Scenario:Milla Maxwell - Lord of Sprits, Skybound

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Lord of Sprits, Skybound

Milla Maxwell is the Lord of Spirits, and came down to the mortal realm to uncover the mysteries of the universe. She comes across a strange miasma being released from an unusual phenomenon. She calls for the aid of the Great Spirits, but they are drawn into the black vortex. Before she knows what's going on, she is also drawn in, and finds herself falling onto the deck of the Grandcypher and meeting (Captain) and the crew.

Milla: (...I'm feeling a really powerful aura coming from over there!...)
This was a land far, far away from the skies in which the Skydwellers resided. This was Asteria.
Enter Milla Maxwell, Lord of Spirits.
She had left her comrades to investigate a strange occurrence in Aenyr Citadel.
Milla: (...Could this be the source of the mana drain?...)
???: (munch munch) Grrr...
Milla found the source of the strange aura, a creature unlike anything she'd seen before, eating fruit.
Milla: ...! What is that!
???: Hmm?
Milla: Oh no, I've been spotted!
Milla: ...Stop! In the name of the Great Spirits!
Milla called for Efreet, Undine, Sylph and Gnome. Four great flashes of light answered her.
A pitch-black whirlpool started spinning, giving off an eerie, unnatural noise.
Milla: What...what's happening? This...power... It's drawing me in!
The suction of the whirlpool increased, swallowing the four Great Spirits.
Milla: Great Spirits! Nooo!
As Milla was sucked into the maelstrom, an endless expanse of black threatened to blot out the entire world.
Milla: ...Ugh.
Milla: Wind... The wind...?
Milla regained consciousness after being buffeted by the wind.
Milla slowly came to the realization that the wind was caused by her falling from a great height.
Milla: Ugh... I'm... I'm falling...?
Milla: (...But...somehow it feels almost nice...)
Milla: Time to get to work, Sylph...
Milla: ...Sylph?
Milla realized that for the first time in her life, the Spirits were not with her.
This shocking realization woke her up immediately.
Milla: The Great Spirits, th-they're gone! This is bad, what am I going to do!
It was at this moment that a giant ship flying through the air appeared from the clouds.
Milla felt herself being pulled toward the ship, as though by some mysterious force.
Milla: A flying ship! I-it's coming right at me!
Katalina: Ooph!
The ship rocked slowly, as the dazed Milla slowly regained consciousness.
Milla: Ugh...huh? I'm not hurt? Maybe Sylph is with me after all...
Katalina: Hey! You don't seem to be dead, so you have some explaining to do!
Milla heard a female voice coming from somewhere nearby, bringing her to her senses. She finally managed to get up.
Milla: ...Apologies. To think I have been hit by a flying ship...
Milla got up and stared in wonder at a ship, people and clothes that she had never seen before.
Milla: Hmm... How does this ship stay in the air and move?
Katalina: How is that you fell from such a height, and yet are completely unscathed?
This is the way the two women met, forming a bond as quickly as Milla had fallen from the sky.
One fighting to complete a mission, the other to protect a charge, together they were stronger than ever.