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Remember: Customer First

Word of customers collapsing due to Narmaya's cakes sends the bakery's revenue into the red for that day. Narmaya's unorthodox method of baking cakes—with her sisterly love as the secret ingredient—seems to have been the cause. Ferry consoles the depressed Narmaya by saying that last year's sales turned out well despite a rough start; they strategize for the next day's sales.

Early in the day, the confectionery had been packed to the brim with cake-hungry customers.
But after they are seen passed out on the ground outside, no one else dares to visit the shop, putting the patissier in the red.
That night, Narmaya has her head down on a desk in a drawing room aboard the Grandcypher.
Narmaya: Sniff...
Narmaya: My wrapping was ugly... My greetings were awful...
Narmaya: I was too pushy with the customers... I was too slow in handing out the cake...
Narmaya: And worst of all... They all collapsed in the end...
Narmaya: I'm just lucky they came to their senses by closing time...
Narmaya: Sigh... Why did things turn out this way...
Ferry: (I'd heard stories about this from (Captain)... She really does scold herself when something goes wrong...)
Ferry: (She hasn't been so down ever since the confidence boost she got from coming to terms with her past... This must be so hard for her.)
Ferry: Um, Narmaya?
Narmaya: Ferry... I'm sorry about what happened today... I messed it all up...
Ferry: No, no, you did great. You should be proud.
Fugee & Nicola: ...!
Narmaya: Fugee, Nicola, it's nice to have you cheering me up too. I really appreciate it, everyone...
Ferry: What I don't understand is how that could have happened to the customers when you did such a fantastic job, Narmaya.
Narmaya: Erm, well... I put in so much preparation just for today.
Narmaya: But helping out at a shop was something I'd never done before...
Narmaya: So I thought I'd try to act like I always do with (Captain).
Ferry: How do you act with (Captain)...
Narmaya: I guess... like this. Ferry, say "ahh."
Narmaya transports a forkful of leftover cake into Ferry's mouth.
Ferry: Ah! Mmph...
Ferry: Nom... Nom...
Ferry: Mng! Ahhh!
Ferry covers her mouth as she buckles onto the ground.
Ferry: (I don't even have to chew. A gentle flick of my tongue is enough to make the spongy cake melt in my mouth...)
Ferry: (The irresistibly soft cream tickles the insides of my mouth...)
Ferry: Pure bliss...
As an indescribable joy racks her very being, a change begins to take place in her body.
Narmaya: So how do you like it?
Ferry: (Wh-what is this I'm feeling... My heart's beating really fast... My face is all hot...)
Narmaya: Oh, you got some cream on your mouth, Ferry. Here, let me wipe it off for you!
Ferry: O-okay...
Narmaya: Oh, why don't you drink some of this water too! There, that's a good girl!
Ferry: (I-I can't resist... Narmaya's too strong...)
Ferry continues to be pampered to the core, until she eventually regains her senses.
Ferry: Ngh... Wheeze... Narmaya... You did this for the customers too?
Narmaya: Only for you and (Captain), since you two are special. I wouldn't go this far for a typical customer.
Ferry: Whew, that's a relief... The cake was definitely delicious, but something seemed strange about it—as if there's a secret ingredient.
Narmaya: Ehehe, so you noticed? It uses special chocolate I picked up from Chocolae Island.
Narmaya: The more you think about the person you're giving it to, the tastier it gets! It's even called satyrion chocolate.
Ferry: Satyrion chocolate? It gets tastier if you think about the other person? That's so weird...
Narmaya: This past Valentine's, I made a cake for (Captain) using similar ingredients.
Narmaya: (Captain) loved it and complimented me so much.
Narmaya: So I kept our captain in my thoughts the entire time while making today's batch.
Narmaya: But I spoiled it all...
Ferry: More like you spoiled the customers...
Narmaya: Sigh... I'm no good at this. I need to figure out where I went wrong...
Ferry: Wait, wait, there's no need for you to do this alone.
Narmaya: Huh?
Ferry: You see, I had tons of trouble selling cake last year.
Ferry: But thanks to Metera, I managed to pull through okay.
Ferry: Two heads are always better than one. Let's think of a solution together, Narmaya.
Narmaya: Ferry... You're such a dear little sister!
The pair stay up until the wee hours of the night, discussing how they might do things better for the following day.

