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Into the Modeling World

Not intent on letting down a friend, Metera takes her lessons at the modeling academy seriously. She becomes the center of attention there when everyone realizes how talented she is, which draws ire from one particularly jealous student.

By Korwa's recommendation, Metera becomes enrolled in a modeling academy.
But with Metera being inherently lazy and indifferent, how her lessons will turn out is anyone's guess.
Instructor: Really now! Keep walking with those miserable postures and you'll never stand on a catwalk!
Student 1: Sorry, Teach!
Instructor: You there! Knees straight!
Student 2: I'll fix it, Teach!
Metera: Ugh, this is way more trouble than it's worth. Seriously, why am I even here?
Metera slacks off every moment the instructor is focused on the other students.
Metera: (I'd get right outta here if it were up to me, but I wouldn't wanna leave a blot on Korwa's reputation...)
Metera: (Meh! Let's just stick around and see how this plays out!)
Instructor: Metera! Stop slacking and walk!
Metera: Of course, Teach!
Having closely observed the instructor's movements for a fair amount of time now, Metera tries to mimic her strut.
Metera: Hehe!
Student 1: Wow...
Student 2: She's good!
Metera: (Hm... This might actually be kinda fun!)
Instructor: Sigh... What a piss-poor performance.
Metera: Pssh... Oh, please!
Metera: Admit that my walk was perfect!
Instructor: I'll admit it was beautiful.
Instructor: Your swagger is full of expression. I can't help but wonder what kind of life you have to live to walk like that.
Metera: Then what's so "piss-poor" about it?
Instructor: You lack the thing that matters most to a fashion model!
The fired-up instructor focuses all her attention on Metera.
Instructor: A true fashion model shows off her clothing, not herself.
Instructor: The star of the catwalk is the attire, not you!
Metera scowls in silence at the remark.
Metera: Hm... You bring up a good point.
Instructor: Oh? Convinced already?
Metera: Well, yeah, that definitely made sense.
Metera: If Korwa's dress is to take center stage, I'll be the body that thrusts it into the spotlight!
Instructor: Great... So you do get it!
Instructor: (She's more flexible than I thought...)
Metera: (I'll try to minimize my own presence and put the focus on the outfit next time...)
Metera: (I wonder how well I'll interpret Korwa's dress...)
Mulling over the instructor's advice, Metera quietly resumes her walk.
After getting the hang of it with some more practice, she calls the instructor over.
Metera: ...
Student 1: Nice! My eyes are definitely more drawn toward the clothing now!
Student 2: That's for sure! Her clothes are like a natural extension of herself!
Having completed her walk, Metera approaches the instructor for feedback.
Metera: So what do you think?
Instructor: Not bad at all.
Metera: Really? Whoo!
Instructor: For you to grasp the idea so fast...
Instructor: Is proof that you just might be the greatest model ever in catwalk history.
Metera: Heheh, as if that weren't obvious enough. Who do you think I am?
Metera: You're speaking to Best Girl Metera! There's nothing I can't do!
With the lesson complete, the other students gather around in admiration.
Student 1: Metera's definitely the best girl!
Student 2: What's your secret to doing such a beautiful walk?
Metera: Hm? All I did was act on the feedback I got.
Metera: Rather than asking me, why not think about how you might do things differently?
Student 2: You're too cool! I'll give that a shot!
Student 1: Metera, can you check out my walk?
Metera: Erm... Let's not forget I'm a student just like yourself. Best have our teach look at you.
Metera: Teach... I'm pretty bushed. I'm gonna take a little break.
Metera makes her escape from the throng of modeling students surrounding her.
Instructor: The exceptional, attention-grabbing charisma she commands might just be enough to propel her to stardom in the modeling industry.
One student watches from afar with disgust.
Ruthless Student: Heck... Screw that Metera!
Ruthless Student: She's getting all carried away 'cos of a little attention!
Although most admire Metera for her talent, one remains fiercely jealous.

Into the Modeling World: Scene 2

Even as those envious of Metera's popularity choose to slander her, she pays it no mind at all. When ruffians come by looking to cause trouble, Metera alone lures them away in order to keep her classmates safe from harm.

