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It Was So Simple

A few days after Narmaya and Fif's battle, (Captain) and the others ask Narmaya about her history with Eahta. Narmaya tells them that she devoted herself to her training in order to be like Eahta—previously known as Zanba—but he never even took notice of her. Meanwhile, Fif talks to Eahta about meeting with Narmaya, and Eahta mentions something about having a proper talk and heads off somewhere.

A few days have passed since Narmaya and Fif's battle.
Fif decides to make a small detour on her way to speak with Eahta.
Fif: I feel like Narmaya's talking about a whole different Grampy from the one I know... It just doesn't add up...
Fif: But Grampy plays dumb sometimes, so even if I ask him, he might not tell me...
Fif: I know! Anre! I'll go talk to Anre!
Anre, founder of the Eternals, is an old friend of Eahta's.
Fif heads off to find Anre, believing that everything will be cleared up once she talks to him.
Meanwhile, things are back to normal on the Grandcypher.
Narmaya: (Captain)! Say "Ah!"
Narmaya: You too, Vyrn! Lyria! "Ah!"
Lyria: Munch, munch! Wow, this is delicious!
Vyrn: Yum! You sure haven't lost your touch!
Narmaya: I love you guys and wanted to see your happy faces!
Narmaya: So I practiced a lot!
Narmaya has become even more attached to the crew since her battle with Fif.
Narmaya: Hehehe. What would you like to do after you eat?
Narmaya: Take a bath? Or a nap?
Narmaya: Or maybe you'd like to train with me? Hehe. I'll do anything for my precious crew!
  1. All of the above!
  2. Then can I ask you a question?

