Scenario:Mikazuki Munechika - Into the Horizon

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Into the Horizon

Mikazuki wanders into a cottage where he meets a blacksmith who is acting most peculiar. When a primal beast comes attacking, the swordsman leaves his blade with the blacksmith before being devoured by it.

Mikazuki: Hm...
Mikazuki Munechika cocks his head as he surveys his surroundings.
Mikazuki: Where am I? I don't see anyone...
Mikazuki: Have I been transported to another time? Without Konnosuke around, I doubt I'll be able to return.
Mikazuki: ...
Mikazuki: What a mess...
Mikazuki takes it all in stride as he takes a leisurely stroll through the area.
He follows a high-pitched sound through the trees and arrives at a simple cottage.
Mikazuki: This sound...
???: Master! Please stop it!
Mikazuki: Hm... Looks like someone's home.
Mikazuki takes a good look at the building as voices ring aloud from inside.
Apprentice: What's gotten into you, Master!
Blacksmith: Ngh...
Red flames flicker brightly inside as a man shrugs off his apprentice and continues swinging his hammer.
Something seems awfully peculiar about it all.
Blacksmith: Ngh...
Apprentice: Master! Please stop it!
Mikazuki: Oh! A foundry...
The apprentice turns to Mikazuki as he nonchalantly walks into the tense situation.
Apprentice: Uh... Can I help you?
Mikazuki: I'm Mikazuki Munechika, and I was hoping to ask a few questions.
Blacksmith: Agh... Ngh...
Apprentice: Master? Master!
The apprentice carries the unconscious blacksmith into a back room to rest, and when he returns, Mikazuki speaks again.
Mikazuki: Is he okay? I take it he's a blacksmith?
Apprentice: Yes. I'm training under him, and he's been like this for some time now.
Apprentice: He skips sleep and meals, staying cooped up by the hearth the whole time.
Mikazuki: Like he was just now?
Apprentice: Yes. It's almost as if he's possessed.
Mikazuki: Hm...
Blacksmith: ...
Mikazuki and the apprentice both glance at the back room where they see an emaciated blacksmith asleep.
Mikazuki: He might very well be possessed.
Apprentice: What's that supposed to mean?
Mikazuki: I sense an ominous presence about him.
Apprentice: If only he hadn't gone to the temple...
Mikazuki: Temple?
Apprentice: It all started when he snuck into the temple in the nearby village alone.
Mikazuki: Temples are places of worship. Perhaps he was cursed by a god?
Apprentice: Master, what have you done...
Mikazuki: If not a god, it could be an evil spirit. But I definitely know this feeling...
The blacksmith wakes up looking rather ill yet calm some time later.
Blacksmith: What an embarrassing sight I must've subjected you to...
Mikazuki: Oh, it's nothing to worry about.
Mikazuki: So you're a blacksmith, yes?
Blacksmith: Indeed, one with a lot to learn.
Mikazuki: I'd like to see you at work later.
Blacksmith: I don't mind, but—
Blacksmith: Oh my... That's a mighty fine sword you've got there.
Mikazuki: You mean this?
Mikazuki points to the sword by his waist.
Blacksmith: A true work of art...
Blacksmith: If it's not too much ask, can I take a closer look?
Mikazuki: Of course you can.
Mikazuki hands his sword over to the blacksmith.
Blacksmith: Oh my...
Blacksmith: Such fine craftsmanship...
Mikazuki: You think so?
Blacksmith: I've never laid eyes upon a blade this beautiful.
Blacksmith: I don't know where you got this forged, but one look makes it obvious that I'm still a novice.
Mikazuki: Actually, I'd say you're pretty good yourself.
Blacksmith: Oh, not at all...
Mikazuki: This sword...
Mikazuki points to a blade in the room.
Mikazuki: This is your handiwork, yes?
Blacksmith: Indeed, it is.
Mikazuki: It's an excellent sword. I can feel the liveliness of the power within it.
Blacksmith: That so?
Mikazuki: It's been newly forged, but one day it may harbor its very own soul.
Blacksmith: A soul harbored within a weapon?
Mikazuki: It's only natural for objects created with great passion and emotion.
The blacksmith simply nods at Mikazuki's ever gentle tone.
Blacksmith: Perhaps so.
Blacksmith: You're quite the strange fellow.
A hammer pounds away at the foundry.
Mikazuki: ...
Blacksmith: All right, let's leave it at that.
Apprentice: Okay.
The apprentice wipes the sweat off his brow and looks up.
Apprentice: Aren't you hot, Mikazuki?
Mikazuki: Doesn't bother me.
Blacksmith: You must be bored to tears just watching us.
Mikazuki: No, not at all.
Mikazuki: The heat of the hearth and the ring of a hammer... Quite soothing indeed.
Blacksmith: Well, that's one way to look at it.
Mikazuki: This is such a relaxing place.
Mikazuki: ...
Mikazuki senses an unsettling presence and gets to his feet.
Blacksmith: Mikazuki?
Apprentice: More visitors maybe?
The apprentice responds to the footsteps outside.
Apprentice: I'll go check it out.
Mikazuki: Wait.
Apprentice: Huh?
Mikazuki: The two of you should stay put right there...
Mikazuki: This guy is too much for either of you to handle.
Mikazuki decides to check on the disturbance alone.
Apprentice: Mikazuki! What is it?
Mikazuki: I want you to get as far away from here as possible.
An unexpected surprise awaits Mikazuki as he opens the door.
Amatsumaula: Grrr!
Mikazuki: It's the same feeling I got when I was with everyone before being transported here... Boy, is it huge.
Mikazuki: I won't let you lay a hand on them.
Amatsumaula: Groaar!
Mikazuki: Hm?
Mikazuki: Oh my...
Wounded by the primal beast, Mikazuki quickly falls to his knees.
Mikazuki: My strength is all gone...
Amatsumaula: Gwarrr!
Mikazuki: ...
Blacksmith: Mikazuki!
Mikazuki: Rgh...
Amatsumaula: Raaargh!
Blacksmith: Eep!
Mikazuki: Humph!
Amatsumaula: Rrrgarr!
Mikazuki: Ngh...
Blacksmith: Mikazuki! Your sword!
The primal beast's attacks send Mikazuki's weapon flying.
Mikazuki: ...
Amatsumaula: Rooowwrrr!
Mikazuki: ...!
The primal beast grabs onto Mikazuki.
Blacksmith: Mikazuki!
Mikazuki: Get away. And if possible...
Mikazuki's eyes dart over to his blade, no longer by his side.
Mikazuki: Protect my sword.
Amatsumaula: Groaar...
Not a pin drop can be heard in the pitch-black darkness.
Mikazuki: Hrm, this is...
Mikazuki: I must be inside that creature.
Without a physical body to move inside the seemingly empty space, Mikazuki simply surveys his surroundings.
Mikazuki: Getting out of here will be no easy feat.
Mikazuki mutters to himself.
Mikazuki: Master and the others are no doubt looking for me.
Mikazuki: I'll leave it in their hands now...