Scenario:Nicholas - Between Monster and Man

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Between Monster and Man

(Captain) and Nicholas discover they can sense other hybrids and begin to free them from Tyrias's control.

Not long ago, Nicholas and (Captain) had undergone their most harrowing trial yet: they were transformed into hybrids.
Controlled by Tyrias, they were forced to attack cities and clash with the City Defense Force.
Robomi was later able to destroy the command receptors and restore their free will, but the Defense Force was not so ready to believe the enemy could change.
No longer human or abomination, they choose to leave the Rashomon Research Vessel to keep their friends from harm.
Now several days have passed, and Nicholas and his band of outcasts have cobbled together a camp in some abandoned ruins.
Nicholas: Whew... We should be safe here. For now, at least.
Hybrid 1: It's a pretty good location. No monsters around either.
Finally able to rest and gather his thoughts, Nicholas turns to face the others.
Nicholas: I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this...
Hybrid 2: No, you did what you did for everyone in the Rashomon Vessel. There was no other way.
Hybrid 1: I'd take being branded a traitor over putting them in danger any day.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Nicholas: Thanks, you guys.
Nicholas smiles, but only for a moment.
Nicholas: We need to start thinking of what to do from here on out. We're enemies of the Defense Force now.
Nicholas: I don't want to bring any more trouble to the Research Vessel.
The group looks to the ground, crestfallen. Never again will they have a place to call home.
Nicholas: (Uh-oh... Better lighten the mood here. C'mon, think, think...)
Nicholas: Say! You know what we need? Some grub!
Hybrid 2: Really? I... don't feel like eating right now, actually...
Nicholas: ...
Now that you mention it, I haven't felt hungry since the changes happened.
Nicholas: I tried drinking dirty water—I even tried eating some pebbles and weeds! But I never got a stomachache.
Hybrid 1: Guess that stuff changed more than just how we look...
Nicholas: We must be more like the abominations than I thought. Not that I know much about them.
Nicholas: I also noticed my muscles don't get tired from strain anymore. How about you guys?
Hybrid 1: Now that you mention it... Yeah, same here.
Hybrid 2: What in the skies is happening to us?
(Captain) looks over their own transformed body and wonders.
Hybrid 1: We're stuck like this, aren't we... Forever...
Hybrid 2: Bet one day we'll forget we were ever human...
(Captain)'s shoulders slump. A sigh echoes the room.
Nicholas: No, no, no! Don't say that! We'll find a way to get back to normal! I'm sure of it!
Hybrid 1: Nicholas...
Nicholas: I got it! Let's do this: Close your eyes and picture the faces of your loved ones.
Nicholas: We'll do this every day so we never forget who we were—no, who we are! Human!
Hybrid 2: ...!
Hybrid 1: My loved ones...
  1. All right!

Choose: All right!
Nicholas: Okay, guys. Ready? Go!
The group close their eyes. For a moment, only the crackling of firewood can be heard. When they reopen their eyes, Nicholas nods.
Nicholas: All right... Now let's talk about what to do from here on out.
They attempt to come up with a plan.
But the conversation ends as soon as it starts. No one has any ideas of what to do.
Just then, their acute senses detect an abnormality.
Nicholas: Hm? That's strange, do you guys feel that?
Hybrid 1: Someone's outside... and they're fighting!
Nicholas: Let's go take a look!
Hybrids: Coming!
They hurry out of their hiding place.
Peeking out from the cover of rubble, Nicholas and company spy on the battle underway.
City Defender: Ngh! Abomination scum!
Abomination: Mograaa!
Nicholas: That defender's being attacked!
Hybrid 1: Wait... Look at the abomination.
Hybrid 2: It's moving pretty slow for its kind.
City Defender: This is for my husband! You monster!
Abomination: Mrgrg... Mgraaah!
City Defender: He's never coming home because of you! Give him back to me! Give him back!
Abomination: Yarghh! (No! Stop it! Can't you see it's me?)
Nicholas: ...!
I think I just heard it speak!
Hybrid 1: I heard it too! It told her to stop!
Hybrid 2: That thing must have been human once.
Nicholas: Can't say for sure just yet, but I think you might be right.
  1. We need to help!
  2. Are you just gonna stand by and watch?

