Scenario:Metera - Hanging With My Sis

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Hanging With My Sis

Metera brings her sister Sutera clothes shopping and they both get new outfits. The two sisters relax at a tea shop afterwards and reminisce about their childhood.

The sisters Metera and Sutera lounge around at an inn in the middle of a bustling town.
Metera: (Sutera's been looking pretty sour for a while now...)
Metera: (I should take her out around the town for a bit...)
Metera: Oh! I'm so sick of staring at these walls!
Metera stretches languidly and then turns to Sutera.
Metera: Say, Sutera, you're not busy today, are you?
Sutera: Huh? No, not at all! Why do you ask?
Metera: Well, I've been thinking about getting some new clothes for winter.
Metera: Wouldn't you like to come along?
Sutera: I'd be more than happy to join you if you'll have me. Though I don't know if I'll make good company...
Metera: I invited you, didn't I? I'm sure you'll be fine.
Metera: All right, so it's settled! Well, there's no point in hanging around. Let's go already!
Sutera: Hey, wait for me!
The sisters make their way through the busy streets, made all the livelier by holiday festivities.
After they wander around for a while, an attractive boutique catches their eyes.
Metera: It really is nice to be in a proper town once in a while.
Metera: C'mon, Sutera! We're not leaving until we've checked out every little thing in this place!
Sutera: Okay! We'll find something for you no matter the cost!
Metera: There's really no need to be so serious. We're not exactly going into battle here.
Metera: I mean, I brought you out here to let off some steam, so just try to relax.
Sutera: Okay!
Metera enters a shop and starts trying on outfit after outfit.
Metera: Hm, I kind of like the color, but I think I already have something like this...
Metera: Not much of a point in buying it if I'm looking for something new.
Sutera is in the corner, nervously looking for anything her sister might like.
Sutera: Hm, I wonder if Metera would look good in something like this...
Metera: Sutera, come here for a minute!
Sutera: Right away!
Sutera goes running toward the changing rooms.
Metera: Come on in.
Sutera: What?
Metera: Just get in here already. I've found some outfits I like. Now I just need to know what they look like on someone else.
Metera: You and I are about the same size, wouldn't you say?
Sutera: Oh, I see! So this is how you make sure your outfits are always so fashionable!
Sutera: If this helps, then I'd be happy to do it!
Metera: You're still a little tense... But oh well. Come on, here we go!
Metera changes Sutera's clothes as though she were a store mannequin.
Metera puts outfit after outfit on Sutera, critically examining each until she finally finds the perfect one.
The younger sister then waits patiently outside the changing rooms.
Sutera: Metera? Is everything all right in there?
Metera: Ready? Ta-daaa!
Metera: What do you think? Doesn't this just scream of winter sophistication?
Sutera: Absolutely! It looks stunning on you!
Metera: I tried to do something with my hair to match the outfit, but what do you think?
Sutera: Breathtaking as always! It really completes the ensemble!
Metera: Th-thanks...
Sutera: Your genius extends even to your fashion sense! There's no way I could come up with an outfit like that!
Sutera fawns over Metera, oblivious to how awkward she's making her big sister feel.
To hide her own embarrassment, Metera pushes Sutera into the changing room.
Sutera: Wait! Metera, what are you doing?
Metera: Okay, now it's your turn!
Sutera: What?
Metera: Just shut up and try this on.
Sutera: If you say so...
Sutera changes into the outfit at her big sister's insistence.
After taking a long, satisfied look at her little sister, Metera buys the outfit for her.
Sutera had no intention of buying anything, but she finds herself with a new outfit anyway.
The two sisters leave the store in their new outfits and take a walk through the town.
Sutera: Wow... I love the outfits we got!
Metera: Sutera! Watch where you're going!
Sutera is about to walk straight into a pillar, but Metera pulls her away at the last minute.
Sutera: Huh? Oh, I'm so sorry!
Metera: Honestly, if shopping with me has gotten you this giddy, then I've been a terrible big sister.
Sutera: No, that's not it at all! It's just that I saw a side of you today that... well... I don't quite know how to say it...
Metera: It's fine! You've said enough already!
Metera steals a glance at her little sister.
Metera: You know... I'm getting a little tired. Maybe we should take a break.
Sutera: Yes, let's! I was just thinking about suggesting the same thing!
Metera: Wonderful! Let's get some tea at that shop over there.
They head into the tea shop which is just off the main road.
A waiter stands before the two sisters, who are seated by a window.
Metera: Hm... I'll have a herb tea and cake.
Sutera: I'll have the same!
After a few minutes, their tea and cakes are brought out.
Outside, snow begins to gently fall.
Metera: You know, I think it was snowing like this that day as well...
Sutera: Um... what are you talking about exactly?
Metera: You were incredibly patient even back then.
Sutera: Do you really think so? I never thought I was particularly patient...
Metera: I mean, remember that time? The day I took that stupid guardian trial?
Metera: You stuck with me, standing outside the entire time. Even with snow piling up on your head.
Sutera: Oh! I remember now!
Sutera: But I ended up getting a cold and being even more of a burden to you than I already was...
Metera: Well, you've always had a bit of a foolish side to you...
Metera: You know, I could've passed that test in my sleep. You really didn't need to stay there with me.
Sutera: I just wanted to help.
Sutera: I adore you and I'd do anything to make things easier for you.
Metera: You haven't changed a bit, have you?
Metera: You always seemed so serious when you were a child. It was annoying sometimes...
Metera: But now I think I've warmed up to it. It really suits you.
Sutera: Metera...
Metera: All right! I've had my go. Now it's your turn!
Sutera: What! Um... Okay...
Metera and Sutera continue to reminisce about their childhood.
A beautiful winter scene is unfolding right outside the window.
Their lively conversation echoes into the stillness of the night.
They eventually finish their herb tea...
And the two sisters get up to leave.
Sutera: Oh, Metera, what are we going to do about the bill?
Metera: Don't worry about that. I've already paid it.
Sutera: You didn't have to do that! First you buy me these clothes, and now you pay for the tea?
Metera: Don't be silly. It was my idea to come out today in the first place, so it's only right that I pay.
Sutera: But...
Metera: C'mon, just let me be your big sis for a day!
Metera ruffles Sutera's hair.
Sutera: Okay! I give in!
Metera: Now then, I think it's time we head back!
Sutera: We should buy some souvenirs for (Captain) and the others!
Metera: What a good idea! After all, we were out for quite a while.
Metera: They deserve a reminder that we're both beautiful and thoughtful!
Metera and Sutera head out into the town once more.
Their footsteps are clearly visible in the fresh snow, showing the trail of two sisters walking side by side.