Scenario:Melleau - An Unknown Friend

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An Unknown Friend

At a certain town, the strange creature she rode on draws many stares as they pass by. Eventually some scoundrels appear and demand that Melleau hands over Sachy, but she refuses. Angered by her attitude, the scoundrels draw their swords.

Melleau: Hmhmm♪
Sachy: ...
Townsfolk 1: Hey, that's...
Townsfolk 2: What the heck is that...? ...
Vyrn: Sigh...
Lyria: Haha... d-don't sigh like that, Vyrn! What's up?
Vyrn: I can't help it...
(Captain)'s party comes across a town during their travels.
Their companion Melleau remained atop her partner Sachy, drawing the attention of everyone they passed by.
Vyrn: Hey... why don't you get off that thing while we're in town?
Melleau: Eh? Whyy?
Vyrn: The people in the town are scared! Of that... thing you're riding!
Melleau: Nobody was scared of Sachy where I come from...
Melleau: In fact, everyone politely got out of the way whenever we went down the street...
Lyria: Uhh... m-maybe they moved out of the way because they were scared...?
Melleau: But Sachy has such a cute face! Right, Sachy?
Sachy: ...
Lyria: Face...? Um, that's a mask, isn't it? What does it look like underneath?
Melleau: Oh, I wouldn't look if I were you. When my older sister looked, she fainted and was in bed for three days.
Lyria: H-how did that happen!?
Melleau: Sachy was just soooo cute...
Scoundrel 1: Is that the beast...?
Scoundrel 2: Yeah, that mask... that's it.
Melleau: Hmm? Do you two need something?
Scoundrel 1: Yeah... I have some business with that there beast. Will you hand it over?
Melleau: Beast...?
Scoundrel 1: Yeah, that thing you're riding on.
Melleau: Hmm... I'm not riding a beast, this is Sachy.
Melleau: So I dunno what to tell you when you ask about a beast.
Scoundrel 2: Hmph... It would have saved you a lot of pain if you just handed it over!
Vyrn: Ahh! What the!? Do they wanna fight!?
Scoundrel 1: Sorry we have to do this the hard way! Blame it on that beast there!
Melleau: Hmph... you're brave, I'll give you that. But you're not very smart.
Melleau: I'll make you regret picking a fight with me and Sachy!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party defeats the scoundrels. As they discuss the identity of the mysterious beast Sachy, the scoundrels return with imperial soldiers. The imperial solders once again demand they hand over Sachy, which only angers Melleau.

Defeated, the scoundrels retreat with some parting remarks.
Melleau: Hmph... did you learn your lesson yet?
Vyrn: H-hey, those guys were obviously after that thing, right?
Vyrn: Well... what... or, who is that?
Sachy: ...
Melleau: Sachy is Sachy. I don't know much about her either to be honest.
Melleau: But who cares? Sachy is Sachy, and she's my partner. Right?
Sachy: ...
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... there you are, beast.
Vyrn: Wha?! You're... from the empire!?
Scoundrel 1: Hey, boss? That's them, right?
Scoundrel 2: We found them just like you wanted so I hope you don't forget about our reward, boss.
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... very well, but you're not done assisting me yet.
Melleau: Hmm... I see, I see... Looks like you have a serious case of the stupids. I guess knocking you around a bit won't cure it.
Imperial Soldier: So you're the owner... you need to hand that thing over.
Melleau: Hey... I told you. Sachy is my friend. I'll never hand her over!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 3

As the battle between (Captain)'s party and the imperial soldiers rages on, the soldiers begin revealing Sachy's true identity. The imperial soldiers explained that Sachy is an experimental animal that escaped from the Erste Empire's laboratories, and could turn on the party unexpectedly. Melleau claims Sachy is still her friend, and continues to oppose the imperial soldiers.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh... not only do we have to fight the beast and its owner, but skyfarers too.
Vyrn: Hey! What's with all of you!?
Vyrn: Why are you after her? What do you know?
Imperial Soldier: Let me tell you a thing or two about that thing.
Imperial Soldier: That right there is an experimental animal that escaped the laboratory of our Erste Empire.
Imperial Soldier: It's been modified with various enhancements, and isn't something that will befriend humans.
Melleau: ...
Sachy: ...
Imperial Soldier: Who knows when it'll turn on you and attack? Now, hurry up and hand it over.
Melleau: ...No.
Imperial Soldier: What...?
Melleau: Experimental animal? I don't care, idiot.
Melleau: This is Sachy, and Sachy is my friend! I won't let you insult my friend and get away with it!
Imperial Soldier: Hah... you'll regret that, kid!
Melleau: Give me a hand! (Captain)! I'm gonna beat the snot out of these guys!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 4

Each time the imperial soldiers attempt to take away Sachy, (Captain)'s party drove them away. Peace returns to the town once again, but the citizens of the town are afraid of Sachy. Seeing how sad this made Melleau, Vyrn and company set about cheering her up and bring a smile back to her face. The party was still curious about the mystery under Sachy's mask, but they continued on with their journey.

(Captain)'s party repels the imperial soldiers' attacks each time they appear. Peace returns to the town once again... however...
Sachy: ...
Townsfolk 1: ...Ack!
Melleau: U-Um...
Townsfolk 2: W-what do you want!? Stay back! Is that monster going to eat me!?
Vyrn: Oi! What's that supposed to mean! Of course not!
Lyria: He's right! We only fought earlier because Sachy was attacked...
Melleau: ...
Melleau: Hey, (Captain). Are you... afraid of Sachy too?
  1. No
  2. We're actually buddies

Choose: No

Melleau: Hm... I see... thanks...!
Melleau: Huh? Would it be weird for me to say thanks?
Melleau: Hehe... but I'm happy, so I want to say it.
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Choose: We're actually buddies

Sachy: ...
Melleau: Sachy says "Not really", but...
Melleau: Hehe... but, thanks. Thanks for not being afraid of my friend Sachy.

Continue 1

Vyrn: Well, I've seen some crazy things before!
Vyrn: It'll take more than that to scare me!
Lyria: If she's your friend, there's nothing to be afraid of!
Melleau: I see... thanks, everyone.
Melleau: Yeah... it makes me realize again how glad I am for joining the skyfarers.
Melleau: And... I'm happy I met you guys. (Captain).
With that, Melleau smiled.
The beast she rode on, too, released a gentle sigh.
Lyria: By the way... I'm still curious about what's under Sachy's mask...
Melleau: I wouldn't look if I were you. I don't like taking taking care of unconscious people.
Vyrn: Well, I guess some mysteries are better left unsolved!
Lyria: Uuh... that just makes me more curious...