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My Precious Friend

Narmaya saves a young girl from being attacked by monsters. The girl invites Narmaya to a teahouse in town where she chatters happily about her "Grampy." As she's leaving, the girl reveals herself to be Fif of the Eternals, and Narmaya realizes that the "Grampy" she mentioned must be Eahta. Narmaya broods over the fact that Eahta has taken an interest in Fif when he hardly even spared her a passing glance.

Narmaya: Here we go a-shopping! Shopping for the crew!
Narmaya hums as she heads into town to stock up on some everyday items for (Captain)'s crew.
But on her way, she comes across a situation requiring her attention.
Red-Haired Girl: Geez, leave me alone! I'm gonna get ma—
Monsters: Grrr!
A young girl is about to be attacked by monsters.
Narmaya: !
Narmaya unsheathes her sword and vanishes.
Butterflies: ...
Red-Haired Girl: Butterflies?
For a moment, the girl and monsters are entranced by the butterflies fluttering through the air.
And suddenly the battle is over before it even begins.
Narmaya: Farewell, insignificant vermin.
Monster: Graaah!
In a flash, the monsters are all sliced neatly in two. The young girl opens her eyes to find Narmaya standing before her.
Red-Haired Girl: Whoa! What was that?
Narmaya: Are you all right? Were you hurt?
Red-Haired Girl: I'm fine! I don't get hurt—I'm too awesome!
Narmaya: Oh... Should I not have intervened?
Red-Haired Girl: Don't worry about it! You defeated them for me, so I didn't have to get all worn out!
Red-Haired Girl: Thanks, lady!
Narmaya: Really? I'm glad to hear it.
Red-Haired Girl: Oh, right! Hey, what was that thing you did earlier?
Red-Haired Girl: I've never seen anything like it! Was it magic? Or swordcraft? Or some kinda fancy footwork?
Narmaya: F-fancy footwork, I guess? But it's also part magic and part swordcraft.
Red-Haired Girl: Haha! Wow, you're amazing!
Narmaya: I-I'm not amazing in the slightest.
Red-Haired Girl: Sure you are! I said it, so it's true! You're amazing!
Narmaya: You think so? Hehe. Thank you.
Red-Haired Girl: Humph! You don't believe me, do you! I'm being serious here!
Narmaya: I-I'm sorry. I'm not used to compliments...
Red-Haired Girl: What? Really? But you're so amazing!
Narmaya: P-putting that aside, why are you here? This is no place for a child to be wandering alone.
Red-Haired Girl: Oh, right! I was on my way to go eat some super-ultra-mega yummy sweets!
Narmaya: Shall I accompany you then? There might be more monsters lurking around.
Red-Haired Girl: Hehe. Yay! Thanks, lady!
Narmaya takes the young girl's hand, and they make their way toward the town together.
Once Narmaya is finished with her errand—
She and the girl head into a small teahouse.
Red-Haired Girl: This place is great! They have the best desserts!
Red-Haired Girl: The cake is my favorite! It's super-ultra-mega yummy!
Narmaya: Super-ultra... what?
Red-Haired Girl: One bite and you'll understand! Here, say "Ah!"
Narmaya: A-ah... Nom nom. Mm!
Narmaya: It's melting in my mouth! But it might be a little too sweet for me.
Red-Haired Girl: That's what the tea is for! They go perfectly together!
Red-Haired Girl: Haha. Well I don't really drink it since I don't like bitter stuff, but Grampy drinks it all the time!
Red-Haired Girl: Excuse me! One tea, please!
The red-haired girl raises her hand cheerfully, and the shopkeep nods, smiling, and heads into the kitchen.
Narmaya: Grampy? Do you come here with your grandfather often?
Red-Haired Girl: Yep! Grampy buys me cake and ice cream all the time!
Narmaya: Hehe. Your grandfather must be very kind.
Red-Haired Girl: Grampy always has a grouchy look on his face, so people think he's mad.
Red-Haired Girl: But he's really nice! He's taken care of me since I was little.
Red-Haired Girl: Oh! Grampy fights with a katana, so I bet you two'd have a lot to talk about!
Narmaya: He must be very dear to you. I've had a lot of fun just hearing you talk about him.
Red-Haired Girl: Now it's your turn!
Narmaya: What? M-my turn?
Red-Haired Girl: I bragged about my family, so now you get to brag about yours!
Narmaya: I-I don't know if it's anything to brag about, but my father and mother are both very kind.
Narmaya: My father introduced me to the martial arts at his dojo, and my mother has always supported me.
Narmaya: My parents have always been there to watch over me... They're wonderful people.
Red-Haired Girl: Wow! So it's all thanks to your mom and dad that you're so strong?
Narmaya: Maybe not. It's probably mostly because of my uncle.
Red-Haired Girl: Your uncle?
Narmaya: He's a distant relative, but I learned swordsmanship because I wanted to be like him.
Red-Haired Girl: Is he even stronger than you are?
Narmaya: Far stronger.
Red-Haired Girl: Really? That's hard to believe. But I guess it makes sense that you'd be strong with someone like that as your teacher. I can see it!
Narmaya: No...
Narmaya: He didn't teach me anything.
Red-Haired Girl: Huh? What do you mean?
Narmaya: He talked to me once, but aside from that we've never spoken.
Narmaya: That's exactly why I worked so hard for so long. To make him acknowledge me.
Narmaya: But in the end he left without ever even calling me by name.
Red-Haired Girl: What? No way! What a jerk!
Narmaya: N-no... It's because I wasn't strong enough.
Narmaya: He doesn't care about anyone who isn't strong.
Red-Haired Girl: That's no excuse! He's a jerk for ignoring you!
Red-Haired Girl: I mean, you're super strong! That uncle of yours is just a big bully...
Narmaya: Hehe. You're sweet. Thank you.
Red-Haired Girl: Hey! There you go not believing me again! Why won't you trust me?
Narmaya: Huh?
Red-Haired Girl: It kinda seems like you hate yourself...
Narmaya falls silent at the young girl's words.
Finally the awkward silence is broken as the shopkeep arrives with Narmaya's tea.
Red-Haired Girl: Thank you!
Red-Haired Girl: Whoa!
The girl thanks the shopkeep and then notices the sun setting outside the window.
Red-Haired Girl: It's getting dark already? Grampy's gonna be worried! I gotta get home!
Red-Haired Girl: Hey, what's your name? What should I call you?
Narmaya: My name is Narmaya. I belong to a crew led by a person named (Captain).
Red-Haired Girl: Nice to meet you, Narmaya! My name is... Heh heh heh! Listen and be amazed!
Fif: I'm one of the Eternals! My name's Fif!
Narmaya: !
You're an Eternal?
Fif: Hehehe. Surprised? I told you—I'm awesome!
Fif: Yikes, I really gotta go! Let's hang out again sometime, Narmaya!
Fif waves, beaming, and dashes out of the shop.
Narmaya stands in a daze as she watches her go.
Narmaya: So that's Fif...
The Eternals are known far and wide as the strongest crew in all the skies.
Narmaya has heard rumors about a skyfarer named Fif belonging to this legendary crew.
And according to those rumors, Narmaya's uncle Eahta cares dearly about Fif.
Narmaya: When Fif mentioned her Grampy, she must have been talking about Zanba... Or rather, Eahta...
Narmaya: So I guess she's worth paying attention to... I see...
Narmaya: ...
Lost in thought, Narmaya doesn't even touch the tea sitting on the table in front of her.

