta senses that she secretly wants to help and advises (Captain) and the others to request her assistance. Medusa finally agrees to lead them to the ore.

(Captain) and company are puzzled by Medusa, who's stealthily following them.
Lyria: Maybe she just didn't want to be alone on the ship.
Rosetta: Hee-hee. Perhaps.
Vyrn: I don't really know...
Vyrn: But I'm so done with this!
Vyrn: Hey, Snake Girl!
Medusa: Eek! H-how'd you know?
Vyrn: Well, it's not like you're doing a very good job of hiding. Though I don't know how you even could while draggin' that gigantic snake behind you.
Medusa: How dare you!
Vyrn: Quit sneaking around and just tell us if you want to come with us, okay?
Medusa: Excuse me? I'll have you know that I am most certainly not sneaking around! And I wasn't trying to hide either!
Lyria: What's the matter then?
Medusa: Nothing! And I wasn't following you guys.
Medusa: Um... Right! I actually just came to watch you guys wander aimlessly around the woods as you fail to find the ore or whatever.
Vyrn: You know, that's not really any better.
Rosetta: I do apologize for not being able to lead the way. I don't actually know much about ores.
Lyria: Don't worry about it! We'll find it in no time if we search together.
Vyrn: We better get going though. The forest is a big place, and the sun will go down if we waste too much time.
Vyrn: Hmm... I feel like we've looked everywhere, but there's no ore in sight.
Lyria: Why don't we go look over there a bit more?
Vyrn: Sure, let's do it.
Medusa: Are you actually gonna go that way? You guys really don't know anything, do you?
Vyrn: Psst!
Vyrn brings his face close to Lyria's, and the two of them exchange a few quiet words.
Vyrn: Snake Girl's been acting like that for a while, huh?
Lyria: You think she's trying to give us a hint?
Vyrn: I guess it's possible.
Medusa: Hey! What are you two whispering about?
Lyria: Sorry! We... um...
Medusa: What? Is there something you want to say to me?
Vyrn: No, not really.
Medusa: Humph!
Rosetta: Oh dear.
Rosetta smiles at the sullen Medusa as the girl turns away in a huff, and then she leans close to (Captain)'s ear.
Rosetta: (Captain), don't you think it's about time to ask her for help?
  1. What do you mean?
  2. Sounds like a plan.

Choose: What do you mean?

Rosetta: Oh, don't be like that. I think Medusa's waiting.
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Choose: Sounds like a plan.

Vyrn: Oh, you mean Medusa's been waiting for us to ask?
Rosetta: I think it's quite likely.
Vyrn: Sheesh, she's such a handful.

Continue 1

Lyria: All right, I'll try asking her.
Excuse me, Medusa!
Medusa: What?
Lyria: Can you lead us to the ore? Pretty please?
Medusa: ...
Lyria: You're the only one who can help us!
Rosetta: Indeed. Can't you lend us a hand?
Vyrn: I guess we really aren't getting anywhere here, so...
Vyrn: Help us!
Medusa: Oh, fine. You guys really are helpless, you know that?
Rosetta: Wait. There's something we have to do first.
Monster: Groar!
Medusa: Okay. Once the monsters are dealt with, I'll lead you to the ore. Don't expect any other help from me though.

Crying Won't Save You!: Scene 3

Thanks to Medusa's guidance, the crew finds the ore halfway down a cliff. (Captain) starts climbing down for it, but some monsters ambush the crew. Lyria protects Medusa, which results in Lyria and (Captain) getting knocked off the cliff, and an infuriated Medusa faces the monsters.

(Captain) and company defeat the monsters, and then Medusa leads them to the ore.
Medusa: Look over there. The ore you want is on the ledge halfway down that cliff.
Lyria: Thanks for guiding us here, Medusa!
Vyrn: Yeah, but it looks like it's still gonna be hard to actually get the ore.
Rosetta: Well, what should we do about that?
After a discussion with the crew, (Captain) decides to head down the cliff first and starts testing the footing.
Vyrn: Be careful!
Lyria: Okay, I'll follow (Captain).
Vyrn: What the?
Monster: Groar!
Rosetta: Oh no! A monster!
Vyrn: Snake Girl! It's after you!
Medusa: Like it has any chance at—
Lyria: Hey! Medusa, watch out!
Lyria: Aahh!
Lyria leaps in to shield Medusa and is sent flying by a rake of the monster's claws.
Medusa: Lyria!
Vyrn: Grab her!
(Captain) quickly grabs Lyria's hand, saving her from a tumble down the cliff.
Lyria: (Captain)!
Lyria: Huh? Aahh!
But the ground gives way, and both of them end up falling down the cliff instead.
Medusa: Medusiana!
Medusiana: ...!
In response to Medusa's cry, the gigantic serpent stops their descent with its back.
Lyria: Phew... Thank you so much, Medusiana!
Vyrn: Man, that was way too close.
Monster: Groar!
Lyria: It's still around?
Monster: Groar!
Medusiana: ...!
Lyria: Eek!
Medusiana strikes back at the incoming monster, but the movement sends Lyria and (Captain) hurtling through the air.
Lyria: Aahh!
The two once again find themselves falling.
Vyrn: Lyria! (Captain)!
Medusa: You! I'll teach you, lowly monster filth!
Medusa: Crying won't save you now!

