Scenario:Nemone - Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness

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Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness

One sunny day, Nemone invites the crew to come out and play. Although the crew finds it difficult to hold a logical conversation with her, she surprisingly converses well enough with monsters to befriend them. When Nemone reveals that she actually does not speak their tongue, the dumbfounded monsters attack in anger.

One sunny day, Nemone asks (Captain) and the others to come out and play.
The crew agrees, and Nemone takes them to a quiet plain.
Nemone: Hey! Hey! Lyria! Let's play catch! Go long!
Vyrn: Jeez, she didn't wait for a chat at all, just went straight into playing catch...
Lyria: Heehee, but she always acts like this. I'd be worried if she didn't.
Vyrn: Well, I suppose you have a point there. It is classic Nemone!
Nemone: Waaah! I-it's a monster!
Vyrn: What? Really?
The party rushes over to the commotion only to find...
Nemone: Rawrarawrr!
Demonic Dog: Groargh? Grooargh!
Nemone: Rawraaawr! Rawrrr.
Demonic Dog: Groargh.
The monster and Nemone seem to strike up a friendly conversation.
Vyrn: Umm... What just happened?
Nemone: Rawrawr!
Demonic Dog: Grawraw!
Lyria: It looks like... she's talking to the monster?
Vyrn: That's incredible, Nemone! You can speak monster?
Nemone: Of course not! I'm a person, I only speak People.
Monster: Groargh?
Vyrn: What the—you're as happy-go-lucky as ever! Even the monster's taken aback!
Monster: Groaargh! Grrrr!
Vyrn: Waah, now you've made it mad!
Nemone: Oh hey look! There's a pretty butterfly!
Vyrn: Don't try and change the subject! Shouldn't we deal with this monster first?
Nemone: Nah, no use sweating over that now, it's in the past!
Vyrn: Not yet it isn't! It's coming this way!
Nemone: All right then! Don't panic, just leave it to me!

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 2

Nemone reconciles with the monsters after the battle, and sends them back to the forest. A little girl who was watching them from afar pleads with Nemone to teach her how to converse with monsters. Nemone concedes and the crew heads toward the girl's village, which is a shambles. The villagers explain that monsters periodically show up to wreak havoc on the town. Thankfully, the crew is present to stop their next onslaught.

Demonic Dog: Grrooargh...
Nemone: H-hey! Who did this to you, you're hurt!
Vyrn: It was you! What's with this selective memory...
Nemone: Heehee, just having a little joke. Really, I am sorry, please don't be mad, rawrawwr!
Nemone produces some herbs and heals the monster's injuries.
Demonic Dog: Grargh?
Nemone: Rawrawrr! Raawr!
Demonic Dog: Woof!
The monster seems pleased and leaves, its tail wagging.
Nemone: See ya!
Lyria: Umm, Nemone? So you could talk to the monster after all?
Nemone: Heehee!
Nemone simply flashes her usual carefree smile without answering. Suddenly, a young girl can be heard from behind them.
Girl: Umm, excuse me, miss! Please teach me!
Nemone: Huh? Teach you? What's wrong, little girl?
Girl: I want to learn to speak to monsters! Please teach me!
Vyrn: Hmm, that sounds way too dangerous, we should probably tell her no.
Nemone: Oh yeah, totally dangerous. Aren't you afraid of the dangers?
Girl: But... But...
Nemone looks into the girl's eyes and smiles gently. All of a sudden she bends down and tickles her sides.
Nemone: Coochie-coochie-coo! This is a daily part of training under the great Nemone! Can you handle it?
Girl: Hehe, hehehe! I can! I will—prffft—endure it!
Nemone: Heehee, oh yeah? Then let's start right away!
Nemone: Right after having something tasty to eat, I mean! My stomach's growling in its own language!
Nemone: Why don't you show us where you live?
Girl: Y-yes, of course! Right this way!
Vyrn: Hey, can you really take responsibility for her as her mentor?
Nemone: Yeah, it's fine, it's fine! Besides, she reminds me of my own dear little sister.
Nemone: Although they're nothing alike! She came to me so she's clearly very intelligent, plus she's pretty cute, right?
Nemone: Though... Maybe it's not as simple as that...
Lyria: What do you mean, Nemone?
Nemone: Oh, nothing much. We should hurry after her though, before we lose her!
Nemone runs off after the girl. The crew, still confused, continue after her.
After a short while, the party arrives at a village in ruins.
Vyrn: Wh-what the... This place is a mess...
Girl: Hey everyone, I'm back! And don't worry, I'm going to talk to the monsters!
Villager 1: What are you talking about, you can't do something so dangerous...
Lyria: Umm, can you tell us what happened here? We might be able to help you.
Villager 3: A large horde of monsters suddenly attacked the village.
Villager 3: Our own militia were no match for them, and they laid waste to our homes.
Nemone: Hmm, I see...
Villager 2: Oh no! The monster horde! They've returned!
Lyria: Oh no, we have to protect them, (Captain)!
With weapon unsheathed, (Captain) nods and gets ready to face the monster horde.

