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Monika's Daily Grind

Strolling through town after work, Monika runs into Eugen and joins him for drinks. The two prove to be surprisingly good drinking companions, and each ends the night in a better mood than they began.

Monika: Thank you for your diligent work today. Now head home and get some rest.
Enforcer 1: Yes ma'am. Please excuse me.
Monika: Of course. Good night.
After seeing to it that her subordinate departs safely, Monika gathers her things and prepares to leave.
Monika: That didn't take as long as I expected.
Monika: I think I'll check out the fourth ward today.
Monika: (This area has quite the nightlife, it seems.)
Shopkeep: Why, hello, Monika!
Monika: Good evening, shopkeep.
Monika: Your sake here the other day was delicious. I'm happy to see that your business seems to be thriving as usual.
Shopkeep: Why yes, thank you. Are you on duty again tonight?
Monika: Actually, I'm searching for a place to have dinner.
Monika makes it a routine to stroll through the wards when she has time to ensure everything is as it should be.
Shopkeep: I see. Make sure to drop by again sometime, okay? I'll throw in a little something extra for you!
Monika: Hehe. I'll be back again soon.
Monika continues to survey the town as she searches. Suddenly she runs into a familiar face.
Eugen: Huh?
Eugen: Oh, why if it ain't the deputy of the Fourth Fleet herself!
Monika: Hm?
Eugen: Yo!
Monika: Oh, Eugen! What a coincidence running into you here.
Monika: Now that I think of it, I do recall seeing a docking request for the Grandcypher. Did you have a mission here on the island?
Eugen: Yep. We finished up and didn't have anythin' important to do, so we thought we'd take it easy here tonight.
Monika: Are you by yourself at the moment?
Eugen: Yep! Couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd grab a quick drink.
Eugen: Care to join me? No pressure.
Still surprised by their unexpected meeting, Monika decides to accept his offer.
Monika: I'll take you up on that invitation.
Eugen: Great! That's what I like to hear!
Monika: One white wine, please. A sweet one, if you have it.
Eugen: I'll have another one o' these!
Monika: Are you sure? It appears you've already had quite a lot to drink...
Eugen: Now don't go cuttin' me off already, missy. Sometimes ol' farts like me just want to put away some good liquor.
Monika: Hehe, I see. My apologies.
And so Monika and Eugen begin their private drinking party.
Eugen: I still find it hard to believe that a young lady like you is deputy captain of a fleet of the Crew of Enforcers.
Eugen: I thought you were just a kid, but you're skilled with a blade and can hold your liquor to boot. That crew o' yours is lucky to have you.
Monika: Heh. It seems my short stature has invited quite a misunderstanding.
Eugen: Huh?
Monika: Alas, I'm no longer at the age where I could be called a young lady.
Monika: But I'll take it as a compliment.
Eugen: Oh?
Eugen: Er, well, sorry 'bout that.
Eugen: I wasn't sayin' it to tease you... Hope I didn't offend you.
Realizing his blunder, Eugen lowers his head in apology.
Monika: Not at all. I've hardly accorded you the respect your venerable age merits, so I'd say we're even.
Eugen: Haha. You got me beat.
The two exchange playful banter as they enjoy their drinks.
At some point, the conversation turns to (Captain).
Monika: Not to harp on the subject, but the captain of your crew is quite young, correct?
Monika: And that crew consists of people of all ages... as well as some who aren't even mortal.
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Continue 1
Monika: I suppose (Captain) is a fine example of the fact that you can't judge a person based on their age or gender.
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Monika: I suppose (Captain) is a fine example of the fact that you can't judge a person based on their age or gender.
Continue 2
Eugen: Ain't it the truth.
Eugen: Well, I still ain't sure what an ol' fart like me can do for someone like (Captain).
Eugen: But I'd like to be around whenever the captain stands at one o' life's crossroads.
Eugen: Life's made up of a series of choices. And goodness knows it's hard to tell right from wrong sometimes...
Eugen: Once (Captain)'s decided on a path, I want to be there to make sure the captain can travel it safely.
Eugen: I've got a bit more life experience than (Captain) and the others, so that gives me the right to meddle some, yeah?
Monika: Hm... I suppose.
Monika being the good listener that she is, Eugen finds himself opening up and talking the night away as he knocks back his drinks.
Eugen: Hah hah! Sorry to make you listen to the drunken ramblings of an old man.
Monika: Not at all. Your words carry a lot of weight. I learned a valuable lesson tonight.
Monika: As long as (Captain) has a reliable elder such as yourself to provide guidance, it seems your crew has nothing to worry about.
Eugen: Haha! I hope you're right!
Eugen: Sorry for keepin' you out so late. Thanks for joinin' me.
Monika: No, if anything I should be the one thanking you. I appreciate you spending the evening with me.
And thus the impromptu drinking party comes to an end on a pleasant note.

