Scenario:Mina - The Life of the Vice

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The Life of the Vice

Mina reunites with Albert and informs him of the desperate situation in their hometown of Levin. When the crew accompanies Albert on his way there, Mina becomes concerned about the reliability of the crew and asks to join them.

The Kingdom of Levin is on the brink of destruction. With the kingdom at stake, Mina, vice leader of the Sky Knights, sets out to find their leader, Albert.
After reuniting with Albert, Mina informs him of the situation in Levin and urges him to return.
And so, with the crew by his side, Albert departs for the Kingdom of Levin.
Lyria: Hey, Mina, what kind of place is Levin anyway?
Lyria: I mean, is it beautiful there? What's the weather like? I really want to know!
Mina: What? Uh, well... The city there is bustling with life.
Mina: It serves as a junction between several skydoms after all.
Mina: But there are numerous mountains surrounding Levin, and the winds can be rather harsh. These factors combined cause frequent storms and high rainfall.
Lyria: Wow! So we're going to need umbrellas!
Albert: Yes. And the fact that it's so close to the Grim Basin makes the climate rather unstable. Clouds often pass through and reach Levin brimming with lightning.
Vyrn: Huh. Sounds like living there would be kinda rough.
Albert: Hah hah hah. I guess so. It sure makes it hard to grow crops anyway...
Albert: Still, the port in Levin plays a big role in attracting thriving merchants. It's not the most pleasant place to live, but life there isn't exactly hard either.
Vyrn: Really? Now I've gotta see it! By the way, what exactly is Levin famous for?
Albert: Hmm... What is it famous for? I suppose you could say it's famous for massages and hot springs.
Lyria: Oh wow! They have hot springs? That sounds wonderful!
Vyrn: And massages too... I've never had a massage before...
Mina: ...
Mina: (Our kingdom is in danger, and yet they're all talking about it so casually.)
Thinking only of her homeland, Mina finds herself unable to sit still.
Albert: Levin harnesses the power of electricity to create the most advanced healing methods available. You should try it sometime. I'm sure you'll like it.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), after we get everything settled in Levin, can we go to a hot spring?
Vyrn: Yeah! And I wanna get a massage!
Mina: I can't believe you two! How can you talk like that when our kingdom is on the brink of destruction!
Albert: Mina, calm down. Getting upset here isn't going to change anything back home.
Mina: Albert...
Albert: If we don't keep our cool, we're not going to be able to handle whatever trials come our way.
Mina: Yes, sir...
Lyria: We're sorry, Mina. It's our first time going there, so we just got a little excited...
Mina: No, I think it's great that you're interested in going. I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to get so upset like that.
Albert: All right, then. After we take care of whatever is going on in Levin, we'll be sure to give you the tour. I know a few nice places around town.
Vyrn: Okay! It's a deal!
Mina: ...
Mina: (Why does Albert put so much faith in this crew?)
Mina lets out a sigh as she watches (Captain) and crew jabbering away.
Later that day Mina stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher and stares up at the sky.
Mina: (I never thought we'd put the future of our kingdom in the hands of random skyfarers.)
Mina: (As the leader of our order, Albert must have left Levin for a reason. I can't help but wonder if it had something to do with me.)
Mina: (I guess I'm just not strong enough to be the vice leader.)
Mina: (But this crew... They look like children. What kind of power could they possibly have?)
Mina: (How could they possibly have earned his trust? How?)
Lyria: Oh, Mina. What are you doing out here all alone?
Mina: Nothing. I just came out here to think for a while.
Mina: ...
Mina suddenly turns and stares right at (Captain).
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? Is there something on (Captain)'s face?
Mina: Hey, (Captain). Would you let me be here with you?
Lyria: What? Why would you ask something like that?
Vyrn: Oy, oy, that's a pretty weird thing to be askin' all of a sudden!
  1. I appreciate the thought, but...
  2. Uh, sure.

Choose: I appreciate the thought, but...
Mina: What? What is it? Why are you acting so awkward all of a sudden?
Mina: I didn't mean it like that!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Uh, sure.
Mina: Thanks. Hey, wait. Why are you acting so awkward about it?
Mina: I didn't mean it like that!
Continue 1
Mina: I asked because I want to know why our leader trusts you so much!
Mina: I thought maybe if I learned more about you, then I'd understand why!
Mina: You don't have to be so weird about it!
Lyria: Oh, I get it now. You had us going there for a minute...
  1. So that's what you meant. Sounds fine to me.
  2. Sure. Whatever you want.

Choose: So that's what you meant. Sounds fine to me.
Mina: Well, yeah!
Mina: Wait... So that's a yes? Oh, thank you!
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Choose: Sure. Whatever you want.
Mina: What? So it's okay? You sure calmed down quickly. You were so worked up a second ago...
Continue 2
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, if that's what you want, then welcome aboard!
Mina: I never thought you'd let me join just like that...
Vyrn: You didn't? But I'm sure (Captain) put some thought into it. Isn't that right?
Mina: (Perhaps it was just a sign of hospitality. They might not have anything in mind for me, but I'm sure there's a lot I can gain here...)
After being allowed to join the crew with ease, Mina finds herself surprised by (Captain)'s kindness.
She had originally asked to join in order to learn more about why Albert trusts the crew.
But when (Captain) allows her to join even after she blurted out her request, she can't help but take an interest in (Captain).
Mina: Gulp. Okay then.
Mina: I'm Mina, the vice leader of the Sky Knights of Levin. And I look forward to working with you all.
Mina: As repayment for allowing me to stay on the ship, I will provide support for (Captain) and the crew.
Mina: With that in mind, I offer my expertise as a team leader. It was a position I became accustomed to while Albert was absent.
Mina: I will fulfill any request you have for me. I believe my two sisters may also accompany us later. Please treat them with the same kindness you've shown me.
And with that, Mina became the vice leader of (Captain)'s crew.