Scenario:Nina Drango - Close Encounter

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Close Encounter

Upon spotting a dark shadow, Nina explains that it's her duty as a bounty hunter to chase down the rag demon. They chase the shadow into a cave only to learn that it's Zehek, whose good looks almost cause her to transform.

While on assignment on a remote island one day, a dark shadow sweeps across in front of the crew.
Nina: Ah! Rag demon! I've found you at last!
Vyrn: Rag demon? What's that supposed to be? It's not another Draph, is it?
Nina: Nuh-uh. Demons really do exist, you know.
Vyrn: Seriously? Hm, I've got my doubts...
Nina: Hahaha, I'll just have to hunt 'im down and prove it to you then.
Lyria: H-hunt? That doesn't sound very nice!
Nina: Truth is I'm a bounty hunter!
Nina: And that rag demon just now is on the top of my list of bounties. I'm still new to the world of bounty-hunting, but I'll make a name for myself if I can bring him in!
Nina: I need the money not just to catapult myself to fame... but also to make life easier for my mom.
Vyrn: So that's your story, huh. I guess you're more than meets the eye.
Lyria: I see... You'll just have to capture that rag demon then. We should help her, (Captain).
???: Ngh... Urgh... Huff... Huff...
Lyria: Be careful. It's right there.
Nina: Stand back, Lyria. You too, Vyrn.
Nina: You don't stand a chance against my whip, rag demon!
Nina: Here I come!
Lyria: Wait!
Nina: Hm? What's wrong, Lyria?
No version of Zehek in crew

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Any version of Zehek is a crew member

Lyria: Huh... Is that you, Zehek?
Nina pays no heed to Zehek's rambling and proceeds to unwrap his bandages.
Zehek: Urgh... Pant... Wheeze... I know that voice... Lyria?
Lyria: I knew it!
Nina: Huh? What's this about?
Lyria: His name is Zehek, and he's in our crew too.
Nina: What? No way! What's he doing here in the first place?
Lyria: I'm sure he has his reasons...
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No version of Zehek in crew

Lyria: He looks to be in so much pain with all those bandages. Is he injured somewhere?
Nina: Well, we don't call him rag demon for nothing...
Nina: Wait, I don't think he's the one I've been chasing...
???: Rag... demon?
Zehek: Urgh... I don't know who or what this rag demon is, but... I'm... Zehek...
Nina: Zehek? And you're not the rag demon?

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Zehek: Ack...
Zehek: Don't come any closer! You don't want to be around when I lose control!
Zehek: Cough... Huff... Puff... Rgh, my wretched mess of a body...
Nina: You look like you're hurting real bad. Anything we can do to help?
Zehek: Stop! Do not come any closer! Just... Uurrgh... Leave me be!
Nina: There's no way we're just gonna leave you stranded here. Rita gave me some really powerful vulneraries. Here, let me rub some on you.
Zehek: N-no... These bandages cover up no injury... Cough... My sickness is more magical in nature...
Nina pays no heed to Zehek's rambling and proceeds to unwrap his bandages.
Her hand stops in the moment the bandages fall on the ground.
Nina: ...!
Zehek: Wh-what's the matter... Your face is all red.
Zehek: Ngh, could it be my illness acting up again?
Zehek: Hey, turn this way! Give me a close look!
Nina: No, stop looking at me...
Zehek: Huh?
Nina: Huff... Huff... Keep staring at me, and...
Nina: I'm gonna turn into my dragon form! Hrrgh!
Zehek: What in the skies just happened?
Lyria: Oh no! Nina got all bothered when she saw your face, Zehek!
Zehek: Bothered?
Vyrn: Quick, Dragon Girl! Get outside to take a breather and pull yourself together!
Nina: Haah... Haah... You're right... I need some fresh air...
Monster: Groaar!
Nina: Rgh, at a time like this? All right, no holding back now!

Close Encounter: Scene 2

A dark shadow is thought to be the rag demon when it crosses the crew's path again during lunch one day—only it turns out to be Danua. She accidentally knocks over some plates from the shock of it all, resulting in tension with thugs sitting at other tables.

Having finished the job early, the crew is enjoying a late lunch at a local eatery.
Nina: What a shame. I was so sure I had the rag demon in my sights...
Lyria: Cheer up, Nina. We'll find him soon enough.
Vyrn: Yeah, this isn't like you at all.
Ooh, look at that! All your favorite meaty dishes are coming out now!
Nina: Wow, that looks so yummy!
Nina: Chomp!
A dark shadow flutters across Nina's line of sight.
Nina: Ah! That's the rag demon!
Lyria: What? Really?
Vyrn: You sure you're not just seeing things again?
Nina: No, I'm sure this time! I got a good look with my own two eyes!
Nina hastily gets up and makes a mad dash after the shadow.
(Captain) and company quickly try to catch up and happen upon the moment she grabs hold of the rag demon.
Nina: Got you, rag demon! Give it up already!
???: No...
Nina: Huh? Uh... Who are you?
No version of Danua in crew

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Any version of Danua is a crew member

Vyrn: Hold up a sec—Danua, that you? What brings you out here?
Nina: Hm? Is she your friend?
Vyrn: More like crewmate.
Nina: Erm...
Lyria: Hehe, what a surprise. Then again she's in her room most of the time.

