Scenario:Mika Jougasaki - Missing the Good Ol' Days

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Missing the Good Ol' Days

Mika spots someone resembling the songstress Judy in a forest outside of town and chases after her alone. A monster appears when the crew tries to go after her.

Mika Jougasaki is standing on the deck alone one night, enjoying the night breeze.
Mika: Sigh...
She has been traveling with (Captain) and company since she found herself lost in a new world, and she's now a skilled skyfarer.
Still, she's troubled by the fact that she's no longer doing any work as an idol.
Mika: (I can't keep doing this forever...)
Mika: (But I wonder if I could even succeed as an idol in this world.)
Mika: (The culture here and the way people think are just so different from back home...)
Lyria: Um...
Mika: Whoa! You scared me... How long have you been standing there?
Vyrn: We just got here. Are you doing okay lately? You don't seem like your usual energetic self.
Mika: Oh, so you were worried about me. Hehe. Thanks.
Mika: But I'm totally fine. You've got nothing to worry about.
Lyria: Are you sure? If there's anything we can do, just—
Mika: I said I'm fine. Look, it's already getting late, so shouldn't you kids be asleep?
(Captain) and company don't quite buy it, but they head back to the sleeping quarters with her all the same.
Mika: (I need to get it together. I can't go around worrying (Captain) and the others.)
But Mika continues to struggle with her worries, and it only gets worse as time goes on.
Several days later the crew receives a request to find a missing person, and they head to the city where the client lives for more information.
The client meets with them immediately and says that a songstress who happens to be a friend suddenly went missing before her first performance.
Mika: A songstress?
Songstress's Pal: Yeah, that's what we call a woman who sings and dances at taverns and theaters in this city.
Mika: Say, that sounds sort of like an idol. I guess there is work like that in this world too.
Vyrn: Still, what could have possibly happened to cause her to vanish before her debut?
Songstress's Pal: I have no idea. That songstress—Um, Judy was looking forward to her performance more than anyone else.
Songstress's Pal: Please. You've just gotta find her. All this worrying is killing me.
Mika: Okay! Just relax! We'll find her for you no matter what!
Vyrn: Hehe... Looks like you're even more motivated today than usual, Mika!
Mika: You think so? Maybe it's because I feel like I have more of a personal stake in this...
Lyria: Huh?
Mika: Oh, never mind! Forget it! Let's just get going!
Vyrn: Um... Okay.
While searching for the songstress, the crew hears that she was spotted heading into the forest on the outskirts of the city.
Shortly after the crew reaches the forest, Mika sees someone who looks very much like a songstress.
Songstress Judy: ...!
Mika: Hey! Wait!
Vyrn: H-hey! It's dangerous to run off alone! What are you—
Monster: Grrr!
Vyrn: Whoa! Talk about awful timing! We need to get this thing out of our way and go after Mika!

Missing the Good Ol' Days: Scene 2

Mika catches up to Judy and finds out why she's running from her debut performance. Having had a similar experience back in her own world, Mika cheers Judy on.

