Scenario:Miku Maekawa - Operation Fish Feast

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Operation Fish Feast

While they were eating in a tavern, Miku suddenly screams out loud. Miku points at the plate of fried fish and tells everyone that her greatest weakness is fish. Hearing this, Lyria decides to take Miku out on a mission to defeat a fish monster in an attempt to overcome her weakness.

The party was having a meal at a tavern on the Auguste Isles.
Miku: Meooowww?!
Vyrn: What’s wrong?! What happened?! Are we being attacked?!
Miku: Why am I being terrorized by these guys, even in a different world?!
Miku is pointing at a large platter of fried fish that had just been placed on the table.
Miku: I just can’t do fish! Why do they even exist?!
Vyrn: Well, I mean... Auguste is famous for their seafood!
Lyria: Hehe! Augustean fish is tender and juicy. Mmm, delicious!
Miku: You can try to convince me all you want. It still won’t make me want to eat it. At all, meow.
Vyrn: Oh, so what? You’re like a cat but you hate fish?
Miku: This and that are completely different, meow! Plus, I like to eat meat! Cat’s are carnivorous! Didn’t you know?
Lyria: Yum yum... But it’s so delicious. You’re missing out.
Lyria: Oh, I know! Why don’t we try to get you to overcome that weakness?
Miku: Wha?! N-no, really, it’s fine! A little pickiness with food never hurt anybody!
Lyria: Don’t worry! I have a great idea!
Lyria seems very confident. The group follows her and arrives at a beach.
Monster: ...!!!
Miku: W-what are we doing here?!
Lyria: Hehe... Actually, I had this mission from the Knickknack Shack to defeat some monsters in this area.
Miku: Wait, so you want me to overcome it not in the eating way, but in the punch-and-beat-up way?!
Vyrn: Haha! Guess it’s not a bad starting point if you really hate fish that much!
Miku: Err... Somehow I don’t think this is gonna work, meow...

Operation Fish Feast: Scene 2

Miku and (Captain)’s party continue to defeat the fish monsters at a steady pace. Just as Miku is beginning to get the hang of it, a giant fish shadow looms over them. Miku becomes speechless as the giant fish launches its attack.

Miku: Hahaa! Leave it to me! I can do anything, meow!
Vyrn: Not bad! Maybe you’re over your fear of fish now.
Miku: Well actually, the fish I had in mind looks really different from these monsters.
Miku: I can probably keep this up. So I think we should be able to get rid of these monsters pretty quick.
???: ......
Miku: ...
Vyrn: All right! So we defeat this one and our work will be complete! Let’s bring him down!
Miku: T-tuna...?
Lyria: Um... Miku?
Miku: What is this guy, meow?! It looks like tuna! It is tuna! From every angle it’s a tuna! And it’s big! And disgusting!!!
???: ...!
Miku: Meow?! That eyeball... Ew... Gross...
Lyria: ?! It's coming! Please prepare yourself!

Operation Fish Feast: Scene 3

Miku and (Captain)’s party complete the task, though Miku seems overly fatigued after fighting the fish monsters. Miku then decides she will muster the courage to eat fish again. But it turns out, defeating fish monsters doesn’t lead to overcoming her fears of eating fish.

Miku: That tuna’s going to give me nightmares tonight...
Lyria: Hehe... Good work out there, Miku.
Vyrn: Hey! Do you think you’ll be okay with eating fish now?
Miku: Hmm... I’m not so sure, meow.
And so, Miku sits there as a platter of seafood is served.
Miku: Nngh...
Miku: Meooooow! Nope! Impossible! No fish! This is gross!!!
Miku’s scream echoes through the bustling tavern.
She may have been able to defeat fish monsters but the experience didn’t quite lead to being able to overcome her hatred of fish.