My Precious Friend: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew notice that Narmaya has been acting strange recently. Fif comes to visit, and the crew realizes that Narmaya's odd behavior was caused by the two's teahouse talk about Eahta. They find Narmaya training on the mountain where they first met her, lamenting her own weakness. (Captain) shakes her in an attempt to snap her out of it, and Fif gets angry at her for hating herself and challenges her to battle.

The next day, the crew notices that Narmaya is acting strangely.
Lyria: Is Narmaya still asleep?
Vyrn: Usually she'd be up and fussing over us already.
Worried, (Captain) heads to Narmaya's room and reaches to open the door.
But just as the captain is about to touch the knob, the door opens to reveal Narmaya standing there.
Narmaya: Oh? (Captain)?
Lyria: Narmaya, are you okay? You're not sick or anything, are you?
Narmaya: No, I'm feeling just fine! I'm feeling so well, in fact, that I overslept a bit.
Narmaya: But more importantly, did you all eat breakfast? Or shall I whip something up?
Vyrn: Hahaha. Same ol' Butterfly Girl.
Vyrn is relieved, but (Captain) can't shake the feeling that there's something off about Narmaya's behavior.
After that day, Narmaya's condition seems to improve. A lot.
Be it monster hunting, shopping, or guarding a client, she handles every request with speed and finesse.
Narmaya: (Captain), (Captain)! Is there anything I can help with?
Vyrn: What the heck! What about that mission you just accepted?
Narmaya: The monster hunting mission? Hehe. I already took care of it!
Vyrn: Seriously? But thanks to you, we're all outta requests.
Narmaya: R-really? Then how about I do some shopping? Or I'd be happy to help with the cooking and cleaning!
Narmaya: Whatever happens, you can count on me. I'll take care of everything!
Lyria: Don't you think Narmaya's acting a bit odd?
Vyrn: Hmm. I've got a case of deja vu.
Lyria: She acted like this once before when someone mentioned Eahta of the Eternals.
Lyria: I'm worried something bad happened... (Captain), would you mind talking to her?
(Captain) nods and decides to speak with Narmaya the next day.
The following day, the crew make their way toward Narmaya's room.
But they have a sudden unexpected visitor.
Fif: I'm here!
Vyrn: Whoa! W-who's there!
Lyria: Fif? What brings you here?
Fif not in crew