Crying Won't Save You!: Scene 4

After saving (Captain) and Lyria, Medusa is furious at them for being so reckless even though they're feeble mortals. Medusa says she's done traveling with the crew but ends up changing her mind in response to their fierce opposition.

Medusa defeats the monster and then rushes down the cliff in pursuit of (Captain) and Lyria.
Medusa: Hey, guys!
Lyria: Oh, Medusa!
Medusa: Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Lyria: Well, I have a few scratches, but it's nothing serious.
Medusa: ...
Lyria: We're fine. Really. Thank goodness Medusiana slowed our fall.
Lyria: So... Thank y—
Medusa: Brainless monkey!
Lyria: Eep! Um... Medusa?
Medusa: Don't you realize how fragile you are, mortal? Never forget it!
Medusa: Did you seriously think I needed your protection?
Medusa: And with the ore on the cliff like that, you should have just asked me to go get it in the first place!
Medusa: There was no need to risk your lives like that!
Lyria: Medusa...
Medusa: Ugh... Sob...
As Medusa's shoulders begin to shake, (Captain) reaches out and gently wipes some tears from her eyes.
Medusa: Wh-what?
Lyria: There's no need to cry.
Medusa: I wasn't crying!
Medusa shakes off (Captain)'s hand and frantically rubs her eyes.
Medusa: You guys are crazy! Like I'd ever cry for you!
Lyria: Hee-hee... Thank you, Medusa.
Lyria: We would have been in trouble without you there to deal with that monster.
Medusa: Um... I was just killing time! No, wait! I actually did it because Medusiana was in danger!
Medusa: I'd never help some mortal. Not me.
Rosetta: Well, I'm still glad you did. Thanks for helping my dear friends.
Medusa: Why?
Rosetta: Huh? Why what?
Medusa: Why do you call a bunch of feeble mortals your friends?
Medusa: We're just so different from them in terms of our strength, how long we live, and just about everything else.
Rosetta: That may be so, but these kids still mean everything to me.
Rosetta: Being able to talk to them is why I can stand here smiling like this.
Rosetta: I can't think of anything more enjoyable, and that's more than enough reason for me to care for them.
Medusa: Well... I just don't get it.
Medusa: But whatever. I'm done hanging out with all of you anyway.
Lyria: Wh-what do you mean?
Medusa: I mean I'm not traveling with you anymore!
Lyria: What? No! You can't leave!
Medusa: My mind's made up!
Lyria: (Captain)! Say something!
  1. No! Stay with us!
  2. See you, Snake.

Choose: No! Stay with us!

Medusa: Didn't you hear me?
Lyria: No! You have to stay!
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Choose: See you, Snake.

Medusa: Wha?
Lyria: (Captain)! You can't say things like that even as a joke!
Medusa: What? A joke?
Rosetta: Of course it was a joke. (Captain) has a habit of saying stuff like that.
Rosetta: The truth is that (Captain) is counting on you for a lot as well.
Lyria: That's right!

Continue 1

Lyria: We're counting on you! We'll never be able to get by without you!
Medusa: Maybe, but that doesn't change anyth—
Lyria: Please!
Rosetta: It makes me feel a lot better to have you nearby as well.
Medusa: But...
Lyria: Medusa...
Medusa: ...
Medusa: Oh, enough already! How can I say no to all this bawling?
Medusa: Since you guys can't do anything without me, I'll hang around a little while longer!
Lyria: Yay! That's great!
Medusa: Hey! Get off me!
Lyria: No way! I'm just sooo happy!
Medusa: Watch it with your hands! And you quit laughing, (Captain)!
Vyrn: This is ridiculous.
Rosetta: Hee-hee. I think it's wonderful.
Vyrn: Well, at least we've got our ore.
Vyrn: Hey! It's about time to get back to the airship!
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria: Medusa! (Captain)! Let's go!
Medusa: Don't drag me! Let me go already!
Lyria and (Captain) walk with Medusa, one of them on each side of her.
Vyrn sighs in exasperation at what he sees, but Rosetta only smiles serenely.