Scenario:Mirin - Market Monkey Mischief

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Market Monkey Mischief

Mirin and the crew visit a bazaar. There a shady merchant tries to pass off a cheap jewel as a priceless treasure to Mirin, but Sierokarte shows up and saves the young samurai from exchanging her priceless sword for it. Thwarted and angered, the shady merchant calls his thugs and makes a run for it. But Mirin is determined to get back at him and gives chase.

Mirin has acclimated well to her new life aboard the Grandcypher.
One day, she convinces (Captain) to stop by a bazaar where numerous merchants gather.
Surrounded by foreign goods from various places, Mirin can barely contain her excitement as she makes her rounds with Lyria.
Mirin: Wow! Look at this bag, Lyria! It's got so many pockets!
Mirin: And it's so light!
Mirin: Other countries have the most convenient stuff.
Lyria: Yeah. Sometimes I'm surprised by what you can find too. But, Mirin, that cloth you carry is just as nice as anything I've found while traveling!
Mirin: Haha. Thank you. My mother wove it for me.
Mirin: And she spent a lot of time making my kimono too. Look at the embroidery. Isn't it lovely? It's my most favorite kimono ever!
Lyria: That's really nice! I'd like to wear it too!
Mirin: Hmm? Seems like something is going on over there, huh? Are they making a stage?
Lyria: Let's see... Here's a flyer.
Lyria: Oh, it looks like a circus is coming to town!
Mirin: A circus? I think I've heard of that before... Oh! Is that the thing with all of the super fun performances?
Lyria: Yeah, you can see a lot of fun stuff! But I don't know that much about them either to be honest.
Mirin: A lot, huh! We have to see it then. What time does it start?
Lyria: Hmm... Looks like we've got to wait for a bit. Should we walk around until then?
Mirin: Lyria! Look at this ring!
Lyria: It's very pretty. Do you like jewelry like this?
Mirin: Heh. Yes... It's really fashionable...
Mirin: Should I buy it? Do you think it would suit me? Gah, but I have to save money...
Merchant: Hello there. You've got good taste, lass. That ring is quite a rare find.
Mirin: Really? Then the price is, uh, probably pretty high.
Merchant: Well, yes. That's just business.
Merchant: But, if it pleases you, I have an idea! Why don't we make a special trade? My ring for your katana?
Mirin: My katana?
Merchant: Indeed. You don't come across deals like this every day, and you'll want to go back home with something nice to remember your trip. Be quick before I change my mind now.
Mirin: ...
Mirin: Unfortunately, I can't.
Merchant: Hmm?
Mirin: The first time I laid eyes upon this blade I was just a small child. It was forged by the best blacksmith in my town. It took years to save the money to buy it.
Mirin: So to just trade it for some piece of fashion...
Merchant: Haha. Oh my. What a shame. You've been duped, lass. This katana... is nothing more than scrap iron.
Mirin: Scrap iron!
Lyria: No... That's a lie! It couldn't be true!
Merchant: Come now, I'm a professional. Even if it could fool the eyes of a child, it won't fool mine. That's why I'm volunteering to take it off your hands.
Merchant: Sigh... There are truly despicable people in this world, aren't there? Well, lass, are you a skyfarer or aren't you?
Mirin: I... I am...
Merchant: Tell you what. You take some time to think about it—whether that piece of junk metal will help you protect your friends or not.
Mirin: It should... protect my friends...
Lyria: Um... Mirin... You can't...
Merchant: That hesitation means you're not convinced, right? How about I throw in a new sword on top of the ring?
Merchant: What's there to be afraid of? This is for your benefit.
Sierokarte: Well this seems strange, doesn't it? Considering this girl's katana is a cut above the rest.
Lyria: Siero! I had a feeling you'd be here!
Merchant: Hmm? Who's this? No... It couldn't be...
Mirin: So... So you know about my katana?
Sierokarte: I do! The balanced edge, the purity of the steel, the dazzling ornamentation, and all the rest—truly the work of a master craftsman!
Merchant: Oh, you don't say? I suppose my eye for aesthetics isn't working today!
Merchant: Well, lass, it's just about closing time, so I better be going home.
Sierokarte: Is that so? You were so attached to the katana—seems like your senses are working just fine.
Mirin: What? So you knew it was valuable!
Sierokarte: He did indeed. Occasionally you find these rogue merchants sneaking around bazaars like rats.
Merchant: Damn it! I can't have you go around spreading that information.
Merchant: Let's see if my hired muscle can convince you to keep your mouths shut. Boys—get them!
Lyria: No! He's escaping! We won't let you get away!
Mirin: That's right! I won't forgive you for calling my katana scrap metal! Siero, take cover!

