Scenario:Narmaya - Cocoa Cakewalk

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Cocoa Cakewalk

No matter how hard she tries, Narmaya just can't make a chocolate cake she's happy with. After visiting a famous confectionery, however, she decides to go to Chocolae Island to ask a chocolatier for some pointers.

It's the day before Valentine's, and Narmaya is hard at work in the galley of the Grandcypher.
With Teena and Lucius's kind donation of baking ingredients, everyone's favorite big sister has made it her quest to create the perfect chocolate cake.
Narmaya: There we go.
Narmaya: Now to turn off the heat and add a generous helping of chocolate cream to finish it off.
Soon, however, it becomes apparent that the perfection she seeks is not so easily found.
The kitchen is laden with proof of her failed attempts. Stacks of chocolate cakes litter the kitchen floor—several even reach to the ceiling.
Narmaya: Sigh...
Narmaya: Nnnn....
Narmaya: No, no, no... None of these are right... And I need this to be perfect for (Captain)...
Over and over she tries. Yet a cake worthy in her eyes still eludes her.
Narmaya: Something's missing... But what?
After some thought she finally stands to her feet.
Narmaya: A stroll around town should do me some good! Who knows—maybe I might run into some inspiration!
The shops in town are in full swing for the Valentine's season, and customers come flocking to the market as a result.
Narmaya is astounded by all the excitement. She takes a moment to steel herself, then plunges into the crowd.
Narmaya: Wow! Look at all these people!
Narmaya: Hehe. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves—it's starting to rub off on me!
Narmaya: Hm?
Narmaya's nose catches a hint of chocolate in the air. She follows it to a particularly busy shop and heads inside.
Narmaya: They're... beautiful. This isn't chocolate—it's art.
Only later would she discover that she has in fact stumbled upon one of the most famous chocolate boutiques on the island: the Chocolate Ship.
Narmaya: Ooh, this one looks so good... And this one too...
Narmaya: They all look simply wonderful.
Shop Attendant: Welcome to the Chocolate Ship! Would you like to try a sample?
Narmaya: C-can I really?
Narmaya: Well, I can't say no to that!
Narmaya: Hrmp-hmmph...
Narmaya: Mm? Mmmm!
After a moment of silence, her face lights up.
Narmaya: I... I can't believe this! It doesn't just look perfect—it tastes perfect too!
Narmaya: The hint of citrus! The smooth chocolate coating! How it melts in your mouth!
Narmaya: Mm, and this milk chocolate mousse is just heavenly!
Narmaya: What richness, and with this aroma of toasted caramel... It feels like... It feels like...
Narmaya: Like I'm lying on a soft bed of caramel, wrapped in a warm milky blanket as I drift off into a sweet, sweet dream.
Narmaya: Ah... Aaah!
Narmaya: No! I... I...
For a moment Narmaya is lost in utter bliss. But soon reality creeps back in.
Narmaya: (No...)
Narmaya: (I'll never be able to make something this good for (Captain)...)
Narmaya: (Sigh... What am I going to do...)
Shop Attendant: Um, ma'am? Is everything all right?
Narmaya: Huh? Oh! Yes! J-just fine! Everything's fine!
The flustered Narmaya steps out of the shop to gather her thoughts.
Her troubled expression stands out among the carefree crowd of customers.
Vyrn: Hm? That Narmaya over there?
Lyria: Oh, what might you be doing here, Narmaya?
Narmaya reveals her dilemma to Vyrn and Lyria, who both happen to be in town in search of supplies.
Lyria: Hmm... I see.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Whatever you make, (Captain)'s sure to like it!!
Lyria: It's the thought that counts, after all!
Narmaya: Thanks, you two...
Narmaya: Well... You're right... (Captain)'s so kind—my captain would be happy no matter how the chocolate tastes.
Narmaya: But I want to give (Captain) the very best—something I'm proud of—not just settle for good enough...
Narmaya sighs and slumps her shoulders. Only then do Vyrn and Lyria realize how deeply the matter is affecting her.
Vyrn: Whoa. S-sorry... Didn't know you felt so strongly about it.
Lyria: We didn't mean to make light of your problem...
Narmaya: No, no! Don't worry about me!
Narmaya: I'm the one at fault... I'm just... always so insecure... Always...
An awkward silence descends. Lyria hurries to lighten the mood before a pity party begins.
Lyria: W-well! The chocolates in that shop must be really good to get such high praise from you!
Vyrn: Y-yeah! I wonder what their secret is?
Narmaya's eyes open wide as if struck by lightning.
Narmaya: That's it! Why didn't I think of it sooner!
Narmaya: You're a genius, Vyrn!
Vyrn suddenly finds himself being crushed in Narmaya's embrace.
Vyrn: C-can't... breathe!
Narmaya: Oh! I'm sorry, Vyrn! I'm just so happy! I couldn't help myself!
Lyria: You said you thought of something?
Narmaya: Hehe. It's so simple! I should have seen the answer from the start!
Narmaya: All I have to do is ask the shop's chocolatier about the secret to chocolate making!
Vyrn: Ohhh! Good idea!
Lyria: Let's try it then! We'll go in with you!
Narmaya: Great! Come on!
Hand in hand the trio skip merrily into the shop and ask after the head chocolatier.
Shop Attendant: Um... I'm sorry, ma'am, but the owner... He's away on a visit to Chocolae Island.
Narmaya: Chocolae Island? When will he be back?
Shop Attendant: My apologies, ma'am, but we've not been told when.
Narmaya: I see... Well... Thank you anyway.
Left with no choice, Narmaya grabs a pamphlet on the way out.
Vyrn: Aww. Well, it was worth a shot.
Lyria: If only we'd come a little sooner...
But Narmaya looks more determined than ever.
Narmaya: I've decided—I'm going to Chocolae Island!
Vyrn: What? You mean... right now?
Narmaya: That's right! To meet that chocolatier!
Narmaya: As long as there's a chance, I won't give up!
Vyrn and Lyria smile at Narmaya's unwavering conviction.
Lyria: Hehe. Well, if he won't come to us, then of course we'll have to go to him!
Vyrn: Heh heh! Yeah!
Narmaya: You're... coming with me?
Vyrn: Course we are! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Right! You always take such good care of us, Narmaya—now it's our turn to finally help you!
Narmaya: ...
Aww... You two...
Narmaya: Thank you, this means the world to me. It really does.
Narmaya nods to her friends.
Vyrn: All righty then! What're we waiting for? Let's find us a chocolate chef!
Lyria: Next stop: Chocolae Island!
Narmaya: Here, hold my hands and don't let go, you two. We wouldn't want to get separated along the way, now would we?
And so off they go to the land of cocoa, where the innermost secrets of chocolate confection await.