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Moonlit Alleyway

The crew follows Mikazuki into a small eatery whose owner, an elderly woman, reveals that the shop is due to be shut down soon. A fancy new shop on the main road has supposedly been drawing her customers away—something that the crew looks into.

The crew arrives in a remote town.
Lyria: This place is bustling with activity!
Mikazuki: Hm... It certainly is crowded.
Vyrn: Hey, Moony. Keep up the pace, or we might end up losing you!
Mikazuki: Hm...
Honebami: Mikazuki?
Honebami is puzzled to see Mikazuki stop in his tracks.
Mikazuki: That smells really nice.
Lyria: Ah, Mikazuki!
Honebami: Let's go after him.
Vyrn: Yeesh... Let's get to it then.
Vyrn: How laid-back can Moony get?
(Captain) and company enter the alleyway that Mikazuki has just wandered off to.
Mikazuki: ...
Honebami: Everything okay, Mikazuki?
They find Mikazuki standing in front of a cozy-looking home.
Lyria: Wow, that smells really nice.
Vyrn: For real. This little place must be some kinda shop.
Honebami: Yeah, they've got a sign too.
Mikazuki: Why don't we take a break here?
Lyria: Agreed! Let's go in.
Granny: Welcome.
Lyria: Hi there!
As was evident from its outside appearance, the shop is a small and simple one. There are no other customers in sight.
Granny: Oh my! How wonderful it is to have so many customers at once. It's been too long.
Granny: Please sit anywhere you'd like.
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria: Ah, (Captain), don't you think these flowers really pretty up the table?
The vivacious granny is full of smiles as (Captain) and company gleefully take their seats.
Mikazuki: Hm... Do you have any recommended dishes?
Granny: We sure do. Our tea and pastry set is a favorite among the regulars.
Mikazuki: We'll have that then.
Lyria: Mm! This is delicious!
Vyrn: Seconded! This tastes like what everyone calls grandma's cooking!
Mikazuki: Mm, yum.
Mikazuki: I always did find the tea of this world to be exceptional, but this is something else altogether.
Vyrn: We're lucky to find such a nifty place—
Lyria: And to have the whole place to ourselves!
Vyrn: Yeah, isn't that kinda weird though? How are there no other customers here?
Granny: Hahaha. We used to have more customers until some time ago.
Vyrn: Yeah?
Lyria: Did something happen recently?
Granny: A new shop opened up along the main road. It's so much bigger and prettier.
Granny: I've fallen behind the times. Hard to keep customers satisfied with a little shop like mine.
Honebami: I disagree. I thought the food was delicious.
Mikazuki: As did I.
Granny: Teehee. Thanks, I'm glad to have you folks as my last customers.
Honebami: Last?
Granny: Yes. I've decided to shut down this shop for good.
A wave of gloom washes over the crew as they leave the shop.
Lyria: I can't believe this shop is closing down...
Vyrn: A real shame if you ask me.
Mikazuki: How about we check out that new shop on the main road?
Vyrn: You mean the one that granny mentioned?
Mikazuki: If they're attracting customers from this shop, they must be serving some phenomenal food.
Vyrn: Yeah, I kinda get that feeling too.
Lyria: Now I'm really curious.
Agreeing with Mikazuki's take on the situation, the crew follows him to the new store.
Vyrn: This is worlds different from the granny's place.
Lyria: It's huge and can fit so many people.
(Captain) and company have come to the big shop on the following day.
Vyrn: Woo, look at all the goodies on this menu!
Honebami: They've got the same items that the other place was serving.
Lyria: Ah, you're right.
Vyrn: I feel sorry for the granny, but there's no way she can compete with this.
Mikazuki: Hm... Let's order the same food we had yesterday.
Vyrn: You liked it that much, Moony?
Mikazuki: Most certainly.
As the crew finish their meal and prepare to head out...
Man 1: Business is good as always, I see.
Part-Timer: Welcome to—Oh, it's you. How rare it is for you to show up this early.
Man 1: Makes for a nice change of pace to try out the lunch menu, you know?
Vyrn: Whoa, they serve different stuff later in the day?
(Captain) and company trade curious glances.
Lyria: If it's a dinner menu, I'd like to try it too.
Man 1: Haha, you folks best quit while you're ahead.
Lyria: Huh? Why do you say that?
Man 1: Kids are better off staying in the safety of their home after sunset. Hehehe...
The crew droop their heads in confusion as the man walks toward the back of the shop with a snide chuckle.

