Scenario:Meteon - The Things We Bear

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The Things We Bear

Rejecting (Captain)'s and Eustace's offers to help, Meteon resolves to settle the situation in his own way. Unfortunately, the parts necessary to fix the nitro boost system on his speedship aren't easily obtainable, rendering the race nearly impossible for him. To Meteon's surprise, Maddie turns up to help, going as far as arranging the necessary parts for him.

(Captain) and company return to Meteon's room, where Fangio still lies unconscious.
Meteon: Fange...
Eustace: Don't worry—he went through a lot of strain but should return to us soon.
Meteon: Yeah, I know. Thanks, Eustace.
Vyrn: Okay, so what's the plan for now? We can't just leave gramps all alone like this, right?
Eustace: You guys keep an eye on him, and make sure he lays low for a while.
Eustace: In the meantime, I'll deal with whatever's left of that underground lab.
Lyria: Understood!
Vyrn: Roger that! Ain't nothing gonna happen to him on our watch!
Meteon: Hold on a second.
Vyrn: What's up?
Meteon: I sincerely appreciate the offer and understand you're all trying to help.
Meteon: But I can't have it go on any longer like this.
Lyria: Um... Go on like what, exactly?
Meteon: If I don't do anything about this myself, nothing will change between us—I can't have Fange or others protecting me forever.
Meteon: Not being able to open up to someone in times of need or times of importance...
Meteon: That's no way to communicate.
Vyrn: Yeah, I get it. You two are partners, after all!
Meteon: Uh, t-that's not exactly what I was saying...
Meteon: Anyways! So that's why, in order to fix this, I've got to prove to him that I'm capable of dealing with problems on my own.
Meteon: I don't want him to shelter me from danger forever, especially at the cost of his own safety, ever again.
Eustace: I see.
Vyrn: Okay. What's your plan then?
With sheer determination in his eyes, Meteon turns to (Captain).
Meteon: I'm a skyracer—I'll settle this in my own way.
Meteon: All right... Now I just need to adjust this generator...
The skyracer has returned to the Blue Orbit to perform last-minute maintenance before the final race.
Meteon: There's the problem.
Meteon inspects the nitro boost mechanism, looking for the source of the problem.
Meteon: The frame's completely busted. No wonder I couldn't use it during the qualifier...
Meteon: I won't be able to use the nitro boost at all at this rate.
Meteon takes another look through his list of parts, furrows in his brow.
Meteon: In either case, I'm gonna need more of this...
The parts necessary to repair the nitro boost are made of rare material that would require a special order.
Meteon: Even if I ordered now, it'd never make it in time for the race.
Meteon: There's no way that Fange would lend me the parts either.
Meteon: Race without nitro boost? I wouldn't stand a chance against Fangio though.
Meteon: Damn!
Meteon clenches his fists in despair.
???: Geez, how pathetic can someone look?
Meteon: You!
Maddie: Yeah, that's the face I was looking for.
Meteon: Maddie! What are you doing in a place like this?
Maddie: You didn't know? I put up the money for this race myself!
Maddie: I thought I'd swing by to watch the finals today, but...
Maddie: Heh, it looks like it's gonna be a snoozefest.
Meteon: What are you trying to say?
Meteon: For me, this race... This race is...
Maddie: I don't give a damn about your situation, kid—go cry on someone else's shoulder!
Maddie: I ain't gonna have a wishy-washy loser like you put a damper on my race.
Meteon: ...
Maddie: Humph. Anyways.
Maddie: Not like I came here to have a nice lil' chat with ya either though.
Meteon: Then what the hell did you come here for?
Maddie: Just hurry up and lemme know what parts you need.
Meteon: Huh?
Maddie takes it upon himself to arrange the missing components needed to fix the Blue Orbit's nitro boost.
Maddie: That should do it. Do whatever you want with it now.
Meteon: You... Why are you helping me?
Maddie: Huh?
Meteon: Didn't you say you wanted to beat me? Then why are you helping me like this?
Maddie: That's right, man—don't you get it?
Maddie: I already told you. I'm gonna be the one who takes you down one of these days.
Maddie: That's why you can't lose here yet—I can't stand to see someone that beat me lookin' so pathetic.
Maddie: Don't you ever forget that!
Meteon: What's with that guy, seriously...
Meteon: Spouting all of that, just to leave right after.
Meteon: ...
Meteon: I've gotta pay him back somehow one of these days.
Meteon lets out a sigh and looks back up at the Blue Orbit—now fully equipped and ready for the final race.