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Gretel: Where are your manners, girlie! How about you tell us who you are first?
Nina: Right... Sorry about that, dollie.
Gretel: Gah, how rude can you get! The name's Gretel, and I ain't no doll!
Nina: And I'm the bounty hunter Nina!
Hansel: Watch out, you two. This girl tried to capture us just now.
Nina: Wrong! The one I'm after is the rag demon!
Nina: You must be crazy if you think I go around capturing cute girls like her!
Hansel: Humph... You expect us to believe that? Let's see you try to prove it.
Danua: Run...
Hansel: Wait, Danua. Don't touch tha—
Gretel: Shoot! You okay, Danua?
Danua: Danger...
Ruffian: What the?
Argh, now you brats have done it!
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says this is getting dangerous.
Gretel: No kidding, Captain Obvious!
Ruffian: You even listenin', girlie? Don't space out when I'm talking to ya!
Nina: Back off, pal! That's no way to talk to a cute little girl like her!
Nina: Sure, she had a little accident. But that's no reason for you to be such a schmuck!
Ruffian: The heck did you call me?
Nina: Hehe, luckily looking at you doesn't excite me at all! I'll take you on!
Ruffian: You're makin' no damn sense, but what the hell!
Nina: Here I come!

Close Encounter: Scene 3

The crew finds a little girl covered in rags, which turn out to be her Halloween costume. Nina asks to join in on the fun, but they end up protecting the little girl from creepy
trick-or-treaters instead.

As (Captain) and company return to the Grandcypher, they bump into a girl clad in strange attire.
Girl: Hmm, tray-caw-tree-toe... Nuh-uh, doesn't sound right...
Girl: Umm, what was it again?
Lyria: Wow, that's some really unique clothing she's wearing.
Vyrn: Totally. She's got bandages all over her body.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, let's hope Nina doesn't go calling her a rag demon.
Nina: Oh, gimme a break. It's not like I do that to everyone who sports a mean bandage.
Lyria: Teehee...
Nina: Hi there, you live in the area? We really love your outfit.
Girl: Well, I was called to a fes-tea-ville in the next village.
Nina: A festival?
Girl: Uh-huh! The kids wear different kinds of outfits and walk all around the village!
Girl: We scare people and get candy!
Nina: You for real? That sounds way too much fun! I want in!
Lyria: There's no time for that, Nina. We need to get back to the Grandcypher before it gets dark.
Vyrn: Yep, it's too bad we have no time to kill.
Nina: Pretty pleeaase? Just for a little while.
Lyria: Hm...
Nina: What's the big rush anyway?
Vyrn: By nightfall creepy trick-or-treaters come out to harass people.
Nina: Creepy trick-or-treater?
Goblin 1: Trick or treat...
Goblin 2: Your choice of trick... or treat.
Girl: Ah! Now I remember! Trick or treat!
Girl: Ehehe, I knew tray-caw-tree-toe sounded wrong!
Nina: This is no laughing matter! With those goblins lurking about, it's on us to get her there safely!

Close Encounter: Scene 4

Nina laments on her series of failures for the day and begins to doubt her ability as a bounty hunter. But she just as quickly bounces back to her usual cheerful self, spreading laughter among the crew.

The crew delivers the girl to the village before returning to the Grandcypher.
Nina reflects on the day's events with a deep sigh while lying on her bed.
Nina: Sigh, it's not going too well.
Nina: I guess I'm just not cut out to be a bounty hunter...
Nina: Hm...
Vyrn: Chin up, Dragon Girl. It's too soon to throw in the towel.
Nina: Great, now I've got a lizard trying to cheer me up...
Vyrn: Hey, I ain't no li—
A knock on the door resounds across the room.
Vyrn: Looks like we've got visitors.
Lyria: Nina, Vyrn, relaxing after a long day, huh? Dinner's ready.
Nina: Sniff, sniff... Mm, that smells good.
Nina: Lemme guess... On tonight's menu is...
Nina: Beef stew!
Lyria: Bingo! There's freshly baked bread too. Put in some grilled cheese, and you're good to go!
Nina: You're making it sound so good, Lyria!
Vyrn: Hehehe...
Nina: What is it, Vyrn?
Nina: What are you snickering at me for?
Vyrn: You were totally down in the dumps just now, but Lyria mentions dinner and suddenly you're on cloud nine.
Nina: Grr, bad lizard!
Nina: Let's see you keep up that big mouth when we turn you into lizard stew!
Vyrn: Gah! I ain't no lizard!
Nina: Ahahahaha...
Lyria: Teehee...
Vyrn: Hehehe...
Though flabbergasted by her behavior, the crew can't help but break into a smile at her cheerful and carefree attitude.
Nina's sullen mood, in turn, brightens up at everyone's hearty laughter.