Moonlit Alleyway: Scene 2

The party scolds a man spreading lies about the granny's shop. He leads (Captain) and company into an alleyway where his friends are ready to talk with their fists.

Lyria: Teehee, that was delicious!
Vyrn: There were so many things to try out on the menu. We could go back again and again, and it'd never get old!
Civilian 1: Let's eat here today.
Civilian 2: Sure. Think they have any seats left?
Civilian 2: Oh, I just remembered...
Civilian 1: What is it?
Civilian 2: We haven't been to the granny's place for a while now...
Civilian 1: You're right...
Man 2: You guys talkin' about that small shop in the alleyway?
Civilian 2: Well... Yes, but—
Man 2: You're better off not goin'. That place is a mess.
Civilian 1: What do you mean?
Man 2: Consider her age—she's losin' it. How's a senile old granny like that supposed to whip up a good meal?
Civilian 2: But the last time we went—
Man 2: I ain't playin' ya. The last time a few of my buddies went, she served 'em some real nasty grub and chewed 'em out for no reason.
Civilian 2: Sounds pretty messed up.
Civilian 1: Come to think of it, I've been hearing rumors like that lately.
Civilian 2: I guess her age is really catching up to her...
Man 2: Yeah, I'd stay away if I were you.
Lyria: Hey, that's an awful thing to say!
Vyrn: We checked out the place yesterday actually. Everything seemed fine and dandy to us.
Civilian 2: But...
Lyria: The granny was completely herself and so kind too... The tea and pastries were amazing!
Man 2: ...
Civilian 1: Maybe you caught her at a good time?
Man 2: You guys care to tell me more about that?
Vyrn: I don't see why not...
Man 2: We can chat this way.
Lyria: Ah, wait!
Honebami: Be careful.
Honebami whispers to (Captain).
  1. What's wrong?
  2. Noted.

Choose: What's wrong?
Honebami: Let's just keep quiet and play along for now.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Noted.
Mikazuki: Lyria and Vyrn are already off. We should catch up.
Continue 1
As Honebami had suspected, only trouble awaits as the crew enters the alleyway.
Man 3: These are the guys?
Man 2: Yep, they need to be disciplined.
Man 4: Heh, they're just a bunch o' kids.
Vyrn: Okay, buster, why'd you bring us here?
Man 2: Didn't I say? We need to chat about that granny's shop.
Man 3: You need to stop going there. It's for your own good.
Man 4: We can't have anything or anyone get in the way of our plan.
Mikazuki: A plan, eh?
Man 2: Watch it!
Man 4: Sorry...
Man 3: So are we clear? You're to stay away from that shop.
Lyria: But we don't see anything wrong with how the place is run.
Mikazuki: Yeah, I can't wait to go there again.
Vyrn: That's right. We're not gonna listen to you punks!
Man 4: Damn brats!
Man 2: Looks like we need to teach 'em a lesson.
Man 3: You're gonna be sorry when we're done with you!

Moonlit Alleyway: Scene 3

Honebami tails a suspicious-looking man who has come out of the granny's shop to find that he's connected with the people spreading falsehoods about her business. Mikazuki later wins back a deed on the granny's shop from the men through a game of cards.

