Scenario:Naoise - Runaway Knight's Homecoming

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Runaway Knight's Homecoming

While Naoise eats at a castle-town stall with Scathacha, Seruel, (Captain), and the others, Seruel comments that Naoise's pilgrimage has changed him for the better and orders him to continue traveling with (Captain). Naoise vows to do just that.

Naoise, a knight on a pilgrimage to try to make up for causing the destruction of his kingdom, runs into Prince Seruel during his travels.
Seruel convinces Naoise to finally visit his hometown, where he sees the reconstruction efforts underway.
Naoise: (Now that the turmoil is past and the rebuilding has begun, it's looking more and more like the castle town I knew and loved.)
Scathacha: Naoise! What are you sighing about? Can you hear me? What's going on over there?
Naoise: (It's so strange. I can hear the hustle and bustle of the town on the wind. It's just like I remember it.)
Scathacha: Grrr!
Naoise: Huh? What's the matter?
Scathacha: Over there! Near that ramshackle tent, there are some men shouting next to a bonfire! What are they up to?
Naoise: Oh, they're just selling snacks. Grilled meat sandwiches. There have always been a lot of stalls like that in this town.
Scathacha: Hmm... Well, seeing as we're in town, we might as well try out the local cuisine. Show me to the stall.
Naoise: But that's really simple food so people with no time can eat on the go. It's hardly suitable for someone like yo—
Scathacha: Cease your wittering! My nose has smelt the food, and it has piqued my interest!
Scathacha grabs Naoise by the hand and drags him toward the food stall.
Naoise: Well, I guess we're here now... Excuse me, sir! One sandwich, and—
Scathacha: Two of these so-called sandwiches! One for me, and one for this man.
The two of them sit down on a bench and start eating a couple of the massive sandwiches: chunks of meat between thick round slices of bread.
Scathacha: Oho! This is most delicious! It's just salty enough to leave an impression.
Naoise: Yes, this is indeed very tasty. Every bite makes you want more. Munch, munch...
Naoise: But the meat's a little overpowering on its own. Lettuce or some other vegetable could really add a lot.
Scathacha: Sigh... There's just no pleasing some people.
Vyrn: Hey, Naoise! We were wondering where you'd gone, and here you are chowing down!
Naoise: My apologies, Vyrn. I didn't mean to leave without telling anyone. I was distracted by the sight of my city.
Seruel: So what are you two eating?
Scathacha: Huh? These sandwiches are apparently much loved by the people of this country. How can you call yourself a prince if you don't know about them?
Seruel: Well, you say they're much loved, but aren't they for people in a hur—
Scathacha: Hee-hee... Someone else told me that already. Hey, you, more sandwiches for these men!
Scathacha snatches Naoise's wallet from his pocket and thrusts a handful of money at the stall owner.
Vyrn: Sigh... So she drags you around and even takes your money. I feel sorry for you, bro.
Naoise: It's all right, Vyrn. Being chivalrous to women is part of a knight's duty. Thanks to my chivalry, Scathacha is in good spirits.
Seruel: Munch... Grrr! The meat keeps falling out. These sandwiches are most vexatious to eat.
Scathacha: Ha-ha! Clumsy fool! Isn't that food supposed to be for mortals like you?
Seruel frowns down at his hands, which are covered in meat and grease. Scathacha, whose own mouth is covered in sauce, giggles at him.
Naoise: Prince Seruel, there's a trick to eating this. If you take the paper and wrap it a bit more tightly, it leaks less.
Vyrn: Wow, Naoise, you've changed a lot. You wouldn't have gone near street food when we last visited the kingdom.
Naoise: I suppose you're right. I've learned a lot over the course of this journey.
Naoise: Food is not just a means of sustaining life. It also enables one to have fun, relax, and socialize.
Naoise: I have you and your crew to thank for teaching me to take it easy, (Captain).
Naoise: Before I met your crew, I could never have gotten Scathacha to smile in a place like this.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! But weren't you two at each other's throats about whether to even eat here?
Naoise: Heh-heh... Indeed we were.
Seruel: You have indeed changed, Naoise. You've grown as a person over the course of your pilgrimage.
Naoise: It really is thanks to (Captain) and the crew. At a time when all I cared about was repaying my kingdom, they showed me a world beyond this town and island.
Seruel: I see... It sounds like you've made some lifelong friends. Even your face seems different from that of the Naoise I knew.
Seruel: (Captain), it seems that my dear friend here owes you a monumental debt. Who knows what would have happened if he had never met you?
Seruel: Please continue helping and supporting him.
  1. I will.
  2. I can't.

Choose: I will.
Naoise: Thank you, (Captain).
Scathacha: Huh? What's got you so down in the dumps?
Vyrn: Yeah, you seem awfully sad for someone who just came back home. What's up?
Naoise: My apologies. After seeing my home again, I had a moment of doubt about continuing my adventure with you guys. Maybe I should stay...
Scathacha: You must consider this, Naoise. Are there not still citizens in this country who bear you ill will for your previous actions?
Naoise: What? Well... I suppose there must be.
Scathacha: Trouble follows you wherever you go. This country can hardly afford more strife. It will never recover if you stay here.
Naoise: No! Th-that's...
Scathacha: Well, I suppose you could always switch bodies like me if you really want to stay.
Naoise: ...!
Scathacha: Heh. It was just a joke. You mortals seem to enjoy making them, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
Seruel: Hmm... Unfortunately you have a point. Naoise simply can't stay here.
Naoise: But Prince Seruel!
Seruel: Besides, didn't you swear an oath to Lyria to protect her and keep her smiling? Isn't that why you set out with this crew?
Naoise: ...
Seruel: Don't worry about us. I can assure you that there will always be a place for you here even if you're not involved in the restoration.
Naoise: Prince Seruel... I...
Seruel: Or do you perhaps intend to act as the sworn knight of both this girl and me?
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Choose: I can't.
Naoise: I see... I suppose I did join your crew as a knight with duties to fulfill.
Naoise: I swore to forever protect Lady Lyria with my spear. To do otherwise would be to forfeit my honor as a knight, and I shall never forget such a vow.
Seruel: No, look into (Captain)'s eyes. Can you not see? I think (Captain) has another idea...
Naoise: What? (Captain)! Surely you don't mean to kick me out of the crew?
Vyrn: No... It's just that this country seems like it's in a bad way.
Vyrn: I actually think it'd be a relief to the citizens if you stayed here.
Naoise: You have a point, but isn't it a little cold of you to answer so bluntly?
Seruel: Indeed. The people could really use the famous Naoise, hero of Irestill, at the moment.
Seruel: But do you really intend to act as the sworn knight of both this girl and me?
Continue 1
Naoise: ...!
Seruel: In that case, I shall give you an order as a prince. You will fulfill your oath to Lyria and continue your pilgrimage.
Naoise: Yes, Your Highness!
Naoise raises his fist to his chest and bends his knee to swear his allegiance once more.
Vyrn: Are you sure you're cool with this? I mean, you came all the way back home only to leave with us again.
Naoise: I'm fine, Vyrn. I joined this crew as a lone knight after all.
Naoise: I wanted nothing more than to return home, protect my master, and serve my country. There is no greater honor for a knight.
Naoise: But now I must honor a new oath I've sworn to my master. I will protect Lyria to the end.
Thus Naoise receives a new mission for the sake of his recovering homeland.
Until his oath to Lyria is fulfilled, he'll continue traveling with the party.