The Things We Bear: Scene 2

Halfway through the race, it's still neck and neck between Meteon and Fangio. With two consecutive nitro boosts, however, the Blue Orbit takes the lead in a blaze of light to take first place. Meanwhile, (Captain) and Eustace notice two mysterious onlookers in the spectator stands and pursue them.

Fangio: If you're lookin' fer Meteon, he ain't here.
Fangio: Is that a new speedship model?
Fangio: ...
Fangio: You know what? Let me pilot it—I am a former racer, after all.
Fangio: Surely I'd be more suited to test out your machine than some newbie kid, right?
Fangio: Yeah, yeah, I understand—take it for test runs, qualify, and win the championship race, right? Got it.
Elly: Whimper...
Fangio: Don't give me that look, Elly.
Fangio: That kid just needs to focus on going fast without worrying about anything else.
The time for the final race has finally come.
At the head of the race, Meteon and Fangio compete for first place.
Meteon: Damn... He really is fast!
Without using any nitro boosts, Meteon has managed to catch up to Fangio's experimental speedship.
Meteon: It's almost time.
Meteon shifts his hand to the nitro boost function once again.
Meteon: This is it, Fange.
Meteon: Wait for it... I'll show you what true speed looks like!
In a blinding flash of speed, the Blue Orbit approaches Fangio's speedship, taking the lead.
Meteon: Urgh!
Meteon: I'm not... done... yet! Here's another one, old man!
Immediately following up one nitro boost with another, the Blue Orbit blasts forward in a blaze of light.
Meteon: Whoooa!
Riding on the momentum of continuous nitro boosts, the Blue Orbit reaches the finish line and takes first place.
Lyria: He did it! He won!
Vyrn: All right! I knew he could do it!
(Captain) and the crew celebrate with gusto, cheering loudly for Meteon.
However, in one corner of the spectator stand, two mysterious onlookers mutter in hushed tones.
???: Hmm... As expected, we should have used Meteon.
???: It looks like there's still some room for improvement regarding the speedship as well.
Eustace: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's the matter, Sourpuss?
Eustace: Look, (Captain), over there.
(Captain) turns to look where Eustace is pointing and sees the two mysterious figures watching the race.
Eustace: It's time to move. They're the ones working for the underground lab. Let's go.

The Things We Bear: Scene 3

Meteon supports a weakened Fangio on his shoulders after the race. In a petulant fit, Meteon tells the enfeebled mechanic not to treat him like a child. However, the young skyracer returns to the Grandcypher, having learned that having something in your life to truly care for isn't a burden but a blessing.

After the race, Meteon immediately makes his way to Fangio's experimental speedship.
Meteon: Fange!
Fangio: Oof...
Meteon: Whoa, careful!
Catching his fall, Meteon struggles to support Fangio on his shoulders.
Meteon: D-don't push yourself too hard, old man.
Fangio: Humph... Cheeky kid.
Meteon: Heh, considering the stunt you pulled today, you're not one to talk.
Meteon: Either way, I won the race. That means I get to take care of you today.
Fangio: ...
Meteon: Look... I'm not a kid anymore—you don't need to protect me everywhere I go.
Fangio: ...
Fangio: Heh, big words coming from you.
Meteon: There you go again...
The two skyracers continue their usual banter.
However, the tone in their voices is much warmer and familiar than before.
After parting with Fangio once again, Meteon returns to the Grandcypher to continue his travels with (Captain).
Meteon: Heh, even after all that though...
Meteon: Despite everything I said back there, I still ended up getting help from others.
Meteon: Especially you, (Captain), but also from Eustace and even Maddie.
Lyria: Hee hee, we're happy to help any time. Eustace too!
Vyrn: Yeah! I dunno about that half-machine guy though.
Meteon: Heh, I know I'll be able to pay him back someday with a rematch—he'll be counting on it.
Meteon cracks a smile and proudly looks up to the sky.
Meteon: For the first time today, I raced for someone other than myself.
Meteon: I used to think that having people rely on you would be a distraction and just slow you down.
Meteon: But as it turns out, that isn't true at all.
Meteon: (Captain), at the PSC you blew me away with your speed, despite it being your first race.
Meteon: Now I understand—it wasn't only because of the Nightcypher.
Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
Meteon: Haha! I guess what I'm trying to say is, you had something all along that I never considered until now.
Meteon: This race felt different than any other race I've ever done before.
Meteon: It was exhausting and much more strenuous than any of my previous races.
Meteon: But, you know... I'd do it all over again if I had to.
Vyrn: Heh, I'm sure you'll get the opportunity to before you know it!
Meteon: Thanks.
Meteon: So that's why I want to keep traveling with you all, (Captain).
Meteon: Here's to the adventures that await us in the skies!
Meteon's smile was as bright as the platinum skies above.