Scenario:Monika - A Day in the Deputy's Life

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A Day in the Deputy's Life

Just as Monika finishes her morning's work and is preparing for a tea break, she receives a report of robed figure activity on Sephira Island. She rushes to the scene and pledges to aid (Captain) and the crew in their investigation if necessary. Her duties don't end there, but a considerate subordinate helps her relax at last with tea and sweets.

The sun rises on the Fourth Fleet Headquarters of the Crew of Enforcers, located on Amalthea Island.
Monika: ...
Monika Weisswind, deputy of the Fourth Fleet, sits in her office, hard at work.
The silence of the dawn is broken by the sounds of rustling documents and Monika's quill pen scratching across the pages.
The deputy's mornings start early.
She acts as the captain's official representative during her superior's absence, but her duties don't stop there.
Monika also supervises the development of the island, as well as the management of the institutions and facilities under the crew's jurisdiction.
Furthermore, she oversees the entire Fourth Fleet while at the same time coordinating with other garrisons in various regions.
She makes a habit of arriving at her office well before the workday begins in order to ensure she has time to focus on her own work before inevitably getting tied up in the afternoon.
Monika finally reaches a stopping point and glances at a clock on the desk.
Monika: When did it get so late?
As she puts down her pen and begins stacking her documents, she hears a knock on the door.
Monika: Mhm.
Enforcer 1: Pardon the intrusion, Deputy. I need to speak with you about the development of a certain piece of property in the seventh ward.
Monika: I presume you're referring to the new restaurant planned for the area—I believe it was a bar? Is there some issue with the progress?
Enforcer 1: It seems there's a preexisting building that could be reappropriated for use, complete with all its furnishings.
Enforcer 1: We've received a request from the developers to use the building as is, since it would be expected to cut down on expenses and man-hours.
Monika: I see. Do you have the documentation?
Enforcer 1: Yes ma'am. Here it is.
Monika scans the documents.
Monika: So the property in question was previously an inn? Do they plan to use the second floor as well?
Enforcer 1: Yes, they do. The kitchen is located on the first floor.
Monika: I see...
Monika: But taking into account the equipment, plumbing, and storage for utensils and whatnot, I'm not sure this kitchen will suffice...
Monika: Especially if they plan to use the second floor as another part of the business.
Monika: There's a possibility it could end up leading to an increase in capital investment expenditures rather than a decrease in man-hours.
Monika: For now, calculate the estimates and compare them.
Enforcer 1: Very well.
The moment the enforcer steps out of the room, another one enters to take his place.
Enforcer 2: Deputy. It's about the prisoner being transferred out of Unit Two.
Enforcer 2: We've received the medical certificate and application from the examining physician, and they need your approval.
Monika: Ah, the one we weren't aware had a chronic illness prior to confinement?
After confirming the contents of the documents, Monika signs them and hands them back to the enforcer.
Monika: Unit One does indeed seem to have more satisfactory sanitation facilities. Splendid work.
Enforcer 2: Thank you, Deputy.
The enforcers continue to arrive one after another, each with his or her own matter of business to attend to.
With a firm understanding of the state of progress for each individual affair, Monika is able to give them precise instructions.
And, in what seems like no time at all, it's already afternoon.
Monika: Sigh.
Monika lets out a small sigh as she glances around the now-empty office, having finished providing feedback to her subordinates.
Monika: (I could use some tea...)
Monika: Oh, that's right. I bought some rose tea the other day. Now, where did I put it...
Monika enjoys taking tea breaks throughout the day as she works.
She can't live without her china tea set and her sweet fruit and herbal flavored teas.
As she pours the tea and hot water into a warm pot, a pleasant scent begins to permeate the air.
Monika: Mm. Refreshing and sweet—a delightful fragrance.
Once the tea has been steeped to perfection, she pours a serving into her teacup.
At that very moment, another enforcer enters the office.
Enforcer 3: Deputy. We've received an eyewitness report of a number of robed figures on Sephira Island.
Monika: What? In what area?
Enforcer 3: According to the survey team's report, they were in Point Aquila.