Choose: We need to help!
Nicholas: You don't have to tell me!
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Choose: Are you just gonna stand by and watch?
Nicholas: Heh. Are you? Yeah, thought so.
Nicholas: C'mon, (Captain)! We're going in!
Continue 1
They jump into the fray.
City Defender: Damn! More abominations! If only I'd killed this one sooner!
Abomination: Ngehh! (Wh-who're you?)
Nicholas: I'll distract her!
Nicholas: You three know what to do!
Hybrids: Got it!
Nicholas succeeds in getting the defender's attention, while (Captain) and the others form a protective barrier around the abomination.
City Defender: I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!
Nicholas: Now! Run for it!
The group plucks the abomination up and manages to outrun the defender. They've now returned to the safety of their hideout.
Abomination: Trrgeehh! (Help me!)
Nicholas: I'm trying to! Stop squirming and let me!
Hybrid 1: Nicholas! Don't tell me you're trying to destroy the abomination cells!
Nicholas: Any better ideas? We can't help the guy if we don't break Tyrias's hold on him!
Nicholas: The longer we wait, the more the infestation spreads.
Hybrid 2: B-but how're you going to do that? We have nothing!
Nicholas: Trust me, I'm an engineer!
Nicholas: Just gotta do a little of this and—
Abomination: Unngrogaaa!
Nicholas: Tsk... The cells are spreading faster and faster.
Nicholas: There's no more time! (Captain)! Hold him down!
(Captain) and the others pin the abomination to the ground.
Nicholas: (C'mon, c'mon... Robomi could do it—there has to be a way!)
Nicholas: (Okay, don't panic. Just calm down! You can do this!)
Nicholas: I may be half a monster, and I may know nothing about surgery...
Nicholas: But there's one thing I do know, and it's...
Nicholas: Don't mess with a desperate engineer!
After much effort, Nicholas succeeds in removing the command receptors from the abomination.
Abomination: Uurrghh...
Nicholas: How are you holding up?
Abomination: Wh-where am I? Where's my wife? Last I remember, she was... trying to kill me.
Nicholas: So you're the husband she's mourning... I suspected as much.
In a cruel twist of fate, the man-turned-abomination had been set to attack his own wife. He tried to resist what his body was doing, but only succeeded in slowing his own movements.
Abomination: If not for you, I could have had my wife's blood on my hands...
Nicholas: You were being controlled by special receptors within the abomination cells.
Nicholas: But you don't have to worry anymore. You're free now.
Abomination: Oh, skies above... I can't thank you enough. How can I hope to repay you?
Abomination: Please, let me join you. Wherever you go, I'll be there to help.
Nicholas: Join us? Well, we don't really...
Nicholas is taken aback by the sudden request.
(Captain) and the others gather around him in a circle.
Nicholas: You guys...
The group exchanges looks with Nicholas. His expression hardens to one of steel determination. He's decided.
Nicholas: Yeah... Now that we're hybrids, we can hear the voices of our brethren.
Nicholas: It's not like us to simply hide and wait for our enemies to come for us.
Nicholas: We've still got a job to do!
Nicholas: (Captain), everyone. Will you lend me your strength?
  1. Already yours, friend.

Choose: Already yours, friend.
Nicholas: Thank you, (Captain), everyone. Thank you.
They resteel themselves for the future. Together they shall find a way to tomorrow, come what may.
Nicholas: Hm? Another fight's going on outside!
Nicholas: C'mon, guys! No time to lose!
Hybrids: Let's go!
Sensing another of their own in danger, they take to action.