Scenario:Niyon - Duel of the Mystic Musician

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Duel of the Mystic Musician

The crew succeeds in reforging the Nine-Realm Harp, which asks Niyon what she desires its power for. Niyon vows to use its power to protect those she cares about, and the Nine-Realm Harp invites her to share her melody.

The crew has amassed the necessary materials to reforge the Nine-Realm Harp.
While its outward appearance is unchanged, the souls gathered by the crew call forth an ancient consciousness.
Niyon: It's weeping.
Lyria: The harp is?
Niyon: Yes. It may respond to my voice now.
Niyon: Hear me, Nine-Realm Harp, whose song shakes the heavens. Show me your will.
Nine-Realm Harp: ...
Vyrn: Whoa! It just made some kinda weird noise!
Nine-Realm Harp: Who wakes me?
Niyon: Niyon, the mystic musician. I awaken you so that I may become your true bearer.
Nine-Realm Harp: Answer me. Why do you desire my power?
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: You already possess incredible magical prowess. For what purpose do you seek yet more? For whom do you intend to pluck my strings?
Niyon: I want to protect myself.
Niyon: I want to protect those who need my music.
Niyon: I want to protect the person I love.
Niyon: For those reasons and more, I desire your power.
Nine-Realm Harp: Hrm... Your melody betrays no falsehood. To face your fears and expose yourself requires great courage.
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: Niyon, the mystic musician. Allow me to determine whether you are fit to play me.
Nine-Realm Harp: Go on. Pluck the strings on that instrument of yours. Let me hear your melody.
Niyon: ...!

Duel of the Mystic Musician: Scene 2

The Nine-Realm Harp concludes that Niyon's uncertainty over the loss of her powers has hampered her ability to perform, but it recognizes her skills nonetheless. With the Nine-Realm Harp in hand, Niyon is once again able to hear the melodies of others, assuaging the crew's concerns.

Niyon: Huff... huff...
Nine-Realm Harp: Hrm... Now I see. There seems to be a hole within you that you're struggling to fill.
Nine-Realm Harp: Your fingers betray a hesitation. What you seem to lack is not technique... but rather mental fortitude.
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: Allow me to share an anecdote from history. There was once a great musician who lost the use of his ears. He fell into despair, and yet—
Niyon: You talk too much.
Nine-Realm Harp: T-this is the most important part!
Vyrn: Is Niyon gonna be able to play you from now on or what?
Lyria: I'm wondering about that too!
Nine-Realm Harp: Your skills are considerable. No worse than those of the other musicians who have played me in the past.
Vyrn: Which means!
Nine-Realm Harp: You are fit to play me, and your goal is a worthy one. I will lend you my power.
The Nine-Realm Harp vibrates its own strings, filling the air with a gentle melody.
Niyon: ...!
Nine-Realm Harp: I shall tune your heart a little for now. Once our melodies harmonize more, I shall provide further aid.
Niyon: Thank you, Nine-Realm Harp.
(Captain) is surprised to see Niyon visibly relieved.
(Captain) asks Niyon what has transpired within her.
Niyon: The discordant ringing within my heart has softened.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Does that mean you can hear others again?
Niyon: Heheh... A little. I can hear your melodies, however faint...
Niyon: (Captain)'s is gentle. Lyria's is pure.
Niyon: And your lizard melody grates just as much as I remember.
Vyrn: Hey! My melody is epic dragon metal! Don't make me breathe fire!
Lyria: Hee hee... It's okay, Vyrn. Niyon's just joking.
Niyon: Sorry, Vyrn.
Vyrn: If it makes Niyon happy then I guess I'm okay with it, but still...
(Captain) and Niyon smile at one another.
Niyon feels a sense of relief wash over her. The day her powers return is close at hand.