Scenario:Metera - Sisterly Love

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Sisterly Love

The crew is tasked with getting rid of some snowmen at the Jewel Resort. Metera's not interested in battling, but after a push from Sutera, she reluctantly agrees.

Some time has passed since the holiday festivities. (Captain) and the crew are at the Jewel Resort for a job.
They've come to dispose of some snowmen that were magically animated for the recent celebration.
Metera: Brrr... It's freezing out here...
Metera: And that means I'm heading back to the airship! See you!
Vyrn: Hey, slacker! Who gave you permission to go off and play hooky?
Metera: But it's cold and this is such a pain... I'm sure you guys can handle a few snowmen without me!
Sutera: (Captain)! I've found the snowmen!
Sutera: Metera, I'm counting on you to lead us through this!
Metera: I don't think so. I'm going back to the airship.
Sutera: What? But why? Wait, are you feeling sick?
Sutera: Are you running a fever? Do you have a cough? Here, use my scarf!
Metera: I don't have a cold! It's just freezing out here and I don't feel like dealing with this.
Sutera: But if you're not sick, I'd really appreciate it if you could help us out.
Metera: Why? You and (Captain) should be able to handle a job like this on your own.
Sutera: I'm honored that you have so much faith in me, dear sister, but I still have a long way to go.
Sutera: In particular, I'm nowhere near your level in using my magic bow.
Sutera: So I'd really like to watch you fight to get better!
Metera: Huh? Are you really insisting on this?
Sutera: Yes! I need you, Sis!
Sutera: Pretty please?
Metera: ...
All right! I get it! I'll do it if you want it so badly!
Metera: Always with the puppy-dog eyes... You use them against me and it's not fair, you know!
Sutera: You're the best, Metera! I'll do what I can to keep up!
Metera: Sigh... What a pain...
Let's hurry and get those snowmen then!
With that, Metera leaps into the air and flies towards the snowmen.
(Captain) and the crew follow her into the fray.

Sisterly Love: Scene 2

Sutera is amazed at the masterful way Metera takes out the swarm of snowmen. Metera seems embarrassed by Sutera's offhand compliments.

Metera: Take that, Frosty!
Using her magic bow, Metera takes out the snowmen left and right.
Sutera: Wow! You're just incredible, Sis! Not a single wasted move!
Vyrn: If she'd take every fight this seriously, our lives would be so much easier!
Sutera: I'm sure she's just conserving her energy for when she really needs it.
Vyrn: You think so? Well, I guess you'd know better than I would, Sutera.
Metera: Oh, can't you go five minutes without flattering me?
Metera: And look... More snowmen! Let's get rid of them quickly, (Captain)!

Sisterly Love: Scene 3

Metera is knocked out by a monster, so Sutera protects her. Several days later, as Metera awkwardly tries to thank her sister, the airship is attacked. Metera repays the favor by saving Sutera.

Metera: Whew... Looks like that was the last of 'em.
So how was that, Sutera? Good enough for you?
Sutera: ...
Metera: Sutera?
Sutera: Just amazing! What more can I say? I've never seen a fighting style quite like yours!
Sutera: You really live up to your legend. I've learned so much just by watching you. Thank you so much!
Metera: Oh. Well... as long as you're happy, I guess.
Vyrn: You're not foolin' anyone, Metera. We can all see what a softie you are with your sister!
Vyrn: I mean, look how far you went just because she asked for your help!
Metera: Sutera's always had a knack for finding my weak spot.
Metera: No matter how many times I push her away, she comes right back. I just can't ignore her.
Lyria: You two really are close, aren't you?
Metera: Well, sure... I guess that's what you'd call it.
Snowman: ...!
Snowmen: ...!
Frostclops: Groarrr!
Metera: ...!
A gigantic icy monstrosity, the fearful result of multiple snowmen combining, unleashes a punch with terrifying speed.
The sudden attack catches Metera off guard, and she takes the full force of the blow.
Sutera: Metera? Metera!
Metera is knocked out by the blow.
But Sutera assumes a defensive position over her fallen sister and smashes Frostclops.
Metera comes to after a bit, but she can't quite manage to thank her sister then and there.
Metera: Hey, Sutera... I want to thank you for before.
Sutera: What? I don't remember doing anything worthy of that...
Metera: Back there, with the snowmen. After I got knocked out, you saved me, right?
Sutera: You don't need to thank me for that! I actually owe you an apology. My slow reaction was the reason you got knocked out...
Sutera: I'm just glad that you're all right. That's all that matters.
Metera: I... I see...
Metera: (Oh, just accept some gratitude already!)
Metera: (I bet if I offer something as thanks, she'll probably just refuse it too...)
Metera: (She can be so difficult...)
Metera secretly frets over this for several days.
Lyria: Oh no! There's a horde of monsters coming right for the airship!
Sutera: We have to take them down before they reach it!
Sutera joins (Captain) and the others in a fierce battle against the monsters.
Sutera: Take this!
Vyrn: It's no good! There are too many of them!
New monsters are arriving more quickly than the crew can take them down.
Sutera: We're not done yet!
As Sutera readies her bow, a monster comes at her from behind.
Sutera: Oh no!
Metera: Humph! These monsters really need to step up their game!
Sutera: Metera! Thank you!
Metera: You can thank me later! Let's clear out these monsters first!
Sutera: Of course! After you, Sis!

Sisterly Love: Scene 4

Sutera thanks Metera for saving her life. Metera says that they're now even, which confuses Sutera. Metera laughs in response, but her expression is gentle.

Metera: See ya!
Monster: Grrr...
Lyria: Whew! Looks like we're safe for now. Are you hurt, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Whew indeed... It's a good thing you were here, Metera. You really saved our hides.
Sutera: Yes, thank you so much for saving me from danger.
Metera: So we're all even now, right?
Sutera: Huh? We're... all even?
Sutera looks at her sister in confusion, and Metera responds with a laugh.
Metera: Honestly, sometimes I just don't get you...
But even as she rebukes her little sister, Metera's expression reflects her deep affection for Sutera.
Although Metera pretends that her little sister is a nuisance...
In truth the big sister cherishes their bond more than she would ever admit.