After taking out the suspicious men in the alleyway, the crew makes for the granny's shop.
Vyrn: I wonder about what those punks said...
Lyria: Me too. I'm really worried about the granny.
Upon arrival the crew is greeted by shut curtains on the windows and door.
Vyrn: It's closed?
Honebami: The sign's not up either.
Lyria: Maybe it's already closed for good?
Mikazuki: I sense someone.
The door to the shop opens from inside.
Man 5: Okay, the paperwork's all set.
Man 5: Now just follow the schedule we agreed on.
Vyrn: What are they up to?
Lyria: The granny's still around. Why don't we go in and say hello?
Vyrn: I'm already there!
Mikazuki: ...
As Mikazuki watches the suspicious-looking men walk off, Honebami comes into his line of sight.
Honebami: I'll see what they're up to.
Mikazuki: Watch yourself.
Granny: What do we have here! You're the customers from the other day.
Lyria: Hello! Was today your off day from the shop?
Granny: Don't you worry about that. I'm glad to have you; you're already here anyway. Have a seat.
Mikazuki: You're as graceful and kind as ever.
Granny: Why, thank you... Didn't you have one other person with you last time?
Lyria: Hm? Ah, where'd Honebami go?
Mikazuki: He had some business to take care of.
Granny: That's a shame.
Vyrn: Hey, Granny. Were those guys who just walked off your customers? One of them mentioned something about paperwork.
Granny: Well... Truth is, I've decided to sell them my shop. I was filling out a few forms for that.
Lyria: I see...
Vyrn: Yeah, might as well make some money off of it if you're shutting down the place.
Mikazuki: ...
Granny: Haha, sorry to put a damper on your moods. What will you be having today?
Mikazuki: Hm... We'll have the same tea and pastries from last time.
Granny: Coming right up.
Granny: Here you go.
Lyria: Yay! This is the best!
Mikazuki: Mm, such a lovely smell.
Vyrn: I can still feel in my tummy the food we had at the other place though.
Lyria: Don't you know? There's always room for dessert!
Mikazuki: Hahaha. Thank goodness for that!
Mikazuki takes his time as he savors each bite of the pastry and each warm sip of tea.
Mikazuki: Aah, what delicious flavors...
Later that evening the crew notice something amiss.
Vyrn: Where could Moony be off to in the middle of the night?
Lyria: Do you know anything, Honebami?
Honebami: I might have an idea.
Vyrn: Yeah? Tell us!
Honebami: It's better if you guys don't come along.
Vyrn: Wha? You expect us to turn back now?
Lyria: Ah, Mikazuki's stopped where he is.
Mikazuki: ...
Vyrn: Isn't that the fancy new shop we visited this afternoon?
Lyria: I wonder if Mikazuki's hungry again.
Lyria: He really did like the tea and pastries...
Vyrn: Nah, he's not you, Lyria. I doubt he'd wander off alone just for that.
Lyria: That's not nice, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Then again, this is Mr. Laid-Back we're talking about here. He can be pretty unpredictable.
Lyria: Anyway, let's follow him. C'mon, Honebami, (Captain)!
Honebami: Hm, might as well.
The crew enters the shop to find Mikazuki walking to the table farthest toward the back.
Mikazuki: ...
Honebami: ...
Vyrn: Moony must really like that table. Let's get a closer look.
At that table are a few men kicking it back with a card game.
Man 1: Haha! Score—I win again!
Man 2: Damn you... Tch, you'll get your payback on the next round!
The man clicks his tongue as he drops a load of rupies on the table.
Man 1: Hah! Lookin' forward to it! Who's up next?
Mikazuki: I'm up to the challenge, if you would allow me.
Man 1: ...?
The heck?
Mikazuki: May I not join?
Man 2: Hahah! You'd best back off while ya still can, buddy.
Lyria: Mikazuki! What are you doing?
Vyrn: You into card games too, Moony?
Man 1: You brought a bunch of brats to babysit too?
Man 2: Tsk, all the more reason for you to call it quits.
Man 1: Yeah, unless you want your kiddie friends to see you robbed blind.
Vyrn: These guys smell like bad news...
Lyria: Um... Mikazuki, why don't we just go back?
Mikazuki: Relax.
Mikazuki: It's true this is not a sight for youngins, but it'll be fine.
Mikazuki: I don't plan on losing.
Man 2: Tsk, you're full of it!
Man 1: You talk the talk. Now let's see if you can walk the walk.
Man 1: I hope you've got your rupie purse ready.
Mikazuki: Actually, I happen to be rupie-less.
Man 2: Please tell us you're jokin'.
Man 2: You put up that pretty sword you lug around, and you've got yourself a deal.
Mikazuki: Hm...
Mikazuki removes the sword from his sash and places it on the table.
Man 1: Ooh, this is a mighty fine piece you've got here.
Mikazuki: To be fair, there's something in particular I'd like for you to put up as well.
Man 1: We're listening.
Mikazuki: The granny's shop in the back-alley.
Man 1: Wha...
Mikazuki: My sword for the deed on that place.
Lyria: Huh? What's this all about?
Man 1: Tch...
Man 1: Cocky son of a katana! I'll just have to kick your keister back into yesteryear and beyond!
Mikazuki: So you'll let me join then? How kind of you.
Vyrn: Hold it, Moony!
Vyrn: You sure about this? I thought your sexy sword was more precious than anything else to you!
Mikazuki: True. I'd be a lost cause without it.
Vyrn: You sound pretty sure of yourself, but have you even played this game before?
Mikazuki: Nope.
Vyrn: Wha?
Mikazuki: I've born witness to games of chance before, but this is my first time actually participating in one.
Lyria: Oh no!
Lyria: What do we do, Vyrn? Help us stop him, Honebami!
Honebami: It'll be fine. Mikazuki always comes through.
(Captain) and company are kept on tenterhooks as they focus their attention to watching the game.
Man 2: You've gotta be kiddin' me!
Mikazuki: I win again.
Man 1: This guy's good!
Mikazuki: Hahaha.
Man 2: Whadda we do now? We ain't even won a single round...
Man 1: He changes strategy every time, and with his dead-on poker face, there's no telling what his next move is!
Man 2: As if that weren't enough, why the heck does he keep getting a good hand?
Man 2: Damn it!
Mikazuki: How about another round?
Man 2: Urgh...
Mikazuki: And don't worry—I won't ask for any more than what you already promised if I win.
Man 1: Rgh...
Mikazuki: Yawn... I could really use a nap right about now...
Mikazuki stands up with one hand outstretched.
Mikazuki: Deed, please.
Man 1: Take it.
Man 2: Shoot! You okay wit' this, pal?
Man 1: He beat me fair and square. I've got no quarrel with him.
Mikazuki: Thank you kindly.
Mikazuki: I'll be going now.
Lyria: W-wait!
The crew chases after Mikazuki as he leaves.
Vyrn: Hey, Moony, we're itchin' to know what that was all about.
(Captain) and the party request an explanation from Mikazuki.
Mikazuki: The men who tried to buy the shop off the granny are tied to the men who were bad-mouthing her.
Lyria: What! How do you know that?
Honebami: I followed them to confirm the fact.
Mikazuki: That includes the man who said he comes to this shop at night.
Vyrn: So that's why you snuck out at such a late hour.
Lyria: What were they planning on doing with the shop anyway?
Mikazuki: Who knows? The truth is lost to us.
Honebami: An alleyway makes a much better location for a gambling den.
Mikazuki: That would definitely be an effective use of it for their purposes.
Lyria: Just for that?
Vyrn: Explains why they'd spread those lies about the granny's shop.
Lyria: How awful...
Vyrn: But with how Moony showed them who's boss back there, that ought to be a non-issue now.
Mikazuki: Mm-hm...
Honebami: ...!
Honebami suddenly grasps the hilt of his blade.
Mikazuki: Have they come?
Honebami: Yes.
Vyrn: Say what? This night isn't over yet, is it?
Mikazuki: Hm, I'd prefer a place that doesn't stand out so much.
Lyria: Ah, Mikazuki!
The confused crew follows behind Mikazuki.
Vyrn: Watcha doin' going into another back-alley?
Lyria: Ah...
Man 1: ...
Man 2: ...
Vyrn: It's those underdogs again!
Man 1: Thought we'd back down so easily?
Man 2: Hah! You might've beaten us in cards, but we'll beat you! Period!
Mikazuki: I'd like to see you try.
Man 1: I've had enough of your cocksure attitude!

