Scenario:Nene - Take as it Comes

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Take as it Comes

The crew watches a mysterious exchange between Nene and Yae, and is surprised at the relationship of mutual trust that the two have between them. However, Nene seems to have lost confidence in herself as a mother. (Captain) and the crew head toward a town to help Nene chose a present for Yae, but suddenly, a horse and cart barrels toward the crew, and Nene becomes furious at the man holding the reins.

As the ship sails through the afternoon wind, boisterous chatter echoes across the ship’s cozy deck.
Nene: You gotta be kidding me, Yae! Are you for real?
Yae: Yeah, I thought it was that, but it turned out to be that.
Nene: No, no, it wasn’t that. You mean THAT.
Yae: Huh? It wasn’t that?
Nene: No, not that! That!
Vyrn: This is making me dizzy. A whole conversation about different thats. Do they even understand each other?
Lyria: Hee hee... Nene and Yae are really close.
Vyrn: Well, sure, but that doesn't make it okay! I mean, c'mon!
As the two go back and forth like this, Nene hears the commotion and approaches (Captain).
Nene: My, my, Captain, you have been staring at me for quite some time, you little lech, you!
Vyrn: Nuh-uh! We were just noticing that you two are really close!
Vyrn: Isn't that right, (Captain)?
  1. Yeah,! And it's cool that you dress the same.
  2. No, it's just that leopard print is...interesting!

Choose: Yeah,! And it's cool that you dress the same.
Nene: Y’all are right, Yae is the joy of my life. We are very close.
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Choose: No, it's just that leopard print is...interesting!
Nene: You got a good eye, Captain!
Continue 1
Nene: Ya know, this is the traditional garb of people from our home village.
Nene: We wear it to remind us to be happy and strong, like the hearty, healthy animals we have there.
Yae: Ha ha, yeah! Do you like it? Rarr! Grarr!
Lyria: Wow, really? Your home village sounds like very lovely.
Nene: It's a small island off to the west, and everyone there takes pride in where they're from. It really is a great place.
Yae: Yeah, and THAT is the best! And Momma’s is best of all!
Nene: When you say "that," you mean...THAT?
Yae: Mm-mm, no... The only that I can think of is THAT.
Nene: Haha, well yeah, obviously. That’s how I stole your daddy’s heart, too. Your momma’s is the best that in the skies!
Vyrn: Oh geez, not this again! You can't have a whole conversation with just “that”!
Lyria: Um... Nene, what exactly is this "that" you keep talking about?
Nene: Oh, that? It’s one of our island’s traditional dishes.
Nene: You take some flour and mix it up with eggs and seafood stock until you get a paste. Then you sizzle it up in a pan.
Vyrn: Whoa, now THAT sounds delicious!
Lyria: Ooh, I'd like to try it, too!
Nene: Would you now? Hmm, okay...then why don’t y’all come with me?
With that, Nene drags the party to a certain town.
Lyria: But was it really okay to leave Yae on the ship?
Vyrn: Yeah...she was wailing like a banshee.
Nene: We’re better off without her.
Lyria: What?
Nene: Look, I know we came to buy ingredients for that, but my real mission is to buy a birthday present for Yae.
Vyrn: For real? You should've told us sooner!
Nene: Haha, I’m happy to hear that. Now get over here Vyrnie, and help me choose a present.
Nene: I’m ashamed to say it...but I'm so busy looking for my husband, I have given Yae any of the attention she deserves.
Nene: So I have no idea what she'd like.
Vyrn: Heh heh... So you can have a whole conversation made up of the word “that”, but you don’t know what she likes?
Nene: Haha. Terrible, aren't I? I'm a failure as a mother.
Lyria: No! You're not a fail—
Nene: Lyria, look out!
Nene’s sharp observation saves our heroes from injury, but...
A wagon suddenly comes crashing into the party’s line.
Nene: Ya klutz! Watch where you're going!
Ruffian: Eh? Who’re you yelling at, Granny?
Nene: Who’re you callin' Granny? I'm a nice young woman, I'll have you know!
Her expression suddenly goes dark.
Nene: Ugh, you stink! Totally reek of alcohol! Are you drunk, mister?
Ruffian: Guh heh heh, the cat’s out of the bag, eh?
Nene: Ugh, you disgust me! You shouldn't be drinking and driving that wagon! Take that!