Remember: Customer First: Scene 2

After the previous day's cake fiasco, Narmaya plays it safe by baking regular cakes, but that only results in more poor sales. As Ferry and Narmaya wallow in disappointment, Ferry's ghostly pets choose this time to drag their master into a play session. Narmaya comes to a realization as she watches this display of affection, and she eagerly returns to the Grandcypher with an idea.

After a night of reflection, Narmaya is ready to man the storefront again.
Customer 1: Hello, Narmaya! I'm back for another cake!
Customer 2: Ooh, it's those premium cakes I've been hearing about! I'll have one too, miss!
Customer 3: Me too, please! My buddy tells me this is the stuff of dreams!
Narmaya: Why, thank you all! I hope the cake suits your tastes!
Customer 1: Yay! I can't wait to get back home and eat this!
Customer 2: Hehe, lemme sneak a small bite to tide me over...
Customer 3: Wha? This tastes like plain ol' cake to me. I guess all those rumors were blown outta proportion.
Narmaya: Um...
Ferry: I'm sorry to say this, Narmaya... But while this cake is unbelievably delicious, that also makes it dangerous.
Ferry: Can you try making it without having (Captain) in your thoughts?
Narmaya: Hrm... I think that's manageable.
Narmaya: I, er... tried changing up the ingredients a bit.
Customer 1: Aw... Phooey...
Ferry: Um, would you like to try a different cake? We have many different kinds...
Customer 2: Nah, I think I'm good. Thanks again.
Customer 3: I heard the customer service here was unique too... Meh, can't really trust the rumors these days, can ya...
Ferry & Narmaya: H-have a nice day...
Ferry & Narmaya: ...
Ferry & Narmaya: ...
Narmaya: Phew...
Ferry: Good work, Narmaya. We finished the day without incident.
Ferry: The shopkeep's really relieved to know that no customers passed out today.
Narmaya: But we're in the red again...
Ferry: Oh... Yeah, you're right.
Narmaya: Also, I can't figure out why the customers today looked displeased.
Ferry: Well, from their reactions, I'd say they were looking for a more personal touch in both the cake and your service.
Ferry: Which explains their disappointment when we couldn't deliver.
Narmaya: But if we go back to the way I did things on the first day...
Ferry: We'd have even more customers collapsing on us, which is the opposite of what we want...
Ferry & Narmaya: Sigh...
Beppo: ...!
Ferry: What is it, Beppo? Did you think of a good idea?
Fugee & Nicola: ...!
Ferry: Ahaha, that tickles. We're having a serious conversation right now. I'll play with you later, okay?
Geegee & Momo: ...!
Ferry: You too? Oh, all right. You win.
Ferry: Sorry, Narmaya, but I need to make time for them. Can we talk later?
Narmaya: Haha, of course! They must've felt so lonely today. Give them all the time they need.
Ferry: Beppo, come here. You just love it when I rub your back, don't you?
Beppo: ...!
Ferry: Fugee, Nicola, join us. Haha, I love you all.
Fugee & Nicola: ...!
Momo: ...!
Ferry: Whoa, slow down there! Here's your favorite toy. Catch!
Momo: ...!
Ferry: Attaghost! You wanna try it too, Geegee?
Geegee: ...!
Ferry: Ahaha, okay then! Catch!
Narmaya: (Ferry and her pets look so happy...)
Narmaya: (I find it amazing how she knows what each and every one of them wants.)
Narmaya: (It goes to show how much she cares for them, allowing her to better cater to each of their needs).
Narmaya: (Just like I cater to (Captain)'s needs...)
Narmaya: Cater to (Captain)'s needs?
Ferry: Hm? What's wrong, Narmaya? Did something happen?
Narmaya: I've got it, Ferry! I've got it!
Ferry: ...?
Narmaya: Your big sis here just had a eureka moment! Now I have the perfect solution!
Narmaya: It's all thanks to you and your pets, Ferry!
Ferry: Um... You're welcome?
Narmaya: I have to test out my theory right away! I'm going back to the Grandcypher!
Narmaya: See you tomorrow!
Ferry: Uh... Okay... See you tomorrow...
Ferry's Pets: ...?
Ferry: Don't ask me... I have no idea what that was about either.

Remember: Customer First: Scene 3

Despite the baker's safety concerns, Narmaya goes back to selling the same cakes that caused customers to collapse. This time she tailors the shopping experience to each customer's preference, and the cakes sell out without incident until a pair of rowdy hooligans demand more be baked. Narmaya lets her sword do the talking.