Monika: Blackleaf Bog? They certainly chose an inconvenient location.
Monika: Hm, I see... I suppose it's safe to assume they've caught wind of our survey team's movements.
Monika: I imagine (Captain)'s crew is in the area as well?
Enforcer 3: Yes. So it would seem.
Monika: Then we ought to join them. Inform the acting captain, and prepare the Grandzweiss for departure.
Enforcer 3: Yes ma'am!
Monika: ...
The Grandzweiss makes its way toward Sephira Island, an area under the jurisdiction of the Menean Empire.
Sephira Island is an island covered by enormous mountain ranges that was home to three great nations prior to the War.
As the site of the War's fiercest battle, access to its inland areas is heavily restricted.
The Crew of Enforcers cooperates with the Menean Empire's survey team to carry out its investigation of Sephira Island.
And Monika acts as the Crew of Enforcer's representative.
Lecia: Those robed figures... I wonder what their goal could be.
Monika: Well, at the very least, it's clear they have a specific objective in mind.
Monika: They seem to be familiar with the island, so unmasking them will be no simple matter...
Monika: We've been in a deadlock for quite some time, but now we've received another eyewitness report.
Monika: I have hopes we'll come across some sort of new lead.
Lecia: Yes.
Monika: I'm pleased to see you all safe and sound.
Vyrn: Oh! Monika and Lecia are here!
Monika: When we heard there had been another sighting of robed figures on the island, we flew here as fast as we could.
Monika: So what's the situation?
Vyrn: We found a spot where it looks like an airship landed. It's over this way.
Lecia: These markings...
Monika: I think we can determine the model of airship from the impressions it left. Let's pass the information along to the lab at headquarters.
Monika: Make note of the details at once.
Enforcer 3: Yes ma'am.
Vyrn: By the time we spotted the ship and got ready to go after it, it'd already flown off someplace.
Vyrn: We still don't know anything about that new-world dude or those robed guys...
Monika: This isn't something that can be resolved overnight. We're prepared for it to take time.
Monika: I don't suppose you happened across anything else out of the ordinary?
Monika: Please tell us everything you know, even if it might seem trivial.
(Captain) and the crew tell them about all the terrain they've covered and the monsters they've encountered during their investigation.
Lecia: It's hard to believe the monsters have become even more ferocious...
Monika: We've entrusted the entire investigation to you up to this point, but I have a feeling things are going to become increasingly difficult.
Monika: If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask. The Crew of Enforcers will spare no effort to assist you.
Monika: Furthermore, I myself would be more than willing to accompany you on your investigation, should my assistance be necessary.
Vyrn: Whoa! You sure? I heard you were swamped with work back at headquarters though.
Monika: No need to worry. It won't interfere with my office work.
Monika: Besides, if I'm sitting behind a desk all day, I'll lose my touch with a sword.
Monika: I'll do whatever it takes to fulfill my roles as both the deputy of the Fourth Fleet and head of the survey team.
Vyrn: Really? Well, we know we can count on you!
After promising to cooperate with (Captain)'s crew, Monika and Lecia make their way back to the Fourth Fleet Headquarters.
Monika: File an investigative report including data about the markings we discovered, as well as all the information we received from (Captain)'s crew.
Enforcer 3: Very well.
Enforcer 2: Deputy! I see you've returned.
Monika: Yes. Have there been any developments?
Enforcer 2: Yes. Actually, just earlier...
The moment Monika returns to headquarters, she finds herself busy handling various issues from her subordinates, without a minute to catch her breath.
After tending to a number of important matters, Monika finally returns to her office.
Upon entering the room, she spots the tea set still sitting on her desk.
Monika: I never had a chance to drink it...
Monika empties the contents of the teapot and teacup and begins heating up a fresh pot of water.
Monika: (I'm fighting a losing battle here. I need something sweet, or I won't be able to focus.)
Monika: (That reminds me... I believe I had some sweets around here somewhere...)
While the teacup and teapot are heating up, Monika eagerly rummages through her desk, intent on satisfying her sweet tooth.
Enforcer 3: Deputy. I have the investigative report you requested—
Monika: Erm...
Enforcer 3: Is this a bad time?
The enforcer watches with a bewildered expression on her face as Monika climbs out from under the desk.
Monika: Ahem... N-not at all.
Monika: Is that the report? Let me see it.
Enforcer 3: Y-yes. Here you are.
Monika: Hm.
Monika reads through the documentation, all the while trying to ignore her craving.
Monika: Very good. When we receive the results from the lab, make sure to include them as well.
Enforcer 3: Yes ma'am. Understood.
Following her reply, the enforcer presents Monika with a cookie.
Monika: Hm? A cookie?
Enforcer 3: I imagine it's not on par with the sweets you were searching for, but please help yourself.
Monika: Wh—
Monika: Heh. It seems I've been found out.
Enforcer 3: I noticed your tea set was being heated up, so it was reasonable conjecture to assume that you were preparing to take a break.
Monika: I see. An impressive deduction.
Enforcer 3: It looks like your tea is all warmed up again, so why don't you have them together?
Monika: Oh, how thoughtful.
Monika: Well, things here seem to have quieted down, so I believe I'll take you up on that offer.
Monika: Come, why don't you join me? Have a seat.
Enforcer 3: Thank you. I'd be honored.
Monika takes a bite of her cookie, followed by a sip of tea.
Monika: Mm... Delicious! They go together perfectly!
Monika: And the texture! The perfect balance of soft and chewy!
Enforcer 3: I'm delighted you like it.
Overflowing with gratitude for her considerate subordinate, Monika heaves a sigh of relief.
Monika: Whew.
Monika: (Give me something sweet, and suddenly I'm in a good mood. Talk about fickle.)
Monika: Hehehe.
Though her days are hectic, she is still able to find brief moments to recharge by indulging in her beloved sweets.