Scenario:Mika Jougasaki - The Ultimate Stage

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The Ultimate Stage

Mika finds a prop known as a prima gear in the corner of the theater. It serves as a magical stage, complete with flashing lights and smoke, but it is not in working order. Mika seeks out a prima gear artisan in hopes of obtaining a new one.

Her decision made, Mika borrows the theater where Judy performed and holds a live concert with her little sister Rika.
Once Rika and Mika finish singing, they get a standing ovation from the rest of the crew and Judy.
Songstress Judy: Bravo, you two! That was so much fun I almost wanted to dance right along with you!
Lyria: Yeah! After seeing your singing and dancing, I feel like I can do anything!
Rika: Hehe. But of course! I'm with my big sister after all.
Mika: Still, it wasn't really any different than the shows we did back home...
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong with that?
Mika: Oh, nothing in particular. But since we're in a new world and all, wouldn't it be nice to do something we can only do here?
Lyria: Hmm... Something you can only do here...
Rika: I know! Why don't we do a show while on the backs of rhinoceros beetles? The ones from this world are huge.
Vyrn: Yeah! That sounds awesome. You'd look so cool doing that!
Mika: Erm, y-yeah... Why don't we just make that plan our last resort?
Rika: Okay. I figured you'd say that anyway!
Vyrn: But can you think of anything else?
Mika: Hmm... Oh?
Mika: Hey, Judy. What's that prop over there? Assuming that's even what it is.
Songstress Judy: Um... Oh, that thing? That's a type of stage for songstresses. It's called a prima gear.
Mika: A prima gear? So what's it for?
Songstress Judy: Well, I suppose it's the sort of thing you could use to put on the kind of show you want.
After muttering these words, Judy walks over to the prima gear and gets on top of it.
She places her hand on her chest, and the prima gear lights up as if in response to her movement.
Lyria: Wow, how pretty...
Songstress Judy: Hehe. You haven't seen anything yet. Just watch!
Judy starts to sing and dance gracefully.
Brilliant sparks rain down from the prima gear, making the songstress's lovely dancing all the more beautiful.
As (Captain) and company watch in fascination, the sparks cool off and transform into small ice crystals, which drift in the air as if they're in a dream.
Mika: Whoa! That's just awesome! It's almost like magic.
Songstress Judy: Hehe. Prima gears respond to the magical powers of songstresses to produce all kinds of stage effects.
Songstress Judy: They were invented to bring out and further complement songstresses' natural appeal.
Songstress Judy: Once a songstress learns how to control a prima gear, her singing and dancing become that much more wondrous, which helps her connect with her audience.
Rika: That's, like, totally amazing! I wanna try that!
Mika: I guess it's sort of like the magical version of the stage smoke and lights in our world.
Mika: Hehe. It really does sound like fun. But why would something so cool just be sitting there collecting dust?
Songstress Judy: Well, this prima gear actually broke a long time ago, and it apparently can't be repaired, so now it's nothing but a piece of interior design.
Vyrn: Are you kidding? It seems to work just fine to me.
Songstress Judy: Hehe. Not really. Once upon a time, the effects that came out of it were way more impressive.
Mika: Oh... I wish I could have used it then. A prima gear like that probably would have made it possible to put on the best show ever.
Songstress Judy: Hmm... But an artisan might be able to make you a new one if you ask.
Mika: In that case, maybe I'll do just that! I want our next show to be even more thrilling!
Vyrn: Hehe. Sounds like that settles it! Let's go find an artisan, (Captain)!
Judy fills the crew in on the location of the workshop where an artisan lives, and they head there posthaste.

The Ultimate Stage: Scene 2

The artisan at first turns down the crew, but their persistence eventually pays off and he agrees to build them a prima gear on one condition: (Captain) and company must bring back the materials for it from a monster-infested cave.