Fif is a member of the Eternals.
She is an extremely powerful mage who joined the strongest crew in all the skies on Eahta's recommendation.
(Captain) crossed paths with her previously while working to awaken a revenant weapon.
Since then, Fif comes to visit the Grandcypher from time to time.
Fif: I came to hang out with Narmaya! I told her I would!
Lyria: You know Narmaya?
Fif: Yeah! She helped me out the other day. And then we talked about our families and got to know each other!
Fif: Hehehe. I bragged about Grampy a whole bunch!
Vyrn: Grampy? Are you talking about Eahta?
Fif: Yeah, of course! I only have the one Grampy!
Lyria: U-um, Fif... You mentioned that you and Narmaya talked about your families. When was that?
Fif tilts her head to one side and recounts the day she met Narmaya.
It was the same day that Narmaya started acting strangely.
Vyrn: Think that's the problem?
Fif: Huh? What? What's wrong? Did something happen?
Seeming to sense something wrong, Fif bombards the crew with questions, her voice full of worry.
(Captain) decides to explain the situation to her.
The captain tells Fif about Narmaya's relationship to Eahta, as well as about Narmaya's recent strange behavior. Fif's shoulders slump.
Fif: Is that true? So Narmaya's uncle is my Grampy?
Vyrn: Yeah...
Fif: No way! But Grampy's super nice!
Fif: He's not some bully who'd ignore Narmaya!
Lyria: But Narmaya doesn't seem like someone who would lie...
Fif: I didn't mean that! I could tell that just by talking to her! Narmaya's not a liar!
Vyrn: Huh? You're kinda contradicting yourself...
Fif: It's all a bunch of jumbo mumbo! I'm so confused!
Fif: Argh! I'll just go talk to Narmaya myself! That'll be the fastest way to sort all this out!
The captain nods and heads toward Narmaya's room with Fif.
(Captain) and the others approach Narmaya's room.
Lyria: Huh?
But it's empty.
At first (Captain) thinks Narmaya may have simply gone out on an errand.
But seeing the katana lying on top of the neatly made bed, the captain feels a sense of dread.
Narmaya has never once left her katana behind.
Lyria: I-I'm going to go look for her!
Fif: Me too! Let's go, (Captain)!
The crew searches the ship for Narmaya, but she's nowhere in sight.
Lyria: Oh no. Where could she be?
Fif: Hmm, (Captain), can you think of anywhere Narmaya might have gone?
  1. Maybe she went to my room?
  2. Oh...

Choose: Maybe she went to my room?

Vyrn: She does go there a lot. But she wasn't there when we looked earlier.
There is a moment of silence, and then (Captain) suddenly remembers something.
(Captain) tells the others that Narmaya might have gone to the place where they first met her.
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Choose: Oh...

Vyrn: Oh? Do you have an idea?
(Captain) tells the others that Narmaya might have gone to the place where they first met her.

