Scenario:Naoise - A Dangerous Game

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A Dangerous Game

When a casino liner shows up that's run by people unknown, Naoise and Seruel decide to check it out, but Scathacha's interest is piqued too, and she ends up tagging along. While enjoying herself at the casino, she gets into trouble with another customer, and Naoise has to step in.

As a result of monster attacks, Irestill Kingdom, which once governed Alster Island, is destroyed, and the island falls into chaos.
But order is restored thanks to the efforts of the former royal family as well as (Captain) and company, and the island begins to recover.
Not long after that, a casino liner shows up at the island with a request to do business there.
Seruel: Hmm... A casino liner? I suppose that could offer a bit of recreation to the people.
Heles: Indeed. But I have my doubts about the people running it...
Naoise: A casino liner operated by people we know nothing about, huh?
Seruel: It sounds like we should pay them a little visit before agreeing to anything.
Heles: I agree... I'll leave that to you, Seruel. Naoise, I can count on you to keep my little brother safe, right?
Naoise: Yes, Your Highness! It would be no problem.
Seruel: Heles...
Heles: Hee-hee... I know you can take care of yourself just fine, but one can never be too careful.
Thus Seruel and his bodyguard Naoise decide to go check out the casino liner, but someone else wants to join the fun.
???: I'll be going as well.
Naoise: Scathacha? But why?
Scathacha: I'm interested in this casino you speak of. Lead the way.
Naoise: Hey, we're not just going for fun. Seruel plans to inspect the place and—
Scathacha: Oh, don't be like that! You know I can't go anywhere by myself in this form. Or would you rather I go as a dragon?
Naoise: Ugh... I really hate it when your interest rears its ugly head.
Heles: Hee-hee... Oh, it'll be fine. Just bring her with you.
Seruel: Sigh... So you're on her side then.
Heles: Well, to secure the peace of Alster Island, it's necessary to use Scathacha's strength to pacify the monsters.
Heles: But an unfortunate consequence of that is that she's stuck here on our island.
Seruel: Great... So I guess I have to babysit you for the occasional excursion then.
Scathacha: Hee-hee... You've got that right. Now let's get going already!
Naoise: Hold it, Scathacha! Don't run off on your own! See you soon, Heles!
Heles: I'll be looking forward to it, Naoise. You be a good boy too, Seruel.
Seruel: Sheesh... Exactly how young a child do I look like to you?
Thus Seruel, Naoise, and Scathacha head for the casino liner anchored on the island.
Naoise: Listen up, Scathacha. I don't want you wandering off on your own. You stay next to me and Seruel.
Scathacha: Huh? What's that over there?
Seruel: Sigh... Looks like she wasn't listening.
Naoise: I just knew this would happen. Hey! Wait up, Scathacha!
Seruel: Hmm... Well, this is certainly no Jewel Resort.
Seruel: But at least they've set up mirrors inside so the place doesn't look as cramped as it actually is.
Scathacha: Grrr... I'm not even tall enough to see the action in this form. Help me out here, Naoise.
Naoise: Oh, so the table is too high, huh? Do you want me to hold your cards for you?
Scathacha: I won't be able to see my hand that way. You'll have to hold me up.
Naoise: Sigh... Fine. I suppose I can hold you for one game.
Seruel: Oho... You know, you look like her dad or something when you do that.
Naoise: Ugh...
Seruel: Ha-ha. You two look adorable together.
Naoise: Well, I'm not sure if that's exactly knightly either.
Scathacha drags Naoise and Seruel around the casino liner, enjoying it immensely.
Scathacha: Look, Naoise! All the pictures match. What do you think will happen?
Naoise: Um... Well...
Scathacha: More of these coins, huh? Can't they think of anything more entertaining?
Rough Customer: Tch... You little brat! Are you trying to annoy me or what?
Scathacha: Huh? What's your problem?
Rough Customer: You are, shrimp! And I was already pissed before you showed up!
Seruel: Well, looks like someone managed to fritter away all their money.
Seruel: How pathetic... Hey, if you don't have anything better to do than take shots at other people, why don't you head on home?
Rough Customer: Excuse me? If you want a fight, you've got it!
Naoise: Hold it! You keep your hands off of them. If you have something to say, say it to me. But first try to calm down a bit and—
Rough Customer: Shut your mouth! You're the ones who were insulting me! How about I teach all of you a lesson?
Scathacha: ...
Naoise: Scathacha!
Naoise: (Uh-oh! We really don't want her going on a dragon rampage in here.)
Rough Customer: Eat this!
Naoise: ...!
Seruel: Naoise!
Naoise: ...
If you'd rather talk with your fists, I can oblige you on that as well.
Rough Customer: Oh, look at big bad Mr. Suave standing up for his little girl. Let's see how suave you are after I'm done with you!