Take as it Comes: Scene 2

After the cart driver regains consciousness, he admits that he had a hard time keeping himself awake, because he drank a large cup of delicious hot milk and afterwards he felt so cozy and warm that he fell asleep at the wheel. After being chastised for his silly behavior by Nene, the man reflects meekly and thanks her for scolding him like a mother would. Nene, having regained a little of her confidence as a mother, picks an item from the man's cargo to take back to Yae. But, on the way back, monsters swoop down and attack the crew, trampling all over the present.

Nene: Wow, we really sandpapered him.
Nene: That was mean, Captain, very mean. I know he’s a no-account ruffian, but I think you overdid it.
Vyrn: Come on... What is it this time?
Nene: You’ve been through a lot, Mr. Ruffian. Here, have a candy.
Ruffian: Uh.... Ouch! What the—? What am I doing here!
Ruffian: ...Gasp! ...Don't tell me I did it again!
Ruffian: AAHHH! I'm sorry! I was just sittin' here holding the reins all night, and I had a drink—you know, for a little pick-me-up. And then...
Nene: Are you still half asleep? If a child had been here, she could’ve got seriously hurt! Do you understand me?
Nene: Man up and pull yourself together!
Ruffian: Y-yes ma'am! I feel like my mom just slapped some sense into me...
Ruffian: You're a real nice woman. Something about your voice makes me want to do whatever you say.
Nene: D-don’t be ridiculous! You are hitting on a married woman!
Ruffian: Ga ha ha, rejected.
Lyria: See, even that ruffian thinks you're a good mother, Nene!
Lyria: So please...stop calling yourself a failure.
Nene: Lyria...
Ruffian: Hey, I know this won't make up for what I did, but you can take whatever you want from my cargo here.
Nene: We could never do that. You need those goods to sell.
Ruffian: Don't worry about that. I'm really grateful to you, and this is how I wanna show it.
Ruffian: But...all I have is toys and kids' clothes. Not much a grown woman like you would be interested in... Heh.
Nene: Wh-what! Did you just say what I think you said?
Lyria: Go on, Nene. Yae's waiting for you.
Nene: Yeah, but...ah, I don't know if she'll like it.
Lyria: It's okay. She'll love anything her mother chose for her.
Nene: Yeah... Thanks, Lyria. I needed that.
Nene thanks Lyria, then takes the present and walks over to Yae.
But then...
Monster: GRRAAHHH!
Surprised at the sudden attack, Nene drops the present just in time for the monster to trample it.
Nene: You no-good rotten varmint! Don’t move a muscle—I’m gonna make you scream!

Take as it Comes: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew repel the monsters, but unfortunately the present is completely soggy and crumpled. However, Yae expresses her gratitude anyway. Nene's confidence as a mother is back in full force, and she treats the crew to a delicious recipe that has been passed down in her hometown for generations. And thus, Yae's birthday party is a roaring success, and the laughs of the crew echo into the night.

Nene stands guilt-ridden before the crushed present. Her expression is as crushed as the gift.
Nene: I'm sorry, honey...please forgive me. I’m no good as a mother. I can't even give you a decent present.
But Yae picks up the crushed present and hugs it to her chest like it's the most precious thing in the world.
Yae: Ha ha, thank you! I always knew you were the best momma in the world!
Nene sees the smile light up her daughter's face and returns to her usual cheerful self.
Once the fire is lit under the pan, Nene starts hollering.
Nene: Okay, time for a wallopin’!
Vyrn: Um, what is "walloping" supposed to mean?
Nene: Yae, make sure you wallop those veggies good and proper!
Yae: Ha ha! Already done, Momma!
Nene: Then wallop the eggs! And the meat, and the squid...
Yae: Yeah, they’re all walloped now!
Nene: Oh honey, you are the best daughter in the skies!
Nene: "The pan is sounding, so give it a good pounding!" Everybody give it your best wallop!
Vyrn: But what does "walloping" MEAN?
Lyria: All right, I'll wallop the best I can! I hope I do it right!
Vyrn: Huh? Lyria!
Nene: Ha ha ha... That’s my Lyria! You’re already speaking my language!
The skyfarers' laughter, as pleasant as ever, is carried away by the gentle breeze...
...along with the slightly burnt aroma of Nene’s secret sauce.