Scenario:Medusa - It's All Your Fault!

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It's All Your Fault!

While Medusa wonders how to make chocolate, Rosetta notices that the young primal seems to be enjoying this skydweller custom. Medusa quickly disagrees and wishes to hear the opinion of a different primal beast who she feels isn't biased toward mortals.

Medusa: Perfect outfit coordination: check!
Medusa has changed into a new outfit for Valentine's Day.
Medusa: And now to figure out the chocolate part.
The girl has her arms crossed, ready to get down to business. Rosetta comes to greet her.
Rosetta: Haha, it's nice to see you enjoying yourself.
Medusa: Um, no! It's not about enjoying myself!
Medusa: A primal beast like me can't fall behind mortals, you know.
Medusa: Even if that means making chocolates for (Captain)...
Medusa: It just comes with the territory!
Rosetta: Ooh, so you are giving something to (Captain).
Medusa: Urk!
Medusa: I-I never said that!
Rosetta: Why not? I'm going to give chocolate to (Captain) myself.
Medusa: You are?
Rosetta: Mm-hm. I haven't forgotten about the other people traveling with us of course.
Rosetta: However it's (Captain) who makes this journey so rewarding.
Medusa: But (Captain)—
Rosetta: Is a mortal, yes. That's true.
Medusa: ...
Medusa: I can't figure out what you're trying to say.
Medusa: Your words make me feel like there's something wrong with me.
Rosetta: Oh? How so?
Medusa: Because maybe every other primal beast thinks the same way you do, and that makes me the odd one out.
Rosetta: I see...
Medusa: I want to talk to other primal beasts.
Rosetta: Other primals?
Medusa: Introduce me!

It's All Your Fault!: Scene 2

Noa offers his insights, suggesting that Medusa should establish a relationship with the crew in her own way. With that in mind, Medusa drags Noa off to shop for chocolate-making ingredients.

Noa is a crew member

Noa: And so you came to speak with me?
Medusa: Yeah. We never got a chance to talk even though we're both on the same airship. Must've just missed each other.
Noa: True enough. I guess I'm late introducing myself.
Medusa: That goes for the both of us.
Noa: Now what's on your mind?
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Noa not in crew

Noa: So you came to Golonzo just to see me?
Medusa: Yes... I heard from Rosetta that you're also a primal beast who knows the crew.
Noa: Quite true. I certainly share a bond with those people.
Noa: Now what's on your mind?
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Medusa: What's your opinion of mortals?
Noa: Hm, can't say I was expecting that broad of a question.
Medusa: This is kind of important to me, so...
Noa meets her serious yet pouty countenance with a gentle smile.
Noa: If by mortals you mean (Captain) and the other crew members...
Noa: I can say that they're special people indeed.
Medusa: You sound just like Rosetta.
Medusa: I just don't understand.
Noa: Hmm, is that why you came to me? Because we're both primal beasts?
Medusa: Yeah. Why else would I be here?
Noa: Isn't it just fine that we don't understand each other though?
Medusa: Huh? What's that mean?
Noa: We share the connection of being primals, but we have our own ways of doing things. That's how mortals are too.
Noa: Skydweller and skydweller, primal and primal, skydweller and primal...
Noa: I don't think there's any merit in drawing distinct lines between us.
Medusa: You don't?
Noa: You should forge your own connections with mortals—well, with (Captain) and the other crewmates to be exact.
Medusa: In my own way...
Noa: On the other hand, if you become their enemy...
Noa: I'll become your enemy too.
Noa: Even if we are both primal beasts.
Medusa: Why'd you have to say it like that...
Medusa falls into silence as she ponders Noa's words.
Noa: Do you mind if I ask you something myself?
Medusa: What is it?
Noa: I can't quite put my finger on it, but... why are you wearing that?
Medusa: It's for Valentine's—
Medusa: Aaah! Valentine's!
Noa: Um... Yes? What about it?
Medusa: Wow, I almost totally forgot about what I was trying to do.
Medusa: You! You're going to help me!
Noa: Wait, I'm—
Medusa: You're a ship-building primal, aren't you? Don't tell me you can't make a simple thing like chocolate.
Noa: That's a very intriguing idea, but chocolates and airships are two completely different things.
Medusa: Who cares. Come on, let's go!
Noa: Goodness, you're a force to be reckoned with.

It's All Your Fault!: Scene 3

Slowed by the popularity of her new outfit, Medusa and Noa return to a deserted Grandcypher after many hours of shopping. The silence is broken by a stowaway monster, and the two primals prepare to defend the airship.