Some time has passed since Metera enrolled in the modeling academy.
Ruthless Student: Hey, you two hear those rumors about Metera?
Ruthless Student: Girl's been abusing her connections with Korwa to become a model.
Bully 1: Heh, I knew somethin' was going on! Things seemed fishy with her comin' in here and gettin' all that attention!
Bully 2: I hear she totally sucks up to the teach to get on her good side!
The ruthless student and her two friends purposely gossip within earshot of Metera.
Metera: ...
Ruthless Student: Oh... Speaking of that bootlicker...
Bully 1: Ooh... Ms. Apple-Polisher looks to be plotting something.
Bully 2: Hey, you're ticking people off. So why don't you do us all a favor and drop out?
Metera: (Sigh, I don't wanna get involved with these losers...)
Metera: (This sure feels familiar though...)
As if accustomed to verbal defamation, Metera remains unfazed.
Student 1: Metera, let's go over there!
Metera: Hm? Ah, sure.
Others in the academy bring Metera to a nearby cafe.
Student 2: Metera! I hope you're not letting it get to you!
Metera: Huh? Ah, thanks for the concern.
Student 1: Those bullies are just jealous about how talented you are!
Metera: Mm-hm, I figured.
Student 2: You did?
Metera: The way I see it, some people just don't gel. Best thing to do is to just stay away from those nasty types.
Metera: It's not worth wasting energy on every little thing they pull.
Student 1: You're something else, Metera! I really like that perspective!
Student 2: I'll try to ignore it too the next time someone bad-mouths me!
Metera flashes them a pleasant smile.
Metera: (Awe, respect, adoration, understanding, indifference, ignorance, expectation, despair, attachment, love, lust, hate, anger, resentment, envy...)
Metera: (I've seen people react to me in every way possible more times than I'd like...)
Metera: (Which is why I know what needs to be said and done.)
Just then the male students of the modeling academy come over to Metera.
Male Student 1: Erm, M-Metera! I... I think I might have a crush on you!
Male Student 2: I can't stop thinking about you! Please go on a date with me!
Male Student 3: I'm in love with you... Will you be my girlfriend?
Men hoping for a chance with the charming Erune come one after another.
Metera: Sorry! None of you guys are my type!
Student 1 & 2: You go, girl!
The ruthless student is incensed at the way Metera so nonchalantly dumps the boys.
Ruthless Student: Ugh! There she goes with that haughty attitude again!
A group of ruffians comes before Metera.
Ruffian 1: We've been watching ya, girl... Seems like yer pretty hot around these parts, yeah?
Metera: What do you want?
Ruffian 2: We need ya to show us a good time!
Student 1: Eep! S-stop it!
Ruffian 3: Three guys and three girls! This calls for a group date!
Student 2: S-stay away!
The ruthless student continues watching from a distance.
Ruthless Student: Humph... Serves her right.
Seeing as the ruffians aren't too keen on getting out of her hair, Metera unenthusiastically rises to her feet.
Metera: Sigh... Those guys earlier just blew their chance at standing up for us and showing how manly they can be.
Ruffian 1: Heh, them lil' sissies couldn't do a thing if they tried!
Metera: Fine... I'm game.
Ruffian 2: Whoo! I like a gal who knows how to play ball!
Metera: Ahaha... I'll entertain all three of you at once, so don't even think about pestering my two gal pals.
Student 1: Metera!
Metera: (I'll be fine... You girls get out while you can.)
Ruffian 3: Mm! We need to find some place private!
Metera: Slow down now. A girl needs some time to warm up.
Having a way with words, Metera all too easily charms the ruffians into walking away with her.
Ruffian 1: Gyahaha... What kind of a place ya got in mind?
Ruffian 2: I don't think I can hold it in anymore, babe!
Ruffian 3: Hope yer not thinkin' of backing out now, girl!
Metera: Hm... Yeah, I think we can get the action going here!
Metera: Now... Time to teach you boys a lesson you're not gonna forget anytime soon!