Choose: All of the above!
Narmaya: Hehe. All of it? If you insist! I'll do my best!
Vyrn: Whoa, hang on! You can't make her do all that!
Narmaya: But I want to do everything I can for you guys...
Vyrn: In that case, I wanna ask you something about Eahta!
Vyrn: You kinda told us before, but you didn't go into all the details...
Lyria: B-but, Vyrn! You shouldn't say Eahta's name in front of Narmaya!
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Choose: Then can I ask you a question?
Narmaya: A question?
(Captain) asks about the relationship between Eahta and Narmaya.
Vyrn: H-hold it! Don't say Eahta's name in front of Narmaya!
Continue 1
Narmaya: So you want to know the story between Zanba and myself?
Lyria: A-are you sure you're ready to talk about it? You don't have to if you don't want to...
Narmaya: Hehehe. It's fine. I appreciate your concern though.
Narmaya: I want to face my past.
Narmaya: Yes, I think I'm ready to talk about it!
Narmaya: But it might end up being a long story... Is that okay?
Lyria: Sure! I'll listen to the whole thing, Narmaya!
Narmaya: Hehehe. Thank you. Then here goes.
Narmaya begins to tell the crew about her past.
Narmaya: I was born into a family with a long history in the martial arts.
Narmaya: We had a huge dojo with a steady stream of visitors, many of them martial arts masters.
Narmaya: I observed them from a young age, and before I knew it, I was able to copy their movements.
Narmaya: It wasn't long before I started training with a weapon.
Narmaya: Those days I spent in training were truly enjoyable... But I didn't have a goal, a reason to train.
Narmaya: I simply did it because I could. Just as a butterfly flies without ever being taught, I trained.
Narmaya: Then one day... he appeared.
Zanba: Pardon me. I'd like to speak with the head of the family.
Narmaya: At first I thought he wanted to become a student at the dojo.
Narmaya: But I thought it was a bit strange, since he already seemed so powerful.
Narmaya: Anyway, I started to go fetch my father.
Narmaya: But he called out to me as I turned to leave.
Zanba: Ah, wait.
Zanba: There's a problem with your stance. You have trouble with strikes from the left, am I correct?
Narmaya: I was shocked. He had only seen me swing my sword once...
Narmaya: With just a glance, he was able to spot my weakness.
Zanba: Put more strength into your left thumb when you slide your feet. You'll notice a large improvement.
Narmaya: They were such detailed instructions. I tried his advice, and sure enough, I was able to overcome my weakness.
Narmaya: I immediately wanted to know more about him.
Narmaya: So I secretly listened in while he and my father were talking.
Narmaya: It was then that I discovered he was a distant relative.
Narmaya: I was thrilled to learn that I was related to such an amazing samurai.
Narmaya: Zanba stayed at our dojo for a time in order to train.
Narmaya: I was excited, thinking that I could get him to teach me more.
Narmaya: I followed him around everywhere. We ate meals together and practiced swordplay and martial arts forms together.
Narmaya: But... Zanba never said another word to me.
Narmaya: Zanba came to our dojo in order to become stronger.
Narmaya: Seeing him train was like watching a scene straight out of hell... He was as terrifying as a demon.
Narmaya: He would do anything it took to become stronger.
Narmaya: He had an intense thirst for power, far greater than my own.
Narmaya: So he didn't have a moment to spare for a weakling like me.
Narmaya: I decided to become stronger.
Narmaya: I resolved that I would become strong and get him to notice me.
Narmaya: I continued my training. I swung my blade over and over without a moment's rest.
Narmaya: Finally, I was the strongest of everyone else in the dojo.
Narmaya: Now that I had become so strong, Zanba would finally look at me.
Narmaya: Or so I thought...
Narmaya: One day he disappeared.
Narmaya: I think he had learned everything he could at the dojo.
Narmaya: He left without ever saying another word to me... or even calling my name...
Narmaya: After that, I continued to get stronger.
Narmaya: I developed footwork, forms, and sword techniques that only I could use... all for the sake of getting Zanba to acknowledge me.
Narmaya: Ten years passed, during which I did nothing but study and train... And then I met you all.
Vyrn: M-man, you've sure had a crazy life. You've basically been training the whole time.
Vyrn: But Eahta's pretty tough too. He was even more obsessed with getting strong than you were.
Lyria: Hmm...
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: Um... I feel like the Eahta in Narmaya's story and the one in Fif's are two completely different people.
Narmaya: I feel the same way actually... I wonder why.
Vyrn: Well, why don't you just ask him yourself? You're gonna see him soon anyway!
Narmaya: I-I suppose you're right. Hehehe. I get nervous just thinking about it.
Narmaya finishes telling the crew her story.
Meanwhile, Anre finishes telling Fif about Eahta's past.
Fif is shocked to hear what Eahta was like back when he was still known as Zanba.
Fif: Grampy used to be that scary?
Fif: So the Grampy that Narmaya knows is from back when he was still scary!
Fif: Hmm...
Fif: Now it makes sense why he was so mean to Narmaya!
Fif: Not!
Fif shouts and sprints away.
Fif finds Eahta in the middle of meditating and launches herself at him.
Fif: Bad Grampy! Bad! I'm really, really, reeeally mad!
Eahta: What is it this time? Is this some new game of yours?
Fif: I'm not playing around! I heard all about your past from Anre!
Eahta: Humph.
Fif: I know you used to be a super scary demon! I get it!
Fif: But I don't care if you're a demon or a snake or whatever—being a bully is bad!
Fif: Narmaya's been suffering all this time because of you!
Eahta: ...?
Fif: Narmaya! Nar-ma-ya!
Eahta: I don't know that name.
Fif: Huh?
Fif: The girl from the dojo! Um... She has purple hair and smells really nice! And she's super sweet!
Eahta: ...?
Fif: Um... Uh... Oh, I know! She uses a katana like you do! And she can use magic to turn into butterflies!
Eahta: The dojo... a katana... and purple hair?
Eahta: ...
Eahta: Hm. I guess there was a purple-haired child at that dojo I once visited...
Fif: Whaaat? You mean you'd forgotten?
Eahta: I just didn't have any reason to think about it.
Fif: You totally forgot! You make me so mad sometimes, Grampy! Sooo mad!
Fif: Every meeting is important! It's fate! So you shouldn't just forget about them!
Fif: Geez! You always play dumb! But I'm glad you remembered!
Fif: You should meet with Narmaya! She reeeally wants to see you!
Eahta: Hm... Meet with that child?
Eahta: Fif.
Fif: What? Oh, are you worried about seeing her? Don't worry! I'll go with—
Eahta: How skilled is she?
Fif: She's suuuper strong! She even beat m—
I mean... she's just as strong as I am!
Eahta: Oho, so she managed to surpass you? I'm intrigued.
Eahta: All right. I'll meet with her.
Fif: Make sure you apologize for bullying her! This time you better play nice!
Eahta: That doesn't make sense.
Fif: Huh?
Eahta: If we're going to talk, we should do so properly.
Eahta stands and heads off.
Fif: Huh? What? H-he went to see Narmaya, right?
Fif: I-I have a reeeally bad feeling about this...

