Scenario:Nina Drango - Red Dragon

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Red Dragon

The crew learns that the large man being whipped has been mistaken as a demon. When his tormentor tries to do the same to a girl by the name of Nina who comes by, she transforms into a fearsome dragon but is quickly subdued by (Captain) and company.

As the crew walks through an old town located on a distant island, a hoarse scream suddenly sounds off in the distance.
They rush to the commotion to find a large man being whipped.
Haughty Man: What's that? Not feelin' well? Need some time off?
Haughty Man: Ye'll get yer time off when ye finish yer damn job!
Brawny Man: Eeep! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry...
Lyria cannot bear to watch the suffering any longer and approaches the brawny yet weak-willed man as if to protect him.
Lyria: Wait, please. Did he do something so terrible as to deserve all this?
Lyria: All people should be treated equally. I ask that you stop this.
Haughty Man: Pssh. All people, ye say?
Haughty Man: Cept this lunkhead ain't no person; he be a doggone demon!
Vyrn: No way! Demons are things of fairy tales!
Vyrn: Besides, everything about him screams bona fide person!
Lyria: Well, we've seen vampires and spirits, so demons wouldn't be too far out there...
Haughty Man: Oh, they exist, all right! I know all too well cuz my own two parents were slaughtered by the hellspawn!
Lyria: Huh?
Haughty Man: This island once saw a great war between humans, demons, and gods. 'Twas then that I lost my family to those sons o'...
Haughty Man: Cripes, I know the king did a ton to win us the war.
Haughty Man: But I sure as hell ain't ever gonna forgive the demons!
The haughty man raises his whip again after recounting his plight.
But Lyria refuses to budge, desperately trying to reason with him.
Lyria: You're going about this all wrong! This man's not the demon who killed your parents!
Haughty Man: Erm... Well... Heck, demons are all one and the same!
Lyria: No! This person's not even a demon!
Haughty Man: Ye've gotta be kidding me! Just take a gander at those thick, sinister-lookin' horns! Strength beyond that of any person! What the heck is he if not a demon?
Lyria: He's obviously a Draph.
Haughty Man: I know! That's what I've been sayin' all
Haughty Man: Wait... Draph?
Lyria: Yes, they're a people just like any other. Draph men are especially large, but they're also very dexterous and hardworking.
Lyria: Draphs are responsible for the steel production in Valtz.
Haughty Man: You're... not a demon?
Brawny Man: How many times do I have to repeat myself? Yes, I'm a Draph, and I don't know nothing about some blasted demon. Urgh...
Haughty Man: Rgh... Ye sayin' I've been wrong this whole time?
Haughty Man: There's no way I'm comin' to grips wit' this drivel!
Just as the haughty man falls into despair and lashes out again with his whip, a carefree, cheerful voice suddenly rings aloud.
???: Hey, is this all the cargo you need transported?
Haughty Man: Humph. What's it to you—
Haughty Man: What the... How the heck are you haulin' all that?
???: Oh, this is nothing. Is it cool if I just drop them here, mister?
???: There, all done!
???: Can you give the big guy a break now?
Brawny Man: Phew, you're a lifesaver, miss.
Haughty Man: Grr...
Haughty Man: I see the truth of it now! Yer colossal strength says it all—ye're the demon!
???: Geez, gimme a break. Don't try to make us your demon scapegoats.
Haughty Man: Shut yer piehole! Ye two were in on this together! Don't think yer gettin' outta this one!
Haughty Man: Get 'em, boys!
???: I said we're not demons!
???: (Geez, he's turned a deaf ear.)
???: But if you wanna fight that badly—
???: I'll take you on! Come at me!
Bodyguard: Protect the boss and drop 'em!
???: Hrrgh!
???: Wait, wait, wait!
???: Don't look this way!
Bodyguard: Don't you dare turn your back to us, girl!
Bodyguard: Oh, you're really gonna get it now!
The incensed bodyguard grabs the girl by her arm.
???: Hands... off...
Bodyguard: Huh?
???: Don't touch me!
???: You're making my heart race!
A crimson glow overtakes the girl's body.
Bodyguard: Yaaargh!
Haughty Man: W-what the hell is goin' on?
???: Groaaar!
(Captain) and company had managed to quell the raging dragon-girl, minimizing damage to the town.
Afraid of what the authorities might do with her, the crew brings her along, providing shelter on the Grandcypher.
She regains consciousness shortly thereafter and very happily partakes of the food brought to her.
???: Nom, nom... Chomp, chomp...
???: Glug, glug...
???: Munch, slurp... Mm...
Vyrn: Whoa... Is it just me or does she eat like a horse?
Lyria: Haha, more like eats like a dragon.
Nina stops mid-bite.
???: I must seem like such a weirdo...
???: Truth is I come from a dragon tribe.
???: I'm kinda half-baked though. You see, my dad was a full-fledged dragon, while my mom was human...
???: I prefer to stay in human form, though I can't help but turn every time there's
a good-looking guy around... I just get so excited...
Lyria: You're not so weird.
???: Huh?
Lyria: Um, might I ask your name?
Nina: Oh, sorry about that. I'm Nina. Nina Drango.
Lyria: You're definitely not a weirdo, Nina. You went out of your way to save that Draph earlier, and that just goes to show how kind you are.
Vyrn: That's right! Dragon Girl's as normal as any one of us!
Vyrn: Hehe, it feels like we're best buds already...
Nina: Thanks, everyone...
Nina: Oh... What am I ever going to do? They'd never let me stay in the village after doing something like that...
  1. Why not come with us?
  2. You'd better get used to hot guys.

Choose: Why not come with us?
Vyrn: I thought you'd say that, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah, we'd love to have you aboard!
Nina: Huh?
Nina: But there's no guarantee I won't transform again... It could happen anytime...
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Choose: You'd better get used to hot guys.
Nina: Wh-wh-what? Get used to them?
Nina: That's not happening!
Nina: Try and make me, and I'll turn into a dragon again!
Nina: Humph!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hehe, no worries there. Our captain's a veteran skyfarer.
Vyrn: It was (Captain) who put you to rest earlier when you transformed.
Lyria: Mm-hm, Vyrn's right! And with so many strong crew members aboard, I'm sure you'll be just fine!
Nina: Really?
Nina: Ehehe, maybe I'll take you up on your offer then.
And thus the mysterious girl Nina, who transforms into a dragon in the presence of attractive young men, joins the crew.