Into the Modeling World: Scene 3

On the day of the fashion show, Metera puts on Korwa's holiday dress and wows the crowd with her runway walk. However, one ruthless student consumed with envy shuts off the lights, covering the venue in darkness.

A few days later, the holiday fashion show is set to take place.
Metera invites (Captain) and company to the green room.
Metera: Thanks for coming by!
Lyria: Mm-hm, thanks for inviting us!
Vyrn: Imagine my surprise when I heard Ms. Shameless would be making her modeling debut at Korwa's fashion show!
Metera: Yeah, it all just kind of happened—
Murmurs of panic coming from the staff on duty interrupt Metera.
The crew rushes over to discover that Korwa's dress has not arrived at the venue yet.
Metera: Oh yeah?
Vyrn: How can you be so chill knowing that!
Metera: Getting my knickers in a twist wouldn't help a thing.
Vyrn: I know, but it's just...
Lyria: That's such a Metera thing to say.
(Captain) and company are most impressed with how laid-back Metera is.
Before all hell can break loose, Korwa comes tottering onto the scene.
Korwa: Huff... Thank goodness... Huff... I made it on time...
Lyria: Korwa! Is everything okay?
Korwa: I'm fine. More importantly the dress...
Korwa: Metera... Please!
Korwa hands over the lifeblood of her past few weeks—the latest magnum opus she toiled night and day to finish.
Metera: Sure thing... I've got this covered!
Korwa: Thanks... Metera. I'm just gonna take a nap right here...
Metera catches Korwa before she can hit the ground, then calls for the other models and staff members to assemble.
Metera: All right, boys and girls! We're gonna make tonight's fashion show one to remember!
Student 1 & 2: Yeaaah!
The ruthless student silently grimaces at them.
Ruthless Student: (You just watch! I'll make you the embarrassment of the night!)
Although everyone has their own motives for gathering tonight, preparations for the show proceed without a hitch.
A full house of ebullient spectators livens up as the curtains rise.
The modeling students who've trained so hard finally get to show the fruits of their labors.
The show progresses smoothly, and Metera—last in line to walk the runway—gets ready for her turn.
Metera: ...
Metera: Hehe...
Metera makes Korwa proud, oozing style from every seam, stitch, and sequin.
The audience's eyes are glued to Metera's figure with every movement she makes. Even the crew backstage can feel the allure Metera evokes.
Korwa: I knew Metera could do it! She's rocking my dress like a total pro!
Vyrn: Yeah, I really gotta give it up for Ms. Shameless! She's really something!
Lyria: Metera's so beautiful! Ah, the way she glitters in that dress...
Instructor: You absolutely nailed it, Metera. There's nothing left for me to teach you.
As the excitement reaches a fever pitch, the lights suddenly go dark.
Metera: ...!
Korwa: The heck? Something wrong with the lights?
Vyrn: Ugh... Whadda we do now?
Lyria: Are you okay, Metera?
Instructor: Metera!
Amid the panic in the venue, a certain ruthless student stands before the light switch with a smirk on her lips.
Ruthless Student: Heh... So much for your show!
Unease spreads across the audience as darkness overtakes the venue.
Metera: (Sigh... How'd this end up happening?)
Despite the confusion, Metera manages to keep her cool and tries to figure out what might be happening.

Into the Modeling World: Scene 4

Metera uses the opportunity to summon wisps of brilliantly sparkling butterflies to light up the showgrounds. Moved by the incredible display, the ruthless student later apologizes to Metera. Though Metera didn't snag herself a hottie in time for the holidays, she goes out with Korwa and others to celebrate.