A Dangerous Game: Scene 2

Seruel and Naoise resolve not to allow gambling on Alster Island due to the trouble it causes, so Scathacha decides to enjoy the casino liner while she still can. Naoise leaves Seruel's side to look after her, but Seruel ends up getting ambushed by an assassin, and Naoise dashes back in response to the commotion.

Naoise pacifies the customer who picked a fight and hands him over to the casino liner security.
Seruel: Why'd you have to go and cause such a scene?
Scathacha: Are you insinuating that that was somehow my fault? I don't think so.
Naoise: How about we go find some place quiet to take a break? Everyone's staring at us.
Seruel: Sounds like a plan.
The three sit down at a table in the casino liner's bar.
Scathacha: What in the world was that guy's problem anyway?
Scathacha: Isn't this place supposed to be fun? How can you mortals relax and enjoy yourselves with troublemakers like him around?
Seruel: Well, fellows as excitable as him don't really show up that often...
Seruel: But there is indeed something about gambling that drives people to do strange things.
Seruel: I must say that gambling therefore doesn't seem like the most suitable recreation for our people.
Naoise: I agree. Let's make sure to mention that to Heles as well.
Scathacha: If that's how you two feel, I'd like to hang out here a little while longer.
Naoise: But why?
Scathacha: Well, it sounds like there won't be another casino liner on Alster Island for a while, so I need to take advantage of this opportunity.
Naoise: Ugh!
Seruel: I think I'll rest here for a while. See to Scathacha, Naoise.
Naoise: Yes, sir! I hope you'll forgive me for temporarily leaving my post at your side.
Seruel: Ha-ha. I suspect that it'd be more difficult to convince a dragon to consider the feelings of us mortals. Good luck with her.
Thus Seruel decides to relax at the bar, leaving his two companions to their own devices.
Female Customer: Hey! Are you all alone, big guy? Why don't you come play with us for a while?
Seruel: I'd love to, but I'm unfortunately waiting for someone.
Female Customer: Oh, really? Now that is a shame.
Seruel is distracted by the woman and doesn't notice a man sneaking up on him.
Seruel: ...!
Female Customer: Aahh!
Naoise: That scream... Did that come from the bar? Seruel!
Naoise: Seruel! Is everything all—Oh no! You're hurt!
Seruel: Ugh... I wasn't paying attention... To think they'd attack in such a crowded place...
Scathacha: The wound doesn't look very deep. Where'd the attacker go?
Seruel: He went that way... Naoise, get him.
Naoise: Yes, sir! He won't get far! Scathacha, you look after Seruel. I'll get that criminal!
Naoise: You there! Halt in the name of the kingdom of Alster! You're under arrest!

A Dangerous Game: Scene 3

It turns out that the mafia, which is still looking for a way to exploit Alster Island's vulnerabilities and profit from them, sent the assassin to the casino liner. Naoise wonders whether he has the power to protect his country when he couldn't even protect Seruel from injury.

Naoise apprehends the criminal. Afterwards he returns with Seruel, whose wound has been treated, to Alster's Great Court.
Naoise: I beg your forgiveness, Heles. I failed to protect Seruel.
Heles: No, it's not your fault. I should have thought a bit harder about why a casino liner would suddenly visit our island.
Heles: It's quite possible that the mafia is still looking for a way to turn a profit on Alster Island.
Seruel: Indeed... Thanks to Scathacha's strength, we were able to stop the monsters and prevent the mafia from forcing its way in after all.
Naoise: So you mean the mafia is back and looking for an alternative way to make money here?
Heles: Of course. It was foolish of us to assume they'd give up so easily.
Scathacha: Then they must have targeted Seruel to once again stir up unrest among the people.
Scathacha: I assume they hoped to get some revenge on the former royal family while they were at it.
Naoise: Revenge...
Heles: To not only restore our island but also achieve progress, the key will be to minimize the damage they do as much as possible.
Seruel: Indeed. It seems that this one's on us for allowing ourselves to forget just how cunning they are.
Naoise: ...
Naoise: (I'm a knight. Nothing more and nothing less.)
Naoise: (How am I supposed to contribute to the restoration and future prosperity of our country?)
Naoise: (I mean, I couldn't even protect Seruel.)
Alster Island is still on the road to recovery and lacks the power to repel hostile forces.
As Naoise stares at his own hands, he struggles to find a way to aid his country.