Moonlit Alleyway: Scene 4

After the crew fends off the shady men, Honebami remarks that at the granny's age, she won't be able to run her shop for many more years to come. But Mikazuki's view is that while nothing is permanent in life, people have every right to enjoy what they have to the fullest.

Man 1: Crud...
Mikazuki: And so I win again. What game should we play next?
Man 2: Shut it!
Mikazuki: As I was saying earlier, I could really use a nap sooner than later. Can we just call it a night?
Mikazuki: Or should we put your lives on the betting table?
Man 2: Eep!
Mikazuki's blade flickers in the darkness as he raises it overhead.
Man 1: Rgh...
Mikazuki: Heh.
After seeing the men cower before him, Mikazuki returns his sword to its sheath.
Mikazuki: It matters not to me if you wish to take your business elsewhere.
Mikazuki: But don't you dare come near that granny's shop.
Mikazuki: After all, I must get my fill of scrumptious tea and pastries from somewhere.
Men: ...!
Lyria: I hope this means the granny's shop is safe now.
Vyrn: Considering how fast those losers tucked tail and ran, I'd say so.
Honebami: We can't deny that she's of considerable age though.
Honebami: I'm worried she may have trouble running the shop alone for many more years.
Mikazuki: You're right.
Vyrn: Aww, you're saying everything you did was a waste, Moony?
Mikazuki: Nothing lasts forever. That goes for anything in life.
Mikazuki: However, that doesn't make it right for others to pillage what is rightfully yours.
Lyria: Hm, it's all so complicated...
Lyria: But for now I'm just glad the granny gets to continue running her shop.
Honebami: I see.
Vyrn: Whew. Now that we've got peace of mind, I'm ready to catch some z's.
Mikazuki: As am I. Let us head back for a spell.
Vyrn: Let's visit the granny's shop one last time tomorrow before we take off.
Mikazuki: Most certainly.
And so the crew trace their steps back to the Grandcypher.