The following morning before the shop opens...
Narmaya puffs out her chest, eager to start the day.
Narmaya: Leave it to Big Sis Narmaya to make this our best day yet!
Ferry: Uh... By the way, what did you end up doing last night after you went back?
Narmaya: Heheh, I made this! Ta-da!
Ferry: Isn't this... the same kind of cake you made on the first day? The kind containing satyrion chocolate?
Narmaya: Mm-hm, I'm going to try selling these today. If that's okay with our patissier.
Patissier: Wha? Er... I'm not sure if that's...
Narmaya: I promise it'll be fine! I made doubly sure!
Ferry: Narmaya...
Ferry: I can vouch for her.
Ferry: When something doesn't go right, Narmaya is the type of person to really reflect on where she went wrong.
Ferry: She won't make the same mistake twice.
Narmaya: Ferry!
Patissier: If you trust her that much... then I will too.
Narmaya: Thank you! I promise to get your profits back on track... No, I'll do you one better! I'll sell every last cake!
Ferry: Yeah, we can do this. Let's go.
Immediately after opening up shop, Narmaya is already enthusiastically calling in customers left and right.
Narmaya: Hello there! How would you like some premium cake for the holidays?
Customer 1: Premium cake... I see you've got other kinds too. Wait a sec, this is the place I've been hearin' about...
Customer 2: Actually, the latest word is that this shop is just like any other.
Customer 2: Achoo!
Narmaya: Are you feeling cold, miss? Here, why don't you put on this sleeved blanket while you're in here?
Customer 2: Huh? Uh, gee, thanks...
Narmaya: Not at all! And if you start to feel hot, I can hold your coat for you! Feel free to call for me anytime!
Narmaya: Enjoy your time browsing the cakes!
Customer 1: Th-thank you...
Patissier: Uh-oh, she's pampering the customers again... This is gonna end up just like the first day...
Ferry: Not exactly.
Patissier: Hm?
Customer 1: My, these premium cakes do look nice...
Narmaya: Why don't you try a bite? We made plenty for sampling too!
Customer 1: Okay... Thanks! Munch! Mm! It's delicious!
Customer 2: That good, huh? Let me have a sample too!
Narmaya: Of course! Here you go! We have plenty of delightful cakes of the more standard variety as well!
Customer 3: You have anything that's not sweet? I'm not exactly big on whipped cream...
Narmaya: We sure do! Can I interest you in the green tea cake or low-sugar cake?
Customer 4: Miss, is there any chance we can eat here? I really wanna just take it easy and—
Narmaya: I'll set up a space for you right away! One moment, please!
Customer 4: What the... Where'd she go!
Narmaya: Here's your bench and table! I brought you a terry blanket too, just in case you start to feel cold.
Customer 4: How? When did you... Either way, you're amazing, miss! Thanks a bunch!
Customer 2: Well, whaddya know! The rumor mill was right about this place being one-of-a-kind!
Customer 1: This premium cake is really something else! The fluffy cream's as nice and sweet as our friendly clerk, bringing happiness to the inside of my mouth!
Customer 2: The other cakes are quite good too! I'm going to buy a bunch!
Patissier: My goodness... The cakes are flying off the shelves!
Ferry: Haha, there's no problem with the premium cakes or our service today. Thankfully, the customers aren't passing out either.
Patissier: I'm still trying to wrap my head around where she got the bench and table from...
Patissier: But more importantly, we need to do our part too!
The shop has a fantastic day, selling out of all cakes.
After closing hours, the patissier bows his head to Narmaya and Ferry in gratitude.
Patissier: I can't thank you two enough! I wasn't expecting to sell out two years in a row!
Ferry: I didn't do much though... It was Narmaya's efforts that made all the difference.
Narmaya: Nuh-uh. The credit goes to you and your pets, Ferry.
Ferry: Huh?
Narmaya: Do you remember how you were all playing last night? That gave me the spark I needed.
Narmaya: Catering to each customer's needs is what really matters.
Ferry: You mentioned that yesterday too... What exactly did you mean?
Narmaya: I didn't consider the customers at all before...
Narmaya: The whole time, I had (Captain) in my head while making the cakes...
Narmaya: That's why I made sure to keep the customers in mind while baking the latest batch of satyrion chocolate cakes!
Narmaya: And as a clerk, I was more mindful of not treating every customer as if they were (Captain)!
Narmaya: And the rest is history! I owe it all to you, Ferry.
Ferry: Hehe, I see... But I still think you're amazing, Narmaya.
Ferry: Learning from your mistakes and then making such a huge comeback isn't something anyone can do.
Narmaya: Ehehe, you think so?
Ferry: Definitely.
Ferry & Narmaya: Hahaha...
Ferry: What is it?
Punk 1: Sup... Burp... So this is the place people won't stop yappin' about, eh?
Punk 2: Welp, how 'bout y'all show us some of that prized cake and quality service? Don't keep us waitin' now.
Patissier: M-my apologies, but we've sold out... Not to mention it's already past closing hours.
Punk 2: We ain't here for yer damn excuses! Bring out the cake already! Or is this how ya treat yer customers!
Narmaya: You reek of alcohol... You must've had a few too many drinks...
Punk 1: Heck no, we ain't tipsy! Geez, what's a man gotta do to get some cake around here!
Punk 2: Ya either bring out the goods, or yer gonna be sorry! Move it!
Patissier: Aiiee!
Narmaya: Sigh... I didn't want to do this, but you two need to cool down.
Ferry: ...
Narmaya: Ferry?
Ferry: Ah, sorry. Let's kick these troublemakers out. Everyone ready?
Fugee & Nicola: ...!