(Captain) and company find the workshop, explain the situation to the artisan, and ask if he'll build them a new prima gear.
But he shakes his head.
Stage Artisan: Nope, can't do it.
Rika: What! But why?
Stage Artisan: It doesn't matter. Fact is, I don't have time to be playing with little girls like you.
Mika: We're not playing! We're really idols, and that's serious business!
Mika: And we're gonna be the number one idols in this world as well!
Stage Artisan: What's that? Number one, you say? Pfft!
Stage Artisan: Look kiddo, anyone can talk the talk.
Hey, show these customers the door.
Apprentice: Sure thing, boss!
You heard the man—now get on outta here!
Lyria: W-wait! At least listen to what we have to say.
Apprentice: Sigh... Fine! But let's step outside first.
Rika: I can't believe it! That artisan didn't even listen to us, and he made fun of us to boot!
Vyrn: Yeah! My blood's boilin' here! That guy has a serious attitude problem!
Mika: Maybe... But he seemed sad somehow. I wonder what happened to him...
Apprentice: Haha. You seriously care after the way you were just treated? You have a big heart, huh?
Apprentice: The truth is that he woke up from his dream.
Rika: Huh? What do you mean?
Apprentice: He used to be an artisan famous for making all sorts of entertaining stuff.
Apprentice: He hoped to be the number one artisan and did everything he could to pull it off, but he ran into wall after wall.
Apprentice: It must've broken him after a while, because eventually he stopped creating anything.
Mika: Oh, so that's why he looked so upset when I talked about being number one.
Apprentice: Sigh... He's not interested in dreams anymore. But I still think he's the greatest artisan in the skies!
The apprentice is obviously proud of his master, but the artisan suddenly shows up behind him and pokes his head.
Stage Artisan: Hey, dummy. I figured you were up to no good out here, and now I find you talking nonsense! Get back inside!
Mika: Wait! Isn't there anything we can do to get you to build that prima gear?
Stage Artisan: What? Don't you know when to quit? I told you I don't build anything anymore. End of story.
Stage Artisan: You'll have to find someone else. There's probably someone out there who can build a prima gear.
Mika: I don't think so. Only you can build the sort of prima gear I want to use.
Stage Artisan: Oh, really? And what makes you say that?
Mika: I think you already know!
Stage Artisan: Ah, yeesh. Fine, I know when I'm beat. I'll build the dumb prima gear.
Vyrn: What? Really?
Stage Artisan: Yeah, but you guys have to bring me what I need to do it. It's an ore you can find in a cave in these mountains.
Apprentice: What? You can't be serious! There are a ton of dangerous monsters in that cave at this time of year!
Stage Artisan: I'm well aware of that. If these guys aren't willing to face a little danger, they obviously don't value their dreams much.
Vyrn: Argh! That guy really ticks me off.
Rika: Yeah! I say we gather that ore and bring it back here just to spite him! Right, Sis?
Mika: Yep! First we get the ore, then he'll build our prima gear! And that's that!

The Ultimate Stage: Scene 3

Upon the crew's return, Mika explains to the artisan why she's pulling out all the stops for her next performance. Touched by the ardent fervor of the Jougasaki sisters, the artisan builds them a prima gear at once. And as expected Mika and Rika's concert turns out to be a true sight to behold.

(Captain) and company venture through the monster-infested cave and successfully obtain the ore for the prima gear.
When they return to the workshop with the ore, the artisan is shocked to see it.
Stage Artisan: I can't believe it. I was almost sure you guys would come runnin' back with your tails between your legs.
Stage Artisan: Why? Why would you go so far?
Mika: That's easy. With a prima gear built by you, I know we can put on the sort of number one show that's only possible in this world.
Stage Artisan: Seriously? Using something built by a man who abandoned his dream?
Stage Artisan: Tsk... It seems like you're really set on this.
Stage Artisan: You do realize that you're likely to run into plenty of walls during your quest to become number one, right?
Stage Artisan: Are you really willing to go through with this regardless?
Mika: Well, I'm sure there really will be hard times just like you're saying...
Mika: But I've dealt with plenty of difficulties in the past, and none of them ever stopped me.
Mika: I have my fans, (Captain), the other crew members, and my producer to thank for that.
Mika: They've always had my back.
Mika: So I refuse to fail here. I'll never give up!
Mika: Once you decide to aim for the number one spot...
Mika: Nothing else even matters anymore!
Stage Artisan: ...
Rika: Yeah, I won't give up either! Giving up totally sucks, so I refuse to do it!
Stage Artisan: Oh, fine... Sheesh...
Stage Artisan: Hahaha! I guess I really can't win with you girls. You've even got me wantin' to pursue my dream again.
Mika: So you'll do it then?
Stage Artisan: Yeah, yeah, I'll build your prima gear. But you have to promise me that this live concert or whatever will be a success.
Mika: Of course! It'll be the best show ever!
Rika: Yep, we'll satisfy everyone there! You'll see!
The artisan guffaws at the idols' response and then gets right to work building the prima gear.
The work takes him several days.
Once they receive the prima gear, Mika and Rika hold one rehearsal after another to prepare for their show.
The day of the event soon arrives. The sight of the packed theater makes Mika nervous.
Mika: Whew... Okay... You can do this, Mika. You have what it takes for this world as well. Hopefully.
Rika: There's no hopefully about it! We definitely have what it takes!
Mika: Well, someone sure sounds confident! Hehe.
Mika: But you're absolutely right! Now let's get out there and have some fun.
The crowd cheers wildly for the two idols, and they skillfully maneuver the prima gear as they begin their performance.
The prima gear responds to their singing and dancing, making the idols even more captivating and beautiful.
The audience is thrilled by their captivating display, which is made all the more wondrous by the prima gear's stage effects.
Songstress Judy: Hehe. Those two sure look like they're having fun. I'd better keep practicing if I don't want to be left behind!
Stage Artisan: Look at 'em shine up there, all thanks to that prima gear of mine. Hehe.
The sound of the idols' singing inspires some to reach even higher while helping others to find new dreams.
Though each touched in different ways, every member of the audience thunderously applauds when the performance ends.
Rika: Hehe. We did it, Sis! A smashing success!
Mika: Yep! Thank goodness.
Mika: (I finally found a way to have fun in this world as well, Producer-san.)
Stage Artisan: Hey! How about one more song?
Rika: Sounds like they're clamoring for an encore. What do you think, Sis?
Mika: Hehe. I think you already know! Let's captivate them even more!
Mika and Rika resume their performance, their smiles as bright as ever.
Surely they'll soon become the most famous idols in the skies.