Monika's Daily Grind: Scene 2

As the Grandcypher flies Monika back to Amalthea after a day of exploration on Sephira Island, Ladiva invites Monika to a get-together along with Lady Grey and Ilsa. The four hardworking women have a leisurely conversation about relaxation and marriage as they enjoy their desserts.

At (Captain)'s request, Monika has made her way to Sephira Island to assist with the investigation there.
On their way back to Amalthea Island afterward, Monika has an unexpected visitor.
Ladiva: Oh, Monika! There you are. I've been looking all over for you!
Monika: Hello, Ladiva. What's wrong? Did something happen?
Ladiva: Hehe. We were all about to have some fun. Would you like to join us?
Monika: Have some fun?
Ladiva cheerfully leads Monika to a room on the ship and opens the door.
Ladiva: Look who I brought! It's Monika! Come on in.
Lady Grey: Why, hello there.
Ilsa: Hey, Monika.
Monika: What brings you all together?
Ladiva: Isn't it obvious?
Ladiva: We're having some girl talk!
Ladiva: Grey brought mushrooms, so we were just thinking about baking some muffins and making a tea party out of it.
Ladiva: And then Ilsa brought us some lovely sweets!
Ilsa: I bought some cream puffs on an island where I stopped earlier. I thought we could all enjoy them together.
Lady Grey: Hehe. And Ladiva's mushroom muffins are second to none!
Ladiva: Oh, you flatter me! But the only reason they turned out so well is because of the mushrooms you cultivate with such loving care.
Lady Grey: Oh my. Hehe. I'm delighted to hear it.
Ladiva: Ilsa, Monika... We don't get to see you two very often, so we were pleased to hear you were on board.
Ladiva: We thought it would be a perfect chance to spend some quality time together, so we thought we'd at least extend the invitation.
Ladiva: Even though we have the opportunity to work together on occasion, we don't often get to chat like this, you know?
Monika: That's true.
Monika: In that case, I have no reason to turn down your kind invitation. I'd be delighted to join you.
Ilsa: I don't often get to hang out with women my own age. Let's make the most of it.
Ladiva: Well said, Ilsa! Let's have a nice chat while we munch on some delicious snacks!
Lady Grey: Hehe...
Lady Grey: Delicious...
Ilsa: The secret of these cream puffs is in the dough.
Ilsa: The island's local vegetables are kneaded right into it. They call them veggie sweets.
Monika: These mushroom muffins are quite delectable as well.
Monika: The combination sounded a bit wild, so I had my doubts at first...
Monika: But there's no question that they're delicious. Hats off to Ladiva, our master chef!
Ladiva: Oh my, thank you! I'm so glad you like them.
Monika: I never would have dreamed up the ideas for mushroom muffins and vegetable cream puffs.
Ladiva: Hehe. We all find ourselves craving something sweet from time to time.
Ladiva: A skyfarer's got to manage her physique, but sometimes you just can't hold back.
Ladiva: It's at times like those that veggie sweets are your best friend!
Ilsa: Yes. If I didn't indulge in comfort food every so often, I think I'd blow a fuse.
Ilsa: I can't live without it.
Monika: I use sweets to blow off steam as well.
Monika: I'm utterly useless without them.
Ilsa: Oh, it sounds like you and I have a lot in common.
Ladiva: What about you, Grey? Do you have anything that helps you relax?
Lady Grey: Yes, of course.
Ladiva: May I ask what that might be?
Lady Grey: I enjoy long walks in the depths of dark, misty forests where the sunlight doesn't reach.
Lady Grey: Sometimes when I'm surrounded by the dense fog and darkness, I slowly close my eyes...
Lady Grey: When I do that, it feels as though I am able to commune with my husband and son.
Ladiva: That must be... love!
Ladiva: When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I like to think of my teacher at the orphanage or my late mother and father.
Ladiva: Familial love is a wonderful form of moral support.
Lady Grey: Indeed.
Lady Grey: As long as I have my beloved husband and son by my side, I know I can overcome anything that comes my way.
Ilsa: Family, huh...
Monika: Hm? What's wrong, Ilsa?
Ilsa: Well, I'm just a bit jealous. I want one of my own.
Lady Grey: Hehe. Families are wonderful.
Ilsa: Maybe I should start seriously looking for a husband. I'd love to have someone to come home to.
Lady Grey: Hehe...
Ilsa: Just out of curiosity...
Ilsa: Do you have any desire to get married, Monika?
Monika: Hm? Well...
Monika: I used to, but not as much anymore.
Lady Grey: Oh, is that so? Could I ask why?
Monika: Right now I'm content with my work and private endeavors.
Monika: I'm quite comfortable with my current situation, and I'm in no hurry for it to change.
Monika: Perhaps someday I'll want to get married, but as of now I'm not even considering it.
Ilsa: I see. Personally, if the opportunity presented itself to me, I don't think I'd hesitate to say yes.
Ladiva: Hehe. Love and happiness take a different form for each and every person.
Monika: Aye. As for me, this is all I really need.
Monika helps herself to another cream puff.
Monika: Munch.
Monika: Mm. Delicious.
Ladiva: Love comes in all shapes and sizes... The world is simply overflowing with love!
The girl talk continues all the way until they reach Amalthea Island.