Remember: Customer First: Scene 4

The hooligans explain they'd drowned their sorrows with drinks after finding out that all the cakes had sold out, leading to a lapse in judgment. After being promised cakes on another day, they go on their merry way. Having learned valuable lessons about customer service, Ferry and Narmaya continue to sell out of cakes for the rest of the holiday season.

Punks: Gwaah...
Narmaya: That should calm you down a bit.
Punk 1: S-sorry for the trouble... And thanks fer breakin' me outta my drunken stupor...
Punk 2: I'll admit we knocked back a few too many... All we wanted was a bit o' cake though...
Narmaya: That badly?
Punk 1: Hehe... Truth is, we've been big fans of this place since last year.
Ferry: Last year? Ah, you're the ones who came in here chatting me and Metera up!
Punk 2: Wait a sec... I thought I knew your face! You were here last year too!
Narmaya: Huh? You know each other?
Ferry nods and comments on the events of the previous year.
The punks had failed miserably in their attempt to charm Ferry and Metera.
Metera gave them a harsh scolding and forced them to buy large amounts of cake.
Punk 1: And guess what? We ended up totally fallin' for that cake.
Ferry: Ahaha... I never would have imagined...
Punk 2: We came earlier today, but it was too packed... Went to the bar instead to drown out our frustrations.
Punk 1: Then folks who did get to buy cake came waltzin' in blabberin' about how good the stuff is.
Punk 1: Since we were already feelin' woozy, it was a snap decision to come bargin' in to yer shop...
Narmaya: I'm touched that you care so much about our cake...
Punk 2: Real sorry fer the trouble. We'll be good boys and come back tomorrow.
Punk 1: But considerin' how good their sales are, it might just be a repeat of today...
Narmaya: Not a problem! I'll set some cake aside for you two!
Punk 1: Y-you can do that?
Narmaya: Would that be okay, shopkeep?
Patissier: Er, well, it's not exactly a service we offer, but I suppose I can make an exception...
Punk 2: Really? You guys just made my day! Thanks a ton!
Narmaya: Haha. Glad to hear it. I'll be waiting.
Punks: 'Preciate it!
The punks leave the shop in high spirits.
Ferry: Sigh... What a rowdy bunch.
Narmaya: I'm just glad they'll be able to enjoy some cake too.
Patissier: Narmaya... I'm really touched!
Narmaya: Huh?
Patissier: You've shown me the true meaning of quality customer service... And that it can extend to the most uncouth of shoppers!
Patissier: From providing food samples to preparing seating, blankets, and hanging their coats... You even thought to set cake aside—all in the heat of the moment!
Patissier: I've learned so much!
Patissier: Even when your work is done here, I promise to continue practicing everything you've taught me!
Ferry: That sounds great. I'm sure your customers will be pleased.
Narmaya: Mm-hm! They'll love this shop like never before!
Ferry: Hahaha... I'm really glad I asked you, Narmaya... Let's do our best tomorrow too.
Narmaya: Of course! What a great team we make!
The two exchange warm smiles, the bond between them growing ever stronger.
For the duration of their work period, they continue to sell out of cake every single day.