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 3

Having successfully fended off the monster attack, Nemone invites the girl out for training. She quickly learns to befriend monsters and also notices that human deforestation of the surrounding area has destroyed their home. They suggest co-existing with the monsters to the village chief, who angrily orders the guards to throw Nemone out of the village.

Village Chief: Thank you so much, travelers.
Village Chief: We could never repay you for what you've done, but please stay a while.
Nemone: Well all right then, sounds like it's time to start your training! Let's go!
Girl: Y-yes of course! Wait for me!
Village Chief: Oh, err...?
Vyrn: Yeah, you're better off not questioning it. That's just Nemone.
Village Chief: I see... Well then, let me show you to the inn...
The party arrives at about the same time as Nemone and the girl, who were having a foot race.
Nemone: Looks like I win again! Come on, give it your all next time!
Girl: N-not fair! You just have longer legs than me, Nemone!
Girl: And this isn't training! We're just playing!
Girl: Please! I want you to teach me! Properly!
Nemone: Whoa, you sure are taking this seriously! Being depended on like this sure takes me back...
Nemone: Okay then, here's the monster I befriended the other day, his name is Rex Woofington.
Rex Woofington: Woof!
Girl: Eek!
Nemone: Don't worry! I'm here, we're just going to play a little. You know nothing bad will happen while I'm here!
Girl: Nemone's here... We're just going to play...
A little while later, Rex Woofington and the girl become fast friends.
Girl: Ahaha! Look, come here, Mister Woofington!
Rex Woofington: Woof woof!
Nemone: Hey, let's play hide and seek! You're it! Me and Rex Woofington will hide!
Girl: Ah, wait up! Nemone! Rexy! Where'd you go?
Nemone and Rex Woofington seemingly disappear in an instant. The girl looks around at her surroundings.
Girl: Ah...
The girl notices that a forest nearby has been almost entirely cut down by human hands.
Girl: The forest has been destroyed too... Did we... ruin your homes first?
Vyrn: Nemone! You're late! The sun's going down, you need to stop playing now!
Nemone: Aww, but I'm not even a little bit tired. I wanna carry on playing!
Lyria: N-Nemone? Where did you come from?
Nemone: Heehee, I'm baaack!
Girl: Me too...
Village Chief: Oh, you're both here. Welcome back. Let us get the feast underway.
Nemone: Hey there, Chief! This village is so big and spacious! It must be nice to live here.
Village Chief: Haha, why thank you. The number of villagers has been increasing so we had to expand recently. We cleared an area of forest over there.
Girl: Umm... Mister Chief? Was that really OK? Didn't we ruin the monsters' homes?
Village Chief: Hmm?
Girl: Do you think that's what made the monsters so mad?
Villager 1: That's an interesting theory. But monsters just get riled up from time to time, I'm sure it's a coincidence.
Village Chief: Well, even so, what do you think we should have done? We needed the extra space for all these people.
As the chief blusteringly explains his point, the door suddenly bursts open and Rex Woofington jumps in.
Villager 2: What! A monster?
Rex Woofington: Woof!
Rex leaps upon the young girl, and starts licking her face.
Girl: Eeheehee, that tickles! Stop it, Rex Woofington!
Villager 1: Th-this is... What is going on here?
Girl: Do you see, Chief? Why can't we live together with the monsters like this?
Girl: Monsters can be good! They're not all bad! Just because some of them are bad, it doesn't mean we can't try living with them, right?
Village Chief: Wh-what? What an idiotic thing to say! This is our village!
Village Chief: L-living together with monsters! Preposterous! Such childish notions!
Girl: Eek!
The chief, in his rage, goes to strike the young girl.
Rex Woofington: Grr!
However, Rex Woofington leaps in front of her and protects her from the blow.
Villager 2: Th-the monster protected her? How can this be...
Nemone: And yet it happened, so what do you think? Are you going to take her a little more seriously now?
Village Chief: Not at all! Monsters are still far too dangerous to be kept around! In fact, I'll call the guards at once!
Village Chief: Her ideas are nothing more than childish fantasy! Anyone who agrees with her is free to leave with her! Guards!
Nemone: Jeez, people can be so thick-headed. I'm sure everyone would get along a lot better if it weren't for people like him.
Vyrn: Well, I don't think we're going to convince them of anything right now.
Vyrn: Let's give them a chance to cool off, (Captain)!
Nemone: Yeah, (Captain)! We'll cool them down by force!

