Scenario:Nezahualpilli - In Need of Guidance

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In Need of Guidance

A mission from the KnickKnack Shack has led the party to a certain town. A town that has, if the tales are true, played host to strange happenings. Though normal at first glance, its inhabitants appear listless, unable to run even in the face of monsters. (Captain) and company have come to take a stand.

Townsperson 1: ...
Nezahualpilli: Yar... this is the town the good shopkeep directed us to, is it not?
Vyrn: Whew! I gotta say, this place looks pretty normal...
Lyria: But... it kind of feels... flat, doesn't it? (Captain).
(Captain)'s party are on a mission to save a town.
The town is said to have lost its spark right after the appearance of a rather odd soothsayer.
Townsperson 2: ...
Vyrn: I mean, there ARE people here... what exactly are we supposed to be doing?
Nezahualpilli: Perhaps it would be best to seek out the soothsayer as our mission requires.
Nezahualpilli: Hey, you there! Perhaps you might be able to help me...
Townsperson 2: Wha... you mean me?
Nezahualpilli: Indeed we do. We've heard tell of a prophet who resides here.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Vyrn: Urk?! Th-that's a monster! Get ready! (Captain)!
Townsperson 2: ...
Townsperson 3: ...
Lyria: Wh-what's wrong?! Hey! You need to get away from here!
Townsperson 1: ...
Vyrn: Oi! Are you hard of hearing or something?!
Nezahualpilli: There's no doubt something strange is afoot...
Nezahualpilli: But first we must do something about this monster! Let us be done! (Captain)!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 2

The party finds itself puzzled by the townspeople's distinct lack of pep. Perhaps the words of a visiting soothsayer have robbed them of their senses. Hearing the soothsayer speak of the end of the world, Nezahualpilli finds himself remembering his family's own prophecy. Though he wasn't quite convinced, the soothsayer's guards nevertheless rushed to the attack.

Vyrn: Hrm... I mean, they don't look hurt or anything.
Vyrn: Oi! Why didn't they just run away? Who'd stick around with a monster in your face?!
Nezahualpilli: It's as you say, Vyrn... for them to be so unresponsive in the face of monsters...
Nezahualpilli: What is your own life if you won't raise a hand in defense of it?
Townsperson 1: Life... defend it, you say...
Nezahualpilli: Hm... ?
???: Dear me... waste not your energy in vain effort.
Nezahualpilli: Hrm? And you are?
Townsperson 1: Praise the soothsayer...
Soothsayer: It would seem a few bad seeds have come here, attempting to throw a wrench in the spokes of fate.
Vyrn: You're telling me this little lady is the soothsayer?
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! A reminder never to be fooled by one's eyes, no doubt!
Nezahualpilli: Pray tell me, dear soothsayer. Whatever did you mean by "vain effort"?
Nezahualpilli: And what in blazes has happened to this town?
Soothsayer: It is futile. That is to say, everything. Surrender oneself to fate. Waste no energy in fruitless struggle.
Soothsayer: I heard the voice of a great will... a voice that said the world drifted ever closer to its end.
Nezahualpilli: Say what?
Soothsayer: The only choice is to yield. Resistance is futile. Meaningless.
Lyria: Um... so what exactly does that mean?
Nezahualpilli: This world... will end?
Lyria: Nezahualpilli?
Nezahualpilli: There... there is a similar prophecy among the Family of Feathers.
Nezahualpilli: It speaks of the future close at hand and the end of all...
Vyrn: Say what?! So the world's really gonna...
Nezahualpilli: No. I believe not a whit of it.
Nezahualpilli: Yet the elders are resolute in their own belief, passing it down, generation after generation.
Nezahualpilli: I thought I might dissuade them if I showed them what lies beyond our village...
Nezahualpilli: And thus I went in search of power unknown by our people.
Soothsayer: Hohoho... a wonderful prophecy, indeed.
Soothsayer: The world will end and all will be without meaning...
Soothsayer: Perhaps it is so... they have surrendered themselves to irresistible fate.
Townsperson 1: O, dear soothsayer...
Townsperson 2: Praise the soothsayer...
Vyrn: I see... that explains why they're all like this...
Nezahualpilli: Does hope fail in all those who hear the prophecy?
Nezahualpilli: Perhaps the same fate will befall my family...
Soothsayer: The world has no place for those who would stand against the prophecy...
Soothsayer: Dear guards... remove these meddlers from the town.
Guard: ...
Lyria: Uh. . um... H-hold on! We... er...
Vyrn: Damnit... doesn't look like they're in the mood to talk. Guess we gotta do this! (Captain)!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 3

Nezahualpilli remains unperturbed by the prophecy. Should the world end, Nezahualpilli declared, he would simply find the means to live through it. Seeing his bravery, the townspeople slowly but surely regained their vitality. The soothsayer, having stolen the townspeople's willpower in an attempt to make the town her own, revealed her true form and set her eyes on the party.