Medusa: Hee-hee! We bought some nice stuff!
Noa: We sure did...
Medusa is in high spirits. The same can't be said of Noa, who lets out a wheeze of weariness beside her.
Medusa: We got back later than I was hoping for though.
Noa: We have your outfit to thank for that, don't we?
Medusa: Explain how.
Noa: Because every time we'd try to move on, children would stop us to talk to you. It's not easy to get any shopping done with distractions like that.
Medusa: I can't help it if the clothes I picked out are just that amazing!
Noa: And another thing. How are they related in any way to Valentine's Day?
Noa: As far as I could tell from those conversations you had with the children, they're not.
Medusa: Um... Uh...
Medusa: Ah! I'm a primal beast! I don't do things normally, even when it comes to joining mortal activities! I have to distinguish myself!
Noa: Mm... Your plucky double-down outlook is admirable.
Noa: Anyway... Is it just me, or is it awfully quiet?
Medusa: Yeah, now I feel it too. It's like someone's about to jump out and spook us.
Medusa: I get antsy when it's quiet...
Noa: I don't sense anyone on board. Did they all leave?
Medusa: Oooh, where did they all go off to!
Medusa anxiously looks around, her angry voice bouncing around the empty ship.
But not for long.
Monster: ...!
Noa: A monster!
Medusa: What? Did it... eat everyone?
Noa: I don't know about that, but we can't let it roam free.
Medusa: Who said anything about that! No monsters or whatever get to touch our ship without permission!

It's All Your Fault!: Scene 4

The crew returns to the airship to find an angry Medusa on the verge of tears. Despite the young girl's temper, she shows that she does care about the crew—in her own way of course.

Medusa: Humph! Didn't even break a scale.
Noa: We managed to defeat it without injuring ourselves. A monster like that wouldn't pose a threat to anyone in this crew.
Medusa: Yeah, but still...
The Grandcypher grows quiet again, broken only by Medusa's jumpiness.
Medusa: Ooh, where could they be?
She starts to blink quickly.
Tears are on the verge of falling.
Lyria: We're back!
Vyrn: Phew. Home sweet home.
Lyria: Oh, Medusa! You made it back too.
Vyrn: Is that Noa with you? Well, ain't that a rare sight to see.
Noa: Yes, we were out and about—
Medusa: Tell me where you all went just now!
Vyrn: Yikes! What are you so pissed about?
Lyria: My goodness, Medusa!
Medusa: I asked you where you went!
Lyria: Um, we got a request from Siero...
Vyrn: It was a pretty big one too. We pretty much had to take everyone with us.
Vyrn: Is that what you're angry about? We weren't trying to leave you out, y'know!
Noa: Haha, she was worried, you see.
Medusa: Wr-wrong!
Lyria: You were worried about us, Medusa?
Medusa: No, I said you're wrong! Who in the world would worry about any of you?
Medusa: Of course not me!
Medusa: Of course not... me...
The little primal purses her lips.
Medusa: It's all your fault.
Vyrn: Uh, what'd we do?
Medusa: You know exactly what you did! It's because everyone here always acts like a rowdy fool!
Medusa: That's why I...
Lyria: Medusa...
Medusa: Oh, forget it! I don't know anymore!
Medusa turns away in a huff, leaving the crew members in a spot of awkwardness.
Vyrn: That's Snake Girl for ya, honest as all get-out.
Medusa: Shush! And I keep telling you not to call me Snake Girl!
Vyrn: Aw, chill. Let the small stuff slide.
Medusa: It's not small stuff!
Lyria: Teehee, thanks for worrying about us, Medusa!
Medusa: What part of wrong don't you understand?
Noa: Haha. And thank you for helping me protect the Grandcypher from that monster.
Medusa: You stop right there! Not another word!
Vyrn: What's this about protecting the ship?
Noa: So before you all returned...
Noa tells the crew about the monster that stowed away on the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Who would've guessed!
Lyria: Wow! Thank you so much, Medusa!
Medusa: Eep!
Vyrn: Get her, Lyria! Don't let go!
Lyria: Wheee!
Medusa: S-stop this right now!
Noa stands off to the side, watching with bemusement as Medusa gets crushed with hugs.
Rackam: Noa.
Noa: Hey, Rackam.
Rackam: I don't really know what happened, but you look like you've had your hands full.
Noa: It was nothing of the sort.
Rackam: Yeah?
Noa: Simply the signs of compromise between me and a confused girl who wasn't sure how to connect with people.
Rackam: Like I said, you've had your hands full.
Noa: Hehe, who can say.
Rackam: You're real eager to downplay this, aren't you?
Medusa: Medusa to Noa! What are you doing?
Medusa: The ingredients we bought aren't going to turn into chocolate by themselves! Come see the job through to the end!
Noa: Oh dear. Duty calls.
Medusa: This is for all the marbles! A primal beast fearsome twosome can't possibly fail!
Noa: When did Valentine's Day become so hostile?
Whether Medusa acknowledges Noa's comment or not, she swaggers into the kitchen, dragging along her sardonic partner.