The fashion show has come to a grinding halt with the lights no longer functioning.
A wave of anxiety washes over the spectators. Even Metera can feel it.
But she doesn't despair and tries to come up with a solution.
Metera: (I'll just have to go for it!)
She shuts her eyes and gathers magic in both her palms.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's happening there!
Korwa: Butterflies? Shiny ones at that!
Countless glowing butterflies flutter about in the darkness.
A closer look reveals that Metera is generating magic butterflies from her palms.
Metera: (Do your thing, lovelies...)
A vast number of the fantastical little creatures scatter about and light up the venue.
Lyria: This is incredible!
Instructor: I've never seen a more beautiful show!
Ruthless Student: What the... It wasn't supposed to be like this!
Instructor: (Hm, over there... I know that face...)
Most in the audience are too captivated by the spectacle to notice that someone is playing foul with the light switch.
Metera: (Now for the finale!)
Metera raises both arms, a call for the butterflies to flock to her.
As she cusps her hands together, all the glowing lights combine to form one giant butterfly.
With the whimsical creature trailing behind her, Metera walks off stage.
The venue erupts into a roaring applause when the lights are restored shortly after.
The fashion show ends on an exceptionally high note. (Captain) and company are gathered backstage ready to congratulate their friend on a job well done.
Korwa: Metera! That was sensational!
Metera: It was the only thing I could think of when the lights came down.
Korwa: The butterfly illumination and dress combo really lit up the stage—no pun intended!
Korwa: It'll be one performance to remember for the ages!
Vyrn: Yeah, that was one heckuva show!
Lyria: We were pretty moved too! Right, (Captain)?
  1. Go, go, Metera!
  2. My heart was aflutter...

Choose: Go, go, Metera!
Metera: Hehe... I love it when you say that, (Captain)!
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Choose: My heart was aflutter...
Metera: Ooh... You have any idea how adorable you are when you're blushing?
Continue 1
The instructor comes before the crew, dragging the ruthless student along.
Instructor: Say it yourself.
Ruthless Student: Erm... I was the one who did it...
The expression on her face as she bows apologetically says it all.
Metera: Mm-hm.
Student 1: So you're the culprit!
Student 2: Do you have any idea how messed up that was!
Metera: Can you girls be quiet for a moment?
Metera cuts their criticism short.
The ruthless student sheds tears as she utters an apology.
Ruthless Student: I'm so sorry... Your butterflies were drop-dead gorgeous...
Metera: Appreciate the compliment.
Ruthless Student: Y-you're not angry?
Metera: Why would I be?
Metera: You apologized, and the show ended on a good note. What more could I ask for?
Ruthless Student: You're too kind...
Metera: That's enough sentimentality for one day, don't you think?
Ruthless Student: Right...
Ruthless Student: Haha... You beat me out completely.
Student 2: That was too cool, Metera!
Student 1: That's Metera for ya!
Instructor: All's well that ends well, I say.
Metera: Thanks for everything, Teach.
And so the ill will between Metera and the ruthless student comes to a close.
An effervescent Korwa explodes with unbridled praise.
Korwa: Whoo! Talk about a happy ending, girl!
Metera: Haha... That's one way to put it.
Korwa: I knew you had it in you, Metera. You owned that stage like the modeling genius you are!
Korwa: Truth is, I always knew you had the it factor. I've just been waiting this whole time for your chance to flaunt it!
Korwa: So do you think you'll stay in modeling? I can't wait to see you sporting the next dress I make!
Metera chews on the idea from the bubbly Korwa.
Metera: Hm... Modeling's definitely been a fun experience, but...
Metera: I value my freedom way too much!
Korwa: Ahaha! I thought you might say that, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Korwa watches with a playful smile as Metera stretches out her arms.
Metera: By the way, even with the modeling gig, I couldn't find any hot guys to my liking.
Korwa: Hrm... Maybe once wasn't enough? Anyhow, you just keep being yourself, Metera, and I'm sure you'll eventually find someone who'll make you happy!
Metera: Maybe, maybe not.
Not fully convinced of her prospects, Metera all of a sudden leans in close to Korwa with a mischievous grin.
Metera: Aren't we forgetting something?
Tonight's the night!
Metera: Where's my manly stud of a present for acing this modeling job?
Korwa: Mm... Good question...
Korwa: I don't exactly have a present ready, but how about we all get together for a party?
Korwa: Maybe there you'll find your Prince Charming!
Metera: Eh? A party's all I get for my hard work?
Korwa: Aw, c'mon now. Everyone's already waiting for you! It'll be a blast—promise!
(Captain) and company go off to celebrate Metera's spectacular fashion show performance...
And to find out if they might find a suitable bachelor worthy of their free-spirited companion.