Scenario:Metera and Sutera - Sister Shopping

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Sister Shopping

Stella and the others had joined Metera on one of her spur-of-the-moment shopping trips. Ever restless, Metera flitted from shop to shop, painting her plain little sister with makeup and satisfying any whim that came to mind. Completely exhausted by the crush of people, Sutera needed a break. She said as much before taking her leave. She came back with a pastry for her big sister, bought at some bakery or another. Despite her little sister’s interest in food over romance, Metera couldn’t help but smile will something like approval. It would seem two birds of different feathers could get along, after all.

It was late into the night before (Captain) and company finished the mission they’d picked up in town.
The client couldn’t have been more pleased. They’d prepared a room in the inn for our heroes to relax and put their feet up.
Lyria: Munch munch... gulp. Thank you so much! That was delicious!
Vyrn: Hehe! We even get food! Now that’s what I call service!
Metera: Whew... well look who’s back.
Vyrn: Wait... it’s almost noon, right? How the hell do you call that early?!
Lyria: Huh? Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Sutera around today. Did she go out?
Metera: Nah, she’s still holed up in her room. Probably still knocked out. She never was much of a morning person.
Lyria: What?! Sutera... really?! I had no idea...
The party shared a pleasant conversation while they waited for Sutera to wake up.
Sutera: Sorry for being so late! You must have been waiting for so long... I don’t know what to say...
Vyrn: Haha! You’re always so dramatic, Sutera. You work your butt off all the time! You’re allowed to slip up once in a while.
Metera: You have GOT to be kidding me! You’d never let me slide if I did something like that!
Metera: Oh! Hey, Sutera! You got a bad case of bedhead. I can’t believe you let yourself go out like that...
Sutera: S-sorry, Metere... you’re right. A guard should take better care with their appearance...
Metera: That’s totally not what I... oh, forget it! Hey, (Captain). I’d love to do some shopping.
Metera: How about we go on a little date? It’ll be F-U-N, fun, fun, fun!
Metera: And you. We gotta do something about those clothes. Why don’t you come with?
Metera: Alright, then! I’m gonna go and get ready! You’d better be ready to go too, Sutera!
Sutera: Wha?! No thanks, Metera... I don’t know all that much about fashion. I think I’ll just stay and do some training...
Metera: Let’s go, go, go!
And so the party found themselves half-dragged into the town market on an impromptu shopping spree.
Metera: What?! Oh, wow! You don’t see a color like this every day!
Metera: Tell me, (Captain). Does it make me look wowzers or uggo?
Metera: Oh. But, tsk. This design... Nope! Let’s put it in the no pile!
Metera: Oh! Check out that makeup shop. C’mon, Sutera!
Sutera: Metera! You don’t need to be in such a rush! The market’s not going anywhere!
Metera: How could you say that?! Shops do sell out of stuff, you know!
Metera: Oh, that is just toooo cute! Close your eyes, Sutera! Excuse me! Attendant? I’d like to try this one!
Metera: ... hm... you know, you think you’d worry more about getting sunburned with how pale you are...
Metera: Nope. No good! Get rid of the lipstick! We’ll try this one!
Sutera: Metera... please. I’m not a big fan of makeup...
Metera: Well now’s the time to fix that! And a little foundation! Now what to do with those eyebrows...
Vyrn: Wow... shameless, ain’t she? She treats her sister like a damn toy.
Lyria: Hm... well Metera seems to be enjoying herself. Though I can’t say the same for Sutera...
But Metera hadn’t even begun to shop. She flittle from shop to shop like a hummingbird after nectar.
Metera: This shop is no good! Onto the next one! You hear me, Sutera... Sutera?
Sutera: Ah... I’m sorry, Metera. I’m just a little tired. I need to get away from the crowd and rest for a bit...
Metera: Wait... Sutera?!
Sutera disappeared into the crowd, wobbling on unsteady legs. Metera could only stand there, dumbfounded.
Metera: Oh... tired, eh?
Vyrn: Jeez... what kinda sister are you?! She could barely walk!
Metera: ...I guess we’ve never seen eye to eye... different personalities, different hobbies...
Lyria: Oh... Metera...
Metera: But she’s not a kid anymore. She’ll be fine on her own, right? We’ve still got some shopping to do!
Metera: And I think I know someone who’d make a great canvas... oh, Lyria? I bet you looove to play dress up!
With Sutera gone, Metera set her sights on Lyria. The shopping trip went on unimpeded.
After a short while, Sutera rejoined the company.
Sutera: Sorry to keep you waiting! It was hard finding you guys with so many people around.
Metera: Wait. Did you go back to the ship?
Sutera: ...? I did. I just needed a little break! I’m okay now!
Sutera: Hehe... hey, Metera! Hold out your hand.
Metera: Huh? What’s this...
Metera obediently held out her hand. In it, Sutera placed a small and rather charming box.
Sutera: Hehe... I saw it in a bakery while we were shopping and I thought there was no way I wasn’t getting it for you.
Metera: Wait. For me? Fine... I’ll go ahead and take it since you went through all the trouble, but...
Still half mumbling, Metera opened the box to reveal a beautifully decorated pastry.
Lyria: Wow! It looks like treasure! I don’t think I could ever eat something that looks that good!
Metera: Haha! A pastry. Jeez, you’re always so... practical!
Sutera: Oh... well that is true! But just look at it, Metera! Look at how nicely it’s decorated!
Sutera: And they probably did it all with sugar! It’s not just food, it’s art!
Metera: ... you’re really reaching. But it’s not bad.
Metera: Nope, not bad at all.
There couldn’t be two sisters more unlike one another than Sutera and Metera. And Sutera was completely at the mercy of her older sister.
But only they knew the special bond they shared. A bond that made their relationship that much stronger.