Guard: Ah...
Nezahualpilli: Hah... hah... I understand it must be difficult to exercise control in the face of something like this...
Vyrn: Hey! What is with you guys?! Wake up! Right?
Townsperson 1: ......
Townsperson 2: ......
Soothsayer: Heehee... it's all futile.
Vyrn: Er... wait! You heard Nezahualpilli!
Vyrn: There're other islands! Other nations, even! This town's not the only place in the world! So stuff it.
Soothsayer: It's useless. The world will end, not this... this, town.
Soothsayer: A power you lot cannot know... that the world cannot measure. The end looms near...
Townsperson 1: Listen here... whatever we know, whatever we do, it's useless...
Townsperson 2: Could you just leave us to face the end in peace? Please?
Lyria: How can you...!
Townsperson 1: Yeah! If all you're here to do is cause trouble, get out!
Now every person in the town set their eyes on (Captain)'s party with burning hostility.
Townsperson 1: Begone! Ye doubtful! Ye heretics!
Vyrn: What do we do? (Captain)...?
  1. Don't give up!
  2. Maybe we should just go home...

Choose: Don't give up!
Lyria: R-right! This is too, too weird!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Maybe we should just go home...
Lyria: ... B-but! We can't just leave them like this!
Continue 1
Nezahualpilli: Yar... hey, you. You over there.
Townsperson 2: ......
Nezahualpilli: Is this truly what you wish?! To simply sit here and await your ruin?!
Townsperson 2: But what are we to do?
Townsperson 2: She has such strange powers... her prophecy is inevitable.
Nezahualpilli: Is that so... well it may be true that the world will be visited by some calamity.
Townsperson 2: Yes! It's all useless...
Nezahualpilli: But that is no reason to lose hope.
Townsperson 2: Wha?
Nezahualpilli: Excuse me, soothsayer!
Soothsayer: Yes? What is it?
Nezahualpilli: It's true that the end approaches, is it not?
Soothsayer: Indeed it is. I have heard the voice of a great will saying it is so.
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Is that so? So be it!
Vyrn: Er... Nezahualpilli?
Nezahualpilli: But why would you surrender yourself to such?
Nezahualpilli: Do you not wish to live in spite of it all? If you do, why give up?
Townsperson 1: ......
Nezahualpilli: What sort of end approaches? I cannot say, myself! But I will stand against it.
Nezahualpilli: Should sky rain fire, seek the cool of the waters. Should the earth crumble, gather up your families and take to the sky.
Nezahualpilli: You must stand firm against calamity if you wish to find a way escape it.
Nezahualpilli: Do not quietly into the night! Not until the flame of your life has been extinguished!
Nezahualpilli: Make the choice to stand and no catastrophe is insurmountable! Yield not to tragedy before it even shows its face!
Townsperson 1: You... you're right!
Townsperson 2: Nothing's even happened yet... and there's bound to be something we can do if it does!
Nezahualpilli's words reach each townsperson in turn, bringing life back to their faces.
Soothsayer: Tsk... effort in vain...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! I bear no ill will towards you, dear soothsayer!
Nezahualpilli: I believe your prophecy. I simply showed these fine people that they have a choice.
Soothsayer: And here I thought I'd taken the town with nary a peep...
Soothsayer: How dare you butt in!
Soothsayer: Take them!
Goblin: Kiiii!
Townsperson 1: What?! Soo... soothsayer?!
Nezahualpilli: It seems she's shown us her true colors...
Vyrn: Did... did she just turn into a monster?!
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! So much the better that we should see the enemy we must defeat!
Nezahualpilli: Hey, (Captain). Let us blow these town-thieving deceivers away like so much fluff!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 4

The incident taught Nezahualpilli that it was not a mysterious power his people needed to prevent the world's end, but the guidance of a strong king. The long, arduous journey finally gave him the answer he needed. He could finally go home. But he wouldn't. Nezahualpilli would continue his journey with (Captain), training to grow even stronger.

Having cleared out the goblins, (Captain) and company watch on as life returns to the town.
Townsperson 1: Dear skyfarers... how can we ever thank you...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! There, there! Do not fret!
Nezahualpilli: I saw much of my own home in your town... it simply wouldn't have done to leave you to your despair.
Nezahualpilli: Thanks to you my eyes have been opened.
Nezahualpilli: Power was not the answer. I know now what I should have sought.
Nezahualpilli: It was the resolve to guide my family through any trial...
Nezahualpilli: I will be the sort of king to ensure the wings of my family remain forever unbent.
Nezahualpilli: Though it took me a great deal of time, I can finally turn toward home with my head held high!
Lyria: Huh? B-but Nezahualpilli, you've barely even...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Look not so worried! I've no intention to end my journey with you.
Nezahualpilli: Though I've found the answer I sought, my resolve is not yet what it should be.
Nezahualpilli: I need most of all the strength to keep faith!
Nezahualpilli: I'd be honored to continue my travels with you if you would have me.
Lyria was not the only one who found a smile coming unbidden to their lips.
Nezahualpilli would continue his journey to become a king worthy of guiding his people to the end.