Scenario:Naoise - Knightly Duties

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Knightly Duties

Still not completely recovered, Alster Island is a tempting target for criminal organizations hoping to make a quick buck. Naoise decides that the best way he can help is to scare the mafia into never targeting the island again. He heads to the mafia hideout alone, ready to stain his hands as much as necessary.

Though once brought to the brink of collapse, Alster Island has started down a path toward restoration and even further development.
But criminal organizations are always watching for their chance to gain a foothold on the island and turn a profit.
Naoise: (As a knight of Alster Island, what can I possibly do for my homeland?)
Naoise has been plagued with worry ever since the mafia assassin made an attempt on Seruel's life.
Naoise: (I somehow managed to find information on the casino liner that came here, starting with its owner...)
Naoise: (And it seems that mafia members are responsible just as Heles and Seruel suspected.)
Naoise: (Those two were absolutely right. The mafia is looking for a way to exploit Alster Island.)
Naoise: (And that's simply beyond forgiveness!)
Naoise: (If I don't do something, the mafia will definitely try to extend its reach to Alster Island again.)
Naoise: (And other criminal organizations will probably target us as well. Alster has recovered, but it was only recently changed from a monarchy to a democracy after all.)
Naoise: (There are just too many easy ways for hostile forces to take advantage of us.)
Naoise: (And if I want to stop them, it means I have to...)
Naoise: ...
Naoise: Please forgive my foolishness, my ancestors, but I can think of only one thing to do.
Guard: ...
Guard: ...!
Naoise: ...
Naoise: Time to get this over with.
Underling: Wha? Hey, what are you doin'? How'd you get in here?
Naoise: I am Naoise, knight of Alster! I've come to show you the military might of our island.
Underling: Damn... So much for our guard outside. Hey! We got trouble! Get over here, boys!
Naoise: Go ahead and call all your rats. The more of your kind I exterminate, the greater the fear I'll leave behind.
Naoise: To protect my homeland, I'll stain my hands with as much blood as I have to!

Knightly Duties: Scene 2

Naoise cuts down one mafia thug after another, but the mafia soon gets more organized, and the fight reaches a stalemate. Naoise gets pinned down by concentrated fire, but Heles, Seruel, and Scathacha show up to save him. Though critical of Naoise's brashness, they decide to wipe out the mafia once and for all.

Minion: Argh!
Underling: No way!
Naoise: Don't tell me you're done already!
Underling: Damn! Gunners! Anyone who can shoot, fall in already!
In response to the order, mafia gunners surround Naoise at a distance and begin to fire off round after round.
Naoise: Ugh! But it'll take more than a few bullets to stop me!
Naoise: ...!
Naoise blocks the barrage of bullets with his shield, but he can't advance, and the situation seems to have reached a stalemate.
Naoise: Geh! Looks like I might just have to charge in!
But someone beats Naoise to the punch.
Ruffian: What the?
Magical energy floods into the room, toppling the mafia members like so many dominoes.
Naoise: Wha?
Scathacha: Sigh... Such a pain.
Scathacha: I figured you were up to something stupid, but even I expected better from you than this.
Naoise: Scathacha? What are you doing here?
Ruffian: You little!
Seruel: You know, I hate to admit it, but I'm inclined to agree with Scathacha this time.
Heles: How many times did we tell you not to head off and do anything stupid, Naoise?
Naoise: Seruel? Heles?
Seruel: Sigh... Even I'm most infuriated by what I see here.
Ruffian: Hey! Shut your traps already! We're the ones who should be pissed, and we're gonna leave no one standing!
Scathacha: Leave no one standing, huh? Not a bad idea.
Scathacha: I have just the spell for this. You three cover me.
Heles: With pleasure. Hey, Naoise! Don't just stand there with your jaw hanging open!
Naoise: Huh?
Naoise: Oh, yes, Your Highness! I'm with you!
Ruffian: Hey! It's on now, boys! Get 'em!

Knightly Duties: Scene 3

With the mafia thugs defeated, Seruel and Heles chastise Naoise for his recklessness, but Naoise seems perfectly willing to sacrifice himself for his country. Scathacha reminds the knight that the royal siblings were worried about him, which surprises him and shows him how thoughtless his actions were.

Ruffian: Damn it!
Scathacha: ...!
Heles: Seruel! Naoise! Scathacha's spell incoming! Brace yourselves!
Naoise: ...!
Scathacha: Fall before the awesome might of Deirdre! Hyaaah!
Scathacha: Phew. Feels good to cut loose once in a while.
Naoise: ...
Scathacha! You went way too far! This is practically a wasteland now, and—
Scathacha: ...
Seruel: Naoise. Are you sure you have room to talk?
Heles: Seruel's right. I understand that you hoped to protect Alster Island by demonstrating our military might...
Heles: It even makes sense in a way. The fear of your retaliation might very well stop criminal organizations from targeting us.
Heles: As a matter of fact, given how concerned they are with profit and loss, they'll probably give up on our island after what happened here.
Seruel: But that doesn't excuse you for trying to do this alone. And without even telling us!
Naoise: You would have only tried to stop me if I had said anything.
Naoise: I realize that there were problems with what I did, but I acted based on careful consideration since the night on that casino liner.
Naoise: I had few options, so I opted for an action with a high chance of success.
Naoise: Perhaps it was foolish of me, but Alster Island couldn't afford for me to waste time.
Seruel: Perhaps, but that in no way excuses you from—
Scathacha: Hold it, Seruel.
Seruel: But...
Scathacha: Listen carefully. First of all, Naoise, you are indeed a brainless twit.
Naoise: Wha?
Scathacha: And it's a waste of time to try to reason with a twit. So let me simplify things for you.
Scathacha: We were worried about you, so stop being dumb. Even you can understand a sentiment like that, right?
Naoise: You were worried? About me?
Naoise: Well, I guess I didn't really think about that... Or maybe what I should be saying is...
Naoise: Um... I'm really sorry for worrying you.
Seruel: Sigh... How could you possibly think that we wouldn't worry about you when you take off like that?
Heles: That's right! When I heard that you'd stormed a mafia stronghold on your own, my blood ran cold!
Scathacha: Yeah, let him have it. And you'll have no merciful words from me, Naoise.
Seruel: How could you think so little of your own life? Not even I can forgive you this time.
Heles: You're in for quite a lecture from the both of us. I assume you have no objections, right, Naoise?
Naoise: N-no, Your Highness!
Naoise: Ahem... But before we get to that...
Naoise: Allow me to thank all three of you for coming to rescue me.
Naoise is a knight among knights who doesn't hesitate to risk his life for his country.
But Seruel, Heles, and Scathacha aren't the only ones who worry about him.
Seruel and Heles lecture the selfless knight mercilessly, trying to convince him to value his own life as much as he values those of others.