Songstress Judy: Eek!
Mika: I finally tracked you down. Hehe. Just try to relax. I only came here to find you.
Songstress Judy: Who are you?
Mika: I'm Mika Jougasaki. Someone asked us to look for you. Why would you run off before your big debut?
Songstress Judy: Oh... I'm sorry about that, but I'm afraid I can't go back.
After muttering the words, Judy tiredly sits down.
Mika: Why? If you don't mind my asking that is.
Songstress Judy: I really was looking forward to my debut. But in spite of all my practicing, something happened as the big event drew near...
Songstress Judy: I started worrying that I might fail. That no one even wants to hear me sing in the first place.
Songstress Judy: Pretty soon I was terrified, and then I found myself running away. Hic... Sob...
Mika: I see. I totally get how you feel. I'm actually an idol myself.
Songstress Judy: Um... An idol, you say? What's that?
Mika: Well, we sing and dance, you know, sort of like songstresses.
Mika: It was a while ago...
Mika: But I felt a lot like you before my first concert. I was ridiculously nervous.
Mika: I didn't want to embarrass myself on the stage, and I totally wanted to run away.
Songstress Judy: So did you end up running too, Mika-san?
Mika: Nope, I managed to tough it out. My producer—someone really important to me—told me to just get out there and have fun.
Songstress Judy: Huh? Have fun? But there's no way I could do that.
Mika: Right? I actually thought the same thing and even said so at the time.
Mika: But then I realized that running away would be even less fun than toughing it out.
Songstress Judy: ...
Mika: So I made my decision and went out there and sang. And I gave it my all.
Mika: Oh...
Mika: (Wait a minute. This is exactly what's going on with me. Continuing to worry about stuff like this isn't going to help Judy have any fun.)
Mika: You know, you'll never know what you're capable of until you try!
Mika: You practiced like crazy, right? You just gotta go strut your stuff on that stage!
Songstress Judy: ...!
Songstress Judy: Yeah... I suppose I really won't know unless I try.
Songstress Judy: You know what, Mika-san? I'm gonna sing! And I'm gonna do my best to enjoy it!
Songstress Judy: But I'm still pretty nervous. Do you think you could watch me do it?
Mika: Of course! I'll be with you the whole time.
Songstress Judy: Thank you so much!
Mika: Hehe. What a dazzling smile! Don't forget to show it during your performance, you hear?
Mika: Hey, (Captain). Sorry I wandered off.
Monster: Grrr!
Songstress Judy: Eek!
Mika: Judy! Stay behind me!
Songstress Judy: Mika-san...
Mika: It'll be fine. I promise! I happen to be a skyfarer as well! No monster will get past me!

Missing the Good Ol' Days: Scene 3

(Captain) and company escort Judy back to town and partake in the excitement of her performance. Watching Judy rekindles Mika's own passion for what she used to do as an idol.

Monster: Groar!
Mika: Uh-oh...
Vyrn: There you are! You okay, Mika?
Mika: (Captain)! Nice timing!
Reunited with (Captain), Mika manages to defeat the monsters and successfully escorts Judy to the city.
Judy does some more practicing and finally takes the stage.
Songstress Judy: Phew... Sigh... Mng...
Mika: You'll be fine. I know you can do it, Judy.
Songstress Judy: Yeah! I'll just get out there and have fun!
Judy nods firmly and heads out on to the stage.
After staring at the crowd for a moment, she begins to sing in a beautiful voice.
Lyria: Wow... What a lovely voice...
Mika: It really is.
Mika: Plus she seems to actually be enjoying herself. Being onstage really is wonderful.
Songstress Judy: Mika-san! What'd you think?
Mika: It was really beautiful, Judy! I feel purified inside just having listened to you!
Songstress Judy: Hehehe. Thank goodness. And I have you to thank for that, Mika-san! I couldn't have done it without your support.
Mika: Hehe... But the crowd wouldn't have cheered like that if you weren't the real deal.
Mika: Besides, I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Mika: I remembered something really important thanks to you. I'm really grateful. I mean it.
Lyria: Um... Something important?
Mika: Yeah, something from my past. And thanks to you reminding me of it, I've come to an important decision.
Mika: I've decided to become an idol in this world as well.
Mika: And that means I'll be doing live concerts and aiming to be the very best!
Judy: That's wonderful! That means I'll be able to hear your singing! I'll definitely show up to watch you perform!
Mika: Ha-ha. I'll hold you to that promise.
The songstress and Mika laugh together. The sight of Mika's invigorating smile brings (Captain) peace of mind.
Lyria: Thank goodness... It looks like Mika-san isn't worried anymore.
Mika Jougasaki's meeting with the confused songstress has reminded her of something important.
The crew can tell by her invigorating smile that she has come to terms with her worries, and they smile right back at her in relief.