It Was So Simple: Scene 2

Narmaya receives a letter from Eahta requesting a duel, and she heads out alone to accept his challenge, her expression grim. Worried about Narmaya and Eahta, Fif arrives and suggests that they go after the two. (Captain) and the crew head with Fif to the location mentioned in the letter.

The next day, Lyria goes to find Narmaya.
Lyria: Narmaya, you got a letter! Siero gave it to me to give to you!
Narmaya: A letter for me?
Vyrn: Hey! Think it's from Eahta?
Narmaya: W-what? D-do you think so?
Narmaya: Oh my... I'm all nervous now.
Narmaya: Will you read it with me, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods, opening the envelope and taking out the letter.
They anxiously begin to read, but as they make their way through the contents of letter, their expressions gradually harden.
Narmaya: What...
  1. ...
  2. He wants to have a duel...

Choose: ...
Vyrn: W-what's wrong? It's not from Eahta?
Narmaya: No, it's definitely from him...
Vyrn: Then why're you so freaked out? Don't tell me he doesn't want to meet you...
Narmaya: No, he does want to meet.
Narmaya: So we can have a duel.
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Choose: He wants to have a duel...
Lyria: Huh? A-a duel?
Lyria: What is he thinking?
Narmaya: I don't know... The letter just says that he wants to duel me...
Continue 1
Narmaya: ...
Narmaya: Does he want us to communicate with our swords? I guess that means he still refuses to speak to me.
Narmaya: No, that's not it. He's saying that words are unnecessary.
Vyrn: What're you gonna do, Narmaya?
Narmaya: If that's what he wants, I'll accept his challenge.
Narmaya: I finally get the chance to see him again. I'm not just going to give up now.
Lyria: What! But... But this is all wrong!
Lyria: This isn't the reunion you wanted, right, Narmaya?
Narmaya: ...
Narmaya: I'll be back.
(Captain) grasps Narmaya's hands.
Narmaya: (Captain)... Are you worried about me? I'd like for you to come with me, but...
Narmaya: Zanba wants a one-on-one fight, so that's what I'll give him.
Narmaya: I'll be just fine. Don't worry about me.
Narmaya smiles and departs from the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: H-hey, what are we gonna do?
As the crew is worrying over Narmaya, Fif hurries up to them.
Fif: Huff... Huff... Gramps! Hey! Gramps hasn't been here, has he?
Fif: I can't find him anywhere... I thought maybe he came to see Narmaya...
Lyria: Eahta? No, he hasn't been here...
Vyrn: He sent a letter to Narmaya saying he wanted to duel her though...
Fif: Oh no... So that's why I had a bad feeling! What the heck is Grampy thinking?
Fif: Can't he just meet with her like a normal person and go get ice cream together or something?
Vyrn: Butterfly Girl was mumbling something about talking with swords and not needing words...
Fif: Swords don't talk!
Vyrn: Y-yeah, I know that...
Fif: Their relationship was already a mess, but at this rate it's just gonna get worse! They're never gonna be happy!
Fif: I don't want that to happen!
Lyria: I don't want that either, Fif!
Lyria: Narmaya looked so sad!
Fif: (Captain)! Let's go after her! We gotta stop them! Do you know where she was going?
(Captain) nods and heads toward the location written in the letter along with Fif and the crew.

