Scenario:Minami Nitta - What Makes an Idol

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What Makes an Idol

(Captain) and company deduce from the way Minami carries herself that she is actually an idol. Inspired by her untiring diligence and perspective on life, (Captain) invites her to join the crew for a few missions.

One day (Captain) and company find Minami Nitta collapsed in the forest.
While they travel together to help her find her friend, Vyrn suddenly speaks up.
Vyrn: You know, Minami, you really do seem like an idol.
Lyria: Hehe. Absolutely! There's just something about your aura, Minami-san.
Minami: Huh? You guys can identify idols based on their auras?
Vyrn: Yep. It's kinda tough to explain, but something about you resembles other idols we've met.
Minami: No one's ever said anything like that to me before... What is it about me you're talking about exactly?
  1. It's in the way you move.
  2. Something about your smile...

Choose: It's in the way you move.
Minami: The way I move?
Vyrn: Yeah, idols have their own particular way of moving.
Lyria: That's right! There's a sort of lightness to it. You know, like this!
(Captain) and company frolic about, doing their best impression of an idol.
Minami: Oh... Hehe. I guess idols do have a habit of practicing their dance moves at random times. Maybe that's what you're talking about.
Lyria: I see. It seems like idols really have to practice all the time!
Minami: Well, none of us want to fail in front of our fans, so we often end up with a bad habit of constantly practicing. Hehe.
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Choose: Something about your smile...
Minami: My smile! Really, (Captain)?
Minami beams in response to the captain's words. When asked why, she giggles.
Minami: Hehe. I'm just thrilled to hear that I smile like an idol, that's all.
Minami: Producer-san's hard work must have paid off after all. Thank goodness.
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Lyria: What kind of idol are you anyway, Minami-san?
Minami: What kind? What do you mean exactly?
Lyria: Well, there are lots of different types of idols, right? Y'know, some are cute and sweet, while others are more the edgy, cool type.
Vyrn: Yeah. Then there are those with enough energy to fill a stadium on their own!
Minami: Hmm... I wonder what kind of idol I am. That's actually a toughie.
Minami: The reason I became an idol in the first place was to try out different things and attempt to figure out what I really wanted to do...
Minami: But one thing's clear even to me...
Minami: My main goal as an idol is to do everything I can to respond to the wishes of my fans and Producer-san!
  1. You're really amazing, Minami.
  2. I think I know how you feel.

Choose: You're really amazing, Minami.
The power in her expression and words speaks volumes about just how hard Minami has strived to achieve her goal.
It's clear she doesn't regret the downsides for one second. On the contrary, the joy she radiates really makes an impression on (Captain).
Minami: Amazing, me? Oh, but I'm really nothing special...
Vyrn: No, I think you're pretty awesome too! It's not easy to put your all into something around the clock!
Vyrn: Huh? What's up, (Captain)?
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Choose: I think I know how you feel.
The twinkle in Minami's eyes resembles that in the eyes of a young skyfarer driven by ambition.
(Captain) can't help but be moved by the idol's devotion to chasing her dreams.
Minami: Hehe! Really? I'm so glad you get it.
Vyrn: It's not actually that surprising. (Captain)'s sort of like you in a way.
Vyrn: (Captain) became a skyfarer to pursue some pretty big dreams after all, like reaching the Island of the Astrals. We're even hoping to find (Captain)'s father.
Minami: I see... Hehe. You know, it's a little scary being in a new world, but I'm glad I found people like you.
Vyrn: Huh? What's up, (Captain)?
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Inspired by Minami's honesty and passion, (Captain) suddenly has an idea and proposes it to her.
Minami: What? You think I should try being a skyfarer?
Vyrn: What a great idea! You did say you want to try out different things, right, Minami?
Vyrn: While we try to find a way for you to get back home, why not go on some missions with us?
Minami: Skyfarers... Missions... I'm not sure how useful I'll be in a fight, but that does sound like a good way to expand my horizons.
Minami: Plus helping out people in need definitely sounds wonderful!
Minami: As long as it's okay with you, I guess I could tag along until I find Shiki-chan and a way back to my world.
Lyria: Hehe. Sounds like we have another lovely companion! This will be fun, Minami-san!
Minami: Yeah! I'll put everything I have into being both an idol and a skyfarer!
Vyrn: What's Shiki like anyway?
Minami: Well... She really loves fragrances, and she's ridiculously smart.
Vyrn: Haha. Seriously? I can't wait to meet her!
And with that, Minami temporarily joins the crew.
The crew will surely learn a lot from the optimistic, spirited idol.