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Machine Dreams

Nicholas waxes rhapsodic about his love of machines. He wants nothing more than to end the battle against the abominations and return to creating machines that bring happiness into people's lives.

Nicholas: Right, then. Let's get started!
Some time has passed since Robomi fought alongside our heroes, and the abominations have begun to rear their ugly heads once again.
Nicholas excitedly prepares to repair one of the mass production Robomis that was damaged in a previous battle.
Nicholas: Good, looks like this one's mostly undamaged. Now to find the source of the problem...
Lyria: Heheh, looks like you're having fun, Nicholas!
Nicholas: Hm? Oh, sorry about that. I was so absorbed I barely noticed you coming in!
Vyrn: Hey, Mecha-Nick, why do you like working on this robot stuff so much, anyway?
Nicholas: Wow, you're really putting me on the spot there. Let's see...
Nicholas: Well, it lets me help others with my know-how. That's a big part of it.
Nicholas: Being able to use machines to make boring grunt work easier for regular people, for example.
Nicholas: I guess I just like seeing people smiling because of something I did.
Lyria: That's wonderful!
Nicholas: Beyond that, I always put in the work no matter what I do. It's awesome to see how much it surprises and delights people.
Vyrn: Haha! Now that you mention it, I love some of the wild stuff you put together, Mecha-Nick!
Nicholas: Right? Why, just the other day—
Marie: You did what? Make another crazy contraption without telling me?
Nicholas: No uh, you just... misheard, I think...
Marie: Sigh... Whatever. I was about to ask Dad about it, anyway.
Nicholas: Haha, have fun! (Don't let her find out, Doc!)
Nicholas: Anyway, machines are cool for all sorts of reasons!
Vyrn: Got it! I'm not exactly an expert, but it sure seems like it'd be fun to mess with 'em sometime!
Nicholas: You bet it is! Just seeing an incredible machine and thinking about how to put it together myself really gets my motor running!
Lyria: An incredible machine? Oh, you must mean Robomi!
Nicholas: That's right. Of all the machines I've encountered, she was the most advanced and the most complicated.
Nicholas: Here, check this out. These are the notes I took during her disassembly.
Vyrn: Whoa, you must've used up a lot of ink jotting all that down!
Nicholas: It's all in here. Everything from the shape and color of the individual parts to the materials used to construct them.
Nicholas: To tell you the truth, I still don't have a good grasp of how she was put together.
Nicholas: We came close to replicating the original's functionality with the mass production models, but we couldn't completely recreate the design.
Vyrn: You're a genius! With notes that detailed, you'll be able to make a perfect copy eventually, right?
Nicholas: Possibly. Either way, there's some technology in the original that I absolutely don't want to replicate.
Lyria: Huh? Like what?
Nicholas: Robomi's control circuit.
Nicholas: That was an artificial recreation of Megumi's brain.
Vyrn: Yeah, that blew my mind when I first heard about it.
Nicholas: That kind of technology is what allows Robomi to transcend the limits of robots.
Nicholas: It'd probably relieve some of the stress on my body, too. But we can't just leave everything up to pure logic.
Nicholas' countenance darkens, his gaze drifting and unfocused. He changes the subject.
Nicholas: Say, what are you guys planning to do if another abomination-level threat appears?
Vyrn: What makes you ask?
Nicholas: We could probably handle things alone the way things are now, but what if the entire skydom came under attack?
Vyrn: Hm, good question. I'm not really sure.
Nicholas: Robomi was probably created to handle a crisis like that. To win a war machines and people couldn't handle alone.
Nicholas: Something tells me I was put here to make sure this generation wouldn't have to suffer through such a tragic conflict ever again.
  1. That's the reason you're fighting?
  2. Just don't get yourself blown up.

Choose: That's the reason you're fighting?
Nicholas: It's more like... I want to see the fruits of my labor firsthand.
Vyrn: And that's why you decided to stick some robo-junk in your neck? Pretty impressive, if you ask me!
Nicholas: Well, I wasn't about to ask someone else to be my guinea pig.
Nicholas nervously places a finger or two on the back of his neck.
Vyrn: It's wild that just one of those plugs is enough to turn you into a super hero, though!
Nicholas: Oh? Interested in giving it a shot yourself, Vyrn?
Suddenly grabbing his scalpel, a look of madness falls across Nicholas' face.
Vyrn: Nah, it's cool! Seriously! Keep that thing away from my neck!
Nicholas: Don't tell me you're getting cold feet! The operation will only take a few minutes!
Vyrn: Eep! No, stop! Somebody save me!
Nicholas: Vyrn, it's okay, buddy! I was just joking!
Vyrn: Lemme guess, Mecha-Nick. You got your sense of humor from robots, too?
Nicholas: Haha, sorry...
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Choose: Just don't get yourself blown up.
Nicholas: Well, I'm not exactly trying to.
Vyrn: You sure do seem to be getting beat up all the time, though!
Nicholas: I mean, I'm not trying to get myself hurt, but going out there and fighting feels like my calling, strangely enough.
Nicholas: How do I put this? Using something I built myself to fight just feels right. It's the same feeling I get when I tinker with machines.
Lyria: Aren't you scared when you go out there?
Nicholas: Not particularly. In the heat of combat, it sometimes occurs to me that this might be the reason why I started working with machines to begin with.
Nicholas: Of course, I'd choose a peaceful solution over fighting for my life any day.
Continue 1
Nicholas: That being said...
Lyria: What is it?
Nicholas: I've got my hands full working on the Robomi replicas and the suit. It's fun in its own way, but exhausting.
Vyrn: Really? You seem like you're having a blast with both of them!
Nicholas: Honestly, I don't want to just make tools of war. I want to create something that'd make people happy, too.
Lyria: Are you talking about the thing Marie got upset about earlier?
Nicholas: Yeah, I put it together the other day. Here, check it out.
Nicholas pulls back a mysterious sheet draped over a corner of the room to reveal a marvelous miniature airship.
For a moment, it seems as if it's about to begin flying. Instead, it suddenly transforms into a tiny machina soldier.
Vyrn: Whoa, did that thing just do what I think it did?
Nicholas: Bwahahaha! Pretty cool, huh?
Marie: Sigh... So that's what you and Dad have been up to?
Nicholas: Erk!
Marie: So? What's the secret behind this one?
Nicholas: Oh, er! I tried to use some of the design techniques we learned from Robomi in different ways!
Nicholas: It took some super precise engineering and a special custom lathe, but the end results speak for themselves!
Marie: Hee hee...
Nicholas: You're not angry, Marie?
Marie: Oh, Nicholas. When I see you working on this kind of thing, you look like some kind of overjoyed child.
Marie: I just can't find it in me to be angry when I see you like this.
Nicholas: Oh... okay...
Marie: Now then, care to tell me how much it cost to make that thing?
Nicholas: Sure. I don't think we broke the bank this time, but I'll let you be the judge of that.
Marie: Geez. Would it kill you to tell me the next time you work on one of these?
Nicholas: Haha... Roger that.
Nicholas fights to make people happy and keep them that way.
With the threat of abomination attacks still looming large, his battle is far from over. But whatever crisis awaits, he'll be there to meet it.