It Was So Simple: Scene 3

(Captain) and Fif interrupt Narmaya and Eahta's silent battle. After being lectured by Fif, Narmaya confesses that all she ever wanted was for Zanba to call her name, and Eahta reveals that he only challenged Narmaya to a duel because he thought it was what she wanted. Having finally told Eahta how she felt, Narmaya resolves to surpass him and challenges him to battle once more.

Eahta and Narmaya face each other and draw their katanas in unison.
An instant later they have both vanished, and the sound of steel on steel echoes across the plains.
As they swing their swords, not a single word is spoken.
Narmaya: ...!
Narmaya parries a heavy blow that otherwise would have cut her in half.
The slashes continue for several hours without a single moment of respite, and Narmaya's expression gradually darkens.
Narmaya: (I finally get to see you again, but...)
Eahta: Hyaaah!
Narmaya: (You don't understand... anything!)
Narmaya swings her katana as an indescribable emotion wells up from the depths of her heart, urging her on.
But not a single one of her blows lands.
Narmaya: (I can't get my feelings or even my blade to reach you...)
Eahta is unable to hear the bitter cries that overflow from Narmaya's heart.
Biting her lip, Narmaya swings her sword recklessly.
Eahta: So this is the end.
Eahta raises his katana to counterattack.
Fif's Voice: Stop!
Fif and (Captain) block the attacks with their weapons.
Narmaya: Fif? (Captain)?
Fif: Grampy! Narmaya! Why are you fighting?
Fif: Do you really want to fight Grampy, Narmaya? I know you don't!
Narmaya: W-well...
Fif: You too, Grampy! Why'd you challenge her to a duel all of a sudden?
Fif: All you had to do was talk to her! Why couldn't you just do that?
Eahta: ...
Fif: Talking with swords? What the heck's that supposed to mean!
Fif: A fight's a fight! It's not talking at all!
Fif: So did you two actually learn anything from that fight just now? If you did, I'm all ears!
Narmaya: ...!
Fif: You have to talk to each other. With words.
Fif: What do you really want from Grampy, Narmaya? If you don't tell him, he's never gonna know!
Narmaya: I... I...
Narmaya: I've always wanted to be like you, Zanba!
Narmaya: I've been chasing after you ever since I was little!
Narmaya: I wanted you to acknowledge me...
Eahta: ...
Narmaya: That's why I decided to become stronger. I wanted to be strong so you'd notice me.
Narmaya: But now I realize that's not what I wanted at all.
Narmaya: I just... wanted you to call for me; to say my name. I wanted to spend time with you.
Fif: Narmaya...
Eahta: I see.
Eahta: So you wanted to exchange words, not blows.
Eahta: You seek out words on your quest to better yourself. Very well.
Eahta: There is always more than one path.
Narmaya: What?
Fif: Come on, Grampy! Nobody knows what you're talking about!
Eahta: I was told that the child from the dojo had defeated the mighty Fif and wanted to meet with me.
Eahta: So I took the request seriously. But it seems I was mistaken.
Vyrn: H-hang on...
Vyrn: Did you think Narmaya wanted to fight you?
Eahta: Of course.
Narmaya: ...
Fif: Grampy... So that's what this was all about...
Fif: Argh! You make me so mad sometimes, Grampy!
Fif runs over to Eahta and starts kicking him in the shin.
Watching this, Narmaya begins to laugh.
Narmaya: H-hehehe...
Vyrn: W-what's up? What's so funny all of a sudden?
Narmaya: I was just thinking... Zanba's made out of flesh and blood, just like me.
Narmaya: I think I've always put you up on a pedestal.
Narmaya: I should have just faced you as an equal and told you exactly what I was thinking.
Narmaya: That's all it would have taken.
Eahta: What happened to my past self known as "Zanba" is still a mystery. I no longer remember any details.
Narmaya: But, Zanba... No, Eahta.
Narmaya: You'll listen to me now, won't you?
Narmaya: So I'll just come out and say it.
Narmaya: I was so busy chasing after you all this time that I lost my way.
Narmaya: At some point I lost confidence and started to hate myself.
Narmaya: But (Captain) and the others taught me how important it is to love myself.
Eahta: ...
Narmaya: I've decided I want to surpass you.
Narmaya: I want to surpass you... and learn to love myself!
Narmaya: So fight me once more!
Narmaya: Eahta of the Eternals!
Eahta: Heh heh... Hahaha!
Eahta: I like your resolve, child!
Eahta: I remember now. You were once a weakling who relied on others to guide you on your way.
Eahta: But now you have chosen the path you wish to follow on your own. You have become strong!
Eahta: Very well, child—no, you are no longer a child! Surpass me, and discover what lies at the end of your chosen path!
Eahta: Come, let us fight!
Narmaya: With pleasure!

