Scenario:Mirin - First Time Abroad

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First Time Abroad

(Captain) and the crew come across a kimono-clad girl in a ritzy cafe. She seems dejected, explaining that she's been unsuccessful in finding a dish she assumes to be a rare and foreign thing—spaghetti. After learning that this is a regular type of food called pasta, the girl introduces herself to the crew as Mirin, a samurai from an island far to the east.

In the prosperous business district of a certain island, a restaurant is crowded with young customers.
Everyone is all smiles, enjoying their scrumptious meals.
But one girl sits alone, staring at her menu with great intensity.
Girl in Kimono: Can't find it... It's not here...
Girl in Kimono: What should I do? Is it rude if I don't order something?
Girl in Kimono: But I've spent too much on this trip already...
Girl in Kimono: Okay. You can do this. Just get up and leave! No shame in that!
Waiter: Excuse me, ma'am. Are you ready to order?
Girl in Kimono: Gozaru?
Girl in Kimono: Heh-heh. Sorry, I... need a little bit longer.
Waiter: Okay. I'll come back in a moment.
Girl in Kimono: Oof... So awkward...
Girl in Kimono: I guess I should order something... There's a huge line outside, and I've been sitting here for so long.
Girl in Kimono: Maybe I'll find it next time...
The girl sets the menu on the table. She looks down at the travel guide lying on her lap and sighs, tracing its battered cover with her eyes.
In the corner of her vision, a swath of long blue hair flits by.
Girl in Kimono: Huh? What was that?
Lyria: Um, hello. We're sitting next to you, and... Well, you seem worried about something. Are you okay?
Girl in Kimono: Heh. You can tell?
Vyrn: Yep. You've been nervously lookin' around the place the whole time we've been here. We can help you if you need it.
Girl in Kimono: Eh-heh-heh. This is embarrassing...
Girl in Kimono: But thank you! I'm glad someone noticed!
Girl in Kimono: You see, if you look at this page of this travel book...
Girl in Kimono: There's a super special, super popular thing called spaghetti that I want to try!
Lyria: Wow! The picture even looks delicious! But is spaghetti really that special?
Girl in Kimono: You haven't heard of it? They don't have it on the menu here, so I'm wondering what I should do.
Vyrn: Um... Pretty sure this restaurant has it. Look, it says pasta right here.
Girl in Kimono: Pas... ta?
Vyrn: Yeah. It's got a thousand names. But I don't think people go crazy over it or
anything—it's normal food.
Girl in Kimono: Normal?
Girl in Kimono: Hmm... They say that popular stuff gets familiar after a while.
Girl in Kimono: Ah, I get it!
Girl in Kimono: This travel book, it's gotta be old! So that's why I found it in the bargain bin!
Girl in Kimono: Haha! My mistake!
Lyria: It's okay! I'm just glad you figured out your problem!
Vyrn: But I think your real issue ain't pasta—it's that you're carryin' such an old travel book...
Girl in Kimono: You're right. I thought it was a little weird. I'll get a new one later.
Lyria: Hehe. Now that that's settled, let's order. What kind of pasta are you getting?
Vyrn: Um, there's so many kinds. They've got bolognese and carbonara...
Girl in Kimono: Ah! Like noodle soup!
Girl in Kimono: I'll take mine lightly salted. It's best to start with a simple flavor so you can taste the essence of the noodles!
Lyria: Huh? Pasta with just salt?
Vyrn: Hey now, you sure you wanna do that? I've never heard of someone eatin' pasta like that before.
Girl in Kimono: Gozaru!
After finishing her salty noodles, the girl gives a polite bow and begins introducing herself.
Mirin: Sorry I forgot to say this earlier, but my name is Mirin. I'm a samurai!
Mirin: I'm from a skydom far to the east. I've always been interested in foreign cultures, so I decided to head out on a journey to learn about as many as I can.
Lyria: Traveling far away from home... That explains your unique clothing.
Mirin: It's called a kimono. Mine's a little bit special though.
Mirin: We usually fight with swords called katana. And our warriors are called bushi or samurai.
Mirin: Tradition is also very important to us. When samurai sit, we sit on our knees; when we eat, we eat simply, and when we fail, we pay the ultimate price!
Vyrn: Huh? How much would that cost? Sounds like a crazy island to me...
Mirin: Haha. Actually that's a thing of the past now. You can see the traces of a lot of our traditions, but it's really just a normal island these days.
Mirin: Well, except for my parents. They love samurai culture—so much that they studied about them, saved a lot of money, and moved to our island.
Mirin: So now they're even more like samurai than the people from the island.
Lyria: That's interesting. Samurai culture sounds really neat. I hope I can visit some day!
Mirin: You should, you should! Everyone's really nice there!
Mirin: But while we're on the topic, why are you all traveling, Lyria? Seems like you've seen quite a lot already.
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! I'm not even sure where to start explainin' though...
Everyone orders dessert while Lyria and Vyrn talk about the things the crew's done throughout their journey. Mirin sits attentively, the sparkle in her eye growing ever brighter.
Mirin: Amazing...
Mirin: Amazing, amazing! What an incredible journey!
Lyria: Hahaha. I guess so. There were lots of bad times too though.
Mirin: But it sounds so fantastic! It's exactly the kind of thing I've been dreaming of!
Mirin: Amazing... Airships, the sea, a military academy—riding primal beasts in races!
Vyrn: Uh, whoa there. We didn't say nothin' like that. Don't get too carried away with those ideas.
Mirin: Haha. You're right. I guess the little shogun in my head sho-got away from me...
Lyria: Haha! (Captain), should we invite Mirin into our crew?
Vyrn: Yeah, why not! It's probably not a coincidence we're meetin' like this!
Mirin: Are you sure? It's not too much to take me aboard your airship?
  1. Come along for the ride.
  2. You can save on travel expenses this way.

Choose: Come along for the ride.
Mirin: (Captain)... Thank you so much!
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Choose: You can save on travel expenses this way.
Mirin: Haha. So you overheard me talking about that.
Mirin: My parents gave me more money than I need, but... Well, call me a worrywart, but maybe one day there'll be an emergency, y'know?
Continue 1
Mirin: I'll do whatever I can to be helpful, or else my name isn't Mirin, the subtle flavor of the eastern island!
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean by subtle flavor, Mirin?
Mirin: Glad you asked! As you know, my parents respect samurai culture a great deal.
Mirin: So even though it's not a main dish, they named me after an ingredient that you have to have in eastern cooking!
Vyrn: Well, looks like it's about time to head back! We gotta introduce you to the rest of the crew!
Mirin: Gozaruuu!
The crew welcomes the traveling samurai girl aboard the airship.
Her boundless enthusiasm for discovering new places and customs soon proves infectious as she spends more and more time with her fellow skyfarers.