Scenario:Mizuki Kawashima - The Legend of Magical Mizuki

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The Legend of Magical Mizuki

At a tavern on their journey, Vyrn asks to see the Magical Mizuki pose.The children of the village see the pose and believe that this is a sign of a true hero of justice.While the party angst over how they can handle this misunderstanding, they hear a fight breaking out outside between imperial soldiers and the villagers. They immediately go out to see what is happening.

The party had been eating their meal at a tavern while on their travels.
Vyrn: Hey. Can you show us that thing you did for us before?
Mizuki: That thing...? Well, that’s a little...
Lyria: Oh yeah, that! The one you showed us back on the airship, right? I want to see it too!
Mizuki: R-really? Erm... Well, okay. If Lyria insists...
Mizuki: Frosty mage, Magical Mizuki! At your service! Watch out bad kids! These frost bugs will bite!
Mizuki: ...
Mizuki: U-um... Uh... Haha...
  1. So cute!
  2. Way cute!
  3. Real cute!
  4. How cuuute!

Choose: So cute!
Choose: Way cute!
Choose: Real cute!
Choose: How cuuute!
Mizuki: Th-thanks... I’m glad you liked it but it’s a little...
Girl: Wow! That’s so cool! So your name is Magical Mizuki?
Mizuki: Huh?! Uh, well... How do I explain this...
Villager: S-someone! Anyone who can fight?! The guys are back in the village...!
Vyrn: What’s happened? It kind of sounds like a bit deal.
Lyria: What could have happened? Let’s go see! Miss Kawashima! (Captain)!
Mizuki: Y-yea, coming. It might be dangerous, so don’t follow us, okay?
Girl: Okay!
Imperial Soldier: ...
Villager: Eep!
Vyrn: Uhm! Why are those imperials pointing their swords at the villagers?
Lyria: I’m not sure... But we have to help them!

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 2

The village was being terrorized by the Imperial Army. (Captain) and the party walk in to put a stop to them. One of the children then taunt the soldiers saying that Magical☆Mizuki will punish them for being bad. Mizuki and the party slightly panic but realizing they have no other choice, they decide to fight the imperials as Magical☆Mizuki.

Imperial Soldier: Tch... You must be hired skyfarers.
Imperial Soldier: Hey. Didn’t I tell you to give me all your money? Was I not clear enough?!
Villager: Grh... I-I told you we can’t anymore! We don’t have any more money to give you!
Imperial Soldier: Did I hear you right...? You want to fight against the great Erste Empire?!
Mizuki: Well, the situation here looks pretty obvious.
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! What do you think you’re doing?
Lyria: Look at the villagers! They’re all suffering because of you!
Girl: Yeah! Bad kids are gonna get bitten by Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Huh?
Imperial Soldier: What...? Magical who?
Imperial Soldier: You think this is a joke, you little geezer?! You little brat!
Girl: Hmph! Magical Mizuki’s gonna punish you real bad!
Girl: Right? Yeah. Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Uhhhh...
Vyrn: Haha. Well, you can’t go around crushing little girls’ dreams. Can you? Magical Mizuki!
Lyria: Yeah! Don’t worry! We’ll fight along with you!
Mizuki: But... Oh, fine. You’re right.
Mizuki: I have to answer to my fans. If they cheer me on, I have to give back. It’s my job as an idol!
Mizuki: Frosty mage, Magical Mizuki! At your service!
Mizuki: Watch out all you bad kids terrorizing the village! You deserve a good spanking for this!

The Legend of Magical Mizuki: Scene 3

(Captain)’s party defeated the imperial soldiers who were oppressing the town. Although the villagers still thought her name was Magical Mizuki and not Mizuki Kawashima, she didn’t mind as much when she saw that she had helped bring back their smiles.

(Captain)’s party defeated the imperial soldiers, bringing peace back to the village.
Villager: Thank you... Magical Mizuki! You saved our village!
Girl: Thanks! Magical Mizuki!
Mizuki: Hah... haha... Well I’m glad I was able to bring back all your smiles...
Lyria: Is something wrong? It looks like you’re twitching a little...
Mizuki: N-no, of course not. We got rid of the bad soldiers... All is well.
Mizuki: (Yes, that’s right... ) (No matter the details, the villagers are happy now. )
Mizuki: Haha... All’s well that ends well... Right?
And so, (Captain)’s party and Mizuki leave the village as they are sent off by the villagers’ happy faces.
Thus, the new legend of Magical Mizuki was born. Wherever Mizuki and the party went, their stories quickly followed.