Continue 1

Vyrn: We might as well check there! Not like we have any other leads.
The crew head to the mountain where they met Narmaya.
When they reach the mountain, an unbelievable scene awaits them.
The trees in the area have been snapped in two, and there are deep gouges in the ground.
And standing amidst what looks like the aftermath of a storm is none other than Narmaya.
Fif: Hey, Narmaya!
Narmaya: Fif... Everyone...
Narmaya: Oh... I'm sorry for leaving without telling you...
Vyrn: You should be sorry! We were worried about you! Why didn't you say anything?
Narmaya: I did a lot of thinking... and I realized I can't just leave things the way they are now.
Narmaya: So I decided to come back to this mountain and start over from square one.
Hearing the weariness in Narmaya's voice, (Captain) inquires as to what she's been doing.
Narmaya: I've been practicing basic forms that don't require a sword.
Fif: Ohhh. So that's why you left your katana behind.
Vyrn: Hang on! You did all this just by practicing forms?
Fif: See! You're amazing, just like I said!
Narmaya: I'm not amazing at all... I'm a complete failure...
Fif: Narmaya?
Narmaya: I don't have the right to even hold a sword. I still lack skill... I need to become stronger. Much, much stronger...
Narmaya: Stronger and stronger! I have to get stronger!
Vyrn: H-hey, Narmaya... You don't have to obsess over it so much...
Narmaya: But I'm so weak!
Lyria: T-that's not true! You're strong! You've protected us more times than I can remember!
Vyrn: Yeah! You're not weak at all!
Narmaya: But it's not enough! Zanba still won't acknowledge me!
Narmaya: Because I'm weak! Weaker than Fif! So very, very weak!
Narmaya: I'm so weak and pathetic... that I'm actually feeling jealous...
Narmaya: That's why I have to get stronger! Much, much stronger! I have to!
Lyria: N-Narmaya...
Narmaya: But I don't know how...
Narmaya: How do I become strong? I don't know what to do anymore.
Narmaya smiles weakly.
Her smile is so fragile and empty that it looks like it could shatter at any moment.
Seeing Narmaya looking so incredibly weak and pitiful, (Captain) acts without thinking.
  1. (Captain) shakes her violently.

Choose: (Captain) shakes her violently.

Narmaya: ...!
Lyria: (Captain)! W-what are you doing? I'm so sorry, Narmaya!
Fif: Hm... I don't think you need to apologize! I get how (Captain)'s feeling!
Vyrn: And how's that?
Fif: The captain wants Narmaya to snap out of it!
Fif: (Captain) and the others love you so much, Narmaya! So why do you keep hating yourself?
Narmaya: How I feel about myself has nothing to do with this...
Fif: It does too! It has everything to do with this!
Fif: If you can't figure that out, Grampy's never gonna acknowledge you!
Fif: You'll just stay really, really, reeeally weak forever!
Narmaya: What?
Fif: There's no point in talking to you right now!
Fif: So I'll just have to show you!
Fif raises her staff and begins to channel magic.
Vyrn: H-hang on! Calm down, Fif!
Fif: I can't calm down! Everyone's gonna keep being sad if nothing changes! And I don't want that!
Narmaya: Fif...
Fif: I'm gonna fight with all I've got, so you better do the same, Narmaya!
Fif: If you don't, I can't promise you won't get hurt!
Realizing that there's no use trying to stop Fif, (Captain) tosses Narmaya her katana.
Narmaya catches the sword and draws it from its scabbard, her face full of confusion.

My Precious Friend: Scene 3

Fif and Narmaya's fierce battle comes to a halt as Narmaya falls to one knee. Fif insists that Narmaya will never become strong as long as she continues to hate herself. Narmaya comes to the realization that, even if she is unable to acknowledge herself, (Captain) and the crew acknowledge her. Having found new resolve, she battles Fif once more.

Fif: Huff... Whew...
Narmaya: Huff... Urgh...
Narmaya, bewildered, does nothing but dodge Fif's attacks at first.
Finally Narmaya begins to fight back, intending to bring an end to the relentless assault, but the battle continues for quite some time.
Fif's magic transforms the terrain around them, as trees are blown away and the ground is opened up beneath their feet.
Narmaya swings her katana as she flits about like a butterfly, avoiding each and every one of Fif's cataclysmic attacks.
With a sound like the crack of a whip, a cloud floating high above them is split in two from the force of Narmaya's blow.
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
The crew watches the intense battle, speechless. There is a pause as Narmaya falls to one knee.
Fif: Whew! Okay! Do you get it now?
Narmaya: Haha. Yes... I get it...
Narmaya: I'm weak... Completely hopeless...
Fif: Grrr!
Fif: You don't get it at all, Narmaya!
Fif: I'm strong, but you're strong too!
Fif: (Captain) and the others agree! Couldn't you guys tell by watching our fight?
Vyrn: You're both crazy strong...
Fif: Yeah! Thanks! But Narmaya's weak because she won't stop hating herself!
Fif: I love myself! I love that I'm strong and awesome!
Fif: Even if Grampy didn't acknowledge me, I'd just acknowledge myself!
Fif: And that's why I'm strong! Way stronger than Narmaya!
Narmaya: Acknowledge... myself? Love... myself?
Fif: Hey, Narmaya... Grampy's not the only one who doesn't acknowledge you. You don't either, do you?
Narmaya appears confused at Fif's words.
Narmaya: I don't... acknowledge myself?
Narmaya: I'm supposed to... acknowledge myself?
Narmaya: I can't do that. I've never even considered it before.
Fif: Then you can just start now!
Fif: And if it's too hard, I know an easier way!
Narmaya: What's that?
Fif: Hehehe...
Fif grins and points at (Captain).
Fif: (Captain)! Everyone!
Fif: Do you love Narmaya?
Narmaya: Huh?
Vyrn: T-this is kinda sudden...
Fif: Do you love her?
  1. We love Narmaya!