It Was So Simple: Scene 4

Narmaya and Eahta's battle continues until the sun goes down. The next day, Narmaya visits the teahouse with Fif and Eahta. After enjoying some pleasant conversation, Fif and Eahta stand to leave, and Narmaya smiles brightly as Eahta calls her by name. Finally able to move forward, Narmaya soars toward even greater heights, together with her companions who love her so.

Narmaya and Eahta hold nothing back as they cross blades, their strikes even more intense than before.
(Captain) and the others are entranced by their fierce, yet beautiful, battle.
Vyrn: Hahaha... So in the end, they're still fighting.
Fif: Sigh... I don't know what to do with those two.
Lyria: But... They look like they're having fun.
Fif: Yeah, you're right... Grampy looks like he does when he's playing with me.
Vyrn: And Butterfly Girl looks like she does when she's fussing over us.
Seeing Narmaya's face, (Captain) smiles.
The fight continues until the sun sets.
A few days have passed since the battle between Narmaya and Eahta.
Narmaya arrives at the teahouse she went to previously with Fif.
She heads to a table where Fif and Eahta are seated.
Fif: Geez, you guys are too much to handle!
Fif: What would've happened if I hadn't been there? You'd better be grateful!
Narmaya: I-I'm sorry about that. Thank you, Fif.
Fif: As long as you get it! Anyway, here! Have some ice cream cake!
Narmaya: Cake? Ice cream? W-which one is it?
Eahta: That's quite a strange confectionary.
Fif: It's my own personal invention! Here, Narmaya! Say "Ah!"
Narmaya: A-ah...
Narmaya: Mm, it really is delicious... But maybe a bit too sweet.
Fif: Really? Are you saying you don't like sweet stuff?
Eahta: That's what the tea is for.
Narmaya: ...!
Narmaya: Hehehe...
Eahta: What?
Narmaya: Well... That's what Fif said last time we were here.
The shopkeep brings their tea, and Narmaya takes a sip.
Narmaya: Hehehe. Delicious. What a delightful taste.
Eahta: Indeed. This child, however, doesn't seem to appreciate it.
Fif: I don't need it! All I need are sweets! If I get thirsty, I'll just have some soda or something!
Narmaya: Hehehe...
Eahta: ...
A flicker of a smile appears on Eahta's face as he slowly rises to his feet.
Narmaya: You're leaving?
Eahta: If you ever feel like having tea again, you know where to find me, Narmaya.
Narmaya: ...!
Narmaya: Okay! Next time let's bring (Captain) and the others! We'll all come here together!
Narmaya: And let's talk some more then too! I'll tell you all about my beloved crew!
Eahta: Very well.
Fif: I can't wait! I'll tell you all about my mom and dad and all the Eternals!
Fif: Hehe! See you later, Narmaya!
Narmaya: Goodbye, Eahta! Fif!
Narmaya watches them leave with a smile on her face, and then takes one last sip of her tea.
Narmaya: It really is delicious.
Narmaya has broken free of the chains preventing her from moving forward.
With nothing holding her back, she soars toward even greater heights—
Together with her companions who love her so.