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 4

To prove that monster coexistence is no mere pipe dream, Nemone and the girl demonstrate their playfulness with the monsters who attacked earlier. Upon seeing this for himself, the village chief can no longer deny the possibility of fruitful coexistence and agrees to give it a try. When the crew commends her for saving the village, the girl, and the monsters, an embarrassed Nemone scampers back to the airship in her usual carefree manner.

Nemone: There you go! Have you cooled off yet?
As Nemone speaks, a woman runs in looking terrified.
Villager 3: Monsters! They're attacking the village!
Nemone: It's time to show them the results of your training, little girl...
The girl nods and they head outside together.
Village Chief: W-wait!
The rest of the crew rush out to find a most peculiar sight...
Girl: There, there...
The girl and Nemone are playing around with the monsters.
Village Chief: Wh-what are you doing? Surely...
Nemone: I know, crazy, right? They're letting their guard down around us...
Nemone: Heehee! Come and play, everyone! I'm not joking around!
Villager 1: Th-that does look like fun...
Girl: It's fine! They're big softies, really! Come on!
The villagers, accepting the girl's assurances, start petting and playing with the monsters. The chief lets out a sigh.
Village Chief: I suppose I was too set in my ways...
Village Chief: I'm sorry, skyfarers. Please forgive my rudeness.
Nemone: Hmm, luckily I've already forgotten all about it!
Nemone: So I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing to apologize for!
Village Chief: Hohoho... What an interesting person.
Village Chief: Maybe we can live alongside the monsters happily after all...
Girl: Yay! So the monsters will be OK?
Village Chief: Well, it's worth a try. This village can be for us, and for the monsters too.
Nemone: Whoa... That's crazy... I never thought this would happen.
Vyrn: Hehe, I think this was your plan all along, Nemone!
Nemone: A-ack!
Lyria: You're so kind, Nemone. Maybe you were hoping for this!
Nemone: No! No no no! That would be ridiculous! I just did everything in my usual carefree way!
Vyrn: It was carefree, sure, but you thought of everything and did what was best! You're amazing, Nemone!
(Captain), agreeing with Vyrn and Lyria, praises Nemone.
Nemone: Wait wait wait, stop! Stop right there, boys and girls! Look at me!
Lyria: Wow, you're bright red! What happened?
Nemone: I'm so embarassed you realized what I was doing that I can't stop blushing...
Nemone: It's something that only my sisters have ever seen. Anyway, time to run!
Nemone: See ya!
Nemone runs off toward the town gate.
Vyrn: Hehehe! She might look carefree, but she's actually super caring, ain't she?
(Captain) smiles and nods. Then they all begin to chase after Nemone.
While Nemone acts in a carefree, happy-go-lucky manner, the crew have come to understand her true personality—one of consideration and thoughtfulness for others.