Market Monkey Mischief: Scene 2

The merchant escapes into the dense crowds of the bazaar. Mirin, sensing a presence nearby, sends a slash of wind that reveals Monty the Monkey, the star of the upcoming show at the bazaar. Fortunately Sierokarte is able to predict the merchant's movements and apprehends him with the help of (Captain) and the crew.

Mirin and the others race through the bazaar in pursuit of the rogue merchant.
They round a corner and see him slide into the crowds surrounding the half-constructed circus stage.
Lyria: Pant... Pant... There are so many people! Is he hiding somewhere?
Mirin: Grr, that dumb coward. I just need to sharpen my senses...
Mirin: ...
Mirin: He's there!
Mirin slashes the wind, sending a wave of air toward the stage and lifting a curtain.
Lyria: Ah! It's true! Someone's there!
Mirin: Come out already! The next one will be more than just a little breeze!
Monkey: Kekeke!
Mirin: A monkey?
Monkey Trainer: Gah! Stop it! You mustn't anger Monty! He's the star of our show!
Lyria: Eek! Mirin, be careful! You'll make Monkey the monty angry!
Mirin: Got it!
Mirin: Wait... Monkey the monty?
Lyria: Hahaha... Sorry... I meant Monty the monkey.
Mirin: Haha! Lyria, honestly the stuff that comes outta—
Monkey Trainer: You two, watch out!
Monty the Monkey: Keke!
Mirin: Gozaru?
Merchant: Whew. Managed to give them the slip. That was a close one.
Sierokarte: Well, hello there! Just as I imagined, this is where you wound up!
Merchant: No! Damn it! You were able to follow me after all!
Vyrn: Humph, and it wasn't too hard either! We're gonna make you pay!
Merchant: Shut it! As if I'd let you catch me!
Just need to make it back to the circus
Mirin: Pant... pant... Sorry we took so long!
Lyria: Siero, (Captain), and Vyrn! You're here!
Sierokarte: Hehe! Excellent timing! Now we've got him trapped on both sides! But, um, you guys look positively tired.
Mirin: Um, well, we got mocked by Monty the monkey...
Lyria: Haha... I wasn't expecting to run into a grumpy market monkey.
Vyrn: Forget about that now! We've gotta catch this creep!
Mirin: G-gozaru!
Mirin: By the samurai code, I, Mirin of the Phoenix School, challenge you to combat!

Market Monkey Mischief: Scene 3

Sierokarte takes a closer look at Mirin's sword. She reveals that it's an invaluable blade, crafted from the finest materials using incredible technique. Mirin recounts how her father traded his prized possession for the blade; she vows to become a samurai worthy of this gift.

The crew captures the rogue merchant and turns him over to the bazaar authorities.
Mirin turns to Siero and expresses her gratitude once again.
Mirin: Thanks again!
Mirin: You understood the value of my sword in an instant—I really admire that quick wit!
Sierokarte: It was really nothing. Any merchant could see its quality.
Sierokarte: Hmm, but this is strange. Looking at it closer, I can see it's even more valuable than I originally thought.
Vyrn: Whoa, it's really that great of a katana? And what's so strange about it?
Sierokarte: Well, generally speaking, quality like this would usually be reserved to draw in customers. You would display it—exhibit it, even—but never dare put a price on it.
Sierokarte: Even if it were for sale, I can't imagine ever being able to save enough to buy it.
Mirin: An exhibition blade? I guess there wasn't a price tag on it when I went to the blacksmith... But I saved up the amount Father told me to.
Mirin: A top-of-the-line weapon... Priceless due to its excellence...
Mirin: Ah, I get it!
Lyria: What do you get? Did you remember something?
Mirin: A priceless tea pot! Back when I got interested in this sword, Father told me he broke his prized tea pot!
Mirin: But now that I think about it, he didn't seem at all disappointed or depressed at the time!
Sierokarte: I see! So your father traded the blacksmith one invaluable item for another.
Sierokarte: Hehe. He wanted to keep it secret from you so you wouldn't feel guilty. What a pleasant pop!
Mirin: Father...
Mirin: I won't stray from the true path any longer... I promise you I'll become a samurai worthy of this katana before returning home!
Mirin: Gozaru!
Mirin turns to the east and bows. An appreciation-filled tear spills down her cheek.
Memories of home flood her heart as she postures herself back upright, ready to restart her journey to learn more about the world.