Monika's Daily Grind: Scene 3

One evening Monika receives a surprise visit from a tipsy Lecia and her subordinate. Lecia has brought Monika's favorite drink and plenty of sweets, and the three stay up late into the night enjoying themselves.

Monika: Sip...
Monika: Ahhh...
One evening, Monika gazes out the window at the night sky above, a glass of her favorite sweet sake in her hand.
Monika: It certainly would be helpful if that furnished building could be used...
Monika: The seventh ward is near a residential district, so it makes sense that there would be a number of inns in the area.
Monika: And it's not like we really have the budget set aside for a large-scale renovation... It's quite a complicated issue.
Monika: That reminds me... Something needs to be done to improve that other prison's sanitation facilities...
Monika: Hm. Sip...
From a managerial standpoint, Monika is doing her utmost to create an environment in which her subordinates can concentrate on their work.
She has turned the evening into a personal review session as she mulls over work matters.
Monika: But wow...
Monika: Those cream puffs Ilsa brought sure were delicious...
Monika: And Ladiva's muffins simply melted in my mouth...
Monika: ...
Monika: Ngh... Darn.
Monika: Just remembering them has given me a craving for something sweet!
Monika: Actually, I bought some cookies the other day when I visited Port Breeze...
Monika: But I really shouldn't eat them so late...
Monika: ...
Monika: Everyone needs to blow off steam.
Monika's appetite wins out, and she reaches for a cookie.
But at that moment, she hears a knock on the door.
Monika: Hm. Who could it be at this time of night?
Monika looks through the peephole and gasps, then throws open the door.
Lecia: Hello, Monika!
Monika: Lecia!
Enforcer 3: Good evening.
Monika: What in the skies are you two doing here at this hour?
Lecia: I brought you presents! Have a look. Hehe!
Monika: Well, you certainly seem to be in a good mood. What has you in such high spirits?
Lecia: What do you say we all have a drink together?
Monika: I'm off duty tomorrow, but don't the two of you have work?
Lecia: A little sip won't hurt anything. Sometimes you just have to let loose!
Monika: I can't believe I just heard that come out of your mouth!
Monika: Heh. Could it be you've already started drinking?
Enforcer 3: Correct. Our acting commander here had a drink and perked right up.
Enforcer 3: She suddenly said she wanted to come see you.
Enforcer 3: She's quite the lightweight though. I don't think she even finished that first drink.
Lecia: Sh-she doesn't need to know that!
Enforcer 3: Hehe. My apologies.
Monika: Heh. I see...
Monika: Well, I think that's enough standing around. Do come in.
Lecia: Yay! Thanks for having us!
Lecia: Heh heh. No sleep for you tonight, Monika!
Lecia grins, her arms full of Monika's favorite sake and a massive amount of sweets.
Monika: Hm.
Monika: It seems it would indeed be a waste to fall asleep.
Monika's face softens into a smile despite the lateness of the hour and her surprise visitors.
Their cheerful laughter echoes long into the night.
Monika's busy days continue, but she is fortunate to be blessed with good friends and good food to carry her through.