Choose: We love Narmaya!

Narmaya: W-what?
Fif: See? They love you! And I love you too!
Fif: If you can't love yourself on your own, you should love yourself because we all love you!
Fif: If you can't acknowledge yourself on your own, you should acknowledge yourself because we all acknowledge you!
Vyrn: There you go contradicting yourself again.
Lyria: No! I understand!
Lyria: I love you and acknowledge you, Narmaya!
Lyria: I love you, so I want you to love yourself too!
Narmaya: Lyria... (Captain)...
Narmaya: I should love myself because you all love me?
Narmaya: H-hehehe... Hahaha...
Narmaya: That doesn't make any sense. Hahaha. I don't understand.
Fif: Grrr! Do I have to slap sense into you?
Narmaya: You might have to. I just don't get what you're saying. I don't get any of it.
Narmaya: It's true that I've always hated myself. And I've always refused to acknowledge myself.
Narmaya: But it's not that easy to change. Even now, I just can't acknowledge myself.
Narmaya: But since you all acknowledge me, I may be able to learn to as well.
Narmaya: Please, Fif! Fight me one more time!
Fif: Hehehe! You sure about that? I'm strong, you know!
Narmaya: Hehehe. Yes, I know!
Narmaya: But I'm going to acknowledge my own strength! Because all of you do!
Narmaya: I'm... I'm strong too!
Fif: Hahaha! I know!

My Precious Friend: Scene 4

"You all love me, so I will love myself!" Narmaya shouts as she slices through Fif's magic, winning the battle. Narmaya thanks Fif and (Captain) for acknowledging her and restoring her confidence. Fif suggests that Narmaya should try meeting with Eahta next.

Narmaya thinks to herself as she dodges Fif's shower of fierce attacks.
Narmaya: (Why?)
Narmaya: (It was so simple. Why didn't I realize it sooner?)
Fif: If you can't love yourself on your own, you should love yourself because we all love you!
Lyria: I love you, so I want you to love yourself too!
Narmaya: (I've been too focused on Zanba all this time.)
Narmaya: (I was so busy chasing after him that I lost sight of myself.)
Narmaya: (Even if he won't acknowledge me, there are so many people who will!)
Narmaya: (And that's why...)
Narmaya: You all love me, so I will love myself!
Narmaya: I love myself! I'm strong!
Narmaya's blade slices cleanly through Fif's magic.
Fif grins and starts to cast another spell.
But she falls over, exhausted.
Fif: Whew... I'm all worn out...
Vyrn: Wow, Butterfly Girl! You beat an Eternal!
Fif: I didn't lose! I'm just taking a little break! I didn't lose, you hear me?
Fif: But... Hehehe.
Fif: You really are strong, Narmaya.
Narmaya: Hehehe. That's right. You acknowledged my strength, so it must be true.
Narmaya smiles, then turns to the crew and lowers her head.
Narmaya: I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm sorry for everything.
Narmaya: Somewhere in my heart I always doubted that you actually acknowledged me.
Narmaya: But I think I can believe you now.
Narmaya: And that's all thanks to you, Fif. (Captain).
Narmaya: Thank you.
Vyrn: Hehehe. Don't worry about it! We're just glad you finally figured it out!
Fif: Hehehe! We can put all this behind us now!
Fif: So let's go visit Grampy sometime!
Narmaya: Huh?
Fif: You still want to see him, right, Narmaya?
Narmaya: Well... That's true, but...
Fif: Then just leave it to me! I'll go get Grampy!
Fif: I wanna know why he was so mean to you!
Narmaya: B-but...
Fif: Don't worry! I'll take care of everything!
Fif hops to her feet and darts off.
Vyrn: Awesome! You finally get to see him again!
Narmaya: Y-yes. But I never imagined it would be under these circumstances.
Narmaya: I'm a bit nervous.
  1. We're here for you!
  2. It'll be fine!

Choose: We're here for you!

Narmaya: Hehe... Thank you, (Captain).
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: It'll be fine!

Narmaya: If (Captain) says it, it must be true.
Narmaya: Hehehe. Yeah, it'll be fine!

Continue 1

Narmaya: Okay, time for me to get my thoughts in order!
Thanks to (Captain) and the others, Narmaya has taken her first step toward loving herself for who she is.
And she has finally been given the opportunity to see Eahta again.
Narmaya awaits the day of their reunion, full of both excitement and nervousness.